tagTransgender & CrossdressersQuiet Night in for a Dickgirl

Quiet Night in for a Dickgirl


The scent of patchouli fills the air. The smoke from my hippie-girl incense floats through the flickering shadows cast by the dozen or so candles that fill my bedroom.

Soft Seventies Soul plays on my speakers and I am splayed naked and oiled on my bed with the sheets strewn on the floor.

As I tenderly stroke my dick.

A generous coating of oil glistens off the veins that interlace from the base of my thick, weighty, cock to a few inches below the bulbous head. My foreskin slides tantalizingly back and forth over the swollen head of my cock as I run my hand firmly over my shaft up and down in smooth motions. My hand feels electric as the veins on my cock collapse and fill as I stroke through them.

Tonight is a mellow night in.

I take a puff on my dwindling joint and lay it on the incense burner. As I blow an indica-heavy aphrodisiac plume into the air I cup my firm right breast with my now free hand.

I shift my hand palming the underside of my oiled boob a couple of times then gently pinch the nipple in time with my stroking of my dick. I am nearly overwhelmed by the vision in front of me. I slowly survey from my glistening, round 34C tits capped with puffy areolas and firm, erect, nubby nipples. I continue down to my narrow waist circumscribing the subtle muscle definition around my firm abdomen; gentle indentations running across my stomach above and below my sweet little innie navel and a cute linea alba running down the middle. As my abdomen flows into my pubis my hips gently flare and my cock rises majestically, nearly vertical, casting daunting shadows in all directions as it catches the light from different candles.

Oh... my... fucking... god. The pot-enhanced pleasure as I stroke my massive dick is so intense I feel like I'm floating. I can feel my pussy juices as they start to flow, leaking between my legs and down over my smooth, tight ass. My pussy quivers in time with my dick stroking and I remove my hand from my boob to swirl in the fluid leaking between my lips.

I run my moistened fingertips between my labia and tickle myself at the mouth of my pussy. I'm so wet my fingers are getting coated and I run my labia gently between my thumb and index finger up and down each lip. All of this stimulation makes me shiver and my hips thrust up off the bed in a spasm as my hand reaches to the oily tip of my cock. Pre-cum drips from me and pools in my foreskin.

I run my hand back down to mid-shaft and then point the head to my mouth. Leaning up I place the tip between my lips and gently squeeze it with them as my tongue tickles the very tip and laps at the pre-cum accumulated in the crease of my foreskin. I move both hands under my ass cheeks with my fingers just reaching my soaked pussy. Then, with my dick still in my mouth, I lean my head back and bring my hips up and towards my head in the contortion required for me to be able to really fuck my face.

Opening wider I take the full head into my mouth and nip around it with my teeth causing more shivers and spasms in my abs. I form an O with my lips and pull my dick out against them with a pop. I repeat the cycle a few times causing more precum to ooze out and then I take my dick further into my mouth.

Lifting my hips further off the bed forces the head to the back of my mouth and I jam my lips further down the shaft to take more of it in. I love the feeling of the head of my dick as I push it against the back of my mouth. It used to gag me but I'm long since past that. Years of the most enjoyable practice I can imagine have taught me to relax and nose breathe as my dick blocks the entrance to my throat.

Hey, if you grew up with a massive rampant boner and a girl's flexibility it would be only a matter of time until you figured all of this out too.

Amping up the intensity of my drug-addled self-pleasuring I slide my dick to the back of my throat and keep pushing by flexing my hips and lifting my head in sync. I lunge forward with my lips and at the same time I swallow and suddenly my dick is two inches deep in my throat. I pause, take a few deep breaths through my nose then slowly slide my dick further down my throat. My maw is pried wide, my lips pressed tight against my thick shaft, stretched to their max. I can feel the oily veins between them as they slide slowly past. Gently I start to slide my dick in and out of my throat and I focus all of my attention on it as it feeds into my face.

All of the sensations on my dick are heightened by the powerful weed I smoked and I give cosmic deep throat when I'm stoned.

It's all too much to bear and I feel my whole being dissolve into dick-pleasure as the beginnings of an orgasm take hold. My entire world speeds up as the sensations of a world-class blow job course through my dick like the first drop on a rollercoaster.

