tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 02

Quest Ch. 02


A wave of ecstasy washes over Lisa as she slowly wakes up. The silk sheets that cover her feel wonderful against her naked body. She allows herself to lie there, eyes closed, and lets her hands explore her body. Every touch brings about a pleasurable sensation. Her hands reach her breasts and finds two swollen nipples. She lets one hand drop to her pussy and finds it wet and ready for more.

What did Kris do to her,, she thinks. She had always wanted to be stripped of her inhibitions but always held back. It wasn’t proper for someone from her family to be so open. However, she feels different now. She knows those walls are gone and she must thank the young girl who did this.

Lisa grins. She knows what she will do.

She reaches out for the young girl but finds no one.

She slowly sits up and opens her eyes.

Sitting in a corner is the barkeep.

Lisa pulls the cover against her.

“Good morning,” he says.

“Good morning, sir,” she replies as she tries to suppress her new emotions but she finds it hard to concentrate.

She looks into his eyes and he begins to cry.

“I am sorry,” he says.

“For what?”

He points to the floor next to the bed.

Lisa looks over to see Kris lying there. A bullet hole is obvious through the young girl’s chest. A look of surprise was the last emotion that the girl felt because Lisa can see it in the open eyes.

Lisa twists her head back to the old man.

“What the fuck? She was your granddaughter!!!!”

“Yes,” he replies meekly. “I loved her greatly. I loved her too much. That is why I had to kill her.”

Lisa just stares at him. She doesn’t know what to think or do. Part of her wants to run away. Part of her is scared. Part of her just wants to lie back and play with herself. She curses herself, what is wrong with her.

The old man stares at her. “Look at your arm,” he says.

The memory of the needle comes back to Lisa and she looks at her upper arm. A small puncture hole is still there.

“What did she give me,” she asks.

“If I had known what she was going to do, please believe me I would have stopped her last night. I didn’t realize it until it was too late.”

A feeling of terror begins to form inside Lisa’s stomach. However, a wave of pleasure begins to form to try and cover it up. She feels her nipples begin to harden against the silk. Damn it feels so good, she thinks. She suddenly wants the old man to leave. She suddenly wants to plunge her fingers into her wet pussy. Wait, she thinks, he doesn’t look that bad…..

The old man looks at her.

“You must fight it. If you don’t, you will be a slave forever.”

Lisa fights through the sensations. She realizes her hand had slowly crept up her leg and she feels the tip of her finger slowly rubbing her hard clit. She quickly withdraws it and the pleasure is abated.

“What happened,” she asks.

The old man sighs.

“It is a long story.”

“I need to know.”

Lisa pulls her cloak tightly against her. The air had gotten colder since the previous day. Hard to believe it is the middle of July in Louisiana, she thinks as she walks through the small wooded area. The aliens weapons not only killed millions, the energy that they had been released also altered the atmosphere. Louisiana’s cold spell is but one of the many changes.

As she walks she is aware that she will have to change into some looser jeans soon. She had not realized how tight they were but her pussy is crying out for release as the jeans rub against her with every step. She will have to slow her pace, she thinks. She won’t get far if she has to stop every five minutes for an orgasm.

According to the old man, there is a small village only a few miles away that should be able to help.

“Ask for Rich,” the old man said. “He may be able to help you.”

She had hugged the old man goodbye but remembers how her new persona wanted to thank the barkeeper by throwing him on the bed and riding him till the old man exploded inside her. She quickly ignored the feeling and left.

The village is in worse shape than the previous town she thinks as she approaches the security gate. Two guards ask to see her identification. She reaches in her back pocket, pulls out her ID card and waits as they check it over.

The walk had been long and slow. Her gaze falls on one of the guards and she begins to imagine what he looks like naked. She glances down at his crotch and notices a small bulge under his pants. She doesn’t realize she is licking her lips as she thinks of how wonderful a nice hard cock , or maybe two, would feel right now.


The sharp voice interrupts her thoughts.

“Damn it, Lisa, “ she thinks. “ Get a hold of yourself.”

“Sorry, sir,” she mumbles as she takes her ID back.

“Be careful,” says the guard whose crotch she had been staring at.

