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Rabbit Fun


Lindsey and Collette were in the process of deciding how they were going to gratify each other today. The discussion ranged from mutual masturbation, with much description of how each was going to finger the other's cunt and make her come with a great deal of noise, to showering together and using the showerhead to fuck each other, to inserting dildos into each other's tight anal openings to simply taking turns to masturbate in front of each other (again using as much imagination as they could muster to turn each other on), when in walked John, the man with all the ideas.

The two women had already stripped to their underwear, Lindsey in a matching black bra and tight panties set, the bra accentuating her lovely pert breasts with just a hint of nipple poking through the top and the pants quite sheer, revealing the slit of her clearly aroused pussy beneath, with Collette wearing just a neat pair of white French Knickers and no bra, her pink nipples erect to lovely effect. "Well, girls, you look like you are up for some fun today! They'll be some fucking around her before I'm done!"

"We cannot decide what we want to do," said Lindsey, taking one of Collette's nipples, first in between her thumb and forefinger then gently between her lips. She ran her tongue round the aureolae, gently teasing the ever-stiffening tit.

Collette placed her hand behind Lindsey's head and drew her inward. "Nope, we want to fuck, suck or who knows what, but we are just getting hornier and hornier talking about it. I'm so wet I can barely think of anything but my slippery pussy," declared Collette and she even let out a small moan as Lindsey clearly hit home with an extra teasing lick.

"Let me see, Babe," said John as he leaned towards Collette's mound. She pulled her knickers to one side and showed him the wetness of her smoothly shaved cunt. He breathed the smell of it and gently placed his tongue to the slit, sliding it up and just touching her clearly visible clit with the tip. He licked the length of the lips of her vulva and just began to ever so carefully use the tip on the small button just protruding through the engorged labia.

Collette moaned and edged forward, all the while having Lindsey's lips playing with her nipples. She used her other hand to open the lips of her cunt so that John could taste the sweetness of her juices, "What a fantastic taste, Collette! You are really ready for a good fucking. Trouble is what do we fuck you with?"

John stood up and left the room, only to return in a few seconds with a Rabbit vibrator. "Use this girls. There is nothing more exciting than watching two women get it off and the vibrator makes you come so quickly, which is really exciting." With that he handed the vibrator to the women and stood back to see what they would do.

"Do me first chick," Lindsey told Collette. She stood up and removed first her bra, and then the matching knickers, slowly letting her pink, swollen and beautiful cunt come into view. Like Collette's it was smoothly shaved and there was a sheen of wetness just on the lips to the vaginal entrance. Her breasts were small, with nipples even pinker and more erect than Collette's. "Fucking hell, Lindsey, you have such incredible nipples. A man could die just sucking them and rubbing his cock over them!" was all John could say when he saw them, not for the first time, not for the last.

She leaned back and Collette moved towards her. She spread her legs, almost lazily so that the whole of the slit of her cunt came into view as she groaned with desire. Lindsey used her own hands to open the entrance to her pussy, allowing Collette to take the shaft of the vibrator, tease the entrance to her cunt for a while, run it back and forth over the slippery outer lips and ease it into the very wet tunnel. As she got it inside, slowly and gently working it back and forth, she turned it on and it began to rotate inside the other woman. "Get the tips onto my clit, sweetheart!" she instructed Collette, who moved the prong-like protuberance until it just touched her swelling and again she switched it on. The vibrator was rotating and pulsating as the shaft turned in Lindsey's cunt and the prongs throbbed on her ever more excited clitoris. Lindsey spread her legs even more and helped out by using one hand to spread her cunt-lips so the other two could see and at the same time used the other to gently stroke her breasts, all the while leaning on her elbows so she could get a view of what was being done to her by her amazingly sexy friend.

Lindsey let out a low moan as Collette ran her tongue over her nipples as she eased the vibrator in and out of her cunt, "Keep it on my clit, it makes me want to, want to..... ooooh, oooh fucking hell...."

With a grinding moan she began to come. "Look at me babe," insisted John as Lindsey did exactly as instructed. "Let me see your eyes as you come and that vibrator does its thing inside that super wet cunt of yours." The beautiful blonde with the fantastic nipples stared him straight in the eye as she groaned and worked her body through her orgasm, her pupils dilating and her eyes becoming moist with sexual gratification.

Lindsey continued to come, all the while holding Collette's head to her breasts, then kissing Collette wetly with outstretched tongue or kissing John the same way. John took his turn on the vibrator while Collette stood up, removed her panties, making sure he had a good view of her cunt as she stood an inch from his face and then moved her mound to place it in front of Lindsey's face. Lindsey needed no more invitation but buried her tongue in Collette's slit as she started to come once more and Collette began to gasp with yet to be satisfied lust.

Eventually Lindsey subsided and removed the rabbit from her vagina, slowly easing it out, almost with regret. "I had six orgasms then. Fucking brill!"

"My turn chick," said Collette as she lay back and opened her legs. John and Lindsey took a moment to admire the shape of Collette's mound, the shape and beauty of the lips of her cunt and the protuberance of her clitoris through the swollen lips. Collette spread her legs as wide as she could and like her best friend and lover, leaned back on her elbows so she could see what her sexual satisfaction looked like. "I get a real kick at seeing myself being fucked and played with. We should film me getting gang banged some day so I can wank forever on the results!"

"Here we go sweetie," said Lindsey as she slid the Rabbit slowly and carefully into Collette's oh-so-wet-and-eager cunt by way of a return compliment. John was kissing Collette and just brushing her nipples, running his hands through her hair and then over her belly and just feeling the now vibrating machine which was inside her and starting to get her squirming.

