tagRomanceQueen of the Sea Ch. 03

Queen of the Sea Ch. 03


From the top of the stairway, Carlix could see the grand hall was full of people. Smiling faces everywhere, some off to the side talking to each other, some were dancing and laughing. Men were talking to other men, ladies were gossiping in small groups hiding their faces behind their fans as they made eyes at some of the men and giggled. The dance floor was a swirl of colour, and music filled the air. The music was lively, but the dancing was stiff and proper. Carlix knew that Kit would find this rather boring, seeing as she seemed at home on her ship and always laughed at the rowdy antics of her crew.

"Announcing Sir William Dunlop and the Lady Anne of Durshire." Called out the servant from the top of the stairway, his list of names held out in front of him.

Carlix couldn't help but wonder how Kit was able to get her name, at least her assumed name, on the list in advance. He thought that maybe she had stolen the invitation of the young lady who originally owned her beautiful dress. He decided that wasn't likely as if that woman had been invited there would be people here who would know that Kit was not her. She could not be pretending to be someone else, as she would not get away with it, at least not for long. He glanced over at Kit as they slowly descended the long stone stairway. She looked straight ahead, a small smile on her lips. Her right arm through his and her hand resting there lightly, comfortably, as if this were an everyday occurrence for her. Her other hand gently holding her skirt out of the way so she did not trip. She was a vision of beauty, all the other ladies paled in comparison to her, and Carlix thought by the look on their faces, they knew it too.

"Escort me around the room" came a harsh whisper from Kit that brought Carlix mind back to the task at hand. He flushed a little in embarrassment that he forgot his duties. She is going to think I am a fool who doesn't belong here, he thought to himself. That may be a good thing as he isn't supposed to belong here, he was supposed to be pretending to be a pirate, and pirates don't belong at the Governor's Ball. On the other hand, he desperately wanted to impress her; he wanted her to see him as the respectable gentleman he knew he was and could be. He wanted her to think of him as more than just a member of the crew. He glanced at her as they walked slowly around the room. Such beauty, such grace, such perfection. He was awestruck; he almost couldn't remember what his true mission was.

"If my eyes are not deceiving me, I do believe it is the Lady of Durshire." A woman walking up to Kit says.

"Sarah, it is good to see you, how long has it been" she asks with a smile and kisses the woman on the cheek.

"To long as always Anne" kissing Kit's cheeks in return. "I see you have a different escort than you did the last time I saw you" She says with a smile and a coy wink.

"You only started taking notice of my habits since you got married, you used to be as carefree as I" Kit says with a playful smile.

Sarah looks at Carlix in such a way that he knows he is no longer welcome. He decides to make himself scarce; perhaps he can find someone more interesting to talk to then a group of women. He sees as soon as he leaves her side, Sarah has taken her arm and leading her towards a group of gossiping women. He shudders at the thought of it, he never understood how women could just talk about nothing important at all, and they can do it all day and night no less. At least men talked about things that made a difference; war, trade, economy, politics; these things were important. What did he care what was in fashion, children and what they should be taught, or the management of servants? Just the thought of it bored him. Besides, this gave him the perfect opportunity to find someone who might know something about the 'Lady of Durshire'; he wanted to find out all that he could about her.

First think that Carlix did was walk around the entire hall. This action was the most naturally to him, being one of the his Royal Majesty's Navy, his first instinct was to make sure the environment was a safe one. There was a wonderful aroma in the air, a mixture of delicious food and beautiful ladies' perfume. It was all anyone could ever want, why if Kit seems to have a life in this world would she choose a life of a pirate, an outlaw of the water? When she could have it all, she has nothing. He just didn't understand this, he must find out what motivates her.

He finds a place to stand on the sidelines; somewhere he can simply watch the people, and most importantly Kit. Perhaps if he studied her every move something would be revealed to him. He could see her talking with the same ladies as when he had left her, but he also saw a man approaching. He was obviously a member of the Royal Navy as he is wearing the official dress uniform, only used for the occasions of the utmost importance. This man was no ordinary officer either; he was decorated with many medals and had a very high rank. Carlix could only assume this was Admiral Selkirk. Carlix knew him only by his reputation; he was a formidable officer, naval man, and sailor. He approached the ladies with the confidence only a man of his stature would have, and Carlix could tell his sights were set on Kit. Why wouldn't they be? She was clearly the most beautiful woman here, and Selkirk would never settle for less than what he thought he deserved and he thought he deserved Kit.

Carlix watched closely, he knew exactly how Kit felt about the Navy, but this was not her ship and she was not around fellow pirate. She was a different person here, and perhaps she would have a completely different attitude and opinion than she did as a pirate captain. Just as he suspected, as Selkirk approached and introduced himself, Kit smiled and allowed him to kiss her hand. However, if Carlix wasn't mistaken, he thought he saw a flash of hate in her eyes before she smiled and acted as if she was blushing.

