tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped!...Karen's Lust

Raped!...Karen's Lust


Chapter eight in the series.

# # #

March had finally come and gone and April was upon us. The weather was letting up in the low country but we were still getting more snow up at Basington and Matt said we could now expect the road to be deep in snow until at least the middle of May. So we all more or less continued with life and waited to see what would happen with our little group when the spring thaw opened up a way out for all of us. What would happen then?

It was no small matter of discussion among all of us. Matt couldn't hide the fact that he was worried about his potential legal problems should one of the girls go to the authorities about his 'hobby' and he was mostly worried about what Karen and Rebekah had planned. Ashley and I were just about ready to pop and the thought of having Matt going off to jail just as we were having our babies was pretty scary. Beth had started to show just a little and Claire missed her period at the end of March and we were all fairly certain that she'd be needing our maternity clothes soon enough.

Matt was off hunting one day when Ashley, Beth, Claire, and myself had an impromptu meeting in the kitchen about our possible future circumstances should Karen and Rebekah turn Matt into the police. We all knew the two holdout girls quite well after a winter together and we knew they'd never be able to just leave things alone if they went back to the world. Ashley and I had the most to lose and it was strange that Claire was the one who broached the idea of killing them. I was really shocked that quiet little Claire would think of such a thing! She rationalized the whole thing by saying that we had five children to think about.

"Hitler had his reasons for killing the Jews.", said our only male voice.

We were ashamed to find Matt had been in the mud room off the kitchen listening to our conspiracy unfold.

"I'd rather just go to jail then kill them. It's not like I'm all Mister Goody-Goody or anything, but murder just isn't anything I'll tolerate. I hope I'm clear on that? Other than that, well, that's up to you."

We all four nodded in agreement as Matt headed upstairs to take a hot shower. He was funny; he didn't want us conspiring to murder anyone, but he didn't want to stop us from conspiring all together! We were just getting into one of Beth's elaborate ideas when...


Did I say that?


I looked down at my feet as my water broke and splashed onto the tiled floor and recognized the familiar pain of contractions. The three girls helped me to the bathroom shower when I told them I wanted a warm shower to relax me for what was to come anytime now. Ashley, herself expecting at any moment, became flushed from the exertion and stress of getting me to the bathroom and she had helped me into the shower when we all had another surprise.

Ashley looked at me with surprise, shock, and joy as we all heard her own water break and splash out into the shower pan. I looked down and saw the mixture of blood, fluid, and mucus swirling around the drain and then I hugged my little sister.

"I guess we'll both be Aunties now!"

I was really surprised by Ashley and how easy she'd made it look. The four of us had stripped down naked and were crowded into the shower comforting each other and being comforted by the others. It was kind of funny when Ashley and I found ourselves comforting Claire and Beth when they were crying for us! What really set off the day was when, after just an hour of labor, Ashley grabbed hold of one of the rails in the shower and squatted down with a contraction.

"Claire," who was right behind Ashley, "better catch the baby."

With such precious little ceremony did I become an Aunt to my first nephew, Michael. It was eight painful hours later when Ashley became an Aunt to Melissa's new sister Lauren. I will say that I was thrilled to see that Lauren had her father's hair and eyes and would be a counterpoint to my beautiful Melissa. After the lengthy and very painful labor I was content to leave Lauren to the girls and go to bed for the night.

The morning came early and I was up before dawn to answer the demands of my hungry little girl. I pulled open my robe and drew her to my breast and thrilled to having her so close to me. I was pleasantly surprised when Karen came into the room and quietly sat next to me and caressed Lauren's soft back.

"She's beautiful."

That was the whole conversation she had with me and she got up to leave as silently as she'd arrived.

Over the next week Karen cozied up to me much more than in the months past and spent a lot of time with myself and my two girls. I wondered what was going on in her head when one day she just started asking very detailed questions about sex. It went on for an hour or so when I just got right to the point.

"Karen, why don't you just try it?"

