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Punishment Unlimited


Once again, she misbehaved to the displeasure of her Sir. Six months ago, she admitted her submissive tendencies to herself and found Him not long thereafter. He has been training her for a few months now and she cannot believe that she keeps making the same mistakes. What will He do to her? He is not sadistic in any way, but He is also not going to let offenses pass without notice. He always said that the punishment should be equal to the offense, but she knows that repeated offenses will beget harsher punishments and those can be unlimited. She is so new at all of this that only a few hard limits are in place; no kids, no blood, no animals, no scat or water sports. At this point, anything can happen. All she can do is put herself into her Sir's hands and hope that in the end all will be well. So, she sits at home waiting for His instructions.

An hour later, she receives an IM telling her to meet Him at a location near His office. They have never been together outside of His office since the start of their relationship. Given all of their time and schedule constraints, his office, after hours, has been the ideal place for them to meet. Based upon their past experience, she immediately knows He has planned something different. Because of this, her nervousness starts increasing exponentially as she drives to meet Him.

Upon pulling up to the agreed upon location, He tells her to get in His car. After shutting the car door behind her, He orders her to completely unbutton her blouse and hike up her skirt. He wants access to His slut anytime and anywhere. She looks at Him in disbelief and but knowing better than to argue starts arranging her attire accordingly. She cannot believe that He is making her do this in the car in daylight. Immediately, He can tell that she is over thinking this and asks her what is on her mind. She tells him that she is worried that other people will see her.... His response to that is, "So what...this is punishment...if you are not embarrassed or humiliated, then what is the point?" She nods her head in agreement, finishes what was asked of her and sits there waiting further instructions.

Her only thought is that she is relatively safe as He is driving His SUV. Luckily, not many people will be able to look in the car and see her nakedness. In the back of her mind, she does realize that there are those out there who will see her. But, that is of no importance to her now, she is here to be punished and follow His directions. Of course, her thoughts change immediately as they pull up next to a semi on her side. The driver of the semi looks down and his jaw drops at the sight. He smiles and honks his horn in approval. All she can do is try to slink further in the seat in hopes of avoiding his gaze. Her Sir notices what she is trying to do and tells her to sit up straight. He says that she is to arch her back, force her breasts out, put her feet on the dashboard and expose her pussy to the neighboring driver. The least she can do is give the poor guy a show considering he has probably been driving for a long time. Totally embarrassed, she does as she is told and the semi-driver thanks her for her "show" by opening his window and whistling as loud as he can. Her Sir smiles, as He knows this is not anything that she ever expected doing. "Just wait", He says loud enough for her to hear adding to her fear of what's to come.

As He drives away from the semi, He tells her to attach her nipple clamps and to pull out her vibrator. Once she attaches the clamps, He pulls on them roughly to make sure that they are as tight as possible. He does not want them to be able to come off easily. After He is satisfied with the clamps, He instructs her to start using the vibe on her clit. He wants her wet and "purring" ASAP, like the slut He knows she is. But, she is not to dare cum. As she is working the vibe on her clit, He instructs her to start moving it in and out of her pussy. He tells her to close her eyes and pretend that He is fucking her. As she moves the vibe in and out, He reaches over to touch her pussy. He is happy to find her extremely wet; He knows that means she is close to the edge; the edge that she cannot go over without His permission. Her "purrs" start getting a little louder just as her breathing starts getting faster. Immediately, He orders her to stop touching herself. As He says this, He tugs the nipple chain very hard; hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. That gets her attention.

The pain snaps her back to reality and she has no idea where they are, let alone where they are going. Should she ask? She looks at Him and decides not to, so as not to displease Him any further. As soon as she looks at Him, He tells her to reach under her seat and pull out the bag that is there. She does this and finds a blindfold inside. She is then instructed to put the blindfold on, as He wants to surprise her with their destination.

He pulls up to what looks to be some type of warehouse. As He pulls up to the building, He looks over at her and can see her shaking. She has never been blindfolded before and seems to be overly fidgety because of it. He knows this will be a lesson she will never forget. He gets out of the car and walks over to her side. He opens the door, tells her that they have arrived and helps her out of the car. As she gets out, He completely undresses her. He removes her blouse, skirt and heels. He wants her as exposed as possible to whatever is to happen next. He can tell that she is shaking more, perhaps out of fear. To allay her fears, He asks her if she trusts him. She responds automatically with, "Of course Sir". He explains to her that she is here to be punished for her offense and will survive it. She definitely will not like it, but she will survive it. She nods her head acknowledging his words.

Upon saying that, He grabs both of her wrists and pulls them in front of her. She can feel the coldness of metal and then hears a snap as her wrists are cuffed together. Once cuffed, He takes her right arm and begins to walk her forward. Her fear and anxiety start to increase and she thinks to herself that she is here for Him to do with as He pleases. She does not have any control and needs to relax if she is to endure what is to come. With that thought, He leads her to their ultimate destination.

