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Raven and Clarke of the 100


This story is fan fiction of the television show "The 100" and involves characters Clarke and Raven.

This story takes place in season 4.


Raven Reyes leaned on her elbows on her dirty work bench while trying to figure out the latest engineering obstacle facing Arcadia, the home of the Skycru or the Sky people, the survivors of the Ark that was supposed to be humanity's last hope. Raven wasn't one of the hundred, the guinea pigs sent to the earth to see if was survivable. She wasn't a convicted juvenile delinquent. Although she had committed a crime, she had just turned eighteen and if she was caught she would have been "floated", the preferred method of execution aboard the Ark when it was in space. Instead her boyfriend at the time, Finn Collins, took the fall for her crime of taking an unauthorized space walk. Finn was still seventeen at the time and went to the sky box, the prison on the Ark with the other juvenile offenders who would eventually be the hundred sent to the earth.

A year later, Finn was dead anyway. Raven was still upset about that. Finn had fallen in love with Clarke Griffin, the pretty blonde leader of the hundred. When Clarke went missing, Finn went nuts looking for her and slaughtered innocent Grounders in his wrath. The indigenous Grounders, people who survived the apocalypse, were not forgiving people and sentenced Finn to death by a thousand cuts. The method of execution was barbaric and lasted hours with the victim usually begging for death. It never happened though because Clarke murdered him first as a mercy killing.

Raven bit into her pencil as she recalled the events. Bitterness had filled her days since she came to the ground in a one person ship. Her mission was to find the problem with the radios on the ground and establish communications with the Ark. First she was assaulted by Bellamy Blake, the presumptuous leader of the rebellious members of the hundred. Then she had to find a way to fix the radio with limited recourses. Then she discovered that her boyfriend had been boning Clarke shortly after they got to the ground. Finn wasn't overly sorry for his actions feeling that he'd never see Raven again and so he moved on. Clarke had tried her best to reconcile with Raven. She was unaware that Raven and Finn had a previous relationship and upon finding out she broke it off with Finn immediately. Despite Clarke's efforts to mend relations with Raven, Raven never forgave her.

It was a year later and so much more had happened. The rest of the Ark came down to earth and they formed the colony of Arcadia. They survived a Grounder attack only to be captured by the people of Mount Weather. Raven had been shot by Murphy. It was in Mount Weather where Raven had to endure the pain of having her femur drilled into via her knee cap to extract bone marrow. She barely survived the procedure and she had a permanent limp even with the aid of a knee brace. After Clarke killed Finn, she made an alliance with the Grounders and eventually killed all the Mount Weather people.

Then there was the City of Light fiasco. The artificial world was leftover tech that turned people into mindless zombies under the influence of an artificial life form. Raven had been one of the first people taken into it. It made her feel no pain but she felt empty without it and managed to escape with shock therapy. She cracked the code and helped Clarke destroy the artificial world bringing everyone back to reality.

Back at Arcadia, Raven had become the head engineer at the tender age of nineteen. She had the most analytical mind and the hands of master welder. Everyone relied on her to solve all of their technical problems. She wasn't the only young person in a position of authority. Clarke Griffin had shown her leadership since they landed on the ground. Clarke had made all the tough decisions that often ended in someone's or many people's death. She carried that weight on her shoulders every day. Since the failure of the other adult leaders, Clarke had become the leader of all the Sky people and she had just turned eighteen.

Clarke had earned her position. She thought with a clear head. She made tough calls too. She forged an alliance with the Grounders when the leader of Grounders, their "Hedda", or commander, a girl of nineteen became smitten with the pretty blonde girl from space. The sexual union of Clarke and Lexa saved the Sky people from destruction. When Clarke killed the Mountain people by releasing radioactive air into their stronghold in order to save her own people, her mother and Raven in particular, she became known as "Wanheda", the mountain killer. That earned her respect from the Grounders but hurt her emotionally and she exiled herself for a time. Clarke eventually reunited with Lexa and they became lovers again. That earned Clarke a spot as an ambassador in Polis, the Grounder capital. After Lexa was killed and the City of Light problem grew, Clarke returned to Polis to set things right.

