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Quitting Time: Costumed Fun


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as it's my first time writing. My e-Mail address through the link below.

Ian was the typical seventeen year old kid. He was close to five foot seven and weighed about one hundred and forty five pounds, with some muscle. He had messy brown hair with dark green eyes and the faintest hint of a stubble. He had opted not to go to college and stayed in his home town of Santa Rosa, California with several of his friends who had gone into separate careers.

Ian's Mom knew Mister Rombassi, the owner of the local high street party Shop. It sold various items such as costumes, party decorations, gag gifts, practical joke items and general party related paraphernalia. After much persuasion, Ian agreed to work at the store.

While he had never really liked Mister Rombassi, the pay check was good and he was within cycling distance so he didn't have to pay for bus rides or catch the train.

Sighing, he leaned back in his chair and thought back to the last summer where he and his friends had graduated. They had all been full of hope and ready to tackle College full on. One thing led to another, such as Ian's Dad opting to leave him and his Mom for his Secretary. While Ian would never admit it, that was one of the reasons as to why he had chosen to stay home and work.

Shortly after telling his now ex-girlfriend that he was staying with her in California, she had made a face and shied away from talking to him. After a few days of not talking, Ian had managed to get hold of her, where she explained that she had hoped he would go to College.

After a late night phone call, his ex had revealed that she had been cheating on him and wanted to tell him when he was out of the state. Cursing loudly, Ian slammed the phone down and hadn't spoken to her since. Simply writing a strongly worded text message dripping with sarcasm to make Hugh Laurie flinch.

Running a hand through his hair, Ian looked at the nearby calendar. He flipped the pages back a few times and saw that he had been working at the store for close to three months and apart from being able to spend all day surfing the internet on his laptop computer or reading the latest comic book he had picked up on his way over he got very bored, very easily.

He sat behind the desk for hours simply waiting for people to wander in to try on costumes for parties, maybe order clowns or acts for their parties and generally waste his time. The job paid well and he got to work overtime at the weekends at random parties dressed as some degrading character.

It had been an average Monday with next to no customers and nothing to do but surf the net and dive into the Marvel Civil War. Closing the last book, Ian yawned heavily and looked around. The store was dead. Looking at his watch, the time read '4:58'. Two minutes to closing, no one would miss it.

Ready to shut the shop, Ian had packed away his belongings and began looking for his Laptop's power adaptor. Ian moved to the back room when he heard the shops bell ring. Walking into the front of the store, he noticed a woman looking at the costumes next to the window display. Sighing, he hoped this would be a quick 'Get the hell out of my shop!' type affair.

"Hi! I'm Ian welcome to 'The Party Store'! How can I serve you today?" The lady in question turned around and Ian instantly knew who she was.

"Hey! I'm Jennifer!"

Ian was stunned. Jennifer Love Hewitt stood in front of him and God did she look good! She was wearing: a tight pink t-shirt that showed off her mighty impressive cleavage and a super short denim skirt that made you stare at her smooth tanned legs. To top it off, Jennifer was wearing a set of killer high heels that must've been at least four inches off of the floor.

"Uhhh... Hey! How can I help you today?" Ian was proud of himself. He was able to form a complete sentence since most of his blood had left his brain and moved towards his nether regions. Smiling awkwardly, he hoped he wasn't leering as he continued to stare at her.

"Well, I'm having a party in a couple of weeks and I'll need a costume for it. Could you help with that?" Jennifer smiled at him, obviously not bothered by his lust. Ian swallowed hard as his brain ran rampant with imagery of what she could want to be dressed up as.

"Sure! Everything you see here is for rental or for sale. We've got fitting rooms at the... rear..." Ian winced at the choice of words, as his pants started to strain. "Have... Have you got a theme for the party?"

Looking to the side for a brief moment, Jennifer shook her head. "No, no theme I guess. Can I have a look around?" Ian nodded dumbly as Jennifer wandered off into the vast array of shelving with costumes hanging from hooks. Ian couldn't believe his luck! The woman he had the most fantasies about... Jennifer... Love... Frakking Hewitt! She was in his store and was within touching distance!

Just as he was moving to follow her, the door chimed again. Cursing under his breath, Ian spun around to face the customer. It was a middle aged business man who seemed to simply be browsing. As he didn't make eye contact, Ian took it upon himself to quickly shoo the man out.

