Stacy was really feeling light headed now. She took the quarter and this time it didn’t even bounce off the table. She emptied her glass again. Billy hit his again but this time passed his glass to Kim. Stacy smiled at him and he figured he was back in her good graces.

The game continued with mostly the same results, Jerry and Billy were hitting their glasses pretty much every time with Jerry always handing her glass to Stacy and Billy rotating between Kelli and Kim. Stacy had not sank her quarter at all and was starting to really feel the repercussions. Kelli and Kim hit their glasses occasionally so they were not horribly drunk yet.

The game continued until the beer was gone. Stacy had just downed another glass but this time Jerry refilled her glass with the Jack Daniels.

“Time to get serious now.” Jerry announced.

Stacy tried to protest but all that came out of her mouth was a slur of words. She picked up her quarter and missed her glass miserably. She picked up her glass and downed the whiskey. It burned going down her throat and then seemed to explode in her stomach. She coughed and put down her glass. Jerry filled it again.

Billy looked around the room. Stacy seemed to be very drunk, her head was never still, lolling from side to side. Kelli and Kim were giggling and seeming to be talking a lot more than when they first got there. He and Jerry were very sober as they had drank very little. His little brain was reeling with the possibilities. He was getting very excited and found it hard to relax. He took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.

The game continued for another three rounds. Jerry hit her quarter again and went to hand her glass to Stacy. Stacy, however, was unable to take the glass. Her head had fallen back on the bed and she looked to be out cold. Jerry pushed her shoulder with no response. She grabbed Stacy’s right breast and shook it.

“Wake up freshman.” Jerry said as she continued to shake Stacy’s breast.

Billy was not believing his eyes. Jerry had Stacy’s breast and was moving it around. Billy watched it jiggle under Jerry’s hand. His dick was now hard as a rock.

“Well, I guess she can’t drink anymore.” Jerry said.

“But she has to pay up somehow. I know, every time she should drink we can just loosen up some things.” Jerry said as she put down her glass.

Jerry reached over and popped open the top button on Stacy’s shirt. Billy almost came in his pants. Jerry took the quarter, put it in Stacy’s hand and limply bounced it on the table.

“Oops, she missed again.” Jerry said and popped open another button.

Billy could now see the top of Stacy’s white bra. His hand was shaking as he hit his quarter on the table. He missed miserably and downed his whiskey. Kelli and Kim both missed and downed theirs. Jerry hit her quarter and another button popped open. Stacy “missed” again and paid the price. Billy could now see her whole bra as her shirt hung open, two buttons short of being completely open. He concentrated hard through his fuzzy head and hit his quarter.

“Well, goober, who you gonna have drink? She’s kinda out so she can’t very well get mad at you now, can she?” Jerry snickered.

Billy reached over and slowly popped open the next button. Stacy’s stomach and bra were pretty much on full display. Kim then hit her quarter. Billy saw her smile wide and lean completely over the table. She reached out and released the last button on Stacy’s shirt. The shirt fell open completely, exposing Stacy’s chest and stomach. Her bra was plain white but her full breasts were heaving out of the top. Billy wondered if the bra was too small or if that was just how they were supposed to fit.

Billy was still staring at Stacy’s chest when he heard another splash and looked over to see Jerry smiling. Jerry reached over and touched the clasp at the front of Stacy’s bra. Billy’s eyes got wide.

“Well, gang, what do you think? She does owe us a drink.” Jerry said as she looked at the three.

Billy was silent but Kelli and Kim both yelled “Do it!”

Jerry slowly released the clasp and the bra popped open violently, Stacy’s breasts bursting free and settling back high on her chest. Billy stared at her, he had seen many breasts in magazines and such but these were the most beautiful ones he had ever seen. They sat up with absolutely no sag, with perfect nipples sitting in the center. Billy gasped as he watched Jerry grab the right breast and roll the nipple between her fingers. Billy watched it harden and then stick up like a large eraser.

“You like these goober? I take it it’s the first time you have seen them.” Jerry said to Billy.

Billy shook his head violently up and down. The girls all broke out laughing. Billy broke out of his trance and blushed deep red. Jerry took Stacy’s hand and dropped the quarter on the table.

“Damn, she missed again.” Jerry said with a sly grin.

She reached over and unsnapped the top of Stacy’s white jean shorts. Billy was so nervous that he hit the side of his glass with his quarter. The girls snickered as he downed his whiskey. Jerry went to fill his glass but there was no whiskey left.