"She is beautiful" says a voice of someone standing beside him.

"Excuse me" Carlix responds, having not realized anyone was standing there, he was now kicking himself as he has never let anyone sneak up on him before.

"The Lady of Durshire, she is beautiful." The young man says, looking in Kit's direction.

"Yes, very beautiful" Carlix admits. "Do you know her?"

"I have not been formally introduced, she would never even talk to someone like me, she only has eyes for the Admiral." He says with a note of sadness in his voice.

"Is that so?" Carlix says raising an eyebrow.

"Indeed it is, she is the only woman he wants, and she spends all of her time with him when she makes an appearance."

"Lucky man" a note of jealously creeps into Carlix voice.

"Oh he hasn't gotten that lucky with her. She may spend her time with him when she is here, but she will not leave with him. She has never left with him. Trust me he is not a man you want to be anywhere near after she refuses him."

"How do you know all of this?"

"I am the Admiral's servant."

"I see. If she has no intention on being with him in a more intimate way, then why does she lead him on so? Women are a cruel race"

"From what I am told, she is the only woman he has ever met that enjoys hearing his war stories. She wants to hear more about his adventures, what he does, all of his successes, what ships and people he has captured and brought to justice. It is just odd for a lady like her to be interested in such violent things, if you ask me. It is one of the reasons that he enjoys her company so much, not only is she the most beautiful woman in any room, she allows him to do nothing but brag about himself. She is the perfect woman."

"Yes she is" Carlix whispers before he even realizes it.

Just then he saw Selkirk pull Kit close to him. He also saw her resist him, it was subtle but noticeable. Selkirk, being self involved and used to getting his own way, didn't notice, or perhaps he just didn't care. Carlix knew that Kit could kill him where he stands if she chose too. He wondered how Selkirk would react if he knew he was holding the world's most notorious pirate in his arms right now. Carlix didn't know if it was Selkirk's boorish ways or his rising jealousy, but he was compelled to save Kit from this man. He couldn't stop himself from walking over to the two of them.

"Excuse me, Lady ..." Carlix started to say before he was abruptly cut off.

"Be gone boy, can't you see she is busy?" Selkirk replies abruptly cutting Carlix off without even looking his way.

"It is growing late milady, I have been trusted with your welfare for the evening." Carlix sees a smile starting to creep across Kit's lips.

"I will escort the lady home when she wishes to leave." Selkirk says finally turning his attention away from Kit. Carlix could see the anger flash in his eyes, it would have scared away a lesser man. However, he was not a lesser man, and he was not willing to back down. He was willing to fight if he needed to; luckily it was not going to come to that.

"Now boys" Kit said with a sweet smile on her face and a note of superiority in her voice that only a woman like her could use without sounding like she was talking down to those she was talking to, "I will not stand for an argument. Admiral Selkirk, this is my escort William Dunlop, and he is correct the evening is growing late."

Carlix could not help but smile smugly as he offered his arm to Kit. He felt her gentle touch as she slipped her arm through his and rested her hand against him. Just feeling her close gave him an indescribable feeling of joy. His heart leaped into his throat, and he forgot that Selkirk was even there.

"Anne..." Selkirk says grabbing her other arm.

Kit looks down at his hand on her elbow and Carlix can see her contemplating removing it herself. Instead she raises her eyes to his and simply smiles and says "Now Admiral, you are kind to make such an offer but you know I am not that type. I am always escorted to and from these balls by the same man. What would people think of me if I did not? Any damage done to my reputation would also damage yours, and I cannot stand to even think of that happening to a fine naval officer such as you."

Carlix was impressed, instead of reacting violently, as was the behavior that he has come to expect from her, she turns the situation around and is sickeningly sweet and makes it all about Selkirk. Not only that, but it seemed to work because Selkirk removed his hand from her arm.

"A pleasure to see you as always" he says bowing slightly, "I do hope to see you again soon, and perhaps you will allow me to escort you to the next ball."

"Perhaps." She smiles and starts to walk away with Carlix. He can feel Selkirk heated glare against his back as they walk away.

Carlix could feel the heat of Kit's body as they walked side by side down the hallway towards their room. They had to share a room, just for appearances she had told him. He had nodded and said he had understood, but now he was very grateful they had to keep up appearances. All he could think about was how beautiful she looked, how wonderful she smelled, and how soft she felt against him. She was better than any woman he had ever dreamed of, this was better than any dream or fantasy. This woman was not only beautiful but deadly as well. She was the only woman he had ever met that he could even contemplate considering his equal.

Upon entering the room, she started taking off her gloves. "Extremely profitable evening I might say" She says without glancing up.

"How's that?" Carlix asks curiously, her voice bringing him back from his thoughts.