Raven winced with pain as she stretched her leg. She had learned to live and work with the physical pain. Her emotional pain ran deeper. The structural blue prints would have to wait. She needed a walk and some pain killers. It was hot in the structure so she was wearing her usual beige tank top over her black bra. There wasn't much fashion in the post-apocalyptic world. She only had two tops and one pair of pants, skin tight tan jeans that were wearing thin. New clothes only came from the dead. Her clothes fit snug on her body, a fit feminine figure with strong legs, a curvy but firm bum, a thin waist line and average size perky boobs which showed generous cleavage in the tank top. That was okay with Raven as it kept her boobs cool in the heat of the Arcadia structure. She kept her long brunette hair pulled back in a ponytail to keep her neck and face cool too. It also kept her hair out of he way when she performed her many engineering tasks. The effect emphasized her beautiful Latina face with high, pronounced cheekbones, tanned complexion, and big round brown eyes. Her best facial feature was probably her lips though. They were full and voluptuous, bee stung some would say.

Raven walked over to the medical section and procured some pain killers from Abbey Griffin, Clarke's mother, the doctor. Abbey was her friend and she got along well with her going back to their last days on the Ark together. The problem was that Abbey always reminded her of Clarke and that always brought Raven emotional pain. As Raven limped back to her work station she bumped into Clarke who was on her way to see her mother. Clarke was wearing her usual faded blue cotton long sleeve shirt that did little to contain her very large breasts that bounced with every step she took. She also wore black jeans that hugged her womanly curves. Raven stared at the leader's figure, imagining her hour glass body naked. Clarke made eye contact with Raven and Raven was forced to look into the deep blue pools on Clarke's pretty face. She wondered how she still looked so pretty after the many beatings she had endured in the one year since coming to the earth.

Clarke pulled her long blonde hair away from her face and smiled politely. "Good morning Raven. How are the structural plans going?" Clarke asked.

Raven shook her head to bring her back to reality. "Fine Clarke. I've got it under control. Stop worrying," Raven bit back at Clarke with an acidic tone. She put her head down and forced herself to limp back to engineering at a faster pace.

Clarke sighed at her latest failed attempt to mend the bridge with the sexy engineer. She had tried everything she could since she found out about Finn's deception of cheating on Raven with her. She never felt the same way about Finn as he had about her. She felt bad for Raven who was the victim of the deceit. She would have done anything to make it up to her. She distanced herself from Finn and tried to ensure Raven that Finn was all hers. It didn't work out though. Finn had fallen for Clarke which Raven could see and that made the pretty brunette hate Clarke even more.

Clarke felt that Raven would eventually come around but when she mercy killed Finn, that hope ended. She then had to keep one eye open when she slept out of fear of Raven killing her in her sleep. Even after saving Raven's life in Mount Weather, Raven still was hateful of Clarke. Clarke sighed again, shrugged her shoulders and moved on. She was tired of trying to win Raven over and had bigger problems to fix.

Back at her work station, Raven could not concentrate. She kept thinking about Clarke and it made her frustrated. She admired Clarke and found her beautiful. She couldn't fault Finn for falling for her. She was strong and gorgeous and she had a hot ass and all day boobs. She wanted to like Clarke. She knew how bad Clarke felt after finding out that Finn was cheating. Raven was jealous. That fueled her hate. She knew Clarke pushed Finn away. She was sure of it when she discovered that Clarke was sleeping with the female Grounder leader Lexa. Clarke was into girls or was at least bisexual. That made her more appealing to Raven. That helped curb her jealousy and she was ready to mend her fence with Clarke but then Clarke killed Finn and the hate returned.