“Oh, oh, no more booze. Now everyone has to pay up like poor little Stacy here.” Jerry announced.

Billy didn’t quite understand what she meant until he watched Kim miss her quarter and proceed to pull her blouse over her head and off. Billy stared at her white lace bra wrapped around what looked to be another perfect pair of breasts. His dick now felt like it was going to explode out of his jeans. He then watched as Kelli missed also and opened the top button on her dress. He was trying to keep his enthusiasm under control but finding it very difficult.

Jerry, however, didn’t miss and then proceeded to lower Stacy’s zipper on her shorts. Billy could see the white panties peeking out through the open zipper. Jerry dropped the quarter in Stacy’s limp hand again and it hit the table meekly. Jerry stood up, picked up Stacy under the arms and laid her back on her bed, her long legs dangling over the side, right next to Billy’s head. Jerry then pulled the shorts down her legs and off. Billy found himself staring at Stacy’s soft thighs. He thought they looked like velvet and imagined what they would feel like.

Miraculously, he hit his quarter perfect on the table and into his glass.

“Goober! What are you going to do?” Jerry asked.

Billy surprised himself with his show of bravery as he pointed to Kim and gestured that she would have to pay up. Jerry clapped and laughed as Kim stood up and unzipped her skirt and handed it to Billy. Billy then saw one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Kim’s panties were white lace and contrasted against her tanned legs. He thought his eyes would burn if he looked too long.

Kim sat down and Billy watched her calmly sink her quarter. She pointed to him and he took off his shirt and handed it over. Billy then drew his attention to Kelli who now had opened up four buttons on her dress. Billy could see her black bra. He was praying that she would miss but she too hit her quarter. Billy panicked as he saw her point to him and he realized he would have to take off his jeans. He stood up and slowly pulled them down his legs, exposing his rock-hard dick forming a severe tent in his underwear.

The girls snickered as Billy stood, showing off his tent. Billy sat down and Jerry then sank her quarter. She looked around the room and then stood up and grabbed the sides of Stacy’s white panties. She pulled them down her long legs and off. Billy then saw Stacy’s pussy, it was nestled between her perfect thighs and covered with soft, dark hair. He was now fighting off the urge to blow his wad right in his shorts.

Jerry giggled as she watched Billy stare intently between Stacy’s legs.

“So goober, like what you see?” She said with a snicker.

Billy broke out of his trance and looked at Jerry. All three girls broke out in laughter. Billy blushed again and his dick twitched.

“Since our little freshman is unable to pay anymore I guess she will have to be exempt for the rest of the game. But I guess it would be ok for her to watch. You guys ok with that?” Jerry said to the group.

Kelli and Kim nodded their heads in unison.

“I guess it would be ok.” Kelli said, smiling and pretending to actually think about it.

Your turn, goober.” Jerry said.

Billy bounced his quarter off the table and it clinked neatly into the glass. Billy, drawing strength from the alcohol, decided he would be bold and looked directly at Jerry and motioned for her to pay up.

“Finally, goober has grown some balls!” Jerry said with a smile and proceeded to rip her tank top over her head and toss it towards Billy, landing it on the top of his head.

Billy left the tank top on his head momentarily, his attention riveted to Jerry’s boobs now bouncing in the air. They were definitely smaller than Stacy’s but the nipples were large and were now growing in the open air. Looking at these brought the old saying to Billy’s head, “More than a handful is a waste” and Billy thought that these would definitely fill up his hand.

Kim picked up her quarter and landed it into the glass. She too looked at Jerry. Jerry stood up and worked her jeans down her legs and off, leaving her in her panties and anklet socks. She threw her jeans towards Billy and they hit him directly in the face and fell in his lap. Billy was enjoying the sight of Jerry’s pink lace panties and he could swear he saw some pubic hair through the semi-sheer material.

Kelli missed her quarter and was now faced with the last button on her dress. She opened it and the dress fell open, revealing a black lace bra pushing up her breasts, causing them to bulge over the top. Billy’s eyes traveled down to her tight stomach, so tight it showed no sign of fat even though she was sitting. He then noticed the small black panties barely covering the space between her legs. The panties tied with black strings on the sides of Kelli’s hips. Billy thought this looked incredibly sexy and was now worried he was going to spray his load all over himself without ever touching his dick.

Jerry picked up the quarter and bounced it. Ironically, for the first time of the night, she missed.

“Dammit”, Jerry said.

