tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped!...Converting Beth

Raped!...Converting Beth


The strange turn of events that evening took me through Thanksgiving in a sort of haze of unreality. Claire and Matt were clearly paired up and the two of them did nothing to hide their new relationship from Karen and Rebekah. I really shouldn't complian too much since Beth and I did little to conceal our odd little relationship. I'd never had any sexual feelings toward a woman before and it was unsettling to me how comfortable I was sleeping with a naked Beth cuddled up against my pregnant belly. Our mutual orgasms were the best I'd had, I guess it's something to do with one woman understanding another woman's nuances and needs, or maybe the truth was that I just enjoyed her company and she was a young girl on the frontier of her budding sexuality and I was just her guide. Whatever.

December 1st was the day was the day when Rebekah and Karen decided to ask me what was up with me and Beth and I floored them by saying, bluntly:

"We're lovers. Any other questions?"

There weren't. The two of them wandered back upstairs and left me alone to get dinner going for the night. After a while, Ashley and Beth came out to help me get the rest of the dinner together and to set the table and we enjoyed a nice chat about the weather and the ins-and-outs of a nice pork roast. The dinner was shortly set out on the big table and Beth went upstairs to get Karen and Rebekah, I went to get my little Melissa, and Ashley went downstairs to fetch Claire and Matt. I'd say it was maybe five more minutes before we were all assembled in our respective places and then Matt said the grace and we all dug in.

Now our dinner times are usually filled with chat and talk of the spring melt when the girls would be leaving, but tonight it was a little different and the strain was clearly evident. I was impressed with Matt when he took on his role as the man of the house and spoke.

"Karen, Rebekah, it seems you two have been left out of what's going on here and it's upsetting you. Well, you already know that Ashley and Christie are my wives and it's only fair to you that you know that I've also taken Claire as my wife."

He looked down the table at them and gave them a moment to deal with what he'd just told them. Claire stared into her plate with a bit of shame now that she knew the other girls knew she wasn't a little innocent anymore.

"Beth," Matt continued,"will likely be staying on as well when the time comes and I imagine that she, too, will also become my wife."

Beth held my hand under the table and elected to stare at her food just like Claire ahd done.

"So now the question comes to you two, Karen and Rebekah. I guess we need to get this said and done so we can all go on with our lives here and get this wondering bullshit out of the way."

He took a sip of his coffee and sat the cup down on the saucer with a noticeable deliberation.

"I suppose you need to know a few things about my situation and the full story with Ashley and Christie, but let's start at the beginning. I am rich. I'm no billionaire, but I do have a sizable amount of money and investments and due to that fact I am able to live the life of my choosing and not worry too much about the consequences that normal people have to deal with. For starters, I've been a very lonely man since the women I know are all so aware of my wealth that they know very little about me. I dated a woman a few years ago who never knew what color my eyes were, yet she knew the bank I did business with."

The coffee attracted his attention again.

"So I decided on day to put on the airs of a basic working guy and see where that would get me and would you believe that I discovered that I'm not the most handsome guy in the world? And the women I'd meet, if they didn't want money, they wanted looks. So I found myself getting angry and I decided that if I couldn't have women love me for who I am then they'd hate me. I studied up on a number of various subjects and even trained with some security specialists who thought they were teaching me self-defense when, if fact, they were helping me to become a criminal.

" I studied up on the forensic aspects of sexual assault and learned how it was possible to indulge my fantasies of raping a women and not leaving even a scintilla of evidence if I didn't want to. That got me into thinking about what it was I really wanted in all of this and that was to have a family. Yeah, twisted as I am, I want love like everyone else. So I made the concious decision to seek out victims who were not on the pill and were attractive to me."

He took another sip of the coffee and looked at me, as if for permission, so I nodded my assent.

"And Christie was my first victim."

Karen and Rebekah stared at me in total disbelief and all I could do was smile back at them before Matt went on.