“Thanks,” she says and looks at him. He gives her a wink and her body melts.

She thinks of him over and over as she passes the entrance. Maybe she will look him up later.

The small building is only one of a few that remains intact.

She knocks. According to Sarah, the pretty barmaid at the pub, this is where the guy, Rich lives.

She knocks again. He mind wanders back to Sarah. The girl had a very low cut shirt on and Lisa found that she really wanted to reach in and play with the big tits that were before her.

The door creaks open and a handsome young man stands before her. He is about her height, thick black hair, a small goatee, and very muscular. His sweatshirt is very tight and so is his sweat pants. She thinks he must be in his late 20’s.

“Can I help you,” he asks.

“Are you Rich?”

“Yes. And you are?”

“My name is Lisa,” she tries to compose herself but she can hear her voice cracking as thoughts of fucking this man fill her mind.

“Alex said you may be able to help me.”

At the sound of the name, Rich’s eyes grow wide. He quickly takes her arm and from under her cloak and rolls up her sweat shirt.

“Damn,” he mutters as he looks at the needle mark.

Lisa stares at it also and notices that a purple tint has started to form around the mark.

Rich touches it and her body shudders. Waves of pleasure rack her mind. He is only a few inches away, she thinks. He is holding my arm, she thinks. I can push him to the ground, rip off his sweatpants, and fuck him right here, she thinks.

Rich lets go of her arm.

“Come in,” he says.

Lisa follows, staring at his small ass as he leads her into the small room.

She sits down on a small couch by the fireplace. The fire is warm and she takes off her cloak. She finds him staring at her hard nipples that are poking through her shirt.

“I am sorry,” Lisa says.

“I am not normally this aroused.”

“I understand, “ Rich says and hands her a small cup.

“Coffee,” he says as she takes a drink.

Immediately the sensual feelings are gone. Her head clears up.

Lisa drinks the rest.

“How do you feel.” Rich asks as he sits in a chair opposite her.

She smiles.

“Much better. Thank you.”

Lisa looks at the cup.

“What was in the coffee,” she asks.

“Well, it is the only serum I have been able to come up with and the effects are temporary. By tomorrow morning your hormones will be back in overdrive.”

“What is happening to me?”

Rich takes a sip of his coffee.

“What did Alex tell you so far?”

Lisa thinks back to the bartender.

“It is a long story," the old man had said.

“I need to know," she had replied.

He began his story.

“Anna and I loved Kris very much. She was staying with us the day of the attack. I was here, at the bar, when the TV told us that Washington, London, and many other places had been destroyed. I tried to get my customers out. I told them to go home. Their families needed them. My family needed me. I got the last one out when the aliens’ starships filled the sky. Their ships blocked out the sun so much that I had trouble as I began running to my house. Buildings around me began to erupt in flames as their lasers cut through the town.

My heart began to hurt. I had to slow down. I saw my house. I saw Anna through the screen door. I saw Kris standing by her. Suddenly pain shot through my body and I fell. My vision became blurry as I watched Kris run towards me. Anna was shouting out to her. I saw my Anna one last time as a laser bolt hit my house and blew it completely apart.

I came too about a few hours later. I was lying on the ground, Kris had my head in her lap. She couldn’t stop crying. Neither could I.

We later learned that her parents had been killed as well so I ‘adopted’ her.

The bar had survived the attack so I just put more time in it. Kris had just turned nineteen so she began working for me. For the first year everything was fine. The aliens had attacked and was gone the same day. I had heard rumors that they were looking for something but I never heard what it was.

Kris is young, she got caught up in the stories. She believed that there was a reason behind the attack and started to investigate. One evening an older man, mid 30’s came into the bar. He was very quite, very mysterious. He had money so I didn’t say anything. Kris began serving him and , before long, I couldn’t pull her away from the table.

The stranger left and got a room at the local hotel. Kris was daydreaming the rest of the evening. I asked her what he had been talking about. All she would tell me is that the man had seen one. One what, I had asked. An alien, she said.

Later in the evening Kris said she wasn’t feeling well and said she was going for a walk. I didn’t see her again that night.

