tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 14

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 14


My summer had gotten off to a great start, I had found a great new place to live and had just experienced my best assignment ever. The five day "vacation" had brought me a payoff of $ 15K, by living a very conservative existence, I had now been able to save a considerable amount of money. I did not have any dream purchases, I just wanted to make sure that I always had enough in case of emergencies.

I really worked hard over the next few weeks, Kevin was really bringing in the assignments, in fact you could say that I work a lot of "hard" overtime. By the time July had ended I had managed to save close to $ 100K. It felt at times that I had been penetrated a hundred thousand times, but as things worsened for men with more high profile busts in public, more and more kept coming to Kevin's "modeling" agency.

With just over a month left before the start of the Fall Semester, I decided to take a rest from work and play. I took a week and traveled to see my parents. It was awkward in the beginning, they were thrilled that I was doing so well in school, but there was still the underlying tension or should I say regret that they could not pay for it. My parents really enjoyed my company, but after a week cramped up with them I was yearning to return to my freedom. I returned to what I had left, Nina and Greg still loved to play, and Kevin kept me busy with assignments whenever possible.

The week leading up to the Labor Day weekend arrived, and suddenly everyone was in family mode, I had no assignments lined up for the week as it seemed everyone was taking a vacation that week. Greg & Nina did the same, they were headed off to the Bahamas, so I found myself with their entire house to myself for the week. I took this time to run some errands and relax. I went to the college one day early in the week and was able to obtain my book list for the year. I purchased all of the books I needed for the upcoming semester and was able to flip through them all at my leisure over the next few days.

I must confess that while Greg & Nina were away, I did take the opportunity to take a closer look at things around the house. I had always respected their privacy, and had never wondered into their private bedroom. Suddenly one day in the middle of the week, I got the urge to look around. There bedroom was very nice, with lots of heavy wooden furniture, they had spared no expense. Nothing sat out in the open that would give you the slightest clue into their sexual desires, the bedroom looked like what you would find in a rightwing conservative household. I opened the dresser drawers, but saw nothing, I made sure that I did not disturb anything.

In their closet, where one would expect to find something hidden, I located a box with lots of photos. Many where of Nina nude, or of the two of them having sex with one another or others. I did find a few that were quite astonishing, it seems that Greg had photographed Nina with a K9 companion at one time, definitely not my scene. Other than that, I really did not find anything to unusual. I was not sure what I was seeking to find, just curious I guess. My week had returned to a quiet one, until that Friday morning. Kevin called me with an emergency, another model had backed out of a scheduled assignment, and he needed a replacement. I said yes as I had not worked that entire week. Kevin told me that this was a one hour assignment, and that all I would be required to do was perform oral sex on the client. I was given the clients name, Alexander, and address. I immediately got ready and was out the door in 10 minutes in order to make the appointment time.

When I arrived at Alexander's I found a very large older home, this name was considerably well off. When the door opened though, I received a big surprise. I was met by a nurse who invited me inside. She thought that I was there to do some work outside for Alexander, so she led me into another room to meet him. Alexander was a man in his late 40's, but he was in a wheelchair. Not that I cared too much, but it would have been nice if Kevin had given me that bit of info, so I would not have had to hide my surprise when I first met him. Alexander quickly dismissed his nurse and set her out to pick up a few things for him.

Alexander and I talked for a few minutes, he explained his situation was caused by an accident, and that despite some nerve damage he could get erect after much stimulation. I helped him lower his pants, then spent the next five minutes or so working him into a state of arousal with my mouth. I was getting tired very quickly, as he was having a hard time getting it up. Finally I achieved my goal, and then with a tired mouth, spent the next ten minutes bringing him off. Not much came out when he finished, nor did it taste good. I had to think fast as my jaw was killing me at this point, and he said that he wanted me to keep him up and give him another for what he was paying.

Quickly I asked him if he wanted to fuck me instead, but he said that it was not something that he thought he could do. I worked his tool with my hand, then stood up and removed my pants and underwear. I sat down on his lap before he could say anything and worked his cock with my fingers until I could get it aligned with my asshole. I sat down on him, forcing him inside of me. I then fucked myself, sitting up and then back down on his cock. Alexander loved this, and we spiced things up, by having him wheel us around the room as I fucked my ass with his cock, or should I say fucked his cock with my ass.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable experience for both of us, as he was able to last very long, probably thanks to the damage he had incurred. Alexander finally shot his cum into my hole, and we stopped rolling around the room. I got up off of him and helped clean him up. I got dressed and lifted his pants back up, as we did not have enough time to do anything else before his nurse was due back. I did own him another 15 minutes, so I did pick up some things in his back yard and move them into his yard shed. I guess that would provide him with an excuse when his nurse returned.

This was my first experience with a handicapped person, and while not ideal, it was not too bad after all. Kevin called me before I even made it back to Nina & Greg's to thank me, he said that Alexander was very pleased with my work. Kevin asked me to swing by his office later that day, if I could, to pick up my money. I on the other hand, took an immediate detour and went directly there. Kevin was surprised to see me so quickly, as he had another person in his office. He did not make any introductions, just paid me my $ 500 and sent me on my way. I could tell the other guy was a perspective model, he looked to be in his mid-20's, so he was no threat to me.

While traveling back from Kevin's Office that day I made a unique discovery. The city was very quiet, as most of the people had headed for the shore or other vacation spots for the long holiday weekend. While walking down a street that I had walked down a number of times before I saw a few men enter a building that had no signs out in front of it. The building looked like an old warehouse, nothing that would really draw your attention. What caught my curiosity was the selection of men entering and how they were dressed. I stopped and asked a man who was entering, what was the name of the business, he looked at me like a deer caught in headlights, then once he calmed down he told me it was an all male gym. I thanked him and walked on.

