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Billy was skipping across campus, well not really skipping, guys don’t usually skip but he was walking so fast he gave the impression of skipping. As far as Billy was concerned he wouldn’t have called it skipping, he would considered it walking on air. It would have to be very warm air as his school is in the deep south and the cold just doesn’t seem to have the energy to go that far south. Billy is a sophmore, the name of the school is not important to our story. Billy continued on his walk to his dorm room on the day before the Thanksgiving break.

Billy crossed the last street in front of his dorm and made his way into the lobby. He rode the ever-so-slow elevator up to the 5th floor. Why did this thing seem to go slower when you were in a hurry? Billy was in a hurry because he was going to spend time with his girlfriend. He hoped it would turn out to be lots of time.

Billy's girlfriend was Stacy Fisher, a freshman who Billy had been dating for the last few weeks. Stacy was the prettiest girl he had ever dated, she would have to considered a knockout with long black hair to the middle of her back. It wasn’t just the fact that it was so long that made it gorgeous but it just seemed to glow and dance beautiful whenever she turned her head.

Or maybe it was the face that it surrounded? Big, deep, blue eyes that glistened when she looked at you. They were almost mesmerizing as it was hard to look away from them. Her face was one of those perfect faces. The eyes set off the perfect small, cute nose and then you noticed the full lips. Stacy also seemed to always have on just the right amount of makeup, not that she needed it but she had a way of looking wonderful no matter what the occasion.

Then there was her body, easy to describe...smoking hot! Her breasts were firm and full and her legs were very long, ending in what Billy considered to be a perfect ass. He was very excited about tonight because to this point he had only been able to kiss Stacy. She was very adamant about moving slowly in their relationship and Billy's poor balls were in a permanent state of blue. In fact, just thinking about her now was creating a very uncomfortable feeling in the front of his jeans as his dick began to harden.

He was willing to put up with it though. A girl like Stacy was a once in a lifetime thing and he would wait as long as he needed to get whatever she was willing to give up. He hoped he could stay with her long enough, he often wondered why a hot girl like Stacy was with him in the first place.

He reached his door and walked in. His roommate, Tom, was sleeping on the couch. He had pulled an all-nighter last night for a test and he was obviously paying the price at 4:00 in the afternoon. Billy walked softly into the kitchen. His job was to collect some beer and return to Stacy's dorm. She had requested that they just hang out in her room and get drunk. This, he thought was a great plan and the reason for his excitement. Alcohol was a wonderful thing to a college student and many times the main ingredient for nights you would remember for a lifetime.

Billy opened the refrigerator and saw two six packs sitting on the top shelf. He pumped his fist, he had hoped Tom had not drank it, he had no money to buy any if it wasn't there. He picked up the six-packs and turned to sneak out of the kitchen. As he turned, he spotted the bottle of whiskey. Jack Daniels Black Label his brother had bought for him during his last visit. He was saving it for a special occasion and he thought this couldn't get any more special. He grabbed the bottle and made his way silently out of the room.

Stacy Fisher returned to her room at around 3:30. She had just finished a killer Political Science test and her brain felt empty and tired. She collapsed on her bed and took a deep breath. No classes for a week, she thought, and she felt her energy slowly returning. Billy would be here soon. He was coming over and they were just going to hang around in her room. She smiled as she thought of Billy's face when she asked him to come to her room. He almost had a heart attack. Stacy thought it would be fun to spend some quiet time with Billy. They had been dating for a few weeks but always seemed to be around many people and had very few moments alone.

Stacy chuckled as she got to her feet. Billy was probably going to be all hands tonight. She would have to be quick to keep him off of her. She was just not quite ready to take their relationship to that level. She looked in the mirror and smiled. She loved the way she looked in this outfit. Her button-up shirt was white with flowers and was just short enough to show some of her tight stomach she was so proud of. Her white shorts were not horribly short but enough to

accent her next favorite feature, her long, shapely legs. She turned to see how her ass filled out the shorts. Very nice, she thought. Billy should be putty in her hands tonight.

Stacy looked up when she heard the door open. In walked her roommate, Jerry. Jerry was a sophomore and very fun. She bounced in the room and slapped Stacy on the butt. Jerry was also very physical. She was always slapping Stacy and grabbing her playfully. Stacy wondered sometime if Jerry was gay but she had never made any serious moves and Stacy was way too shy to ever broach the subject. She also sometimes worried about herself as Jerry’s touches would occasionally cause a tingle of sorts through Stacy’s very straight body.