"I'm sorry Sir but we're closed now. We open again at Nine A.M tomorrow, we look forward to your custom then!" Ian quickly motioned to the door, hoping the guy would get the picture.

"But I'll only be five minutes! Besides, I just saw a woman come in here! She hasn't left yet so I'm not leaving either!" The man protested, Ian was already sick of it.

"Yes, but she was here before we closed. It's store policy that if someone arrives before the store shuts then we have to wait for them to finish." Putting on his best poker face, Ian watched as the man sighed heavily and rolled his eyes. Walking out towards the door, Ian was ready to lock it when the man stuck his head in again.

"What's your name?!" He demanded rudely wagging his fat index finger at Ian.

"Scott... Reed..." Ian said, bluffing convincingly enough.

"Right Scott! I'm calling your manager tomorrow and we'll see how smug you are then!"

Ian smiled and nodded his head, he was marked for all day tomorrow. All he had to do was throw his voice convincingly enough and he was sure that would settle it. Grinning, Ian flipped the small white sign so that the outside message read 'Closed'. He was determined that no one was gonna interrupt this time with her.

Turning around, Ian wandered into the many rows of clothing, looking around he noticed Jennifer had gone missing. "Hello? Are you back here Miss?" Ian called out, hoping that he could hide his desperation in his voice. A soft voice rang out from the back of the store, Ian moved closer to the noise to hear everything.

"I'm just trying some clothes on and please call me Love. Miss is way too formal!" Jennifer shouted out. "What did you say your name was? Ian right?"

"Yes, that's right Mi... Love!" Ian spoke back, correcting himself mid-wording.

"You been working here long? You like it here?"

"Yeah, it's OK. I've been here for close to three months now. My Mom knows the owner and managed to net me a job here." Ian called back, taking a position leaning up against the wall of dummy dog craps.

"That's sweet of her. You working on getting some money to go to college?" Love called out again as the sound of a zipper also joined her voice.

"Well, that's kind of a long story... Kinda boring too." Ian said, hoping to not have to drag it out.

"Well... If what you told that douchey guy earlier is true... We have plenty of time. If that's OK with you?" Jennifer asked, realizing she was just assuming he wouldn't care that she had other things to try on.

Laughing lightly, Ian nodded his head. "Good point! Yeah, I've nothing to do tonight so you can take as long as you want." Ian said, a horny grin on his face as his cock strained at the thought of staying into the early hours with her. "My Mom and Dad had been together for a while now... But my Dad was an C.E.O of an Architect business and his assistant... Well, was just too much of a temptation I guess. He ran off with her to Spain somewhere and we haven't heard from him in close to four months. I'm wondering if he'll remember my birthday too... But, I chose to not go to College and work for Mister Rombassi so I can help Mom with the bills and rent."

"Wow... That's so great of you to do that!" Jennifer said, genuine admiration in her voice. "You said your birthday was coming up soon?"

"That's right. Actually it's tomorrow. He he." Ian said, trailing off to a laugh at the end.

"Wow. What are you doing? Doing something with your girlfriend?"

Snorting at the suggestion, Ian shook his head. "I was, but due to recent events... No girlfriend, any more I'm afraid. All of my friends are single guys, so I guess it'll be Rock Band or Halo 3."

"No girlfriend? How could a cutey like you not have a girlfriend?" Love asked, making Ian's dick strain even more.

"She was cheating on me. I broke it off there and then." Ian said flatly, not really wanting to elaborate on it.

"Wow, when was this?" Jennifer asked as the sound of clothing being ruffled matched her voice.

"... Well it was last night." Ian said, the pain still fresh in his mind.

"Ah. Sluts like that suck... Literally sometimes." Love said with a slight giggle.

Ian smiled and nodded his head knowingly. "So... This party? What's it in honor of?" Ian asked, joining in on the small talk eventually.

"A get together with some of my friends. Just thought it would be fun to dress up especially for it y'know? We normally get really silly and dress up in the skimpiest things we can find. All ladies too of course." Love said with a wicked grin, that Ian couldn't see but could almost hear.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. You got anything picked out yet?" Ian asked as his cock became hard enough to cut through steel.

"Well, I've got a big pile of ones I definitely don't want and a bigger pile of things I may want. May be a little longer if that's OK?" Love asked as she pulled back the curtain and walked out with a set of hangars with the costumes attached to it.

