tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 07

Quest Ch. 07



Lisa looks at the sleeping figure sprawled out on the bed. She has never felt this way about an individual before. Yes, she had been engaged but Jim was an arranged fiancée. Two wealthy families who didn't want to corrupt their bloodlines with someone who was not worthy. The benefit was that Jim had been successful, handsome, and sexy. The downside was that she did not love him.

Would her parents have liked Rich, she thinks.

She knows the answer is no but they are not here anymore. They only exist in her past. In her memories.

She thinks back to her "wedding day". It was only three years ago but it feels like it has been almost twenty.

She had always been a vain one. Always worried about how she looked. Always worried that she would be 'spoken about'. It was this vainness that held up the wedding ceremony.

At the last minute she realized she didn't like the color of her shoes.

Her shoes.

Everyone stood outside in the decorated yard, waiting for her to walk down the aisle. She saw her mother looking back at her. Jim was standing before the preacher, smiling from ear to ear. He didn't care if it was arranged or not. Then, as the music began to play, she looked down at her five hundred dollars shoes and didn't like them.

She whispered to dad that she would be right back. He sighed and let her go. He always had given in to her. She kissed him on the cheek, the music stopped and she dashed inside the house.

She had climbed the stairs and noticed the skies were quickly becoming very dark. Not rain, she remembered thinking as she ran into her room. This was not going to happen.

Not to her.

Not today.

She entered her room. Found a pair of shoes and began to change.

The screams began.

She ran out of her room to a window by the stair way. She saw multi colored lights raining down, hitting the preacher. She watched as Jim was the next to fall. Her mom was hit next. She watched as her dad began to run towards his wife. He fell.

She looked up and the sky was blanketed with space craft.

She began to run down the stairs. Someone has to be alive.


Those damn shoes.....

She was halfway down the stairs when a heel broke. That sent her tumbling down the stairs. Her head hit the hard wood floor and blackness overcame her.

She woke up a few hours later. She was the only one left.

For the first time ever, she was alone.

Her vainness kept her from dying with those she loved.

The aliens killed that emotion that day.

She bends over and kisses Rich on the forehead. He smiles but does not awaken.

She knows she loves him. Most importantly she knows that this feeling isn't because of the damned virus.

She walks to her backpack and look at its' contents. To anyone who asks, the vials of liquid are tea. Truthfully, the contents are tea. However, the ingredients are far more powerful.

The red lined vials consist of the 'medicine' that helps to suppress the alien's virus. When she had met Lois, the red head, her last dose had almost worn off and she almost fell under Lois' hypnotic power. She is scared to think what would have happened to her if she had met Lois before Rich.

Rich had warned her about Lois. He had been able to resist her and Lisa found that she could also. Lois invited her to stay in her room and Lisa felt the power trying to take control of her. She couldn't let Lois know that it was having no effect so she agreed.

They had walked up to Lois' room. Upon entering the room, Lisa remembered how her pussy began to moisten as she watched a young blonde girl ride a cock from a very well endowed young man.

The blonde looked Lisa in her eyes and winked.

Lois strolled to the bed, taking her clothes off. She climbed onto the bed, bent her pussy over the man's mouth and told him to lick her. He did.

Lisa noticed that everyone had green marks except the man. He had red.

Lois looked at her.


Lisa did.

'Come join us.'

Lisa did.

Lisa pulls herself away from the memory and looks at the blue lined vials. She rolls up her sweatshirt and looks at her green mark.

Rich had explained that, about 30 years ago, he came up with a way to tint his mark. Since the aliens were looking for a man whose mark was purple, this kept him hidden when he had to venture into public arenas. He had explained how the liquid worked but it went over her head.

She rolls the sleeve down. All that matters is that her mark is disguised.

She reaches under some clothes and pulls out a small box. She opens it and looks at the small needle. Rich explained its' contents to her and made sure she understood everything about it.

A definite advantage, she thinks as she places it back in her bag and closes it.

She looks at Rich once more.

"I love you," she whispers as she leaves the room.