"What you doing, freshman?" Jerry said as she jumped on her bed, directly across the room from Stacy’s.

"Nothing" Stacy responded.

"What are you going to do tonight, your last night of freedom before leaving for your cute little farmhouse?" Jerry said.

Jerry constantly teased Stacy about being raised on a farm in a small town. Stacy laughed.

"Billy's coming over and we're just gonna hang out. What are you doing still here? I thought you were heading home right after classes." Stacy said.

"Cute little Billy." Jerry said with a chuckle.

"He is cute and he is very sweet." Stacy said with a little sneer.

"Yea, he's very sweet but he is dying to get in those pants of yours." Stacy teased.

"He's not like that, he is happy just hanging out with me." Stacy responded.

"Stacy, are you really that naive? Billy is a typical college male who will be all over you the first chance he gets. Sometimes I swear I can see the drool on the corner of his mouth." Jerry said with a smile.

Jerry jumped up and moved behind Stacy, grinding her hips into Stacy's ass. She reached around and grabbed Stacy's breasts and squeezed.

"Oh Billy, don't stop." Jerry said in a breathy voice as she continued to massage Stacy's full breasts.

Stacy grabbed Jerry's hands and pulled them off her and turned around.

"You're just jealous." She said laughing as she pushed Jerry back onto her bed.

“Yep, you got me, I wish I had me a little goober like Billy.” Jerry started laughing hysterically.

"So why are you still here?" Stacy asked again.

"My parents had a last minute commitment spring up. They are coming to get me first thing in the morning." Jerry responded.

“Do you have any plans for tonight?” Stacy asked.

“Nah.” Jerry mumbled.

"Billy’s coming over. Why don't you just hang here with us. He's bringing beer." Stacy said in a little teasing voice.

Stacy knew Jerry couldn't refuse. If there was anything Jerry loved more than teasing her and laughing, it was drinking. She had never met a girl who could drink as much as Jerry. Stacy had been escorted home many times drunk from the bars by Jerry who had drank as much if not more than Stacy but seemed as sober as could be. Stacy also hoped Jerry would stay. It would be easier to keep Billy at bay with someone else around and there would always be more opportunities for “alone time”.

The girls looked up as they heard a knock on the door. Stacy jumped up and opened it. Billy stood there with a goofy little smile, holding a bag in each hand. She pulled him quickly into the room, closing the door after checking to see if anyone was in the hall.

"You know alcohol isn't legal in here, how did you get up here?" Stacy asked.

"Relax, sweetie, I snuck in the back door. One of your lovely dorm friends let me in." Billy said with a sly smile as he pulled a six-pack out of the bag.

“Hi, Jerry.” Billy said.

“Hi goober.” Jerry responded.

Billy liked Jerry. She was not as pretty as Stacy but she was very cute. Her hair was short but framed her face perfectly. Her face wasn’t model pretty, but more like girl next door. Her body was also very impressive. Her breasts were smallish but they seemed to be very firm and also Billy noticed on more than one occasion that she had not worn a bra and her nipples would sometimes harden up and show themselves off. Billy liked those times very much.

He looked at her now and she had on a pair of jeans and a tank top. He figured it was not a bra day but her nipples didn’t seem to be showing off yet. He secretly hoped that he would be around if they ever changed their mind.

Billy popped a can out of the plastic ring and handed it to Stacy. He looked at Jerry and offered her one. Jerry took it gladly and popped the top off quickly. Billy took one himself, popped the top and held the can up.

"Here's to vacation." He said as he held up the can.

The two girls hit their cans to his and they all took a big drink. Billy and Stacy lowered their cans but Jerry was still drinking hers. She also lowered it and looked at them.

“Come on lightweights, we’re on vacation. You have to do better than that.” Jerry snickered.

“OK, new game. You have to down your whole beer and the one to finish last has to do whatever the other two decide.” Jerry announced.

“No way!” Stacy answered.

“Come on freshman. You should be able to beat goober over here. Then we can get him to dance like a monkey or something. Now wouldn’t that be nice?” Jerry said to Stacy.

“OK, fine.” Stacy said.

“Everyone starts on three. 1..2..3” Stacy announced and then promptly raised her can and started guzzling.

