tagNon-EroticRacism Among White Women

Racism Among White Women


My name is Lucien Shay. A six-foot-one, broad-shouldered and muscular young Black man living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. These days, life just couldn't be better. Everybody is whining about The Recession but I'm doing alright. In May 2008, I earned my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from UMass-Boston. And I got hired by the Boston Metropolitan Sheriff'sBlack male student confronts racist women on campus. Department as a Corrections Officer. The pay is okay. I'm just glad I got my own place, you know? A neat little apartment in Brighton. One subway ride away from my job.

Throughout my college days, I lived at home in West Brockton and it wasn't always a good experience. My father, Luke Shay is a Brockton City policeman who doesn't spend too much time at home and I honestly don't blame him. My mother, Juanita Shay is the kind of person who could drive a dead man crazy. She's a control freak. I'm just glad I finally got away from her. I feel bad for my pops. I think they're headed for divorce. Hey, not everybody was meant to stick together, know what I mean? Personally, I'm not a believer in the whole marriage thing. Just don't think some people are meant to live with others. Some folks are better off alone. I know I am.

It's been kind of a rough year, folks. Last year as a senior, I was volunteering for the first black man to become President of the United States, and trying to ace my last few classes before graduation day. I'm glad my favorite candidate made it into office. I just wish other black folks would feel inspired. Get off their butts and get to work. Stop complaining. Just because a black man is President and two black men are currently serving as Governors of New York and Massachusetts doesn't mean the black person's struggle is over. We need to increase the number of black men in college and decrease the number of black men in prison. I work in a prison all damn day and you just got no idea how depressing it is to see all these brothers locked up.

I just know we're capable of more than that. Much more. I don't think all white men and white women have changed their minds about black men and black women. I think prejudice still runs deep. Behavior learned through centuries of self-appointed god-like status over one's fellow human beings can't be unlearned in mere decades. That's why I could never see myself with a white woman. I don't know what she really thinks of racial issues. Women are good at hiding things. I think for a black man it's best to stick to his own race. Yes, black women are difficult. But they're also brutally honest. Something about white women's way too easy smiles sets off my spider sense. Something about most of them just don't ring true. Have you noticed that when people are talking of racism they always think of angry white men but never white women? I think a lot more white women than white men are secretly racist. Their numbers are greater than most people can admit exist. They're just better at hiding it.

Say what you will about black women. They're arrogant. They're vain. They're manipulative. Quite often they're vicious. They can also be rude, crude, obnoxious and downright impossible to live with. Ninety percent of them seem to exhibit these traits at one point or another. It's because they're human. It's not a race thing. It's not a gender thing. It's just humanity at its best. Unleashed. Unbidden. I don't always like the black females I know. Sometimes I wish they were nicer to me. Less bitchy. More polite. Friendlier. Less loud. However, I can't see any of them would sit at a neo-Nazi rally or a modern Ku Klux Klan meeting, cheering on redneck John and his beer-drinking buddies as they talk about the good old days when they could kill a black man and it would be no big deal.

I want to make this perfectly clear. I am not a racist. I am not one of those black folks who blame all their problems on white people. I am an educated young black man. I take responsibilities for my own actions. I have white male and white female friends. I am not prejudiced. I know that all of humanity is flawed. But I also find it unfair that white men bear the brunt of the trauma when it comes to being branded a racist. Many white women you see everyday hate the black men and black women they run into at work, in their neighborhood, at the park, at the mall or anywhere else. It's unrealistic to think every white man is a potential racist but every white woman is a pure radiant saint who loves minorities and wouldn't stoop to being a bigot. Bigotry is everywhere. There are blacks who hate whites. That's bigotry. There are women who hate men. That's bigotry. There are straight folks who hate gay people. That's bigotry. Bigotry is a part of the human experience. You just cannot expect everyone to like you.

The kind of bigotry I've run into in the black community has shocked me many times. Many black men have given up on black women. They think all black women are man-hating witches out to destroy their brothers. Do black women hate black men? Many of them do. Do I like it? Hell, no! However, it's within the black female that the core of the black race resides. We've got to find a way around our differences. Stop the Hate. Bring back the Black Love our grandparents celebrated and sang about. I think it's possible. I don't think we're that far gone.

We black people love our selves. We're a strong, unique and powerful breed of human. We can endure hell on Earth and still hold our heads high. Not many others can do that. We just need to stop fighting ourselves. Young black men need to stay in school and off the streets. Young black women need to stay in school and not become mothers before they're financially and emotionally ready for it. Black women need to start showing black men more respect. They need to understand the brothers got a lot of strikes against them. The cops hate us. Society hates us. We don't need the entirety of the black community hating us too. Black men need to show black women more appreciation. Sisters go through a lot. More than many of them let on. As black men and black women, we have it tough. Let's all admit that, and unite to fix the problem.

I sometimes wish people would get over their issues. I've met men and women of all races who have been decent people. I've also met wicked men and wicked women from all ethnic backgrounds. I've met evil gays and decent gay people. Race, sexual orientation and gender got nothing to do with the content of someone's heart and mind. People are people, not caricatures and stereotypes. Can't we get past what makes us different and celebrate being human? I wish we all could. Maybe then the world would be a better place.

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