tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped!...Dinner & Desserts

Raped!...Dinner & Desserts


Chapter seven in the series. Please make sure you let me know if this series is worth more of your time and I'll keep writing! Thanks for all the encouragement to everyone who's written to me so far!

# # #

Christmas came and went with a renewed air of civility in our house. Beth had been a bit shaken by Matt's attentions that one night and the result had been some militant attitudes towards Matt by Karen and Rebekah, but when they found that Matt shared their concerns for Beth their militancy softened somewhat.

The dinner on Christmas Eve had been a great time with everyone pitching in to help make the night memorable. Karen and Rebekah worked on the dessert, Beth set a grand table with a set of China she'd found in the attic, Claire plucked and cleaned the goose Matt had shot when he was out hunting the day before, and Ashley and I put ourselves to the task of a feast fit for a king. The question of having wine with dinner raised a few chuckles when Ashley and I demurred for what were becoming obvious reasons. Claire elected not to imbibe as well and there were a few glances around the table as we all wondered if this meant anything.

The conversation was genial and light and the several weeks of friction just seemed to disappear with the steam from the goose on the table. The dessert was finally served and while Rebekah and Karen complained of being 'stuffed' the rest of us had no problem putting it away after a long day of kitchen work. And then we all managed to get to our feet and clear off the table, migrating the mess into the kitchen. The chatter, fueled with a bit of wine, made Matt feel a little lost, as if he was a rooster in a hen house and I got a little laugh at his expense wondering if he really wanted to have six women in his life after all.

Cleaning up the dishes and all of the pots and pans took about half-an-hour with fourteen hands all working together and we soon headed out to the living room once the last dish was in its place. The living room was the very picture of a grand lodge with the fire roaring, the Christmas tree decked out with ornaments and tinsel, and the overstuffed chairs and couches cleverly arrayed about the room to encourage several conversations at once. Ashley took Melissa and sat by the tree with Beth for a nice time while Rebekah, Claire, and Karen cuddled together on a couch like the friends that they are to chat the way close girlfriends do. I was pleased to have Matt slide in next to me on another couch where he wrapped his arms around me and we held court on the success of the evening.

Matt was going on about the gravy when I recall that I looked around the room at all the happy faces and realized how truly happy I was. The warm glow of the fire and the delicate colors of the Christmas lights were reflected ever so gently on the smiling face of each person. I found myself crying a few tears of joy as it occurred to me that I'd never been happier in all of my life. I had everything I never knew I wanted until that very moment, my sister with my baby girl and herself with child, a loving man with his arms wrapped securely around myself and our second baby in my warm belly, and four women who were fast becoming the best friends I'd ever had. No worries about jobs, careers, schools, parents, or bills. Just an easy life of sharing love with one another.

"Here now, what's this?" Matt whispered, deftly lifting a tear from my cheek with his fingertip.

"Matt," I snuffled, "I've never been happier in all of my life. Never."

He pulled me close to let me rest my head on his shoulder and then he draped his arm around me to caress my belly while I drifted off to sleep.

Much later, with the fire reduced to glowing embers, he woke me and took me upstairs to his room. As he was helping me up the stairs I noticed that everyone else had already gone off to bed themselves, politely leaving me undisturbed with Matt.

I'd figured we'd just cuddle up and go to sleep but I could see that Matt was wanting me. His look wasn't one of lust, but of love and we shared a gentle kiss as he undressed me and tucked me into the covers. Then he flicked off the light and I heard his clothes slip to the floor. Slipping into bed he cuddled up to me, guiding me to roll over to my side, facing away from him. He pulled close to me and I felt his need in the strength of his arms. There was something different with Matt this evening, his usual lust always telegraphed an urgency to me and he'd get right into the main act right off, tonight he was unusually patient and gentle, almost as if he could handle not having me. It was like he read my mnd when he whispered in my ear.

"We don't have to if you don't want to, I'm happy just being with you and our baby." He cuddled me even tighter against him.

Honestly, being six months along I wasn't really in the mood to have sex, but his gentleness and his patience made me want him. I slowly arched my back and felt his warm cock slip up between my thighs and he gave a little bit of a moan in response. I was a little dry at first, but he just gently massaged his eager cock between my pussy lips until my body began to respond to him and I gradually felt his cock slide into me. He was magnificently gentle as he genuinely made love to me, his short thrusts allowed him a little deeper into me with each gentle effort. It seemed an eternity before I finally felt the head of his cock kiss the bud of my cervix, and then he simply held still inside of me. I went to move and he held me tightly.