I've lost control of myself as my huge, urgent, dick shoves itself deeper and deeper into my throat. I'm on autopilot as my mind succumbs to the rising orgasm. My tongue laps at the inverted topside of my dick as it continues to slide back deeper in my throat. Finally, I can feel the base of my dick at my lips and the pussy juice that has run down to coat my cock.

God I love the taste of pussy.

I hold myself in this position, firmly forcing my groin against my own face again and again until bang, it hits. A tsunami has been building in my balls and with one final thrust I'm launching stream after stream of cum up my shaft and straight down my throat into my gullet. I can feel the dick-spasms in my throat and the cum warming my stomach.

Shifting focus, I feel my dick spasming ferociously in waves from the base through the shaft. My orgasm continues rampant as I start to feel the need for air. I'm still spewing my load as I slide my dick out of my throat to cradle on my tongue. I can feel the cum and deepthroat spit filling it with each convulsion of my orgasm.

Finally, I take my still firing cock out of my mouth, lay back, and splatter the last shots over my chest swinging my dick-club side to side to coat my tits which feel like they're on fire. Minutes later it's over. My breath slowly returns to normal as I play with the cum that has pooled all over my body. My nipples jut through the layer of creamy, pungent semen like cherry gumdrops on vanilla cup cakes. Every inch of my body that isn't covered in jism glistens with sweat. My semihard dick throbs and oozes residual cum as it lays across my leg almost to the knee. As I drift back to reality I become aware of the smell of patchouli and hear the Delfonics singing 'Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?' Taking a deep breath I survey the remains of my orgasm and start to giggle uncontrollably.

I am absolutely, completely, I've-got-a-crush-on, in love with my dick.

In most ways I'm a total girly girl but my dick makes me feel like a Man. Twelve inches long and seven inches around with an upward curve; it is a club of throbbing power that dominates my entire world when provoked. Even a moderate hardon that can be caused as easily as a cute girl passing me at Starbucks can start my body scintillating and make it hard to focus on anything else.

Just like guys talk about their Little Heads thinking for their Big Heads, my dick often feels like it has its own agenda. It's actually worse for me because my Big Head is a girl and my Not-So-Little Head is decidedly a dude. He can walk into a club and know that any chick that chubs him up will be screaming and coating him in her juices by the end of the night.

So my dick is my best friend, but I also feel a maternal sense towards him. I'm proud of him. I try my best to keep him away from trouble but I know he's going to make his own mistakes and I know I'll love him anyway. All in all we make a great team and I get the best of both worlds. I can flirt and seduce like a hot girl and I can fuck like a well-hung guy.

Growing up I always thought of myself as a Dickgirl. I was born with pretty much normal female genitalia but with a notably enlarged clitoris that has always looked just like a penis. When I was young I was pretty much the same size as boys my age but when I hit puberty it took off, growing until, by the end of high school, I was well aware that I had a massive cock.

No one knows why I have a dick or why it's so huge. There have always been suspicions that it has to do with all the mind-expanding drugs my parents were doing when my Mom was pregnant with me messing up my hormone balance or something. Doctors think whatever it was may have also affected other parts of my body more subtly because I've always had a sort of Amazon quality in my physique and muscle tone and my mind is a mercurial mix of sensual feminine and turgid masculine energies. What everyone knows for sure is that, as for me, I have always seen it as a blessing and never a curse.

I pretty much completely avoided the teasing and bullying children reserve for kids who are different. From a young age I realized that my penis made me unique and my parents took it as some kind of mystical good omen so they were very cool with it. To my pediatrician's surprise they never treated it as a medical situation that needed to be addressed, it was a unique and auspicious part of their beautiful daughter. I also learned early that it could be a source of great pleasure so it took on oversize almost mystical properties for me as well. It never occurred to me that it was anything other than the best thing in the world.

And it made the world seem like a very good place to me.

An attractive girl with a very optimistic outlook, generous spirit, and tons of positive energy is a force to be reckoned with. I've found that few can resist my smile and a wink can raise most people's heart rate. Add to that a potent sexual presence that can glimmer between masculine and feminine and maybe it's not so surprising that very few people have a problem with my horsecock.

