tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 04

Quest Ch. 04


The blonde screams in pleasure as the redhead thrusts the strap-on into her wet, aching pussy. Her hands reach for the redhead's back and pulls her closer, her nails digging into the redhead's flesh. The redhead howls in pleasure. Such a trophy, thinks the redhead. She is so glad that the boss sent her here.

The blonde moans as the redhead begins to thrust harder.

"Do you like that, bitch?"

"Yes..." moans the blonde.

The redhead stares at the blonde's breasts.

So large. The virus did a wonderful job on this young girl. A few hours ago, this hotel clerk had breasts so small that some fat men out did her. The redhead had been horny all day long and needed release. The blonde was very cute and seemed quite willing to come up to her room to 'talk'.

The redhead grins as her fake cock continues to slide into the tight pussy. The girl had put up quite a fight before the injection. The girl had been scared to death and tried to run. The redhead stopped her, threw her on the bed, ripped off the shirt, and gave her the needle.

Before her very eyes, the small tits began to grow. They wouldn't stop. Obviously, the little bitch had some really pent up desire. The blonde had stopped fighting when she saw her new toys. She touched them. She brought them to her mouth. She licked her own nipples.

The redhead had just watched. Her pussy had gotten so wet that she pulled down the clerk's pants to find a shaven pussy. She remembers tasting the blonde for the first time and it was magnificent.

The blonde did not resist anymore. She tore off the redhead's skirt and the redhead had moaned. She reached into her duffle bag and pulled out the strap on.

The blonde's eyes grew at the sight of the large fake cock but the little bitch couldn't stop playing with her tits.

"Fuck me with it," pleaded the blonde.

"Please fuck me with it."

The redhead granted the desire.

She feels the blonde orgasm beneath her.

"Damn, bitch," the redhead mutters.

She rises up, takes the toy off, crawls up to the blonde, grabs her by her long hair, and shoves the blonde's face into her pussy.

The redhead screams in pleasure as the blonde begins to run her tongue through the small patch of hair she keeps above her lips. She holds the blonde's head in place as she feels the wet tongue slip into her.

"The bitch has fucked women before," thinks the redhead.

A loud beep emanates from her bag as the redhead cries out in pleasure. Her orgasm rocks her body as she collapses on the bed.

Another beep.

Panting, the redhead reaches in and gets the communicator. She looks back at the blonde and is not surprised to find the young girl still playing with her new breasts. She peeks at the needle mark on the blonde's arm. A green tint begins to appear around it.

The redhead smiles. The boss will love this one.

The redhead calms down and turns back to the communicator.

"Yes," she speaks into it.

"What took so long," booms the deep voice.

"I was recruiting."

The blonde giggles in the background.

"Well, you have some more playtime," says the voice. "The two have stopped their progress."

The redhead becomes serious.

"They are still coming?"

"Yes," says the man. "Just be patient."

"Yes boss," says the redhead.

The redhead closes the communicator and turns to the blonde. She grins.

"You heard the man," giggles the blonde.

"Play time."

The hooded figure closes the communicator. He chose wisely when he selected the redhead as his second, he thinks. She was very shy and insecure when they first met but he saw the potential in her. A potential she has lived up to.

A chime interrupts his thought.

"Come in, " his deep voice thunders in the quiet room.

A door slides open and a small figure steps in. Most people, when they first see the scientist, simple laugh and jeer at the tiny man but inside that small, four foot tall body is a brain that no one can match.

"What is it," the figure asks.

The tiny man is quick in his response.

"He has fixed his device."

The taller man slams his fist down, striking a small table.


"It is okay, master," replies the scientist. "He may have made it to where we can no longer track him, but we do know he is heading towards the New Orleans crater."

"Are you sure," the question just pops out. He knows the scientist is sure of it. The small man has never spoken about anything he wasn't sure of.

"Yes," replies the scientist.

The scientist limps towards a computer console and continues to speak.

"He is being drawn there. No, they are being drawn there. We were just lucky to break through his jamming device for a short while. Without that we would only be guessing his route. Without that we wouldn't have found out the second one was found."

The figure remembers the excitement he felt when the scanner sprung to life with two red dots and not one. His search of over one hundred years is almost over.

He smiles.

The scientist notices that his commander is distracted and becomes silent. After a few minutes the hooded figure motions for him to continue.

"Our allies was able to find out who the female was and, strangely enough, she had been heading towards the crater herself. Whether she knew it or not, we don't know. Personally, I don't think she was aware of her destination. I think she was just scared and moving from town to town. The fact that she met up with the boy, at first, looks to be a complete accident. However, if the crystal is somewhere near that crater, their meeting cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence."

The hooded man touches the console and a map of North America appears on the screen. He types a few more commands and that map is replaced by one of Louisiana.

"So, you think the crystal is there," he mutters.

The scientist nods.

"Yes I do. We must find it before they do. If those two come into contact with it before we can recover it, you know what will happen."

"Yes," mutters his commander. "Our war will be over. We will have lost."

The scientist lifts his head and looks at his master.

"Will Lois be able to get the job done? Remember, she was the one who botched up having the first one imprisoned."

The commander is silent for a few seconds.

"She will succeed. She knows the penalty for failure."

The redhead sits in the lobby of the small hotel. Her hand slowly slides up her legs as she thinks of the blonde lying naked in her room.

"Damn it, woman," she thinks. "Don't allow yourself to be distracted. You have a job to do."

She had walked down to get some fresh air and to plan the events of the next couple of days. Satisfied she knows what she will do, she rises out of her chair. She stretches and decides to check on her new friend. When she left, the blonde had just invited up a fellow co-worker to join in the fun.

He was handsome, she thinks as she walks to the stairwell.

The sound of a creaking door catches her attention and she stops in her tracks.

A cloaked female enters the hotel.

The redhead watches as the girl pulls down her hood and finds herself mesmerized by the woman's beauty. A soft round face. Short hair. Brunette. Very thin. Large breasts. Sexuality just dripping out of her.

She watches as the girl approaches the counter. The clerk talks to her and the girl turns away. The redhead knows what was told to the girl so she quickly walks in her direction.

"Pardon me," she says.

The young girl turns around.

"Yes, can I help you?"

The voice is warm and the redhead's pussy tingle. Such power. The boss will like this one.

"No room?"

The girl sighs.

"No, they are full and I am tired. Fuck! I guess I will have to sleep outside again."

"Look," the redhead says. "I am leaving in the morning. You are welcome to stay with me."

The brunette thinks about it. The redhead smiles.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," replies the brunette, sticking out her hand. The redhead takes it and they shake.

"My name is Sarah," says the brunette.

"Hi, I am Lois. Follow me."

They walk to the stairs.

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