Jerry finished and lowered her can to watch the other two. Billy was drinking slow and steady but Stacy was struggling to guzzle her beer. She was trying her best but some of the beer was escaping out of the side of her mouth and running down her neck. Jerry noticed it was creating quite a wet spot on Stacy’s shirt. She also noticed that Stacy’s white shirt became quite transparent when wet as she could now make out her bra under the right side of her shirt.

Stacy felt the wetness and stopped drinking. She gasped as she held her shirt away from her body, trying to dry it out. Billy took advantage and finished his beer.

“Loser!” Jerry said and pointed at Stacy.

“Now goober, what should we make our little slave do?” Jerry turned and asked Billy.

Billy put his hand to his chin and rubbed it, pretending to think hard. He had many ideas of course, but he doubted Stacy would be willing to do any of them. Jerry, on the other hand was not shy and blurted out her idea.

“I think she should have to pour what ever beer is left in her can over the other side of her shirt.” Jerry announced.

“Oh right.” Stacy responded.

“You could pour it over your head.” Jerry countered.

“Try again.” Stacy said.

“Ok, well, how about a little dance for us?” Jerry asked.

“What kind of dance?” Stacy asked.

“I will turn on the radio and you have to dance however you want to the next song that comes on.” Jerry said, walking over to the stereo.

“Ok, that sounds fine.” Stacy replied.

Stacy loved to dance and she was very good. She had been on the dance team in high school and her team had won many awards. She also loved music, this wouldn’t be that hard.

Jerry turned on the radio and the disc jockey was doing a commercial. Jerry sat down on her bed to wait for the next song. She patted the spot next to her and motioned Billy over.

“Over her, goober, I have a front row seat for the show.” Jerry said.

Billy moved over and sat next to Jerry. They were now sitting there staring at Stacy, waiting for the next song. Stacy now felt a little weird with both of them watching her like she was a stripper or something. The next song came on and it was a quick tempo number that was one of Stacy’s favorite songs. She closed her eyes and just started dancing. Billy just stared, her hair was flowing as she moved, her breasts were bouncing slightly when she moved up and down. He could see the muscles in her beautiful legs flex as she moved. His dick was hardening by the second and he shuffled in his seat to try and conceal his excitement.

Jerry also was staring at Stacy. She liked the way she moved. Jerry had always like the way Stacy moved. She was not gay but she found Stacy very attractive and if she was gay she would definitely be all over Stacy. In fact, sometimes she thought about trying it anyway just to see what it was like.

Stacy continued to dance and there was another knock on the door. Stacy stopped.

“No, no. You have to finish the song.” Jerry said as she got up to move to the door.

Stacy started moved slightly while she waited for Jerry to open the door. Jerry opened it and there were two girls standing in the hall. Stacy recognized them as their neighbors across the hall, Kelli and Kim. They were both blondes and very pretty. They were sophomores so Jerry knew them from last year but Stacy had only met them at the start of this term.

“How’s it going, Jer?” Kim said.

“Fine, we are watching a show.” Jerry said and moved aside to let the girls see Stacy.

Stacy immediately blushed as she now felt really weird. She stopped dancing.

“Now you have to dance for another song since you stopped twice.” Jerry said to Stacy.

“She lost a contest and has to pay up.” Jerry turned and explained to Kim.

“Come on in and catch the show.” Jerry offered.

Kim smiled and pranced into the room, followed by Kelli. Billy thought he had now died and gone to heaven. His beautiful girlfriend was dancing in front of him and now two absolutely gorgeous women had joined the party. The first one was very tall, he figured almost 6 feet. Her legs were phenomenal and they looked about a mile long. She had on a black dress that buttoned all the way down the front. It held her body snugly and ended about mid thigh. She was stunning and looked like she was dressed to go out.

As she walked by and sat on Stacy’s bed Billy noticed the next one. She too was blonde but not nearly as tall. She was wearing a jean skirt and a peasant blouse. The blouse had strings laced at the neck and they were hanging loosely giving a slight view of her cleavage. Billy then looked up to her face and she smiled. As stunning as the first girl was this one was just perfect. Yep, he was dreaming and he hoped he would never wake up.

“Kim, Kelli, this is Stacy and this is goober.” Jerry said to the girls, introducing Stacy and Billy.

