tagFetishPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 07

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 07


I'm in for a big surprise when I return to your office for my 6th punishment session. I find out that I'm not alone, but this time not only will Rick and Tammy and Mrs. Jones be present, but there are also other spankees beside me! I recognize one of them as the same asian boy I saw before as he walked out of your office after a session. There are also two pretty asian females, one looks like about the same age as me at nineteen or so, while the other looks to me like her older sister.

You introduce me to them one by one. They all act very shy and embarrassed as do I. They boy's name is Peng while the girls' names are Mei and Jing. I'm very surprised to find out that they are actually mother and daughter instead of sisters. Jing, or Mrs. Chong as you refer to her, looks much younger than her actual age, especially since she's wearing matching mini-skirt with her daughter. The mini-skirt only comes down to her mid-thigh, baring a lot of her sexy milky-white legs, and therefore it makes her look more juvenile.

You explain to us that you've decided to try something different this time, because the timing just happens to work out. This week is Peng's final spanking session. You've also postponed Mei and Jing's final session to today (from a few weeks ago). You further tell us that you've arranged the schedules this way so that you can conduct a "group spanking" session today. It's going to leave a lasting impression with us spankees to be punished publicly like this and it'll make sure we'd never dare shoplift again.

Before we start you order me to strip completely naked in front of everyone. That's so very embarrassing especially since my fellow spankees are not required to be nude like me. I'm not sure why but I think maybe you want everyone to know I'm more special to you than the others? I blush profusely as I remove my t-shirt and bikini-brief, trying to cover my shriveled-up little penis with one hand.

Then the session begins. You sit down on your usual spanking chair and hold my slim bare arm to guide me across your waiting lap. Mrs. Jones sits down on a similar chair with Peng draped across her lap and his underpants down around his knee. Rick and Tammy each sits down on the opposite edge of the couch. Rick pulls a very shy Mei over his knee and then he lifts up her skirt and lowers down her tiny panties to mid-thigh. Tammy the giggly co-ed does the same with a even more embarrassed Mrs. Chong. It must be absolute humiliation for Jing to be laid across a girl much younger than herself with her milky-white bottom completely bared waiting to be soundly spanked.

Without further ado the spankings begin. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The room is very soon echoing with the sounds of hard flesh-hitting-flesh noises with 4 spankings going on at the same time. My bare behind starts to warm up really fast in the familiar way. As I turn my head sideways I can also see the bouncing asscheeks of the other 3 punished asian shoplifters rapidly reddening under the intense blows of their respective spankers.

Peng is taking his spanking without too much squirming or noise. Mei on the other hand is already kicking her smooth silky legs up and down in dire distress. "You're a naughty, NAUGHTY chinese girl, Mei, and you deserve to have your cheeky buns spanked like this!" He admonishes her while slapping her jiggling rump again and again. Rick pauses in between stinging slaps to rub and caress Mei's naked flesh all over. Not sure if he's doing it to give her a break or just to feel her up. Maybe both...

Poor Mrs. Chong she's trying to not show her pain under the palm of her much younger tormentor, but not very successfully. As her pink cheeks turn bright red her grimaces become louder and louder. Tammy also teases her by calling her a "naughty chinese mother". It's actually quite amusing to watch a mature, grown-up woman being soundly spanked like a little girl. Too bad I have my own tushy to worry about to enjoy the fun. And speaking of my upturned tushy it's burning scarlet after a series of painful slaps from your firm hand. As usual you have my slim wrists pinned against the small of my back so that I won't get in your way with my hands. Then you also pause to rub my nude body all over, like what Rick is doing to Mei. While the fondling feels sexy and lets me catch my breath between your hard smacks, but it also makes me feel very embarrassed because all the other spankees can also see you caressing me just like how a man would caress a woman's body. I'm very afraid what if this gives them the wrong idea, or rather, the "right" idea...