She then stood up and slowly slid her pink panties down her legs. Her pussy came into view for the crowd and it was covered with short brown hair. Her body looked perfectly in proportion to Billy and he took a deep breath.

"So now how are you going to pay up, dearie?" Kim asked Jerry.

"I don't know." She replied.

"How about you have to do whatever we say? That would only be fair since we all have things left." Kim said with a sly smile.

"OK, I guess that would be fair." Jerry said, her mind swimming with the possibilities.

Billy landed his next quarter and pointed to Kim. She smiled sweetly at him and locked her eyes to his as she reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. Billy saw the material loosen up and then slowly fall off of her lily white chest. Her nipples grew instantly hard and seemed to stare at Billy. He tried to concentrate on breathing slowly in and out while looking at her beautiful chest.

Kim picked up her quarter and also landed it in the glass. She pointed at Jerry. Jerry looked back inquisitively. Kim then pointed at Stacy. Jerry looked back again with a question on her face.

"Eat her out until I say stop." Kim said to Jerry.

Jerry gulped and moved between Stacy's legs. She had never tasted another woman but she was feeling good and Stacy was definitely looking good enough to eat. Jerry thought she would be perfect for Jerry's first taste. She put her hands underneath Stacy's knees and slowly opened up her legs. She watched as Stacy's pussy opened up in front of her, displaying the moist pink inner lips.

Billy, Kim, and Kelli all moved to allow them to watch as Jerry's head lowered between Stacy's legs. They watched as her lips kissed Stacy's open pussy lightly. Her tongue then darted out to touch Stacy's clit. A soft moan escaped Stacy's lips. Jerry licked across her clit again and another moan followed.

"Keep it up, I think she likes it." Kim said, unable to hide her wide smile as she watched Jerry licking this beautiful girl.

Jerry quickened her pace and Stacy was now moaning constantly. Jerry started flicking her tongue across Stacy's now-swollen clit and Stacy's hips started moving up and down. Jerry looked at her and her eyes were still closed but her chest was now moving rapidly up and down and her hips continued to grind upward. Jerry dove back in and grabbed her clit gently between her teeth. Stacy let out a louder moan and Jerry started sucking and nibbling on Stacy's button.

Billy was struggling to watch the action as he kept glancing at Kim. He saw as her hand moved down between her own legs and was now rubbing the front of her panties. Billy thought this was incredibly hot as he watched the scene unfold. His concentration was broken when he heard Stacy let out a small scream and he turned to see her hips up off the bed and her body shaking violently. Jerry rode out what she assumed was an orgasm from Stacy, her lips locked on Stacy's clit.

Stacy slowly lowered her hips back down and her breathing went back to normal.

"Ok, you can stop now." Kim said to Jerry and watched as Jerry lifted her head, her face now covered with Stacy's juices.

Jerry sat back down, rubbing her arm across her face to try and remove some of the wetness. Kelli picked up the quarter and missed miserably. She stood up and let her dress fall off of her arms to the floor, leacing her in her black bra and her small black string panties. She sat back down slowly.

Jerry picked up the quarter and nailed it in the glass. She pointed at Kim.

"Take off Billy's last piece and kiss his dick from bottom to top." Jerry said, looking straight at Kim.

Billy's heart skipped a beat as he saw Kim jump quickly to her feet and walk over to him. She knelt down slowly, letting her breasts move slowly past Billy's face. Shw reached down and grabbed the sides of his underwear and worked them down and then up Billy's legs to his knees. Billy's rock hard dick sprang out and slapped against his thigh. Kim slid the underwear off his legs and then lowered her head. Billy watched as she kissed the head of his dick lightly. He could feel his orgasm rumbling.

Kim then kissed his balls and then slowly started running her tongue up his dick from the base. Billy couldn't stand it any longer and before she could get back to the top he blew his load, the first jet hitting Kim right in the middle of her forehead. Kim quickly moved up and swallowed Billy's spurting cock. She sucked the rest of his seed directly out of him like she was drinking out of a straw. Billy leaned back on the bed and felt his body release the pent up energy.

He felt himself finish cumming and his dick grow soft in her warm mouth. Kim lifted her head and sat back up, Billy's cum now running down both of her cheeks and a small drop escaping from the right corner of her mouth. She was smiling wide at Billy and he tried to burn the image onto his brain.

Kim got up and moved back to her seat. Billy then noticed that she still had her panties on and looked back at Jerry.