The girls laughed and Billy blushed.

“Sometimes we call him Billy.” Jerry said with a snicker.

Jerry sat down on her bed next to Billy and looked up at Stacy.

“Ok, next song.” She said.

Stacy was now mortified. She now had four people watching her and she was expected to dance for them. She picked up her beer can and proceeded to down the rest of the can. She would need all the nerve she could get. She felt her head spin a little by drinking the beer so quickly. The next song came on and it was a little slower than the previous one. She closed her eyes again and started moving to the music.

Kim watched the young girl dance and she smiled. This girl was very sexy and could really move. She had seen here occasionally coming in and out of Jerry’s room but had never looked at her closely before. Kim looked at her and wondered what her body was like under her clothes. She had experimented with another woman before and was thinking this girl would be fun.

Kelli watched Stacy and also noticed Kim looking at her intently. She knew what was going through Kim’s mind. Kim and her had shared many late night conversations about sex and she knew Kim had tried women a couple of times before. They had never done anything between then because Kelli was not ready. She had never been with a woman and wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with the concept.

The song finished and Stacy stopped dancing. Everyone clapped and Stacy took a deep bow.

“Encore, encore.” Jerry shouted.

“Bite me.” Stacy replied.

“Ok.” Jerry said and got up.

Stacy flinched and everyone laughed.

“So, what are you two girls up to tonight?” Jerry asked Kelli and Kim.

“We were going out and we wondered if you guys wanted to join us?” Kim replied.

“That sounds like fun but we have all this beer to drink.” Jerry said.

“Well, that is a problem.” Kim replied.

“Tell you what, you help us finish the beer and then we go out.” Jerry said.

“Deal” Kim replied.

Billy thought he would faint. He was sitting in a room with four beautiful women and now they were all going to drink beer with him. He wasn’t sure this could get any better, well yeah I guess it could but that never happens in real life.

Jerry moved over to the bag of beer and pulled out the other six pack.

“We have nine beers left and look at what goober brought.” she said as she pulled out the bottle of whiskey.

“I say we play a game of quarters to get this going.” Jerry said and pulled their small coffee table over between the beds.

“Cool.” Kelli and Kim said in unison and jumped down onto the floor.

Billy wasted no time moving onto the floor. Stacy walked over and sat next to Billy. Jerry walked over to the cabinet and pulled out 5 small glasses. She walked back and sat at the end of the table to Stacy’s right. She handed everyone a glass and then popped open a beer and filling her glass. She passed it around the table, everyone filling up their glass. Jerry put the rest of the cans in the middle of the table.

“Ok, here’s the rules. You have to bounce the quarter on the table and try to get it in your glass. If you make it you can choose someone and make them down their drink. If you miss you have to down your own drink.” Jerry explained to the group.

Stacy was worried. She had never played this before. How hard could it be, though, she thought. She was pretty good at games so she figured she would catch on quick. Billy, on the other hand was very excited. His brother had taught him how to play this game many times. Billy was very good at getting his quarter in and could do it pretty much all of the time.

Jerry started the game and bounced her quarter on the table and it plopped neatly in her glass. Stacy watched and confirmed her feelings that it wasn’t very hard.

“Drink, freshman.” Jerry said, pointing to Stacy and handing her the glass with the quarter at the bottom.

Stacy groaned and took the glass. The glasses were relatively small so she had no problem downing the beer. Jerry passed Stacy the quarter and filled her glass again. Stacy bounced the quarter on the table and it hit the side of the glass and fell to the table.

“Drink again, freshman.” Jerry said.

Stacy picked up her glass and downed the beer. Jerry filled her glass again. Stacy felt her head getting a little light. She hadn’t drank that much but she was drinking it quickly. Billy picked up the quarter and bounced it on the table. It bounced up in a perfect arc and plopped into the glass. He picked up his glass and handed it to Stacy. Jerry laughed out loud.

“I think goober is trying to get you drunk.” Jerry said to Stacy.

Stacy shot Billy a look of disgust and downed the beer. She handed the glass back to him. Billy was worried now that she was going to get mad at him. He thought maybe next time he would hand his glass to someone else. He passed the quarter to Kim who promptly missed and downed her beer. Kelli also missed and the quarter was passed back to Jerry. Jerry sank her quarter again and handed her glass to Stacy. Stacy frowned and then drank down the beer.

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