It must be quite a sight: four bare-bottomed asian spankees squirming and yelping over the lap of four Caucasian spankers who're landing repeated slaps to those four quivering oriental buttocks without mercy. After a good twenty minutes of stinging hand spankings, we are finally released and allowed to get up from our extremely humiliating position over our spankers' lap. Our hands immediately go behind to try to rub the stings from our inflamed asscheeks, to no avail of course. It's very embarrassing to see each other rubbing our own asses in front of everyone but we just can't help it. It's a natural reaction after being spanked.

Then we must now bend over your desk for our paddling. For this special occasion you've cleared the desk. You have us stand two on each side of the desk, me beside Mei, and bend over it. The desk is wide enough that it fits the four of us, with me facing Peng and the mother-daughter pair facing each other. Then each of the spankers stand behind us and raise their paddle to begin our intense chastisement.


A series of loud cracks produced by wooden surfaces hitting flattened bare flesh ensue, quickly followed by some high-pitched yelping and squealing. And a lot of very sincere promises to never steal again!


But the merciless paddling continue. I can look into Peng's twisted facial expression as Mrs. Jones lays into him real hard, and likewise he can see mine as you swing down with your powerful arm and land another few blows on my scorched buttocks. Mei screams the loudest but after some swats she also got a few gentle rubbing from Rick to sooth her inflamed feminine asscheeks. The worst fate is again suffered by Jing. Not only must her endure the painful paddle-whacks from her enthusiastic young tormentor, but Tammy actually burst out in giggles watching Jing's mature rounded backside bouncing after each impact.

Finally after twenty or so agonizing blows that literally fried our asian asses, the ordeal is over. Peng is sent to face one corner while Mei and Jing are sent to another corner side-by-side. Each of their spankers now get to savor the results of their handiwork and can now fondle the crimson buns at will.

I thought you were going to send me to another corner as well but instead you grab my slender bare upper arm and lead me into your private bathroom that's attached to your office. It's not very big inside but nice and has a shower stall. My anus suddenly twitches involuntarily in nervous anticipation as I have a hunch of what's about to happen. "Oh no," I figure, "am I about to be ass-fucked AGAIN?"

After you close the bathroom door you turn to me with a pair of handcuffs in your hand. You have me stand inside the shower stall facing the shower head with my arms raised. Then you handcuff my wrists to the shower head! Then you strip off of all your clothes and move up behind my trembling body. You reach around with your thick arms and give me a tight embrace which calms me down a little. I feel more at ease and able to accept my fate, which is to be penetrated by your manhood again. I can feel your large throbbing dick poking against my well-heated backside. You got some lube and insert your fingers inside me to prepare me for your advance.

I get loosened up by your fingers and then I feel the head of your monster cock pressing against my anal opening. Hugging me tightly towards your chest your thick shaft easily enters me this time. A moan escapes my lips as I feel intense pressure moving up my rectal passage until I feel your entire length inside my stretched asshole again.

"Ohhhh... Brian... Sir... you're SOOO big inside me..."

"Yes, Ling, I love your hot little asian ass. You're so tight!"

You begin to piston in and out of me in fucking motion, first more slowly then picking up speed. I have to bend forward slightly to adjust to the angle of your rock-hard pole that's sliding across every inch of my internal rectal wall. That feels so intimate when another man's sex organ is touching my insides like that. I get used to the initial entry pain and start to enjoy the anal intercourse.

As the fucking intensity picks up your body slams powerfully against the back of my soft yielding body producing loud slapping noises. I moan in mixed pain and pleasure through out. I've noticed that in all the internet porns I've naughty enough to watch, it's always the fuckee that's moaning the loudest. And since I'm the one being fucked by you, it comes naturally that I'm moaning like a bitch in heat too.

I think the excitement of the whole group asian spanking session has gotten to you and you cum quickly deep inside my bowel...

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by Anonymous11/13/17

A good hard spanking and ass fucking

There is nothing more stimulating than to get your bare bottom spanked and then to be fucked immediately thereafter. So fucking hot!!!!

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