"And when I checked on her a few months later I found that she was having my baby and I had to go back and see her again. It took a lot of time for me to plan my second visit and when that day came along, guess who was over at Christie's place? That's right, Ashley. So I got to meet my lovely daughter Melissa and then I left my gift with both Ashley and Christie in hopes that I'd have three children at the end of it. It was a big surprise to me when Ashley and Christie asked to come with me and to be with me and we eventually changed our relationship from master and slaves to husband and wives.

"So now Claire has joined with us and I'm hoping that Beth will stay, too. I'd like to ask you two to stay on when the weather breaks and I'd like to offer this to you in consideration: if you go home you'll marry some Mormon guy, struggle to pay bills, struggle to raise his kids, and live the same life your mother led. Think about that one, do you want to live your mother's life?"

He let that comment soak in and the effect on Rebekah and Karen was quite visible. Being a Mormon wife was not always a ton of fun. Granted it could have it's benefits, but when it came right down to it, a woman is always second-class in the male-dominated Mormon society. Matt had hit the soft-point with the two girls. Here they were working hard at their college studies fully knowng that they'd never ever be more than just a wife to some guy, regardless of how well they did.

"I have the resources to make your lives wondrous in comparison to what you'll go back to and all I ask is that you be mine and ours", he waved his hands around the table, " and here, in Basington, you can do what you want. Study. Paint. Cook. Indulge. Whatever you want, I'll provide for you. I promise you'll want for nothing and I promise that our children will have golden opportunities laid out for them in the future."

He took a breath and came down from his reverie.

"You have a lot of time ahead of you to think about this so tonight I'm just asking you to think about it and, of course, to finish your dinner."

The rest of dinner was silent save for the usual courtesies of picking up the dishes and clearing the table. It took a while for Beth and I to set things away and when we were done we went out to the living room where Claire, Ashley, and Matt were playing with Melissa by the fireplace.

"Where's Rebekah and Karen?" I asked.

Matt looked up and getsured at the stairs and went back to playing with Melissa. Ashley and Claire had their own conversation going so I went to turn around and was a little startled to find Beth at my heels like a little puppy-dog.

"Sheesh, Beth! You scared me half-to-death!"

"Sorry, I was just...you know."

I didn't know, but that was okay.

"Beth, hon, why don't you go sit with the others for a while, okay? I'll be back soon, I promise."

She settled in with the others and was quicklly smiling and enjoying herself and I turned to go up the stairs. I guess I had to know what was up with the other two girls and I eased up to their door to listen and heard their conversation go back and forth in snippets.

"...fucking kidding! We can't stay here! What'll our folks...?"

"...shhh, not so loud! We might be able to get the van when the snow..."

"...He is NOT going to have me..."

"...babies does he think he's going to have?"

It quickly became obvious that Matt had not won over their hearts and souls with his little speech so I went back downstairs and passed the night away before we all broke it up around midnight to go to bed. Ashley wanted to have Melissa for the night in her room, Beth joined me, and Claire went off with Matt.

The next week or so was a little strained in the house with a bit of a division with Claire, Ashley, Matt, and myself on one side, Karen and Rebekah on the other, and Beth somewhere in between. Claire's time with Matt had to come to an end when her period started up and that was nothing but good news for Ashley as she got some long overdue attention from the man of the house and spent much of the week with a silly glow on her face. The following week was my turn with Matt and I enjoyed the comfort of his masculine body next to mine for a few nights. On our last night he asked me if I thought Beth could handle 'being brought into the family' and I told him that it might take some more time before she was ready for that.

I caught myself not at all being honest with him about Beth. I really had no idea what she wanted, but I did know that I liked having her company in bed and I also liked having Matt's company in bed and I didn't want to share either of them. I sort of thought of Beth as being mine, I guess.

