tagBDSMQuarters Ch. 02

Quarters Ch. 02


As I run my fingers across your back allowing the tips of my fingers to touch your skin ever so softly, I run the back of my fingers allowing my nails to barely touch your skin realizing bra is creating an obstacle to the smooth lines of your beautiful flesh. I suddenly realize that your bra hooks in the back. You were instructed that your bra was to hook in the front. You clearly have disobeyed instructions.

I whisper in your ear that you did disobey me by not wearing the proper bra. You protest stating that this is the only sheer bra you had. I inform you I will consider that. I leave you standing there blind folded with soft music playing as you ponder what might happen next.

After a short 10 seconds I run my hand softly over your skirted ass and you take a deep breathe awaiting the next thing that might happen. I lift your skirt softly and slowly and rub that sweet ass of yours a few more times through your panties. Your mind races as you feel nothing and you know your ass is no longer covered by your skirt.

I allow you to stew in your thoughts as you wait, I purposely, quietly move about. You hear something but are not totally sure what it is you hear. I have a ping-pong paddle that I brought just to make sure that I could provide a stinging reminder of whose ass you belong to today. I purposefully let you wait a minute as I get my paddle. While you are waiting your mind is racing as the seconds tick away with little noise and movement that you can discern. Your mind is running all over the place in a form of negative sensory overload. Yearning for anything that might give you a hint of what might come next. The thoughts running through your mind make your pussy wetter and your nipples harder.

Suddenly you feel WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK alternating from your right to left ass check hard and firm through your panties. WHACK, WHACK, 3 more WHACKS on each cheek, as the sound booms in your ears, and your body shudders, as your ass stings and your pussy throbs and whimpers escape your lips. The paddle is hard and yet sensual, the pain and pleasure flow over your body. I remind you whispering in your ear softly that disobeying me is never a good idea. You apologize profusely, but I will hear none of it. You do as you are told my bitch.

Your ass stinging as you a drawer opens and closes and then you feel something cold and hard against your skin of your stomach heading up towards your chest slowly, it has an edge. I allow the point of what is a pair of scissors press into your flesh a little bit so you feel it, and do the same to the other side as I slowly run them up the flesh of your stomach towards your chest and snip the bra that you should not have worn, releasing your breasts from the containment of the thin bra. Your delisious breasts drop free of the constraint as little as it was. I then move the scissors to the straps and snip, snip and what is left of your bra falls to the ground. You take a deep breath as your breasts are unleashed. I ask you again if you understand your station with me, and if you will disobey me again? You respond No, Sir

I then slowly and softly run my fingers over your back again no longer constricted by the fabric of your bra and run my fingers up and down underneath your blouse. I run them up and down the sides of your body as you shiver again almost giggling as I found your ticklish spot. I then move slowly towards the front of your body again avoiding your breasts those delicious mounds of flesh on your chest that are so succulent, sexy and sensual. I run my fingers up and down the middle of your chest brushing against your breasts and against the sides of your breast and then down from the top separating my fingers to run around the edges of your breasts as a they slowly work their way softly down to your belly button and then using the back of my fingers I let my nails slowly run up across her skin and then brush over your breasts avoiding your nipples. You take a very deep breath as the excitement builds your nipples are very very hard. They are like hard little erasers sitting on top of your soft beautiful breasts. I softly run my fingers around them telling you how soft and delicious they feel.

Your breathing is heavy, your pussy is soaking your panties, at this moment you want to be taken, ravaged, fucked hard and deep and fast... You yearn but for the damn quarters... and the sting of the paddle.

I run my fingers over your breasts softly as you take deep breaths when I get close to your nipples I try to avoid them knowing how sensitive they are as I softly brush from the outside of your breasts towards the inside the beauty of your breasts and his sensitivity. I whisper in your ear that you have beautiful breasts and that they are mine to use as I wish. I grab each nipple with my thumb and index finger softly but firmly rolling the nipples which makes you flinch and take a very deep breath as the pleasure shoots from your nipples straight into your clit. I then do ita again a little harder, causing a shot of pain... that pleasure which shoots from your nipples to your head and to your pussy instantly making you weak in the knees and wanting turn around and grab me hold me tight seeking to feel my rock hard cock against your body. Hoping to be able to somehow become one with me and my cock.