She arrived for work on time but seemed distracted. I asked her about her evening and she didn’t respond. I knew she had been having trouble with this new life we led so I kept quite. I heard the stranger left that same day and I was glad.

For a year Kris was fine. She spent more nights out than before. I was glad that she was making new friends. I had even heard that they were going to form a church. I didn’t know Kris was ever religious but, again, I stayed quiet.

Then, a year to the day, the stranger returned. Kris was so excited to see him. She asked if she could leave work early. I was hesitant but business was slow so I let her.

Again, the stranger left the next day but Kris was happier than I had seen her in quite awhile. Soon, she began to have more friends, mostly women, and they would come to visit her at all hours of the night. I discovered that they were planning on starting a small church. When I asked her about it she was very defensive.

I have a very bad habit of keeping things to myself. I didn’t say anything. She seemed happy. However, despite my age, I am still a curious man. One evening, I followed her to the place her ‘church’ met. It was a small building back in the woods. Candles were lit. There were young men and women there, all locals, all people who she had brought home. I was shocked when they started to take their clothes off and have sex right there. Men were with women, women were with women, men with men. Now, I was not a prude in my younger days but this was obscene. They had no inhibitions at all. They had sex with everybody. And when things would slow down, they would bring out this jar of green liquid, insert it in needles and they would inject themselves with it. The orgy would then continue.

I left and never told anyone.

About two months before you arrived ,.the young people started to die. It was horrible. All those that I saw that night, except for Kris, was dead in a week.

It didn’t even bother her. All she could say was that none of them was the one. That was all. I didn’t say anything else. I should have but I didn’t. One day a young man came to the bar asking questions. Asking if anything unusual had been going on. I pulled him aide and told him. He wasn’t shocked at all by what I had said. He gave me a small pouch of brown liquid. He said if I put a little in Kris’ drink each day she would be fine.

I didn’t ask any questions. He gave me his name and where he could be contacted if I needed any more help.

He left.

I started giving Kris the drink and, after a day or two she was her old self. She had this far away look, like something troubled her. She wouldn’t tell me and I didn’t ask. I loved her. God, I loved her, but I couldn’t talk about something like this to her.

Anyway, I ran out of the liquid the day before you got here. She was becoming distracted again. I meant to contact the young man but didn’t have a chance. I saw her talking to you and then you two were gone. In the back of my mind, I was afraid. I couldn’t be quiet any longer. I asked a friend to watch the bar. I ran to her house. I burst open the door but I was too late. I saw her inject you, you collapsed and she looked at me, giggling.

She’s the one, granddad.

She’s the one.

Then she got to her feet and slowly walked to me. Her hands were fingering her breasts. She stopped at a drawer and pulled out another needle. The green liquid shining .

She said I knew too much.

She kept walking towards me

She told me my deepest fantasy would come true.

I pulled out my gun.

She wouldn’t stop

I had too….”

Rich looks at Lisa. He wonders if she was aware that she was rubbing her crotch while she told the story.

“…and that was what happened.”

“What is going on.” she asks again.

“What did Kris give me?”

Rich rolls up his sleeve to show a similar needle mark and the same purplish tint.

“The same thing I have.”

Their eyes meet.

Their clothes come off very quickly. Before she knows it she has Rich’s hard cock in her hand and she is pumping it very quickly. She bends down and takes it in her mouth. She hears Rich moan and pleasure envelops her. She reaches down and plays with his balls. This is nothing she would have done a couple of days ago. Now, though, her inhibitions are gone. She loves the feel of his balls in her hand, his cock in her mouth. She runs her tongue down his shaft and begins to lick. He moans.

He reaches down and pulls her upwards. He kisses her head, her lips, and her breasts. She feels the tip of his cock hovering beneath her pussy. She wants it. She needs it. She impales herself on it and screams with passion as the long hard rod slips into her. The sensations are better than Kris’ dildo.

Rich touches her purple spot. She cums.

She touches his. He howls in pleasure and erupts inside her.

Her breathing is heavy as he lies her back onto the couch and begins to fuck her harder. She cums a second time as he pounds into her, his balls slapping against her ass.

“Yes,” Lisa moans.

She doesn’t know what is happening to her but she finds she loves it as they both cum together.

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