Raven knew Clarke did the right thing but she still could not face her. That was part of her problem with Clarke. She knew that she always did the right thing for everyone but somehow Raven always ended up the hurt party. She hated Clarke for being so perfect. Since Clarke had come back she had been nothing but nice and helpful. Raven wanted to forgive her and get closer to her. She knew that Clarke had lost her love too. She handled Lexa's death better than she had handled Finn's herself. Raven thought about Clarke's deceased lover, Lexa. She had a similar look to Raven, dark haired, strong facial features, brown eyes, an athletic figure, tanned skin. Raven wondered if that was what Clarke was attracted to, did Clarke find Raven attractive too?

It had been a short lived idea though because Clarke had already hooked up with another girl, Niylah. Niylah was Clarke's rebound girlfriend when she had her first breakup with Lexa. Niylah had comforted her, healed her wounds, helped her escape bounty hunters and shared her bed. Clarke treated it as one time thing. Clarke and Lexa had got back together for a while until Lexa's death. Niylah then showed up at Arcadia recently, seeking shelter. Clarke brought her in and was sharing her bed with Niylah again. When Raven seen the two of them kissing, Raven grew a knot in her stomach. She couldn't feel happy for Clarke but instead had the jealous feelings she remembered from a year before.

Raven wondered if she could be bisexual herself. She only ever had one relationship. Finn was charming and handsome. Back then, Raven knew she was gullible and naïve. He said all the right things and he even sacrificed himself for her. It had seemed easy for Clarke to go from boys to girls. Raven wasn't attracted to any males in Arcadia. She found all of them weak or mistrustful. Monty and Jasper were scared sheep. Bellamy and Murphy were frightening. She was attracted to confidence, strength, empathy, loyalty and beauty, all of Clarke's traits. She hated that she was attracted to Clarke. Even if Clarke felt the same about her, Clarke was her rival and she was taken. Raven broke her pencil in frustration.

Later that day, Clarke entered the shop where Raven was working. She saw the engineer leaning over her blue prints. She admired the round apple bottom curve of Raven's ass in those tight pants. Clarke licked her lips as she studied the firm, athletic figure with tanned skin and long brown hair pulled back from her stunning face. Looking at her reminded Clarke of Lexa, her one love, her soul mate. Raven was the most beautiful person that she knew who was still living. She had Lexa's fiery spirit too. Raven was out of the question though because Clarke was aware of Raven's hatred of her. Clarke drew a breath and sighed before asking, "Sorry to bother you Raven but I need an update on the repairs for the council meeting. What can I tell them?"

Raven gave Clarke a look of anger and frustration. "Tell them it will be fucking ready when I'm fucking finished," she replied through clenched teeth. She slammed a pencil down on the table and broke it. "Fuck! That's two today. Now I need another goddamn pencil!" she bristled.

Clarke looked on sadly but grew frustrated herself. "Raven, we need to talk. You and I can't keep going on like this. I know that you can't forgive me but we have to work together. All these people's lives depend on it," Clarke offered as an olive branch. She approached Raven carefully with open hands showing peaceful body language.

Raven turned to her, locking in eye contact. Steam still appeared to come from between her ears. She grinded her teeth together. Her nostrils flared. "You're right of course Clarke. You're always fucking right. You always say the right fucking thing. You're so fucking perfect. Why do you have to be so fucking perfect?" Raven held back the desire to end her question with the word "bitch."

Clarke choked up and a tear rolled from her eye. "I'm far from perfect Raven. In fact, I'm very flawed and very scarred," the blonde defended. It hurt Clarke that Raven had so much hate for her. She only wanted the best for Raven who she knew had suffered enough. Clarke was ready to break out in tears. She couldn't let Raven see her cry though and turned away. She sniffled as she made her way to the door.

Raven saw Clarke's anguish and was overcome with guilt. She knew she had gone too far. She shook her head and yelled, "Clarke wait!" When Raven turned her body and tried to chase after the tearful blonde, her knee brace locked up at the sudden turn and Raven fell face first into the hard metal floor with a thud.

Clarke turned her head back just in time to see the brunette go down hard. "Raven!" she called out as she rushed to the aid of the engineer. Raven was trying to press herself up in obvious agony. Clarke bent down and grabbed Raven by the shoulders. "Oh my God! Are you hurt? Here, let me help you up," Clarke rambled.

