tagGroup SexPussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 05

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 05



Dorothy had just turned 30, and, she thought to herself, she had been having sex half her life. Her mother was a swinger, and had encouraged Dorothy to be sexually precocious, putting her on the pill and letting her bring boys home. So Dorothy experimented, and became quite knowledgeable in the ways of love. She had dabbled in a little of everything, and she was beginning to know what she liked. She liked variety, but her standards were high -- she wanted to have sex, a lot of it, with many different men and women who were smart, funny, attractive; it was a lot of work to find them.

It was inevitable that she would make Hank's acquaintance. She even slept with him a few times, but then they both wanted to move on. His parties, however, were essential to Dorothy's quest for quality mates. Even though she often went home alone, she still found them to be an ideal environment for the hunt.

Dorothy had no difficulty attracting partners. She had a dark, curly mane of hair that complemented her green eyes, and ample breasts that never failed to produce that magical, attention-getting cleavage. Her nipples were not small and dainty, but rather, large and coarse, and would always signal her arousal to watchful eyes. She enjoyed watching and gauging the reactions to her expressive nipples. She also liked to lift them to her lips and suck them.

It was the day after her birthday, and time to celebrate. She put on a tank-top that displayed her assets, but the material was thick enough so that the nipples wouldn't be visible until they were good and hard. She wore a slinky short skirt, casual, comfortable, but alluring. Underwear was out of the question tonight. She might want to playfully flash someone-- Hank's parties were like that. Dorothy kept her pussy hair trimmed, but not shaved. She had the idea that shaved pussies looked girlish, and she was a grown up woman.

At the party, she assessed the guests, and noted with satisfaction that tonight there were some genuine prospects. The best was the Mexican girl. She had the most beautiful shiny hair, blacker than black, and a big wide promising mouth. She was a bit plump, in just the right way, plump and juicy. And when Dorothy flirted, she flirted back, but from a distance. She wasn't taking the bait, probably looking for a man. But Dorothy was confident that if she could spend a little time with her, she would have her way with her.

And there was Phil, a friend of Hank's. He was good looking, and tall, and in good shape. She liked him, and let him know it, but he seemed a bit aloof. And as the party progressed, he seemed to be hitting it off with the Mexican girl.

And, there was an African girl. She was very exotic, tall and slender, her hair dyed blonde and braided. But she was very shy and there didn't seem to be any bi-curiosity there; she was definitely looking for a man.

So Dorothy circulated, biding her time, hoping that she could have another shot at the Mexicana, or maybe with Phil. Then she spied the both of them, off in a room alone, necking, and then boom! The girl was sitting on his face.

That was hot. She caught him completely by surprise, Dorothy thought to herself, moving as close as she dared in order to get a better view. The Mexican girl looked gorgeously slutty, with her gown bunched up around her waist, her nipples jutting out through the thin fabric, her face glazed with lust, riding his face with her cunt. She was rubbing her crotch all over his mouth, and he seemed to be loving every minute of it, moaning and arching his back as he ate her. I'd like a taste of that, Dorothy thought to herself. And then, before long, the girl was cumming loudly. This was just too good. Dorothy felt the wetness welling up in her cunt. The girl must have selected this downstairs room deliberately, where someone might walk in on them at any moment. They say that three's a crowd, she thought to herself, but maybe tonight's the night for a crowd scene.

She waited until the girl stopped grinding against Phil's lips, and then stepped up, putting on her brightest, most radiant smile. "May I play too?" she asked.

Her hopes about the girl were justified. "Sure, why not," she replied. Dorothy felt a flash of triumph. Before the night was over, the Mexicana would be hers.

Dorothy pulled up a chair. She was a practiced exhibitionist, and she knew how to please an audience. First, they needed to see her breasts. They were always the best calling card. She freed them slowly and deliberately from her tank top, and keeping her bright smile, measured the Mexican girl's reaction. Oh, Yes. Her eyes were wide with desire. So Dorothy showed her, and Phil, how her nipples stood out when she pinched them -- and it felt so good -- and then she showed them how she could suck them. She knew that they were loving it. The room was heating up. They needed to see her pussy soon. Just a little bit more sucking... Dorothy was working herself up into that highly aroused state that she so enjoyed. She abandoned herself for just a moment to the sensation of her own lips and teeth on her nipples... but now her cunt cried out for attention. And she knew that her new friends were on edge, dying to see it.

