Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 04


All four sets of eyes locked onto my shaved pubic region. I knew from my masturbation session in front of the mirror last night how obscene I looked. My labia were pulled open and I was acutely aware of the cold air hitting me. I prayed Ben or Jane would rescue me by pulling me forward onto their lap.

Then Debbie made a comment that hit me like a sledgehammer.

"She looks like she is swollen. The little slut doesn't enjoy this, does she?"

I could have died. Ben and Jane smiled knowingly. They had known. They knew that some deep, dark, primal urge was being excited by my humiliation. I could not look at them and closed my eyes

"Well?" Jane taunted me.

"No, Ma'am"

"No, what?" Jane continued to taunt

"No, I am not excited by this in anyway," I lied. "I am totally humiliated."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

Jane knew I was lying and could have continued to pressure me, but she knew she had scored the victory.

"Very well. Get across my knee."

I stood up straight, and then lay across her lap, careful to keep my knees together.

"Since you defied us earlier you will receive an extra punishment."

"Yes, Ma'am" I just wanted to get it over with.

" Your extra punishment will be a spanking on you pussy once your backside has been well and truly dealt to. Now open your legs wide."

The meaning of humiliation was again redefined for me. I opened my legs, knowing full well that Ben and the visitors would be afforded a full view of my vagina. I could only imagine the look on Debbie's face

What followed was the most intensive spanking I had received so far, which was exacerbated by the fact by buttocks were still tender. I cried and yelped like a baby. Jane alternated methodically from one buttock to another. She was not a big lady but she carried a powerful arm.

She did not stop until my backside felt like it was on fire. I doubted if I would be able to sit for several days. I then felt Jane's hand pushing on my inner thigh.

"Open those legs up wider young lady" I did not realise that with all the squirming and jumping around during my spanking my legs had not remained fully open. I did as instructed, and held my breath for my first pussy spanking (but certainly not my last).

When the first spank connected with my vagina it stung and I cried out in surprise. Jane continued to spank me fast and vigorously. The pain and warmth sensations travelled deep into my stomach. It hurt like hell, but was totally different than being spanked on the buttocks.

Instinctively I would begin to close my legs, but Jane would just stop the spanking, push my legs wide open, and then resume the assault on my vagina.

By the time Jane stopped I was gulping in air between sobs and was covered with sweat. I rolled off her lap and onto the floor. I was vaguely aware that someone was actually clapping. I did not look, but I strongly suspect it was Debbie.

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