Sunday night came along and at dinner time Matt said he'd need to get some rest and just needed to sleep alone so Beth and I exchanged looks and I could see she was happy to get back to our 'thing'. We later showered together and had a bit of girl-time fussing about our nails and perfume and creams and when it came time for bed it was unspoken but understood we'd be naked. We were soon in an embrace and kissing each other as our hands sought out each other's pleasure, but Beth caught my hand and whispered,

"Let me do this just for you."

I surrendered to her wishes and she pushed back the sheets and gently spread my legs before sitting herself between them. Over her shoulder I saw the door crack open just a bit as a pair of prying eyes were watching. 'What the heck?' I thought, 'Let 'em watch'.

I guess I didn't expect the show to be such a great performance! Beth was busy fingering me the way I liked when she suddenly backed up on the bed and came down on all fours. I looked at her eyes as she searched my face for something and then she breathed a wispy air on my pussy and goosebumps broke in waves across my body at the delicious sensation. Beth leaned into me with her ass in the air and kissed my hungry pussy. I can't even describe the magic of feeling that first kiss on my pussy! I lost myself in the wonder of arousal and caressed her soft hair as her head made delicate little motions above my loins, eliciting pleasures unknown from my eager body. I lost all track of time as Beth worked her magic on me until, finally, the crescendo of my pleasure shattered me right to my soul!

It was so wonderful! Beth sat back and looked at me with a look of satisfaction for making me feel so...incredible. We stared at each other for a bit and I noticed the little drop of sweat trickle down from her neck between the pert peaks of her chest. I'd never really noticed her breasts before, but there they were and I studied them now as they lightly heaved with each breath she took. The buds of her nipples were so tiny compared to my own and I figured that maybe it had something to do with having the baby. Her skin was so perfect, so flawless that I was a little self conscious of the stretch marks and the swelling of my belly, but I could clearly see that Beth didn't care.

I wanted more, but I felt I owed Beth the same thing she had done for me. Without a word I maneuvered myself to where I was on my back with my head at the end of the bed and I gestured for Beth to get on top of me. She was confused for a moment, but then the recognition of what I wanted clicked in and she swung a leg over me and then leaned in to kiss me and suck me again. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled myself up to where I could finally return her favor to me. I was amazed at the musky scent of her body and then the salty taste of the wetness around her pussy and I was soon hard at work matching the efforts she was giving to me. The feeling of giving and receiving such intense pleasure was pleasurable in itself and my head swirled with the joy of the moment.

As my peak came I struggled to fight the urge to clench Beth's loving head with my thighs and I focused on her pleasure until we both succumbed to Eros' pleasures. I closed my eyes to enjoy the afterglow and to feel Beth's soft, warm body against mine. Tremors swept through both of us and I imagined that even my baby, deep inside me, must be feeling the sense of pleasure in me.

In the midst of our tryst I'd forgotten about the person at the door and when I opened my eyes I could see Matt smiling down at me and he mouthed the word, 'Now'. I understood him clearly and I welcomed what he wanted now, if only out of my selfish desire to never let Beth leave me. He quietly stepped back from the bed as I motioned Beth to sit up. She started to turn around.

"No, sweetie, stay right there at the end of the bed. I think I'd like a little more of your magic touch, okay?"


I arranged my pillows so I could sit up a little and then I spread my legs wide and invited Beth to take up her position again. She went down on her elbows and knees with her cute ass upturned into the air right at the end of the big, comfy bed. Matt slipped up behind her and as he came into the light I could see his eager cock twitching with lust for my Beth's perfect body. I was sort of jealous and envious that her first time would be right after so much pleasure, but I also felt honored to be there with her as she felt a man in her body for the very first time.

Matt took her by the hips and she turned to look at him with a bit of a shock. Then she turned back to me with a knowing look, her eyes telling me that she knew her little-girl world was about to change.

"Shhhh, it'll be fine Beth. I love you and Matt loves you, too."

Her eyes went wide as Matt's fattened cock slipped between her pussy lips and he stroked her, little by little, each stroke of his manhood changing her by the measure from a girl to a woman.

