tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 05

Quest Ch. 05


Two days ago:


"Sorry," mutters Rich as he watches another clump of golden hair fall to the ground. " Hair stylist is not my major specialty."

Lisa chuckles as she sees her hair descending.

"Tell me about it," she says. "I used to pay over a hundred bucks a pop for a hair cut."

"Do you miss that lifestyle?"

Rich's question causes her to pause.

"Yes," she says softly. "The money, the fame, the maids, the butlers, sleeping till 12 pm... Yes, I do. Is that wrong?"

"I don't know," he answers as he continues to cut her hair. "I think it's okay to miss it. That was your lifestyle until three years ago. What matters is that you didn't let yourself be a slave to the past. You have managed to survive in a world that is very different than the way you grew up. You have done well."

Lisa smiles. She feels his hands depart from her head. He becomes silent.

"Well, "she asks.

"I'm done. I think."

She laughs.

"You think? You better not think... let me see."

He reaches into his duffle bag and hands her a small mirror.

She almost dies when she sees her reflection but he did do a good job, she thinks. Jim always said she should get it cut short. He had said that it would look sexy. She brings a hand up and runs it through her hair. It feels very good and it does make her look sexy.

"Now," Rich's voice interrupts her thoughts. "What color?"

He reaches into his bag and hands her a flip case. She opens it to find a small mirror on top and a row of buttons across the bottom.

"Push the yellow button," he says.

She does as he says and is surprised when her image freezes in the mirror.

"Say what color you would like your hair to be."

She speaks into a tiny microphone embedded at in the far right corner of the case.

"Red head."

Suddenly her image fades out and is replaced by the same picture but this time her hair is red. She laughs at the image.

Rich walks u and looks over her shoulder. He tries not to laugh but cannot help it. Lisa jabs him in his stomach with her elbow.


"Nah," she thinks.

"I got it," she says. "Brunette."

The image shows her how she would look as a brunette.

Rich whistles in agreement.

"You like," she asks.

He nods his head.

"Brunette it is, what next?

"Push the orange button."

Lisa does as she is instructed and is surprised by the hum of a small motor from within the case. A tiny 'ding' echoes in the night and a small vial of red liquid rises from the top of the case.

"Swallow the liquid," encourages Rich.

Lisa opens the lid and gulps down the small amount.

She gags at the taste and looks at Rich.

He smiles and hands her the handheld mirror.

Lisa is very shocked to see that, in seconds, her hair has gone from blonde to brunette.

"Oh my God..." she whispers.

"I know you said your Earth was more technological advanced than mine but...What other toys do you have?"

She hands him the mirror and he places it into his bag.

He laughs.

"Oh, lots of goodies."

He pulls out a small spherical object.


"What is it," she asks, noticing that for the first time since they have met, he is very visibly shaken.

"This, my dear, is a jamming device. It has stopped working. In other words... the aliens know where are."

One Day Ago:

Rich sits at the bar and, for the first time in seventy five years, feels very conspicuous. Lisa is late and that worries him.

After finding the jamming signal broken, he was able to repair it but he knew that it had been broken long enough for the aliens to have some idea as to where they were headed. He could have given up the quest right then but Lisa convinced him that they couldn't stop.

They decided to split up and meet at the bar he suggested by the end of the day.

He made it with no problems.

She is late.

He reaches down for a vial of his "medicine". In her disguise she couldn't carry many items so he was only able to give her enough vials to last her for a couple of days. She reassured him that, if they got separated, she should be able to fight the effects of the aliens' virus. As long as no cute, handsome, fine, or gorgeous people made a pass at her.

She winked at him.

She also said that she would use the name of a waitress she had met a few days ago. "Sarah." It turned her on, she said.

They hugged and kissed.

"Be careful," he whispered in her ear.

"I will, baby," she replied and then she was gone.

Rich gets up and heads for his room. The bar had a vacant bed that he was able to rent for the night so he took advantage of it. He stops and tells the bartender to send up any lady who asks for "Alex" to his room.

"I don't want to know," sighs the bartender.

Rich laughs and climbs the stairs to his room.

The bed is soft and soon he is asleep.


A quick knock awakens Rich from his deep sleep.

"Rich, it's me."

"Lisa," he thinks as he leaps from his bed and rushes to the door. He opens it and the cloaked figure quickly steps into the room. He closes the door, locks it, and turns to the figure.

Lisa removes her hood and smiles.

Rich realizes that he is standing before her naked but he doesn't care. He takes her into his arms and they hug. She rests her head against his hairy chest.

"I was afraid something had happened," he whispers as he runs his hand through her short hair.

She tilts her head upward.

"Just hold me, " she says.

Rich brings his head down and they kiss. It is just a simple kiss but it tells them that they have missed each other very much.

They pull away and stare into the others' eyes. Lisa brings a hand up and reaches for Rich's head. She pulls it down to hers. This kiss is more passionate, more hungry. Rich does not resist. He begins to remove her cloak. She runs her hands down his back. He shivers.

One of Lisa's hands begin to squeeze his ass while she lets the other drift between them and starts to stroke his hardening cock.