"Shhh, I just want to be in you, be with you...shhhhh." He whispered it in my ear like a wish or a need, not like the commands he'd usually give to me in bed. My heart glowed with a newfound love for this man; I'd loved him as the father of my babies and now I just loved him for who was to me right this moment. He stroked my hair and caressed my body all over and only once in while did I feel him move inside of me. I realized that he wasn't making love to me for his needs, he was just making love to me to make me feel loved. I'd always felt like a hopeless romantic, but now I'd found the kind of love that most women can only dream of and the calm assurance of that feeling allowed me to slip into a peaceful sleep. Before I nodded off I wondered at the miracle of how intimate the moment was with my man filling my body and my body filled with his child.

Matt later told me that he'd made love to me all night long as he found the act of trust I'd made by falling asleep in his arms to be the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him. I don't know if I came during the night, but I do know I awoke the next morning with his loving cock still deep inside of me and his sleeping breath warm on my neck and I felt more bliss than any orgasm had ever given me.

The morning sun rose through the window and Matt finally awoke and slipped from me as I lay quietly in the covers. I heard him rise and gather his clothes and he let himself out, trying not to disturb me. It was a wonderful reverie I had, looking off at the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies, the crisp blue sky, and the lingering warmth of Matt's body next to me. I really wondered if the morning could be any more beautiful when Ashley quietly opened the door to bring me my Melissa. Ashley had bathed and fed her and then decided to see if I'd take her for a while and I gladly agreed. When Ashley left the room I sat up in the bed and took Melissa into my arms and cuddle her into a cute bout of cooing and giggles. I slipped Melissa's little jumper off and held her soft body close to my breasts and was rewarded when she went to suckle at me, even though it had been some time. To my pleasant surprise my milk had come up and my morning was completed by the motherly joy of feeding my baby girl.

With that moment I knew I was to be with Matt for the rest of my life and that I'd gladly give him all the children I could. I'd always thought of him as Matt and as the father of my babies before, but thereafter I always thought of him as my husband. I wondered why I didn't feel the least bit jealous about sharing him and when we all gathered together for New Year's I again realized how much I loved Ashley and the other women and it suddenly seemed perfectly natural to want to share Matt with them.

It was sometime in early January, just after Matts' thirty-second birthday, when Claire told me the old Mormon term for women in a plural marriage: 'sister-wives'. Especially in Ashley's case, this did indeed seem the right thing to call them. I felt closer to these women than just friends and even Ashley was closer to me than she'd been before. 'Sister-wives' was a good term to describe our unique relationship.

Well, it was true to a lesser extent with Beth, and definitely true with Claire as she and Matt made it clear that she had joined our family. The two of them would sit together talking after dinner some nights while the rest of played games or watched a movie and I was just certain that she was making love to Matt when she could.

One night after everyone else had gone off to bed I'd stayed up reading a book in the library and decided to go get a nice warm cup of herbal tea to settle me down for the night. I left the little reading light on in the library and quielty made my way through the house heading for the kitchen. All of the lights were off in the living room except that the light from the fire was brighter than it should be with everyone off to bed. Deciding to check on the fire I padded around the furniture and found myself looking at Matt and Claire. They were so beautiful together.

The thick sheepskins we all sat on when we'd perch around the fire were all in a big, soft pile and the flickering light of the fire was warmly reflected on Matt and Claire's naked skin. Claire was on her back and her legs were spread with her knees up on either side of Matt's gently thrusting body. My tea was forgotten as I quietly eased myself into one of the big, comfy chairs to watch their mutual intimacies unfold.

From the darkness where I sat I had a sort of diagonal view of the lovers with their feet towards me and their kissing lips to the fire place. Immediately I could see that Claire was not at all complaining about Matt's passion for her as her hands would pull at his rising ass to draw him back into her body. Their kissing was intense and passionate and I could only imagine how Claire must've felt in the warmth of the fire, sandwiched between the comfort of the plush sheepskins and the loving man on top of her. The thought made me feel a tingle of arousal in my own body.

Matt's hand busily kneaded one of Claire's generous breasts and even in the dim firelight I could see the bud of her nipple, erect with the pleasure of attention. She lifted one of her feet to caress Matt's leg and he responded with a deep thrust that made her moan out loud. Her neck arched back away from their kiss and then he brushed her hair aside and buried his face into her neck, kissing her exposed flesh. He thrust deeply into Claire's belly once again to bring yet another, louder, moan from her lips. Matt's fervor relaxed a bit and so did Claire at which point I realized her moans were of discomfort, not pleasure. Still new to the wonders of being with a man, I knew that Claire was reeling from the painful, joyful sensation of Matts' cock probing to her very depths.