"Oh, that is so fucking good," Collette almost sighed. John held the shaft while Lindsey licked Collette's clit before helping him move the prongs onto the swelling sense organ. With almost a single shudder Collette came, then came again, then once more, the juices running from her cunt over the rabbit and onto the floor. She just grinned at her friends as yet one more time her body shuddered with the almost instant release brought by the rabbit.

After three more orgasms she was spent. She smiled again as she looked at Lindsey. "That's us both done then ducky. That was fantastic you two." As the machine was removed she placed her hand over her swollen clit and then almost casually used her fingers to quickly bring herself to the point of orgasm again, this time the other two able to see the pulsing of her swollen vagina as it became even wetter as Collette spasmed into the strongest orgasm yet. "Whoops, spoke too soon!"

"You certainly did, chick. Watching you come has made me really twitchy again. What do you suggest now, John?"

John looked as if thinking, but it was clear from his grin that his mind was already made up.

"I think you should take the Rabbit and get it into Lindsey's arse, Collette. Do it now while it is still soaking wet. See if you can get the prongs onto her clit while the body is in her arsehole. She loves any kind of anal sex!"

"Oh yes chickie. I think I'd love to feel that rabbit up into my shithole. I think I'm going to come just thinking about you taking that vibrator and sliding into my anus. Please, please, let me feel what it is like to have a rampant rabbit rammed into my arsehole. Fuck me in the arse babeeee. Oh get it in me quickly."

Lindsey lay back and lifted her legs up to allow for access to her behind and her cunt. As she leaned back the slit of her cunt opened and she reached lower to pull the cheeks of her bum apart, allowing for access to the tight sphincter behind the small hole which just came in view, pink like her vagina, almost as if she had one cunt at the front and a smaller, more delightful one to the rear. "If I do this you can get it right in, Collette. See if you can get the whole of the shaft into my arse then the prongs onto my cunt to make me come again."

Collette withdrew the rabbit through the lips of her vulva, taking the soaking shaft and easing it in and out of Lindsey's anal sphincter, gently in then carefully out, until the rear passage was well opened and could take the whole of the vibrator without trouble. She then switched it on and moved the shaft back so that the prongs were just touching the lips of Lindsey's frontal opening. With a shudder again, she came. She smiled at Collette, "Jeez, that feels so good. Really ram it into my arse and get those prongs as near to my clit as you can."

"What about me?" Pleaded Collette.

"Get your bottom over my face." instructed Lindsey. Collette handed the use of the vibrator over to John and positioned herself so she was leaning over Lindsey's face, her cunt near her lips. She rotated her hips so that her anus was closer to Lindsey's face than her vagina. She used her hands as she squatted to open her own arse cheeks to allow Lindsey an open view of her darker, more ring like anal opening. Lindsey took the vibrator from John and told Collette to lower herself so that her tight rosebud was over her mouth, then before she started to tongue Collette's anus told John to get undressed.

He needed no second bidding and in just a moment was there with his penis in his hand, the vibrator in the other, awaiting instructions. "You wish, milady." he joked. As he spoke he continued to work the vibrator into Lindsey's arsehole, moving the shaft so that is was now in, now just out, now just in and continued to ram it deep when he felt like it, all the while the shaft rotating round and round and reaming Lindsey's rectum as the prongs teased her clit when he got it all the way in.

"Fuck Collette in the arse, just in front of my face. Come in my mouth and I can share it with her afterwards. Ah, that fucking rabbit, I'm coming..... again......"

She came with a deep shudder and then helped John to get his rock hard cock into Collette's arse. She licked it and slid it towards the other woman's rear passage, just touching then pushing then gently in and out, even began to wank him off into Collette's anus as he pushed back and forth. Collette took charge of the rabbit in Lindsey's bottom while she enjoyed the shafting of the large prick up her own back entrance. She turned to smile and both of them, "you lucky fuckers, you can see John's cock deep in my arse and all I get is to hold my bottom open for you. Wank my clit for me John, because I know I'm ready to come again with that cock in my bottom."

John reached over and began to circle Collette's clitoris with his fingers, continually fucking in and out of her tight arse. "Come for me babe. I want to feel you come with my cock inside your arse." As he continued to stroke her Lindsey had taken control of the rabbit and was frantically fucking herself, occasionally licking Collette's vaginal lips to aid John's back and forth rutting into the other woman's anus. With yet one more moan Collette came and John cried out with joy as he felt her anal sphincter tighten around his cock, allowing his hand to penetrate her cunt so he could feel the same spasm from the front of her body.

With an equally load groan John removed his cock from Collette's tight anal opening, crying, "fucking hell I can feel a bucket of spunk coming here! Take this cock in there babe!" and lowered it to Lindsey's mouth, helping the come enter it by wanking himself, then allowing Collette to finish it off with her soft hands on the shaft of his penis, pulling the foreskin over the end as she pushed his cock into Lindsey's mouth. . As he began to shoot still more he groaned and pushed his cock into her mouth with his hips, then ran it over her beautiful face and lips. Soon Lindsey's mouth and lips were covered and full and quickly turning to Collette she shared a deep and wet kiss, the jism running out from between their lips. They licked and kissed, sharing the sweet sperm, tasting his juices and laughing with sexual joy.

With a cum soaked smile Lindsey stared down, "Look at that rabbit in my arse. Get the camera John and take a picture." And with that she lay back and began once more to use the vibrator to make herself come.

As he watched this, John began to get another idea, but that is yet another story.

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