tagGroup SexPussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 04

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 04



Angela had come to Portland a few years ago, with her boyfriend, to attend school. He was her first boyfriend, and she had given him her virginity, and the two of them lived together and enjoyed an active sex life. But then he had been called back to Cameroon on urgent family business; she was committed to her studies and so remained in Portland, and after a year she was beginning to despair of seeing him again. And, she was increasingly conscious of the fact that she was very, very horny.

Angela didn't masturbate. Maybe it was a cultural thing, or just her own quirk, but she didn't see the point of sex without a partner. The question was, how to find a partner? She was keenly aware of the cultural difference between herself and the Americans, and plus, she was taller than most of them, which seemed to make the men uncomfortable. Angela tried, without much success, to keep her mind on her studies.

Then one afternoon she was sitting in the quad, reading a physics text, when a young man approached her and asked her if she wanted to smoke a joint. She was not at all sure that she wanted to smoke the joint, but she was absolutely convinced that she wanted to spend time with the young man, so she agreed.

He was nice to look at, caucasian, with glasses and curly black hair that came down around his ears. He was tall, but not quite as tall as she. He suggested that they go sit under the trees so as to be less conspicuous, and he fired up the joint. He had to coach her a bit as to how to inhale the smoke properly, and she followed his instructions to the best of her ability.

She had read about marijuana, but never tried it, and she didn't quite know what to expect. As they smoked they chatted about this and that, and rather suddenly she became aware of the fact that she was high. Almost simultaneously she realized that she was quite aroused.

As she attempted to carry on the conversation, she had an overwhelming sensation of the maleness of her companion. In her mind's eye came a flood of images, mainly cocks, black ones, pink ones, all erect and desirable. She was keenly aware of the sensations in her pussy, which was becoming wet, but in a way that seemed amplified, so strong that she wondered whether her companion was aware of it too. She thought that she could smell herself.

At this point she surrendered to it, and reached over to place her hand on the boy's trousers, directly over his cock. He seemed surprised, but not displeased, and his cock stiffened immediately. He took her hand off his cock, and holding it in his own, led her to a little thicketed area behind a building, after which he placed her hand back on his cock.

She could feel it throbbing now. She was fascinated and enthralled by it. She wondered if it smelled good. Then she wondered if it tasted good. She had read about oral sex, but never tried it. The combination of going for a year without sex, and the strangely wanton feelings induced by the marijuana, emboldened her. She fumbled with his zipper, which seemed to have become a rather complex technology, and then he came to her assistance, and between the two of them they managed to get his pants down to his knees as he sprawled backwards against a tree.

Angela crouched on the ground before him, at first just admiring the sight of his cock, then running her hands along it, palms together with the cock between them, up and down, feeling the velvety hardness. Then, tentatively, she lowered her mouth to it.

Ooooh, it tasted good. It tasted like sex should taste, and there was a smell too, so arousing. She like the feel of how big it was in her mouth and throat, and soon she became conscious of the fact that the boy liked the feel of her mouth; he was moving his hips and making the sounds of excitement that she remembered, seemingly from so long ago.

She intensified her efforts, thrilling in the sensations, and then she began to realize that she could make the boy cum. That thought seemed to double her arousal. She was feeling more and more uninhibited in the way she sucked him, moving her tongue, taking him in deeper and deeper, and she could tell that his motions and cries were becoming more urgent. He was seizing her hair and thrusting into her throat. She was going to make him cum. What could be more exciting!

Then he began to cum, and the taste and the spurting transported her. She swallowed greedily, savoring it, hoping for more.

Gradually his cock lost its erection, although she continued to suck hopefully. Then she heard his voice: "Omigod, I've got to go to work. Could I meet you later?"

Yes, she said. He gave her the address of a party that would be going on later that evening. She took it and said goodbye to him.

She became aware that her panties were sopping with arousal, and she yearned for release, but, she told herself, she would have to wait for later. She went home, showered, and ate some food, which she found very interesting in her intoxicated state, but mainly she thought about how she wanted to cum. She wondered whether the boy would do to her what she had done to him. But at least he would fuck her, she hoped.

So, she went to the party. She was shy and a bit groggy from the marijuana, and felt a bit like a wallflower, waiting for the boy to show up. He didn't.

She continued to wait patiently, and she discovered that the champagne that they were serving made her feel a bit revived. She attempted to talk to people, but mainly she wanted sex, and she noticed that many people were pairing off and going upstairs, which made her feel all the more frustrated.

Finally, when most people had gone, she picked up two bottles and champagne and began looking for stragglers, and that's when she struck it rich.

She heard sounds from a room in the back, and peeped in. There were a man and woman on a couch, facing opposite directions; the man was on the bottom, and they were both simultaneously performing oral sex on each other. Suddenly her excitement returned full force. There was a naked woman on a chair, facing them, with her back to Angela. Suddenly the people on the couch cried out in orgasm, followed by the lady on the chair.

Angela continued to peer into the room, intensely interested, as the three people then sat on the couch, fondling each other and talking about sex. She knew this was her opportunity, so clearing her throat, she entered the room, offering the champagne and asking if she could stay.

Once she had crossed that threshold, she poured the champagne and sat in the chair facing them, stealing furtive glances at the man's cock. It was limp now, but she had her heart set on making it hard again. The man was wearing a shirt and no pants, which seemed comical, so she offered to help him off with his shirt. As they both stood up, she saw that he was as tall as she was.

As she lifted the shirt over his head, she playfully trapped his arms in the shirt, and kissed him. His response made her hopes soar; he passionately returned her kiss, and she felt his cock get hard against her. She kissed him again, seducing him with her kiss, wanting him to want what she wanted.

He fell to his knees, and began to unbutton her dress. Then he licked her panties! She felt the arousal come welling up in her pussy. He could feel it on his tongue, too, through the cotton of the panties. Why didn't he take them off? He was teasing her. She couldn't stand it. She pulled away, and yanked her panties down, and gathering her skirt around her waist, thrust her pussy toward his face. It was an awkward position, an embarassingly lewd position, but she didn't care, she wanted him to touch her with his mouth.

He stared at her black pussy, and admired how wet she was, and then slowly, deliberately, he ate her pussy. The thrill was indescribable. She rocked back and forth against his lips and tongue, moving faster, feeling him suck her towards a climax for which she had waited an eternity. There were hands on her, one of the women, freeing her from her dress and brassiere, touching her breasts. This was strange, but she surrendered to it, her orgasm was upon her.

Then he was standing up, kissing her, lifting her into the air, and impaling her on his cock. She held on to him for dear life, helping him as he moved her ass up and down with his hands. And then there were more hands, the woman again, pinching her nipples, exciting her! This was all so new, but she was in the throes of another orgasm, she accepted it, welcomed it.

The man, Phil, was cumming now, she could feel him shooting inside her. She clung to him, and kissed him deeply. Then, gradually, she became aware of what was happening on the couch.

(to be continued)

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