She looked at me with a tear flowing down her cheek and I reached out and wiped it from her face with my finger.

"You'll be fine, I promise."

She grimaced with the pain of Matt's cock slipping into her depths for the first time and I found myself aroused by seeing her arch her back to accept Matt into her body just as nature designed. Nature won out over pain and years of prudish upbringing and my innocent Beth began to fuck back on the cock that was invading her pussy. Her arms wrapped around my nakedness and she lay her head on my belly while Matt pursued a gentle tempo of fucking her beautiful body. I was touched when she kissed my belly and looked at me. Her face was so erotic: Her searching eyes staring at me, her pouting mouth open with awe and breathless anticipation, her gentle moans as the cock plowing her body struck deep.

She turned her head to look at Matt and saw a male in his full glory, impaling a willing female on his cock, preparing to sow his seed deep into her body, claiming the female as his own. I looked up at Matt and saw the unspeakable joy in his face as his cock continued driving into a pussy that had never felt a man in it before.

Beth looked back at me with knowing in her eyes then, casting a look at my belly a realization swept over her and she turned to Matt.

"You're not going to put a baby in me, are you?"

Matt chuckled a little, never breaking his tempo, "No, not necessarily."

He stroked her body silently for a minute or so before he spoke again.

"Well," he fucked deep into her, making her grunt with the effort, "I just might try!"

Beth knew there was no stopping what had started and the tears flowed freely. I felt a little sad for her, but I also knew that she'd soon come to love the feeling of Matt's loving cock plowing into her, filling her.

Matt took her hips firmly and began a slow and steady fucking, deliberating fucking Beth deeply to make her grunt from the invasion. His head went back and I knew he'd soon be shooting his come deep into my Beth...making her his....making her mine. I took her hands to hold them as the final moments of her first mating began and she looked up at me again, her joyful face stained with tears and her body paradoxically trying to stop Matt from his needs all the while her back still arched to get him in deeper and her body moved back to meet his thrusts. Part of her wanted him to stop and her nature demanded that she continue. Her confusion was painful for me and I had to make myself think of the fact that she'd now be with me all the time, I wouldn't have to worry about her leaving come the spring thaw.

Matt bit down on his lower lip and I knew he was there. He grasped Beth about her hips and held her firmly as he drove his cock into her as deep as he possibly could. With her mouth closed she gave a sharp moan from the pain deep inside her body and then her eyes went wide open to look at me as if she'd been hit by a truck. I knew right then that she was feeling Matt's cock shooting it's load of come deep into her sensitive body and she was thinking about that sperm swimming up her tight cervix searching for an egg. Millions of his swimmers were now free inside her body, millions of them, all trying to make Beth pregnant. She knew, too, if he didn't fill her with his baby this time, he'd do it next time, or maybe the time after that. It was just an eventuality now and she knew it.

What was amazing was Matt's need for my little Beth. He'd no sooner stopped shooting his come into her then he began furiously fucking her again. He pulled out of her sopping wet, come-filled pussy, turned her over on her back and right as she shrieked, "No!", he slammed into her and fucked the crying girl like some strange, possessed fucking machine. The bed rocked with their fanatic mating and I was starting to think I needed to stop this when Matt reared back with an, "Unngghhhhh!!!!", as his cock unloaded a second round of potent come into poor Beth.

He stood there enjoying the ferocity of his orgasm and I saw the glint of satisfaction he had from dominating and inseminating the girl. He was pure man and I found myself loving him for it.

His cock finally slipped from the quietly sobbing girl and I gathered her up under the covers as he left the room and silently closed the door behind him. Beth clung to me with her face nuzzled against one of my breasts and fell asleep, exhausted from her exertions. One of her legs was draped over mine and as I ruminated the events of the evening I became acutely aware of the come leaking out of Beth and wetly onto my leg. I guess I lay there for an hour or so before I finally drifted off myself, but not before thinking about the evening's events with a wicked smile.

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