In fact, most people think it's pretty cool that I have a big dick. Guys still find me attractive and don't feel somehow gay when attracted to a chick with a dick. Even straight guys find its power sexy not disturbing like they might if confronted by a guy's big meat.

Most of the guys with whom I've fucked have been fascinated by it. They generally know I have a dick well before they see it unwrapped which eases the shock of finding a sexy cute girl that's got the biggest dick they've ever seen. They'll stroke it while they fuck me doggie style or I bounce the shit out of them reverse cowgirl. They say it's kind of like jacking themselves off and it makes them feel like they have a huge dick of their own. Lots of them blow me and more than a few take as much as they can up their ass. It's kinda funny how attaching a massive dick to a hot chick turns guys on to cock.

Girls just fucking love my dick. They think it's the coolest thing ever. A beautiful, sexy, near freakishly big cock attached to a soft, sexy cool girl with nice tits. Some want a fuck buddy some want a lover but all of them want my dick and their sexual feelings never seem to interfere with our friendships. It's kinda funny how attaching a massive dick to a hot chick puts girls into a sharing mood.

So all in all I feel like I live a fairly blessed life filled with satisfying relationships and tons of sex of all sorts with pretty much anyone who suits my fancy. The only real problem with my life at this moment is that I'm covered in cum and it's dangerously close to getting onto my sheets.

Ugh, time to get up and clean up. I'd really prefer to savor the mellow, sexy, stoned-as-shit, post-orgasmic bliss but these are pretty nice sheets. So I take a last long toke on my joint and head for the bathroom. I turn up the shower until it's steamy and jump in before too much cum hits the floor. Under the water I use my fingers like squeegees on the accumulated cum over my breasts and down my abdomen. Based on the amount of cum pooling near the drain I just had a great orgasm; not like I didn't already know that.

I soap up with body gel and bounce my slippery boobs through my fingers a few times until my nipples get erect again. I move on to my dick which is hanging pendulously in front of me. All of the urgency is gone but it is still moderately inflated and swings when I soap it up. My dick starts to reverse course as I wash it and begins to get firm in my hand.

I'm just thinking maybe I need to get a little shower action going when my cell phone rings. I jump out of the shower and grab a towel as I run back to my bedroom to answer the phone. As I pick it up I see the call is from Amy my best and oldest friend in the world. I wrap the towel around my body and answer the phone.

"Hey Babe, where are you calling from?"

"I just got home. The lecture got canceled and I couldn't stand the thought of hanging around another day so I caught an earlier flight. What are you doing home on a Friday night?"

"I've been having a mellow night in. It's been a pretty hectic week and besides, my favorite girl has been away in New York."

"Mellow night in huh? Did you have your dick in your mouth when I called?"

"No, I was in the shower doing damage control."

"Sorry I missed it."

"Me too. I'm so high and sexed up right now I would love a Cuddle Buddy."

"Well, that's why I called. I can be over in about a half hour and I can't wait to fuck."

"See you then sexy."

Amy and I have been friends since nursery school. She's known about my unique asset from the innocent days when kids play doctor, before developing cooties. We lost all of our various virginities to each other over time, explored the extensive sexual permutations possible between us and I like to think we invented, or at least renamed, a couple of extreme positions. We've been best friends, fuck buddies, lovers, and partners in crime through first crushes, first kisses, first dates, and first break ups. We've helped each other learn about makeup and clothes and finer points of courtship in the modern age.

Amy's been away for about a week in New York. She's an editor for a New York-based publisher which has an office in Los Angeles. So she edits watching the Pacific Ocean through her window and travels East for occasional meetings, events, and to make sure that everything between her authors and publisher is going smoothly.

Now I must decide what to wear to welcome her home. I let my towel drop to my feet in front of a full-length mirror in my hallway.

"What mood am I in?"

I scan my reflection in the mirror taking in my form and imagining how different options will look. I start with my face. I see my eyes, which can shift between a crystalline green and rich chocolate brown, are dark and deep in the mirror. My pupils are enlarged and liquid reflecting my deeply mellow post-orgasm high. My eyebrows are precisely shaped in arcs which normally gives me a smiling-eyes look. Tonight however my delicate, softly opened, lips and buzzed expression combined with my mussy, towel dried, short black bob hair make me feel like a sleepy sex kitten that just wants to curl up in her lover's lap.