"Sure, no problem. I'll put these back for you." Ian said with a smile, aiming to use the costumes to hide the bulge in its denim prison. Love smiled and handed them to him, stopping to look at his shirt.

"What's that robot?" She asked, noting that Ian was wearing his t-shirt of the Decepticon, Soundwave. Looking down, Ian's cheeks flushed red and he started to stutter. Embarrassed that he was caught with that shirt on by his favorite masturbation fantasy.

"That's ah... Soundwave... From Transformers... Y'know the cartoon? Kind of nerdy I know..." Ian said, stammering and trying to keep the shame from his voice.

"No, I think 'nerds' are cool." Love made sure to use the Dr. Evil air quotes around the word nerd. "They're the most genuine people I think. They don't have to wear the newest, coolest shirt to stand out. They wear what represents them best and I think that's a really cool characteristic to have." Love paused for a moment, before flashing him a wide bright smile. "I guess that makes you one of my favorite people then."

Ian may've been slightly under-exposed with girls but he knew flirting when he saw it. Taking a chance, Ian responded. "I wasn't before?" He said with a wicked smile as he hooked the costumes up to their correct hooks.

"Well... You did shut the shop just for me... You're definitely up there..." Love said again, smiling wickedly. As Ian moved up to hook a costume, Love stole a glance at Ian's bulge and smiled happily.

"Am I one of your favorite people Ian?" Love said with a wicked smile, not giving away the fact that she'd seen his crotch.

"Well, your damn sexier than most..." Ian mentally cursed himself for saying that last part. Hoping she didn't take any offence, Ian hooked the last one up and slowly turned around.

Love was smiling happily, hopefully just pleased at the 'compliment' Ian had just paid her. Love was the first to break the temporary silence. "That's sweet of you to say so. I've not been feeling too sexy lately. The way the paparazzi and web bloggers have been attacking me it's... Well it's not nice to be in my shoes."

Ian's snorted loudly. "Like some 30 year old loser hiding in his Mother's basement holds any ground over you. I really don't understand where they get off on that."

"I know right!? God, they drive me insane!" Love said with a sigh as she walked back into the dressing room, pulling the blue curtain back behind her.

"So, you haven't got a theme for the party?" Ian said aloud as Love started to change again. "If you're going for skimpy, we do have a... Revealing... French maid outfit." Ian said, keeping his voice steady, not letting it waver.

"Oh?" Love said softly, as Ian's dick pressed against his pants. His mind committing the Sin of giving him a mental picture as to what she could look like in it.

"Yeah, it's a mesh type get up, with a cotton pattern attached to the mesh. It's quite popular among the more... Adult... Shoppers here." Ian said, retail assistant taking over from his horny teenage boy mode.

"You go commando under it?" Love asked, a hint of surprise in her voice.

"You can do, I mean it's a thin costume, you could definitely wear underwear beneath it." Ian said, as Love pushed back the curtain for the first time in costume. Ian looked her over, and took a deep gulp.

Love was decked out in: a PVC Police officer outfit. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she had black aviator glasses on, covering her eyes. The outfit was jet black and held little to the imagination. The top was in a V-cut that ran down halfway past her breasts, showing the mighty pair fighting to get out. Ian could also clock that she was not wearing a bra and he was in fact looking at Love's large tits. The lower half of the costume showed off her large ass in a set of black PVC hot pants, covering half of her cheeks. To top it off, Love was wearing boots that ran all the way up to her silky thighs.

"You have the right to remain stunned!" Love said with a giggle as she gave Ian a twirl. Ian fought hard not to cum right there and then. "How do I look?" Love asked, a sweet smile on America's favorite girl next door.

"You look... You look..." Ian stammered, trying to find a word that wouldn't get him slapped with a restraining order and a date with a man named Tito.

"Hot?" Love suggested helpfully as Ian absorbed the sight of her.

"Yeah." Ian said, admitting defeat to a giggle from Love.

"Great, still need that slutty side though!" Love said with a wink, looking around the costume shop. Love turned to Ian again. "Where was that maid outfit?"

Snapping back to reality and not leering mode, Ian walked over to the back of the store, almost hidden away. The part had all the costumes, drag queens, prostitutes, Porn stars and alike would come for. Seeing it at the top of the shelf, Ian stood on his toes to try and hook it down as Love walked up behind him.

