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I lay on the bed, in anticipation, my hands handcuffed to my new bed. She was due down at 11. I glanced at the clock, waiting, praying. If she was late, I was pretty sure I couldn’t contain my excitement. I needed to pull my cock from between my legs; it was aching as it pushed against the new knickers. I could still see a slight bulge as well, against my tight, short gothic dress. I could feel my breasts… my chest… push against the little v-shaped lacing on the front as I arched my back, resting my heels onto the 6-inch heels that clad my shaven and stocking legs. I looked down at the black nail varnish covering my toenails and closed my eyes, wishing there was a mirror.

Then the doorbell rang. I knew it was her. My dad opened the door, and let her come straight upstairs. By now my breathing was so hard, as she opened the door and braved a peek in. She slinked in, and gave me the dominant look I so loved. The look that said, “Your mine forever, never forget it, bitch.” Slowly she dropped her back underneath my bed, and took her top and skirt off. She left herself in nothing more then a corset, stockings and high heels. She bent down and picked up the bag again, placing onto the bed 2 vibrators and a bottle of lube. One of them was small, around 3-inches maybe. But the other one seemed huge. I didn’t want to know what she planned to do with that…

I whispered lightly, “Please hold a mirror up to me… I want to see how I look…” She did so; turning around and picking up a small mirror I left on the table. I felt so hot and horny, looking back at my feminine self, covered in all my makeup.

Then she climbed onto the bed, and licked at my stockings. I felt her hot tongue against my skin, and gasped lightly. Slowly she moved up and ran her tongue against my balls. It shocked me that she didn’t even say a word yet, just started getting me hotter, teasing me, making me want her even more. Leisurely, she ran a nail along the full length of my cock, and ran it around my arsehole. I pulled my head back and let out a light moan, breathing deeply. By now, all I wanted was her to fuck me. Hard, fast. Just to relieve this torment inside of me.

She never. I knew she wouldn’t. She wanted to hear me scream, of course. She kept the constant torture, running a nail, or her tongue, along my penis. Then I felt it. I knew it was coming; otherwise she wouldn’t have set them out. She slid a well lubed finger inside of me, twisting and turning, covering all my insides. I didn’t want this, I just wanted her now. I could have screamed with her on top of me. But she didn’t want that, otherwise it would be happening.

Then I felt the vibrator slide quickly inside. It came on, and I moaned loudly. I pulled at the handcuffs, as she came up my body. Slowly she whispered little things into my ear, while pushing and pulling the vibrator into my anus. “Your mine aren’t you… mine forever. Because I love you so much, and I don’t want to lose you…” I nodded eagerly. I was hers now, forever. And she was mine. Whatever I asked for, she would do. Ever since I managed to get her to give me blowjobs, and let me touch her breasts (they were over sensitive), she trusted me, and gave into me.

“And you want the larger one into you don’t you…” I stopped nodding immediately, and tried pleading eyes on her. It was to hard to do, with the dildo lodged inside of me so deep. She moved back down, and released the little dildo. I felt it slide slowly out of me. Then she lubed up the other vibrator, and slid it slowly up my arse. I groaned loudly, as she switched it on and put my knickers over it, holding it in tight. Then she moved the knickers to the side, letting my dick spring to the side, and ‘saddled’ me. Slowly she slid her wet vagina over my dick, letting out a loud groan.

She started riding me like an animal, like I was her beast. All the time, she kept reminding me that it was her fucking me. It was her dick inside of me, and I was nothing more then her dirty little slut. But nothing that she said could make me come to the edge. Not while the vibrator pushed hard against my g-spot, making me squirm and scream a little. She placed her head close to my ear, biting it hard. “Don’t resist, come for me. Now.”

I still didn’t come. As she came riding in on her orgasm, she let out a loud scream, and then bit my neck hard. After a little while, still pushing in and out, but less now, she pulled her body off mine, and sat next to my feet. She grabbed the vibrator and pulled it out of my body. Suddenly I went limp. Breathing heavily, she ran her fingers all over my dick, before massaging it slowly. “Aww… my poor little slut. You okay, bitch?”

I nodded. Now I could feel myself start to come. She wrapped her mouth around my dick, and sucked gently, running her tongue over my head. I squealed a little, and come deep into her mouth. Then she pulled off, and crawled up my body. She kissed me deeply, passing my own come to my mouth, which I swallowed. Then we kissed passionately, as she slowly undid my handcuffs.

“Is tomorrow your time?” I asked, gently, hugging her tightly against my body.

She whispered her reply, running her nails under my dress. “Definitely…”

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