Slowly, his ardor renewed without the deep thrusting and his ass rose in a steady rhythm between Claires knees. His hands came up to her sides and then he lifted himself off of her until he was in a push-up over her body. Claire let her arms drape about her head and I saw a satisfied smile on her face as she looked up at Matt in the firelight. His ass rose again and I found my hand drifting to my own pussy as I realized the only touch they had at that moment was where their bodies met as one. Claires feet came down to the sheepskin and she scooted herself towards Matt a bit and then spread her legs out wide to invite his cock into her, an invitation he repeatedly accepted.

Once again, her lips told the story of his cock plowing too deply into her and he went to back off a little. Her hands came up to his hips and pulled him tightly to her body, embedding the rutting cock firmly against her cervix.

"Unnggghhh!!" she gasped, yet still drawing him tightly to her. Despite the pain she clearly needed his cock deep in her belly. His body began to show a sheen of sweat in the light of the flames and I knew it couldn't be long before he'd have to have his pleasure in her.

With a sudden move, Matt fell on top of Claire and rolled her over until she was on top of him. Their mating interrupted by the change of position, Claire lifted herself to a sitting position on Matts loins and then rose up.

The sight of his cock glistening with Claires wetness was no small shock to me. In all the times I'd been with Matt I'd never seen the tool of his manhood quite like this and now I was seeing it in all its turgid, rampant glory. Wet, hard, and throbbing along its length I looked at it and time stood still for me as I took in its every detail. It was no wonder that he could inflict pain with that tool of his, it wasn't terribly thick in relation to its length, but it was easily eight inches long! The thought of that wonderful cock penetrating deep into my belly made me wet almost instantly. I was fascinated as Claire then took it in her hand and held its tip to her body and then settled herself, slowly, around it. Inch by glorious inch it disappeared into her pussy until the crack of her ass cleft down onto his balls. She had that thing all the way inside of her! When she lifted up again I was sure she'd get off of it, but then she came down on it again, hard.

"Ohhh!" her little voice rang through the room as she impaled herself on him. She sat there a moment and then his hands came up her body, lingering on her breasts, then moving up to her neck and drawing her down to his chest. Their lips met in a beautiful, impassioned kiss and then I witnessed the wonder of his ample cock as it began to pump in and out of her pussy. His need was great and I saw his pace increase, bit by bit, until that tool of his was plowing Claire enough to make a wet, slapping sound as their mating built to a hot, lustful fury. She rose up on his thrusting cock, his hands rising to her breasts and holding her up on him. Moaning quietly and running her hands through her touseled hair, her head rolled about her neck until she let it fall back. With her face to the ceiling she let out a thin wail of joy as her orgasm swept her heaving body. I can only imagine what that had been like for Matt as he grabbed her hips and plunged himself up, up, up into the woman, impossibly deep into her body. I heard him sigh and saw that lovely cock throb into Claire, the balls jerking as they shot their loads of sperm into her waiting womb.

Matt withdrew his meat from her and slammed it deep into her again as he let loose another torrent of his come into the inner chamber of her lovely young form.

Wasted from their passion, Claire fell on Matts chest and lay there, her back rising and falling rapidly as she sought to catch her breath and recover from the furious mating she'd just been part of. I watched for a little bit as the two lovers shared a few more intimate kisses and his cock made a few more thrusts into Claires sperm-soaked pussy. Finally, she reached for her panties and held them around his softening cock as she lifted from him, clasping the cotton cloth to her dripping pussy as the limp cock fell free from its grasp.

With no small effort she rose to her feet and gathered her things to make her way upstairs. I watched her walk and realized how sore she must be from the way she almost limped up the steps. My gaze returned to Matt where he lay on the sheepskins gathering his strength to get up. Some minutes went by as he lay there with his limp cock drooling sperm onto his belly and finally he pulled on his boxers and padded up the stairs. Shortly, I heard his shower start up. Shaking myself from my reverie I went off to get that cup of tea.

It was no small effort for me to get back to reading Tom Clancy's latest tome about the adventures of Jack Ryan. No matter how I tried, though, Clancy just couldn't get my focus back from my thoughts of the evening. The clock was just coming up on one in the morning when I sipped my last of the tea and closed the book for the night.

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