She doesn't want to leave him but they both know this is the only way to find out what's going on.


A knock on the door awakens Rich. He reaches out for Lisa but she is gone. He expected as much. She wasn't one to say good byes. She just wants to get this over with. So does he.

This has gone on for far too long, he thinks as slips on some shorts and opens the door.

The bartender from the night before hands him an envelope and walks away.

"Uh.....Thank you," says Rich but the bartender just stomps down the stairs.

Rich closes the door and opens it.

The writing looks like that of a child but it is legible.

" Meet me. Old building near general store. Hurry. Answers will be provided."

Rich folds the letter and proceeds to change.

The moon has begun to rise as he approaches the store. He sees a bombed out building sitting next to it. For years Rich has relied upon his instincts to guide him. They are screaming for him to be very careful. To be patient.

He walks to the entrance and looks into the darkness.

He hears a cough. A very weak cough.

"I'm here," Rich says, shouting into the building.

A very deep voice replies.

*cough* "Welco..."*cough*"Welcome. Enter."*cough*

Rich hesitates.


He cautiosly enters.

His eyes becomes adjusted to the darkness and he sees a large figure sitting against the back wall.

"Come *cough* closer"

Rich slowly steps over the rubble. He sees a large stick on the floor so he bends over and picks it up.

"That won't be *cough* as you say, necessa..*cough*"

A single beam of moonlight enters the room and shines upon the figure. The alien's dark emerald skin shines in the light.

Rich freezes. He should run. However, he notices that the alien is shivering. Even the blanket that it is wrapped in is having no effect.


Friend, the alien says as he collapses.


Lisa enters the lobby of the hotel where Lois is staying.

"Hi.You're Late!"

The giggling voice comes from behind and Lisa turns. The blonde from the night before stands, looking at her and smiling. Lisa glances down at the very tight t-shirt that the blonde is wearing. According to Lois, the blonde's breasts were her present from the alien virus. As a result, thinks Lisa, the girl definitely wants others to see them. She realizes that she can't help but stare at them.

The blonde notices this and giggles again and Lisa watches as the braless nipples begin to harden under the white material.

"Um, " replies Lisa, "some jerk stole my bag and I had to get in back. I have a lot of family heirlooms."

"Well, glad you are back, Sarah. Follow me."

Lisa watches as the blonde turns and walks towards the stairway. The blonde is wearing very tight shorts and Lisa feels her pussy begin to dampen at the sight of the very attractive ass walking away from her.


Lisa remembers that she had used that as her real name and begins to climb the stairs.

They enter the hotel room and the blonde jumps on the bed.

"Damn, I am hot!"

She takes her t-shirt off and her breasts jiggle freely.

"Much better."

Lisa begins to take off her cloak. She doesn't find it as hot because of the medicine but she knows she has to play along.

"Much better," Lisa purrs. "Where's Lois?"

The blonde giggles as she takes her shorts off.

Lisa stares at the blonde's shaven pussy. She remembers the taste and her nipples harden under her sweat shirt.

"She will be back shortly. She said to keep you here until she got back. Oh yeah, she wants you to wear that outfit."

The blonde points to a t-shirt and shorts combo resting in a nearby chair.

"Cool," she says.

"May I," she asks.

"I would love it, Sarah," purrs the blonde.

Lisa walks over to the chair and grabs the outfit and tosses it onto the bed. The blonde holds up the white shirt and giggles.

Lisa smiles. She hopes that the giggling will stop. Her maid of honor, her best friend, would giggle also. It drove her crazy.

The blonde stares at her.

"Take it all off, Sarah," she whispers.

Lisa grants the request.

She slowly lifts the sweatshirt. As her breasts emerge she watches the blonde's hand begin to travel up her leg.

Lisa throws the sweatshirt onto the floor. She then takes a hand and brings it to a breast. She squeezes it and pleasure flows through her. She takes a nipple between her finger and pinches it.

She moans.

The blonde slides a finger into her wet pussy.

Lisa continues to fondle her own breasts for several minutes.

She squeezes them.

She lifts a breast upwards.