"Selkirk. That man enjoys nothing more than talking about himself, to his own demise I might add. If he had any idea that the reason why he loses so many ships is because he reveals all the details of his routes and such to a pirate he would be livid." She giggles as almost like a school girl as she reveals what she was really doing in the company of the admiral.

"You go to these balls simply to gather information from Selkirk to plan your own profit and plundering?" Carlix asks coming to a realization, but also feeling relieved that she doesn't have eyes for him as he was told by that servant.

"Of course, but I have interests other than Selkirk, but he is the greatest wealth of knowledge" she says, then adding "besides he is the one that deserves it the most." Her voice has a cutting edge to it sharper than any sword; her icy glare sent a shiver up Carlix's spine.

Before Carlix even has a chance to ask what she means, she has a smile on her face again. "I do not want to think about him any longer. No need to ruin a wonderful evening."

"Of course, no need at all... milady" Carlix says with a coy smile.

"You will forget all about Lady Anne after today" she says pointing a finger at him.

"As you wish" he replies bowing slightly.

"I only have one more task for you"

"Anything my lady and my captain commands of me"

She turns her back to him, and he can see the laces holding her dress closed and immediately knows what she is asking. He steps close to her, closer than is really necessary but this is his excuse. Kit can feel his breath brush against the back of her neck, so warm and soft. His fingers start untying the laces of her dress and corset. The fingers that have been so good at tying knots in the ropes on the ship had now turned to expertly untying the laces of her dress. He wanted to untie them as fast as humanly possible, but he didn't, he also wanted to cherish this moment. This was the first time that she had ever trusted him enough to put herself in a vulnerable position. He was no fool, he did not believe she was truly vulnerable, but that was not the point. She was allowing him to undress her, he felt overwhelmed.

He let his fingertips graze her back as it was slowly revealed. When she did not step away or tell him to stop, he eagerly continued. He stepped closer to her, now he could feel her body against his. His hand pushed her dress off her shoulders, as it started to slide down her body with the help of his hands; he pressed his lips just behind her ear. She tilted her head slightly, letting his lips travel down to her neck.

His hand traveled back up her sides; despite the air being warm she was getting goose bumps. He moved his hands to her plump breast, the air against her recently freed nipples making them hard. He rolls his forefinger and thumb over her nipples, a soft moan escapes her throat. Her moans spurs him on, he turns her around to face him. He feels her hands slide down his chest, slowly, and if he didn't know better, lovingly. It was if she was trying to memorize every detail of his body. As he felt her touch moving lower, he reached up and released her hair from their confines. Her long golden hair spilled down her back, he wrapped his fingers in it, gripping her firmly yet gently and pulled her into a deep kiss. Their lips pressing together, his tongue darts into her mouth, tasting her. It was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted and he did not want to break the kiss. He felt her long slender fingers start to release him from his trousers. As he feels her wrap her hand around his growing cock he gasps softly.

With her dress pooled around her feet, and his trousers now slipped off he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. She wrapped his legs around his waist and pressed her lips to his once more. He walked slowly towards the large bed, as much as he wanted this moment to last he also wanted to feel himself inside her. He had never thought this would happen when he had first met her, but now he could think of nothing else.

He placed her on the bed; she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him on top of her body. He ached with anticipation as he felt her heat against his body. Her fingertips traced down his spine, he arched his back at her touch. It sent a shiver of pleasure through his body. With this encouragement he finally slid his hard cock inside her; he rested his head in between her shoulder and neck. This was an experience unlike any other for him, he had had sex with many women in the past, but none had brought on feelings like this within him. He felt her legs wrapped around him, pulling him inside her faster and harder. This was a woman who was enjoying herself as much as he was, and that was a rare thing.

He found himself underneath Kit. She was straddling him, sliding up and down his cock as fast and deep as she liked. He took advantage of the situation and rested his hands on her breasts. Massaging them, pinching the nipples and making her moan. He felt exhilarated when she moaned with pleasure. When she arched her back and let out a loud moan of pleasure and he felt a shudder coming from inside her. She had gripped his cock inside her tighter than ever, he knew she had erupted with pleasure, and this caused him to do the same. Afterwards she collapsed on top of him. He gladly wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He kissed her forehead softly and without a word continued to hold her as they both drifted off to sleep.

The sunlight came through the open window the next morning brushing Carlix's eyes. He slowly woke up, stretching his body with a smile on his face remembering what had happened earlier. He rolled over to say good morning only to find himself alone in the bed. He sat up suddenly and looked around. He spotted a note held up by a stiletto dagger in the door. He got up and ripped the note from the door. It read;

Do not bother coming to the docks

I have already set sail.

I cannot have someone I have shared a bed with on my ship.

So I have no further need of you.

Carlix was in shock for a moment. Then he ripped the stiletto out of the door and walked onto the balcony that overlooked the sea.

"I vow to find you, there is nowhere you can run, and nowhere you can hide. I will have justice!" he turns on his heel and storms out of the inn with a new determination.

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