Rich moans as he lets his hands drop to the her sides and begins to lift her tight t-shirt.

As the shirt rises above her breasts, Lisa gasps.

As the shirt flies to the floor, Lisa's grip becomes tighter.

As Rich begins to lower her pants, she begins to pump his cock faster.

As her pants hit the floor, Lisa pushes Rich back onto the bed.

She grins as she looks at the hard cock standing straight up. Damn, she thinks, to think she would have been married to Jim. He was nothing.

She climbs on top of him, looks into Rich's eyes, and impales herself on the thick cock. She begins to ride and yells out in pleasure as his massive organ slides in and out of her wet pussy. Her screams are replaced by moans as he reaches up and grabs her breasts.

Rich also moans as Lisa rides.

"Y...Y...," he stutters. "Yes..."

He closes his eyes and enjoys the feel of being inside her hot, wet, and very tight pussy. His fingers find her hard nipples and they squeeze them.

"Yes," moans Lisa.

Rich smiles.

He twists them.

"Yes..." Lisa's words are much sterner.

He opens his eyes and looks at her. Perspiration is starting to appear on her face. The sun's rays shine upon her and he realizes that she looks just like an angel. She glances at him, raw lust in her eyes.

Rich lifts his head up and removes his hands from her breasts. He replaces his fingers with his mouth.

As her hard nipple enters, he slowly licks it.

He sits up, his hands running down her back. Lisa continues to ride him.

He continues to lick the nipples but Lisa brings her hand behind his head and presses him into her breast.

He begins to nibble .

Lisa responds by riding him faster.

He bites the nipple gently.

"Damn...YES," screams Lisa.

He bites the nipple harder.

"Shit... yes...bite it, baby..."moans Lisa.

She is surprised by her attitude but she has never experienced the amount of pure pleasure that she has come to know over the past couple of weeks.

Rich takes the other nipple into his mouth as Lisa continues to fuck him.

Lisa feels his hands on her back.

Lisa feels his teeth on her hard nipple.

Two nights ago he had paid attention to her every need. He had touched her in every spot possible. He had held her so close. He had fucked her so well. She wants to return the favor.

She pushes him back down.

He begins to protest and Lisa places a finger on her lips. She rises up and begins to place small kisses on his body. He squirms as she works her way down his stomach. Her fingers play with his small, hard nipples as her head brushes against his now wet cock.

She raises her head and opens her mouth, slowly descending upon him. She feels her pussy become wetter as she licks every drop of herself off the huge rod.

Rich squirms.

She moves her hands down his body, her nails leaving marks on his sides.

She moves one hand down to his balls and squeezes them. He jumps.


His sudden exclamation causes her to squeeze harder.

She takes his cock out of her mouth and begins to lick it. Her tongue travels down his hardness until it stops at his balls.

Her other hand grabs his cock and begins to jerk it as she starts sucking him.

She can tell he enjoys it. She knows. She can feel him.


That is all Rich can say as she continues to play with him. She allows her other hand to creep towards his ass.

Rich feels this and moans.

He feels the soft finger at his anus and he nods.

"Please," he moans.

Lisa smiles, brings her finger to her wet pussy, dips it into herself, pulls it out, and shoves it into his tight asshole.

Rich howls in pleasure.

Lisa can tell he is about to explode so, with her finger fucking his ass, she removes her grip on his hard dick, and takes it back into her mouth.

"Oh, fuckin yes..."

Rich screams as he cums.

He cums hard.

He explodes into Lisa's mouth.

She swallows every drop.

He is shaking as she removes her finger and slowly crawls up to him.

She looks him in the eyes and kisses him. It is a hungry kiss, and Rich is able to taste his cum on her tongue. Her licks away at the cum and Lisa presses against him.

His hands roam down her body but she slowly pulls away and looks at him.

"This was for you, baby... This was all for you," she says as she lies next to him and places her head on his chest. His heart is beating fast and his breathing is hard but soon they both slow down and he drifts to sleep.

Rich wakes up a few hours later and is greeted by Lisa's eyes upon him.

"Good morning," she says, happiness radiating from her.

"Good morning," he replies as he tenderly leans over and kisses her.

"Sleep well?"

He nods.

"I was worried about you," he says.

"I'm sorry, I had a run in with the red head."

Rich notices a small smile forming on her face.

"Hmmm," he says. "I told you she was good."

She laughs.

"Yes, you did and yes, you were right."

The smile fades.

The laughter goes away.

Lisa looks at him.

"Rich, a couple of days ago you told me what you called the "basics" about the aliens. The red head and her friends scare me. I may get to meet their boss. I need to know everything. Do you trust me?"

Rich looks at her.


It's been so long.

"Yes," he answers. "I do trust you. I even think I am falling in love with you. Are you sure you want to know everything? It is a long story."

Lisa nods.

"I told the red head that I had to tie up some loose ends before I met back with her. That I could possibly be gone for almost the entire day. I want to know."

"I NEED to know."

Rich nods.

"Okay... Here we go."

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