"Can't reach it?" She asked as Ian jumped on the spot to try and grab it.

"No. I'll have to get the ladder. I'll be right back." Ian said, as he made his way out to the back room. Grabbing the steel ladder, Ian took a moment to calm himself down before moving back out to the shop with the sexy starlet.

Unfolding the ladder, Ian placed it just below the outfits and made his way up two rungs. Little did he know, but his dick was now mere inches away from Love's smiling face. Love eyed the bulge in his pants lustfully and then looked up at Ian innocently.

"Alright, got it!" Ian said triumphantly as he stepped down the ladder. Hooking the costume off of the thin, chrome arm. Ian tucked the costume under his arm and stepped off of the ladder. Passing the outfit to Love, she thanked him and disappeared behind the curtain again. Tugging it shut, Love made the familiar sounds of getting changed.

"So, what were you going to do with your ex?" Love asked, getting the conversation going again.

"Not really sure. May've gone up to the Hollywood sign and had a picnic there." Ian said, shrugging his shoulders and looking to the floor in almost a defeated way.

"Sounds romantic!" Love said happily as Ian nodded.

"It would've been, still not shame crying over cheating girlfriends right?" Ian said with a smile. As Love was about to answer, Ian's phone buzzed to life. "Hang on, that's my phone going off."

Ian ran out to the back and grabbed his phone. Clicking the green button to pick up, Ian put the phone to his ear.


"Ian... It's Becky."

"Jesus. What do you want?" Ian spat, as his ex-girlfriend was on the phone.

"To talk. I know we've had some differences..."

"Differences? We've had some differences? Look, the only difference in our relationship was that you were sucking another dick! Don't act like you didn't love it!" Ian was now yelling down the phone, he wasn't aware but Love could hear every word as she had on her maid costume.

Pulling back the curtain, Love stepped out, dressed from head to toe in a fish net fabric that covered most of her luxurious body. Covering her breasts and some of her stomach was a fake, black leather chest piece with a silky white trim at the top. To finish the costume, Love was wearing long boots that ran up to her knees with a zip on either side.

Walking towards the furious teenager, Love's hips swayed purely by accident as she stood inches away from the youngster. Listening intently to the harsh words being spat from both sides.

"Oh yeah? I was doing you a favor! No other girl would want to touch you!" Becky shouted back at Ian.

"No other girl would want to touch me!?" Ian shouted back, a quiver of fear in his voice as he almost accepted this fact. Turning around in a rage, Ian saw Love standing just behind him, his firm jaw had now dropped.

Smiling at the corner of her mouth, Love leant over the counter, purposely bending at her waist so Ian could see down her cleavage. Love then took the phone away from a flabbergasted Ian.

Putting the phone to her ear, Love could hear the fuming teenager on the other side of the phone shouting at Ian. Speaking softly, Love silenced the teen.

"Listen, there are plenty of girls who would want to touch Ian... Take me for example... Right now, I'm getting down onto my knees... I'm leaning forward and I'm unzipping Ian's pants." Love said with a wicked grin, dropping down to her knees slowly, Love did as she said and unzipped Ian's fly.

"What.. What're you doing Love?" Ian asked as Love looked up at him with a wicked smile.

Love tucked her hand into Ian's boxers and pulled out his cock. Looking over the nine inch member, Love licked her lips in anticipation. Kissing the tip of the dick, Ian shuddered lightly as Love smiled. Wrapping her right hand around the base of his shaft, Love started to pump his dick up and down. Ian closed his eyes and leaned against the counter as Love opened her mouth and closed it just around Ian's dick's head.

Pressing the phone against her mouth even closer, Love made sure to really draw out the sucking of Ian's cock making sure that Becky heard every moment of the oral sex.

Lightly squeezing her lips together, Love moaned through the member as Ian brought his hands up from the counter and ran them through her long brown hair. Love brought her right hand down to Ian's balls and lightly cupped the large sack as Love's right hand ran all over his member.

Love took her turn to moan now as she swallowed the first few inches of Ian's actual shaft, the vibrations around his member made Ian shiver as Love smiled around the meaty sword. Love began to rough house Ian's balls as she increased her speed bobbing on his cock.

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