She looked at me like I'd slapped her. I was expecting her to cry or get pissed or something and then the truth came out.

"I'm just afraid of getting pregnant like all of you did. I just don't want a baby."

It was an easy step from that point to discussing the fact that there was an ample supply of unused and, up to no at least, un-needed condoms. I think Karen really wanted me to convince her that she could be with Matt and not worry about getting pregnant. I decided to take the bull by the horns and got out a nice bottle of port to, uh, 'prime the pump' and it was maybe another hour or so when Karen had a ready glow going on and I figured it was time to invite Matt to my room.

I left the baby with Ashley and explained what Karen wanted to Matt and he thought it was great that she wanted him. When we got back to the room Karen was a little surprised to see Matt but the port wine had made her inhibitions fade far, far away. I excused myself while the two of them talked a bit and slipped into the closet instead of out the door so I could watch. Yeah, I'm a voyeur!

Matt dragged out the evening and I guess this was part of his strategy since he got Karen to finish most of the port. Then he went to work. In the middle of some serious kissing and grinding he undressed the two of them faster than I can undress myself sober! Gently, he laid Karen back on the bed and made a little ceremony about putting on the condom in front of her. I couldn't see too well from the closet, but he soon laid down on her in the classic missionary position and a high pitched little squeak from Karen told me that she was getting herself fucked and she was getting fucked by a pro.

He reached over to the nightstand and turned on the radio and flicked off the light so only a dim nitelite illuminated the room. I opened the closet door for a better view and was treated to a side-on view of Matt's ass rising and falling over Karen's grasping body. His cock was clearly buried in the drunken girl and her lewdly outstretched thighs told the tale of her wanton lust finally being unleashed. They went on and on until I saw her legs rise up around Matt's thighs and I knew she was cumming on her very first time! Matt kept her going until she was breathless and then he rose off of her.

"Let's try something else.", he said.

He rolled Karen over onto her belly and then pulled her hips up to meet his. She got up on all fours and then Matt pushed her in the middle of her back until her head rested on the pillows again with her little ass pointed back at Matt's latex-covered cock.

"I think you're gonna like this."

I nearly giggled out loud when Matt reached down to his cock and quietly slipped off the condom, dropping it to the carpet, and then mounting Karen with his bare, naked cock. I wished it was me getting that cock and I got wet just thinking about it. I could see the ecstasy on his face as he slipped his glorious length into the unknowing girl. Her ass rushed backward to meet the thrusting cock as Karen enjoyed the wild abandon of what she thought was a recreational fucking.

It was such a treat to watch Karen thrust herself back to meet Matt's burrowing tool. He ran his hands over her back and then leaned into her to wrap his arms around her and minister to her dainty breasts. His pace slowed and he pulled the girl up to his chest. It was beautiful to see them kissing, her head turned over her shoulder to meet his lips all the while her body was impaled by his length. It was too much for Matt.

He drove himself deep into the unknowing girl and she gave a little cry as he drove himself into a place she didn't know anyone could reach. Matt pushed her face back down to the bed and I saw on his face the serious look he'd get just before he'd come. He lovingly ran his hands over the globes of her ass as his cock slipped back and forth between them with greater urgency. Finally, his face screwed up in a grimace of pent up sexual energy and I knew, right at that second, that Karen's pussy was being bathed with proven sperm.

As Matt slowed down from his lust Karen still thrust herself back on the softening cock trying to keep the moment going.

"Sweetie, I don't think I have anything left for you right now." He pulled the dripping cock from it's warm, slickened sleeve. "Howzabout we go take a little shower, okay?"

The poor, naiive girl didn't notice her pussy spilling come down her legs as the two freshly mated lovers padded to the shower. Matt told me later that he fucked her again in the shower and the stupid girl didn't even ask about the condom!

By the first of May when her period was late, that was when she asked about the condom and Matt honestly told her that she'd be another baby-filled mommy at Basington.

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