Then take my fingers and very softly circled your nipples and your breasts and very softly touching your nipples. They extend above your breasts and are quite pronounced and noticeable under almost anything you wear. You know that excites me to have you dressed conservatively but at the same time know you are causing a rise in the pants of other men, and jealousy in the minds of other woman. The issue for them is they cannot touch, only dream and yearn for what is mine.

As I softly circled your breasts you can fume Aycock on your ass you want push back but you know you shouldn't is a circle your breasts as my hands cupping them and taking my thumb and forefinger rolling in nipple softly. He and body feels hot and sexy against mine as a den grab each nipple in a squeeze hard twisting software which again sends that pleasure pain pulse to your pussy your panties at this point to getting wetter and wetter it would almost seem like you peeling your pants there so wet however we both know that that isn't the case it's just your female fluids being slowly released by the excitement that is built in your brain and your breasts.

Hagan rub your nipples and breasts softly whispering in your ear that you do have a beautiful body as to remind you that you are mine. I take your nipples and squeeze and twist them hard causing your butt the pushback your chest to push forward wanting to relieve the pressure. This causes the quarters to fall off the back of your hands. Oh my God you did it. I release you nipples the pleasure pain shoots into your pussy even hard you almost feel an orgasm building from the excitement and the feeling in your nipples.

I remind you that you have failed again and allowed the quarters to fall off the back of your hands. I replace the quarters on your hands and I take the paddle WAC WAC WAC 10 times on cheek one after the other harder this time louder, The pain is biting and the sound is mentally sharp as the pain shoots into your ass, and pussy. I remind you that you need to learn to do what you are told. I the smack your breasts 2 times each hard enough to make you wince, but soft enough to remind you that my purpose is pain with a lesson. Afterwards I softly rub your ass flesh with my hand and remind you the next time I will take your panties off the idea makes you even hotter knowing that this thing would be more direct you whimper yes I understand.

Your skirt is above your hips and I like it that way... It is a reminder that I can finger you, fuck you, and have you anyway I want anytime I want and anywhere. Yes you are partially naked but not.

Again I start touching arrests pulling in your nipple softly yet firmly but anytime I do that it sends a shock to your clit. You pussy is throbbing yet has not been touched. I take both hands running them across your legs and up the sides of your legs, circling your breasts. Softly as my fingers run across her body it's like little electric currents charging your skin. The sides of your body I circle your breasts again and slide my fingers slowly down between your legs. Running my fingers over your labia and slid through your panties. You want me to entry your pussy with my fingers softly yet I do not. I slowly run my fingers to your ass rubbing her ass softly which is still hot from your last spanking. I then bring my fingers back to the front running to fingers down the outsides creases between your leg and your pussy. I on my middle finger to run up and down your slit softly. I do this several times each time you feel a building need to release.

I then pull out my scissors again and softly run them against your skin this time and the inside of your leg up one side and down the other. You recognize the cold steely edge and immediately understand what it is that you feel against your soft skin. I moved the scissors up to the side of your legs on the outside and snip snip the fabric on one side breaks loose and I moved the edge running from your ankle up to your panties snip snip the other side of your panties breaks loose in your panties fall to the ground.

There used to stand against the table fingers flat on the surface quarters in the back of your hands. You have a blouse on but wide open, no bra anymore, a skirt above your hips, your panties are now gone you are exposed but in this second you can cover yourself up modestly. You look so fucking hot as you stand there blindfolded hands on the table exposed for my use.

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by Anonymous

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by ShadowRosie05/25/19

And Compensation is Provided

I hope "Master" realizes he's going to have to replace all the clothing articles that he destroys with the scissors. The cost of a garter belt, the cost of a skirt, the cost of a bra are big items in amore...

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