tagSci-Fi & FantasyR & R Ch. 01

R & R Ch. 01


Authors Note: This is my first submission, and hopefully the first chapter in a fairly long story. It may take a while for the action to truly start but rest assured if you struggle through this chapter there will be plenty in the next! Please comment! All critiques will be greatly appreciated! Hope you enjoy!


I snuck through the darken campus thinking only one thought: I do really stupid shit for girls. My heart raced and I flattened myself against a big blue wall, haunted by a faint noise. Yeah that'll really help, hide your 6 foot 5 frame by standing up against a wall... you tool.

"Just a bat, just a bat," I consoled myself, prying myself off of the wall and creeping around the back of the building, making sure to stay well away from any lights left on. I wasn't sure how illegal it was to be on campus at one in the morning but I didn't really want to test it, especially not dressed in a black shirt and dark jeans, complete with black hoody. Almost there, another two buildings and I'd be at the Great Hall.

"You know what would be so hot," I whispered in a high pitch voice, mimicking the ridiculously attractive girl in my maths tutorial "If somebody replaced the university's flag with a pirate one."

I took a hurried breath and sprinted across the large avenue that ran through the middle of campus. I kept low to the ground and didn't slow till I reached the scaffold they set up for the restoration work. I looked around trying to find the two lights that would tell me the location of campus security roving car. They were nowhere in sight, I couldn't even pick up the noise of the engine in the silent evening, that'd give me at least fifteen minutes.

I started climbing carefully and attempted to be quiet, admittedly I failed miserably in that regard but I couldn't help it and I wasn't going to give up now. It was a frightening five minutes with one mantra repeated over and over again: Don't look down.

I finally reached the top of the scaffold, out of breath with sweaty palms, and rested my back against the sandstone parapet. I pulled the pirate flag out of the backpack I wore and waited, peering over the edge occasionally until I noticed the lights of the roving security guard had passed the hall and moved to patrol the other half of campus.

Now or never, I got up and started to let down the universities flag, a golden lion upon a checked blue and white rampant, and replaced it with the pirate's flag. I folded the universities flag and slipped it into the plastic bag I carried with me, placing it under a spare fragment of sandstone so it wouldn't get damaged or blown away. Sure I may be committing a minor misdemeanor for the hot girl in my maths tute, but I wasn't going to steal the flag!

I looked at the new flag adorning the pole and thought to myself: This is the coolest thing I've ever done. I was just about to start my decent when the sky erupted with thunder and lightning, rain start pelting down and within five seconds I was soaked. Flash storms weren't particularly uncommon in Sydney but this was a little weird. I hastily made my decent with a hell of a lot more caution than before, to my credit I only lost my grip and almost plummeted to my death once. By the time I reached the bottom my jeans were soaked, my shirt was sticking to me like a second skin, and my brown hair was slicked back in a 1950's style.

Lighting crashed down into the middle of the long avenue, barely ten meters away, and I jumped. The smell of ozone burnt my nose and the large thunderclap that followed deafened me, I was blinded and I could only make out a faint blur remained. I waited for two minutes, only hearing the torrential down pour and feeling the chill that cut straight through to my bones.

When I could see the faint outlines of objects again I began to move, trying to run straight instead of sideways, across Easter Avenue. My vision wasn't completely restored and my inner ear detested my desperate sprint, fighting a bitter battle to get me to stop running and instead start lying on the ground. It won.

One second I was half stumbling half running and the next I was falling. My hands were outstretched to break my fall, and instead of touching the hard cold concrete of the road they instead met something soft, warm, and smooth. Skin... I tried to resolve what my eyes fed my brain into an image and managed to make out the figure of a girl... no not a girl a woman... a stunning gorgeous woman, a stunning gorgeous naked woman, lying in the middle of the road.

"Shit, oh shit," I stammered, all too aware that I was lying on top of her with my hands upon her... "Oh god, I'm so sorry." I rolled off of her and apologized again, only to notice she wasn't responding, in voice or movement. I couldn't see clearly enough to tell if she was breathing or not. Oh god what do I do? Then my mind came to an awful though, What if she was hit by lightning!

"Help, help!" I called out, no longer caring or thinking that I was the idiot that just changed the universities flag to a pirate one. Of course nobody heard me, and I still wasn't sure what to do. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, my vision was coming back to me know but to my dismay the first really clear image I saw was of the cracked iPhone screen.

"Shit, shit, shit , shit," I was overrun with panic now, I sat there with the rain falling down heavily upon us trying to think of something to do. I could run and get the cops. No that'd take too long, I wouldn't know where to start. I could... I could... god what can I do?

"Hello?' My reverie, okay my indecisive panicking, was interrupted by the most beautiful and melodic voice I had ever heard. The accent was strange, definitely not Australia, but not American, or English, or South African either. It was completely neutral and new, and it was the most calming voice I had ever heard.

"Oh god, are you okay? Did you get hit? Wait... why are you...?"

"Help me, please"

"Sure sure, can you stand," I was babbling, all of this was unreal, maybe she was from one of these colleges that initiate you by making you run through campus naked... sure that could be it... right? She stood slowly and I helped her up, putting around under her shoulders whilst she slung one around my own.

"Do you want to go to hospital? Are you you're okay? Where do you live? Come on, my car is around the corner, I'll take you to the hospital," Once again my mouth opened and verbal diarrhea came out. First the girl in my tute and now this, this beauty who had just appeared in my life; why can't I talk straight to women! WAIT what the hell are you thinking! She just maybe got hit by lightning and you're thinking about hitting on her!? Geese man you really are sick!

"No, no hospital. They... they'll be there. Please... some... somewhere safe... just need rest. Please," the last word was clearly a struggle for her and she barely managed to get hurt.

"Listen I really think we should take you to a hospital, listen you're hurt and need help. Don't worry its safe there,"

"NO!" She screamed with such ferocity I paused mid step, my blood went cold and it felt as if my very soul was shaking by that outburst.

"Wha... what..."

"Please, just take my back to yours. Please?" Gone was the anger now, it was replaced with need. Her fragility and desperation broke through my weakened defensives. It was now my sole goal in life to take her back to my place. We made our way towards the beat up fifteen year old Volvo that was parked a few streets away, I helped her into the back seat and covered her up with a towel I kept in there for emergencies just like this. Okay not just like this but for emergencies.

No sooner was I in the front seat with the seat belt engage and the engine ticking over than the mysterious beautiful woman in the back was once again unconscious. I putted the car into gear and drove off, trying very hard to miss objects like lamp posts... or houses.


On the other side of Sydney a pair of nostrils twitched as their owner sniffed intently.

"Smell that?" A deep husky voice asked his companion. A pause ensued whilst the second individual hunted for the scent as well.

"A fallen one?" A female voice this time, husky like the males but of a slightly higher pitch.

"Yes, in the city," The male turned to his mate and stared manically into her yellow eyes, "Go tell the boss man." He watched as his paramour nodded and turned to leave, she took two bounding steps and crouched over, running on all fours. A shudder passed through her body and the cracking of breaking bounds echoed through the still empty night, her skin erupted with fur and her shape, seconds before humanoid, shifted to that of a canine, a large canine, but canine nevertheless.

The male took one last indulgent sniff of the air before moving in the opposite direction, the direction of the tantalizing smell, the direction of the ferocious storm that kept Sydney's residences inside, the direction of Ryan Richardson and his mysterious guest.

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