When I reached Greg and Nina's house I looked up the address and found the name of the business. I then researched the place and found out that it was a place where men could go to meet men, at least that was their slogan. It was a gym and bathhouse, I looked over the rules, the prices and read the FAQ's. There were some helpful hints as to etiquette as well, I must have spent 10 minutes reading their material. I decided what the hell, why not.

I took with me only my college ID (as it stated you must provide proper ID) and $ 25 for the one day membership. I traveled back to the gym that evening, and thankfully no one was around, so I was able to walk into the place without any embarrassment. The man behind the front counter was nice, but concerned about my age, he immediately asked me for my ID. Once I had shown proof of age, and paid for my one day membership, I was given a towel and the directions to the locker room.

I went into the locker room, each locker was a combination of a gym locker and a safety deposit box. I had forgotten to bring a lock, so I was happy that I only had my college ID and clothing with me. I placed my ID and my train ticket into the lock box, and then wrapped the key up inside of my pants. I did as others had done, and took off all of my clothes, just wrapping the large towel around my waist. I took a walk around the place, there were not too many people there at the time. I walked down a dark hallway, which led to an actual gym. There were weight machines and other devises, the room was empty. Through the weight room, another hall led to a sauna, a large shower room, and what was a snack bar/cruising area.

Someone had taken the time to write up a tongue-in-cheek set of rules and had stuck it up on the wall in the snack bar area. One of the so-called rules was to give the old trolls a break and let one suck you off. Another rule was that you should not be offended if everyone wants you to top, it seems that many go there for basically what I was paid to do.

I went back towards the sauna area, and after walking the halls for a few minutes, decided to go in. There were four men in there, two in their 20's who were with one another, and two other men who were sitting apart watching the action. I sat down, and suddenly both turned to look at me. I let my towel open on purpose, and before I knew it the one man, probably somewhere in his mid to late 40's approached me. He was about 50 pounds overweight and balding. He looked at me pleadingly, so I motioned for him to suck my cock. He dove for it and engulfed my entire cock with a great hunger.

This man was very good, he could almost swallow my cock down his throat. He would take my cock out of his mouth every once and a while, licking all around my staff, down to my balls, and even underneath towards my ass. This man must not get a lot of regular action from someone my age, as he was taking his time, savoring everything I was allowing him to do. I was starting to find out through my experiences and observations that it was difficult for a lot of men to find regular sex partners once they reached their late 30's and older. That was fine by me, I enjoyed, no make that preferred older men.

The blow job this man was giving me was incredible, it must have gone on for close to 10 minutes. I told him that I was going to cum, but it did not stop him, in fact after I had finished in his mouth I had to forcibly take my cock back. He thanked me when he had finished, and asked me if I was a regular, I said no this was my first time, but that I would definitely consider returning in the future.

I left that room, but was followed by the other man. He approached me in the hallway and asked me if he could be next. Wow, two men willing to blow me, I could not pass it up. We went to the weight room and I laid back on one of the benches and the man brought my cock back to life in his mouth. This man was tall, about 6'3" and had white hair. I did not ask him his name, but I could tell that he was older, maybe even in his 60's. This guy did a good job, but not with anywhere near the passion as the other guy. It took several minutes as I had just cum, and as a result he was not rewarded with as much juice as the first man.

I cruised around for a while longer, resting up and watching some limited action. I had been there for about an hour and was thinking of leaving, when in walked a very short man, not even 5'. The man had a hairy body, in fact much more hair on his chest and back then on his head. He was the true definition of a troll, and not in the desperate old man sense. I decided what the fuck and approached him. The man was only too happy to follow me, and we went back to the weight room. I had him over a bench with my cock buried in his ass in no time. I rode him with all my might, pounding the shit out of him. I loved this place, I could top with no problem, that hand written sign was correct. I exploded in this mans ass as hard as I had ever cum in my life.

I just pulled out, slapped him on the ass and said thank you, before walking away. I traveled back towards the snack bar area again, when a man opened a door to a room that I did not realize was even there. This man was just slightly smaller than I, he was Asian, probably in his early 30's. He asked me if I had any success, I said yes, three times. He smiled and asked if I wanted a forth. I said yes, but that I needed a few minutes before I would be ready to go again.

We talked about how dead it was that evening, I could tell he was a regular. I could also tell by the imprint on his left ring finger, that his wedding ring must be in his locker. He finally asked me what I wanted, and I said, well why don't we switch off. The man seemed fine with that, I asked him if he wanted to go first, he said yes. There was a small bed in the room, and I crawled up on it and stuck my ass in the air. I do not know why they say Asian men are small, this man was not, close to seven inches. He lubed up his cock and then slowly penetrated my ass. He took his time to get all of the way inside of me, and then started to fuck me slowly. He continued to take his time and slowly built up his speed. He was smart, as he was able to fuck me for over five minutes straight before climaxing.

I rested for a few minutes, and then fucked the man, I did not go as fast or as hard as earlier. I did not have the same strength of want in my cock at that moment, it had been busy since I arrived. I came inside of him, again with little to show for it, except the feeling that was shooting through my cock. We parted without much fan fare, and I headed back to the locker room. Well I thought, this had been an enjoyable experience, I had to come back one time when a larger group of people were available. I dressed, gathered up my stuff and left. No one was outside when I walked out, so within a block or two, I had faded back into the woodwork. Despite the shower facilities, I went back to Greg & Nina's house to shower and clean up. I felt nasty, a good nasty, I was horny and needed all of the action of that day.


This is the end of Part 14. Please e-mail me with your thoughts, and if you want to see more. Thanks RobXXX

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