As they walk into the warehouse, she immediately notices a drop in temperature. The cold air makes her nipples stand to attention. Her Sir takes notice and pulls on her nipple chain to remind her that it is attached. A small sigh escapes her and He tells her that she may make any sounds she likes today, as she probably will not be able to suppress them anyway. That automatically gets her heart beating faster as she worries about what is to come.

After walking about 30 feet, He lifts her hands above her head. Then, He fastens her hands to some type of chain or hook. She is lifted so high that she is practically on her tiptoes; if her toes go out, she will be hanging. As that thought is running through her mind, a bar is attached to her ankles, spreading her legs out as far as possible. Once the bar is positioned accordingly, she is lowered so her feet are flat on the ground. While awkwardly standing there, legs spread, arms above her head and naked, she hears His voice and then hears more voices. She knows that they are not alone and wonders who is there with them and why.

After what seemed like a lifetime of standing, but was probably about 10-20 minutes in actuality, she begins to feel His hands upon her body. She feels His body behind hers. Then, He whispers in her ear that she is here to be punished, but will not be permanently harmed in anyway. Furthermore, it is his wish that she endure everything that is to come at the hands of His associates. He tells her that she is not to cum, but she is to service His associates as instructed without hesitation. If she performs well, then she may or may not be granted relief. The choice will undoubtedly be His in the end, so she needs to behave and perform above par if she has any desire to cum today.

With that being said, His hands move down her body to her pussy. He moves his fingers up and down her slit feeling her wetness while trying to increase her frustration. As she leans back into Him, he quickly inserts two fingers and begins finger fucking her pussy. He increases his speed as her hips start to buck to his rhythm. She is then reminded not to cum as he pulls his fingers out of her.

Suddenly, He backs away and she feels nothing. She knows that she is not alone as she can feel various sets of eyes piercing her skin...looking at her nakedness and wetness...seeing directly into her slutty soul. All of a sudden, she receives a loud smack across the ass. She screams and tries to stifle her cries. She has never been spanked in such a way. Did Sir do that to her or was it someone else? Her mind is racing as another smack comes down hard across her ass. As the hand is removed from her ass, she begins feeling a burning sensation on each breast. Hot wax is being poured on each nipple and is quickly dripping down the length of her body. She gasps in surprise and in pain. But, the pain disappears quickly as the wax dries.

All of a sudden, she hears a female voice telling her that she needs to be punished for disrespecting her Sir. She has been a bad girl and will suffer accordingly. She explains further that she is a Domme and has agreed to administer punishment for her Sir while He watches. But, that is not all, there are 2 additional Doms here who will partake in her however they would like. So, she is there to be used as their fucktoy and to endure anything and everything that comes her way. Once that was said, she feels a slap against her left breast while being asked if she understands her purpose today. Quickly she nods her head and dares not say a word as a tear rolls down her cheek.

"Oh yeah slut, one more thing, while you accept your punishment and your Sir watches, He is going to be pleasured by my Sub, got it?" one of the Doms says to her. Upon hearing that, she begins crying knowing that she never wanted to displease Him badly enough to illicit that punishment. Her Sir smiles knowing that she is feeling the mental part of punishment already and they have not even begun to use her body. Little does she know the He is just watching, as she is the only sub there today.

Quickly, the slut is unhooked and pushed back to some type of mattress. As the slut falters a bit because of the spreader bar, she is told to get on all fours and accept what is to come. One of the Doms then begins to whip her ass very quickly. He gives her 6 lashes and watches the welts appear on her ass almost instantly. He then whips her a few times on her back and on the backs of her thighs. As the welts begin to rise, her hair is pulled, raising her head as a cock is forced between her lips. She is being face fucked by a complete stranger. The cock is being rammed down her throat making her gag and all she can do is try to give the best blowjob possible. The Domme then speaks up and she slides her hands down between the slut's legs. She points out the wetness that is accumulating and assumes that the slut is enjoying the punishment too much after which she starts laughing in amusement, knowing what is coming next.

The other Dom stands behind the slut and without any warning slams his hard cock into her ass. As he grabs the sluts' hips and rams his cock in and out of her ass, the Domme spreads the slut's ass cheeks to watch this display of anal torture. The slut's cries are muffled, as she is being face fucked by the other Dom. Tears run down her face, as her mouth and ass are busy being used. As the cock in her mouth goes in, the cock in her ass goes out and each pick up their pace accordingly and match rhythm for rhythm.

While being fucked like this, the Domme slides under the slut's pussy and starts fingering it. She notices the slut's swollen clit and bites it a couple of times. As she is being bit, the slut bucks her body in response increasing the arousal in both Dom's fucking her. As the face and ass fucking speed increases, the slut notices that their breathing has increased too. They will probably be cumming very soon. As she anticipates this, the Domme underneath her starts finger fucking her pussy harder and harder. All the slut can do is moan and try not to cum as He instructed her. Finally, the two Doms cum practically together and the Domme removes her fingers from the slut's pussy just as the cocks are being removed from her body.