She bends her head down.

She takes the hard nipple into her mouth.

She stops playing with herself and watches the blonde. The one finger has become two.

Lisa reaches down to her shoes, unties them, and slide them off.

Her socks are next to join the pile of discarded clothing.

The blonde has three fingers inside her.

"Oh yes, Sarah......" she moans.

Lisa begins to slide her pants down. She knows she is wet. Her eyes stay on the blonde as the sweats descends.

The blonde inserts a third finger when she sees Lisa's wet pussy.

Even with the medicine, Lisa is very aroused and knows she can't meet Lois in this shape. She slips the sweats past her feet and winks at the blonde.

She slowly climbs onto the bed.

"Sarah....." the blonde squeaks as Lisa grabs the blonde's hand and slides the three fingers out of her wet cunt.

Lisa looks at the wet fingers, brings them to her mouth and licks each one until all the juices are gone.

The blonde begins to squirm as the hot tongue licks her fingers. She reaches towards Lisa and pulls her closer.

Lisa surrenders to the blonde and they meet in a very hot, very wet kiss. She feels the soft hands moving along her back. She gasps.

"Eat me, " the blonde says.

Lisa lowers her head.


She watches the two women on a small monitor. She was very lucky to have found both of them. Both are very passionate. Both are very uninhibited. The boss will enjoy them.

Her gaze does not leave the monitor as Sarah begins to lick the blonde's wet pussy. Sarah moves slowly at first. Letting her tongue travel along the perimeter, licking the juices running down. Lois reaches down and touches herself.

"She is good," a deep voice resonates in the dark room.

"I told you that," responds Lois.

There is a pause.

"She reminds me of you."

Lois stares at Sarah. It has only been one day since they met in the lobby. Only one day since Sarah came to her room. Only one day since Sarah joined her, the blonde, and the young man in a rather heated orgy. Only one day since they all collapsed in orgasmic bliss.

Lois knows the bosses comment to be true. After the young man and blonde had passed out, she and Sarah continued to play. The way Sarah touched her. The way Sarah kissed her. Lois remembers thinking that it was if she was playing with herself. She never felt so content.

"Maybe she is this Earth's version of me," Lois laughs as she removes her fingers from her shorts and glances at the large figure sitting at his throne.

"Perhaps," the deep voice mutters.

The blonde cries out in pleasure.

Lois walks to the throne and slips her hand down the bosses' uniform. Of all the aliens she had seen, he is the largest and he is now rock hard. She pulls the cock out.

He moans.

She begins to stroke as they watch Sarah lick the blonde's juices.

Lois reaches back in his uniform and finds his second rock hard cock.

According to the boss, the men of the race has two cocks. The women have two pussies. Lois smiles. She hasn't met a female yet but she would like to.

Lois pulls out the second one, bends down, and begin to suck it while stroking the other.

Another difference is that they have no balls. The species does not use sex to procreate. They use it strictly for pleasure. Testicles would only get in the way, commented the boss when they first met.

Lois agrees.

She would rather have two cocks to play with than a pair of dangling balls.

Lois looks at the monitor.

The blonde has climbed on top of Sarah and has begun to eat her.

Lois moans as she continues to lick the bosses' cock.

On the monitor, Sarah cries out in pleasure and holds the blonde's face at her pussy.

The boss begins to tense up.

The cock in her mouth begins to secrete its fluids.

She swallows it all.

The cock in her hand erupts also and sprays green liquid all over her breasts. Lois pushes her tits upwards and she licks the liquid off. With each drop she gets more and more aroused.

As she licks the last drop, her pussy is on fire. Lois drops the limp cock and falls to the floor. She spreads her legs apart and watches the two women on the monitors.

Lois licks her fingers and begins to play with her pussy. She watches as Sarah and the blonde get into a sixty-nine position.

Lois feverishly rubs her pussy as Sarah licks the blonde's asshole.

Lois cums as the blonde screams out and collapses on Sarah.

Lois moans as she watches the blonde snuggle up to Sarah

"Bring her," the boss orders.

"Yes, master."

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