Dorothy opened her eyes, and stared into the eyes of the couple on the couch. Yes, she had their full attention. And she began to move her hips slowly forward on the chair, spreading her thighs as she did so. She watched them react as her pussy came into view. They were electrified. Dorothy knew what they were seeing because she had let someone film her once, masturbating. Her pussy lips were big and fat, and rosy red. Her ass was sliding easily now over the seat of the chair, that was already slick with pussy juice.

Keeping one hand on her nipple, she sent the other one down, delving into herself, showing off her secrets. Whenever one of the beholders on the couch caught her eye, she flashed a lascivious smile and rubbed herself more, opening herself wider for their inspection. She was getting terribly hot, but still strategizing. She thought of how arousing it had been for her to see the Mexicana sit on Phil's face. She wanted the Mexicana to feel aroused in just that way.

Dorothy stood up and said to the girl, "May I?" As if she were reading Dorothy's mind, she gasped out the word "Yes," and moved aside, making room for Dorothy to take her place, straddling Phil's face. Phil's eyes were wild with excitement as he strained his head upward to draw her vulva into his mouth. Dorothy hoped the girl was getting a good look, because at this point Dorothy was losing herself in the sensation. Phil was eating her ravenously. At this point Dorothy was no longer the huntress, just a woman aroused to the boiling point, and she needed Phil's cock. She got up suddenly, tore off her skirt, and mounted Phil's mouth again, facing the other direction, fumbling with his belt buckle.

The girl was instantly there, helping her pull down his pants, and after taking all of two seconds to admire his big, hard cock, Dorothy devoured it. She and Phil were locked in the 69 position, hands on each other's asses, straining to force as much cock and pussy into their mouths as they could. Dorothy could feel her orgasm building, and she put all of her passion and expertise into sucking that big cock -- she was dying to taste Phil's cum. And she was not disappointed when he began to erupt, over and over, into her mouth.

Dorothy may have blacked out for just a moment, but then she was aware of the sounds of the Mexicana about to have another orgasm. She looked up, and the girl was in the chair, as close to the couch as she could get, her legs over the arms, working her pussy, shouting as her climax overtook her. Then, after pausing to take a breath, she offered her fingers to Phil for sucking. Dorothy felt a momentary twinge of envy, but then she assured herself that her time would come soon enough.

Now they would get to know one another. The girl's name was Ingrid. They sat on the couch together with Phil in the middle, and Dorothy started the little game about who's pussy tasted the best. She gave generous fingerfuls of pussy juice to Phil to taste, and then she tasted herself, making sure to catch Ingrid's eye. Than Ingrid offered Phil a taste, and seeing the opportunity, Dorothy leaned across Phil and cupped Ingrid's mound, massaging her pussy expertly and letting her know just how she felt. And Ingrid was ready, surrendering herself to Dorothy's touch with a smile that was full of promise.

It was at this moment that the other girl, the African, arrived, and introduced herself as Angela. Suddenly a whole new set of possibilities opened up in Dorothy's mind. She kept Ingrid's cunt nice and hot while Angela poured champagne. Finally Dorothy withdrew her hand and tasted Ingrid's ambrosia, moaning just audibly, and making sure to catch Ingrid's eye again.

They began drinking their champagne, feeling its well-known restorative powers and chatting, and then suddenly Angela was putting the moves on Phil. Dorothy felt herself boiling up again as she watched Phil fall to his knees before Angela, like he was begging for it. Then he was opening her dress and licking her panties. Angela wanted it bad - she let him tease her for a minute or so, and then she was stripping off the panties, hoisting up her dress, and thrusting her glistening cunt toward his face, with a look almost of desperation on her face.

As Phil began to lick and suck Angela's pussy, Dorothy was too aroused to remain a spectator. She came up behind Angela, swifty unbuttoning her dress and casting it aside. Angela's hands, freed from the task of holding the dress, went to Phil's head, pulling his face against her cunt. Meanwhile, Dorothy had the brassiere off and seized Angela's nipples with greedy fingers, pinching, coaxing, arousing her, as she began to cry out with the onset of orgasm.

Then Phil got up, embraced Angela, and lifted her skyward, bringing her down to impale her pussy on his cock. She had her legs wrapped around his, and he began to bring her ass up and down, as she writhed and bucked her hips to meet him. Dorothy went for the nipples again, and then took Angela's breasts in her hands, offering them by turns to Phil's mouth, and meanwhile trying to position herself so that Angela's leg would rub against Dorothy's crotch.

Then, she became aware of voices, Phil's and Ingrid's. Ingrid was murmuring something, and then Phil gasped something incoherent in response -- then, more clearly, the welcome words, "Eat Dorothy's pussy!" It was music to Dorothy's ears.

(to be continued)

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