The slut swallows the seed in her mouth and feels the seed seeping out of her gaping ass. She can only imagine how she looks to those watching her...to her Sir. Once again, her thoughts go back to the other sub that she believes is servicing her Sir. As that thought crosses her mind again, the Domme speaks up again. Since she is the only one who has not cum yet, she orders the slut to begin licking her pussy.

This is the first time in over a decade that the slut has been with a woman like this. The slut hopes that she can please the Domme. The Domme rolls the slut over and sits on her face. She wriggles her pussy into the slut's open mouth. She tells her to eat her out good or she will be whipped more. Using that as incentive, the slut dives eagerly into the pussy. Using her tongue to separate the Domme's pussy lips, she starts lapping up the wetness and forces her tongue into the Domme's fuckhole. As the slut is doing this, she hears the Domme moaning, giving her a sign that she is at least doing something right. The Domme pushes her pussy down father forcing the slut to eat her even harder. The slut finds her engorged clit and starts nibbling on it. She starts circling it with her tongue in between nibbles and then blows on it ever so slightly. The Domme bucks her hips wanting more and more of the slut's tongue. The slut picks up her circling and nibbling pace on the Domme's clit. As she does this, the Domme yells that she is cumming and she wants the Slut to suck up all of her juices. The Slut keeps her mouth on the Domme's pussy and laps up every ounce of wetness that she can find. All the while, the slut is squirming her body wishing for release of her own, but not expecting anything but frustration, as this is her punishment.

Once done cumming, the Domme stands up and walks away. Again, the slut is alone. She knows the others are near, but does not know where. Suddenly, someone touches her and the spreader bar is removed. Quickly, the slut is flipped over by one of the Doms and is positioned above him. She can feel his hard cock on her leg as he forces himself between her knees. All at once, he lifts her body and impales her wet pussy on his hard cock. As she bounces up and down on his cock, someone grabs her hips from behind. She gasps, as she knows what they are trying to do. They want to double penetrate her; that is something she has always been nervous about doing. She feels coldness running down the crack of her ass and realizes that it is being lubed up, which she is very thankful for since her ass is extremely sore. First one then two fingers slide into her ass with ease. She feels the fullness of the cock in her pussy and the fingers in her ass, moving in and out, and gets wetter in anticipation. Now, she wants that cock in her ass too.

As she feels the cock press against her ass, she feels hands come around and start fondling her breasts. She notices that the nipple chain has been removed. The hands on her breasts are now massaging the wax and soreness away while tugging slowly on her nipples. The slut starts moaning and perhaps even "purring" just as the second cock slides into her ass. She cannot believe the sensation of double penetration. Each cock in her matches rhythm.... one in, the other out driving her closer and closer to the edge. She cannot believe what is happening to her. She is being stretched out like she never thought possible and wants them to keep fucking her.

Then, her Sir leans in and whispers in her ear that she is to cum and cum now if she wants to cum at all. Surprisingly, He is fucking her ass. Upon knowing that, her body begins to shudder uncontrollably and she begins to cum over and over again. As she is cumming, the Dom underneath her pulls his cock out and slides out from under her. So, she is only left with Him.

Upon calming down from her intense orgasm, He increases His pace and she backs into Him stroke for stroke. As she does that, He reaches under her and start fingering her clit wanting to drive her to the edge again. She cannot get enough of Him fucking her. She wants to please Him to make Him cum. Each of them begins moaning in pleasure.........her "purrs" send him over the edge as He begins to cum and shouts for her to cum again for Him. As they cum together, they both slump down onto the mattress into one another.

After a silent minute of heavy breathing, He pulls the blindfold from her eyes. Her eyes adjust and she sees an empty warehouse with a chain hanging from the ceiling and the mattress that they are on. Everyone else is gone and they are alone. He asks her if she liked being fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time and she replies yes while blushing. He then tells her that she should not blush as she is His slut and He expects that kind of behavior from her. With that, she smiles at Him.

She is reminded of her whippings as she tries to sit comfortably next to Him. He asks her if she has any thoughts on what has happened and all she can do is apologize again. He tells her that she took her punishment well, which is why she was able to cum not once but twice. He continues on to say that He does not like to punish her as it hurts Him as well, but punishment is necessary if her behavior is to be corrected. She nods in agreement and looks downward. He knows that she is still upset with herself for displeasing Him in the first place. On that note, He helps her up and removes the cuffs. He grabs a duffel bag that has their clothes. Before they begin dressing, he applies some ointment to her welts to help ease the soreness. She gasps every so often while she dresses herself, as the welts are very red and raw. Those are reminders of her punishment and hopefully will keep her from misbehaving in the future.

Once dressed, they walk slowly to the car. He assists her into the car as her body has undergone some harsh treatment this afternoon and she needs help getting situated for the ride. Once she is belted in, He gets in and starts the car. He turns to look at her and wonders if He should tell her that she was the only sub there. After a minute of contemplation, He decides not to tell her as today was about punishment, so let her think that has happened. Next time, it really will happen and in front of her eyes.

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