"You cheated, she still had her panties." Billy said to Jerry.

"You complaining, goober?" Jerry replied.

"I guess not." Billy responded in a shaky voice, his orgasm still sending small shock waves through him.

Billy picked up his quarter and easily hit the glass. He looked at Kim and pointed. She stood up and seductively slid her panties down her perfect thighs. Billy saw her pussy come into view. It was shaven with a small strip of blond hair right over the top of her clit. He could see her clit swollen and sticking obscenely out between her beautiful lips. She sat back down and flicked the panties over to Billy.

Kim then picked up the quarter and stopped.

"Now that most of us are without payment, per se, I propose everybody just gets to ask for something when it's their turn." Kim looked to each person and recieved a nod of approval.

"Good, then I'll start." She said and then spread her legs, pointed to Jerry and then pointed down between her own legs.

Billy looked and saw her pussy now wide open and glistening in the lights. Jerry moved over and buried her face between Kim's legs. Kim placed her hands on the back of Jerry's head and leaned her head back onto the bed. Jerry worked her magic for less than a minute and she had Kim bucking her hips violently. She was also pressing Jerry's head forcefully down into her crotch and Billy thought Jerry looked like she couldn't breathe.

Kim calmed down and let Jerry up. Jerry sat up, her face aglow again with another woman's juices.

"Damn, girl, you are getting good at that." Kim said to Jerry between deep breaths.

"My turn." Kelli said to break the trance and everyone looked over to see her untying the strings on her panties and pointing to Jerry.

Kelli removed her panties and gracefully threw them to Billy who was now sporting a complete collection of panties. She opened up her legs and displayed her completely shaven pussy. Jerry moved between her legs and dove into her moistness. Jerry now was feeling very comfortable and was able to bring Kelli off within a couple of minutes. Billy watched her face as her orgasm hit and he thought that was another beautiful sight that he hoped he would never forget.

Jerry sat up and now the fringes of her hair was wet. Billy could not figure out if it was sweat or the juice of one of the three women she had just brought to orgasm with her mouth. Jerry sat back on her legs and looked at the group. She thought about her wish and then noticed Billy was hard again.

"Fuck her." She said to Billy and pointed to Stacy's form on the bed.

Billy hesitated as he looked at his unconscious girlfriend. She was absolutely gorgeous laying there but would this be right? He struggled as he stood between her legs.

"It's not like she's a virgin, goober. She fucked two guys last year in high school and she's on the pill. Go get it tiger." Jerry said.

This gave Billy the inspiration he was missing and he moved in between her legs. He lifted her legs up slightly and placed his dick at the moist entrance to her pussy. The girls watched intently as Billy slid his dick slowly into Stacy. They cheered when he completely buried himself and then started to stroke in and out.

Billy could not believe how good this felt. Her cunt was tight and warm and it felt like it was massaging his dick as he slid in and out. He also could not take his eyes off her perfect breasts and the way they bounced slightly as he thrusted into her. He kept up a slow rhythm and then felt his orgasm start to build in his balls. He increased his pace and was now pounding Stacy's soft crotch and watching her breasts now bouncing violently on her chest. He felt a shiver start at his toes and move slowly up his legs until it exploded out of the end of his dick and bathed Stacy's womb with his seed.

Billy pulled out and her pussy snapped shut. He now sat down, trying to catch his breath and feeling drained. He then realized it was his turn. He looked at Kim.

"Kiss her." Billy ordered Kim and pointed to Kelli.

He thought he saw her mouth "Thank you" to him as she moved closer to Kelli. Billy had always thought the idea of two girls kissing was incredibly hot but he had never witnesed it live. This was going to be good as he was only two feet away from two of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen and their lips were now touching. He saw Kim force her tongue into Kelli's mouth and saw her hand move between Kelli's legs. Kelli opened up her legs and Kim rubbed up and down the complete length of her shaven mound.

Billy felt his dick twitch again as he watched the two girls now kissing deeply. Kim was rubbing her finger in circles around Kelli's swollen clit. Kelli's hips were gyrating and her legs were trying to open as far as they could. Her pussy lips were now wide open and Kim had two fingers buried deep inside. She started moving her fingers in and out of Kelli. Kelli broke the kiss, leaned her head back and screamed "Oh God!". She raised her hips towards Kim's moving fingers and Kim increased her pace. She lowered her head and quickly sucked in Kelli's clit, sending her over the edge and Kelli's long body tightened up and looked to be vibrating.

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