Appraising my boobs through that lens they look particularly soft and pendulous tonight. My nipples and areola are pretty responsive to my mood as well so at the moment they are flat and continuous with my globes giving my breasts a ripe round shape. My body is lithe and fit. I'm six feet tall with long athletic legs. They are shapely but have good definition and taper from my firm 34-inch ass. I have a bubble butt that juts out from my narrow waist, firm, squeezable, and juicy.

Watching in the mirror, I shift hips my from a cocked open leg position to a straight hip, forward-shifted, closed-leg position standing taller through my torso and shoulders. Looking in the mirror I see a very delicate, but decidedly masculine image; a heartbreakingly beautiful boy who seems almost fragile until I notice his confident powerful dick.

I love playing this game with myself but tonight is definitely a girly-girl night in so I return to my relaxed posture and decide on a simple pair of black stretch boyshorts that emphasize the curves of my butt stretching from just below my cheeks to just above my pubis showing the crests of my hips. A matching top which is just an eight inch-wide band of the same simple soft stretch material. It gently holds my rounded boobs in showing luscious cleavage above and just hiding their underslopes as it is pushed off my chest below. I look so cute I just want to curl up in bed but instead I hit a few lights and roll a few fresh joints.

Just as I'm finishing up with the last joint I hear Amy letting herself in to my apartment. I put all of the goodies onto a tray and run out to see her. She's standing in my entrance wearing a trim, tailored trench coat which she has opened to reveal her body beneath. She poses there for me allowing me to take in her trim five foot eight inch frame encased in lacy white lingerie. Her bra is a sophisticated demi cup which acts as a shelf for her beautiful B cup breasts seeming to offer them to me. Her panties are a matching French cut pair that hug her hips high and create a sexy muff between her legs. Her silky blond hair is cut to between her shoulders with delicate bangs in front.

She's just beautiful standing there for my benefit. Her smile widens and she tosses her trench coat on a chair and I continue to stare at this beautiful retro beach girl in my doorway. Her smile turns to a smirk as she steps towards me and takes a joint off the tray in my hand.

"Such a look of adoration on your face, you must have had a great orgasm."

"Yeah, I'm pretty mellow and you look so cute. Let's light up and cuddle." I purr.

"So no deep hard fucking for me tonight?" Amy pouts as she lights the joint then takes a puff from it like a cigarette.

I walk behind her and start to nibble at her left ear as I reach around with my left arm across her chest and place my right hand on her left hip. Amy holds the joint to my lips and I take a drag as I caress her gently from behind. My dick has gone from firm to erect by the time I exhale and I pull Amy back against it. She giggles and takes another pull on the joint which she leans back and shares with me in a tender, loving kiss. We tease each other's lips gently, languorously as we descend into a sensual buzz.

I take Amy's hand in mine and lead her in front of my mirror. I return to my earlier embrace of Amy and we admire ourselves. Amy's abdomen is beautifully feminine with gentle definition. Her crystal blue eyes sparkle as she begins to relax from her trip and immerse herself in the sensual evening ahead. I cup her breasts through her bra, tenderly teasing her nipples, causing them to get even more erect. I run one hand down her abdomen across her panties and gently cup her pussy.

Amy's legs buckle a little as my cock presses into her butt as I pull back on her crotch. It's a solid bar running across my left leg just held in place by the waist of my panties and I grind it against her buns feeling the indentations it forms. I undo her bra and take it off her shoulders letting it drop to the ground. I continue to gently grind against her with my dick as I return my hands to her beautiful tanned tits. Holding her nipples gently with thumb and forefingers I caress her breasts while cooing in her ear and nibbling on her earlobe.

Kneeling behind Amy I peel her panties down her well-shaped legs. Amy steps out of them and, returning to my embrace of her I tease my right hand down her front and reach for her pussy. I slowly extend my middle finger to her labia and before I can even touch them I am met with her fluid which I delicately spread up and down the line where her labia meet. Amy's lips respond to my caress becoming engorged and blossoming open to me. I spend minutes teasing Amy's lips with the tips of my thumb and forefinger wetting them with her own juices.

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