Raven shook off Clarke's help. "I don't need your help. I got this," Raven replied in stubborn defiance. She winced in agony as she rolled over and used the work bench to pull herself up. She let out a little scream as the pain shot through her body. Tears freely rolled down her face. She groaned as she pushed herself up to a standing position. Clarke admired Raven's tenacity. She was fierce in her own way. Raven's chest was heaving as she panted for air making her cleavage rise and fall. Clarke couldn't help but stare at Raven's nubile yet broken body. Even after being shot, having back surgery, getting a drill bit through her knee and thigh bone, and electro shocks to her brain and heart, she never played the victim. She was a fighter.

Clarke reluctantly conceded, "I can see that Raven. You don't need anybody's help. I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone." Clarke was sad and her lip quivered a bit before she sucked in a deep breath and turned to leave again. Raven's left leg, the one with the knee brace, was locked in a hyper-extended position. The metal was twisted and would not bend. She needed it to be in a certain angle just to walk. She reached down to the brace but couldn't get her fingers on the buckles. She groaned in frustration as she reached, the buckle just out beyond her fingers. Then she toppled over again.

Clarke was halfway out the door when she saw Raven hit the floor again. She turned to look and saw the girl laying on her back, crying. Clarke made no move to help but sympathetically cried along with Raven. Raven turned her head and saw Clarke standing there. She felt guilty for pushing Clarke away but she also felt helpless at the moment. Sucking up her pride, Raven waved her hand to Clarke, asking her to come back in. "A little help here?" she beckoned.

Smiling, Clarke wiped away her own tears and ran back in to help the vulnerable girl. She knelt over Raven with her big, voluptuous breasts hanging close to Raven's face. Raven could almost reach up and touch them. "What do you want me to do?" Clarke asked.

Dirty thoughts ran through Raven's head before she remembered the situation. "I have to get the brace off so I can hammer the bend out of it. It's locked in position that I can't reach. If you can just unbuckle it for me and take it off..." Raven suggested.

Clarke did as instructed and smiled glowingly at Raven, happy that she could do something for her. Once the brace was off, Raven instructed, "Place it up there on the bench. I can fix it there." Dutifully, Clarke placed the brace on the bench. Raven was trying to pull herself up again. She was exasperated. Clarke wrapped her strong arms around the waist of the smaller woman and used her strong thighs to lift her up to the standing position. Raven didn't fight her this time. She was amazed at Clarke's strength and yet her hands felt so soft.

Raven tried to balance herself on her right leg as she picked up the hammer. She couldn't put any weight on her left leg without the brace. It was awkward and she turned to Clarke for help again. "Look, I can't hammer this while standing on one foot. Maybe if you hold me to steady me?" the dark haired engineer suggested. Clarke immediately stood behind the Raven and wrapped her arms around the crippled girl's body from behind. She squeezed tight and took the weight off of Raven's feet. Raven could feel Clarke's huge boobs pressing into her back and Clarke's crotch pressing against her ass. It sent a tingle through her body. Raven tried to focus as she beat her brace back into its correct shape and fixed the hinge with pliers.

During the hammering, Clarke held onto Raven tightly so she wouldn't lose her balance. When Raven's arm was swinging, it caused Clarke's hand to accidentally slide up and grab Raven's left boob. Raven paused and Clarke immediately moved her hand back down to the other girl's waist. "Oops! Sorry Raven," Clarke apologized.

Raven felt like laughing. "Hey, better not let your girlfriend catch you copping a feel Wanheda," Raven joked. She actually enjoyed the contact and silently wished Clarke hadn't removed her hand so fast.

Clark stifled a laugh. "Niylah is not my girlfriend. Besides, she's not around anyway. She's leading a hunting party. They left over an hour ago. They should be gone a few days," Clarke explained.

Raven was confused. "What do you mean, Niylah's not your girlfriend? I've seen you kissing her. You two sleep together. You are having sex with her aren't you?" she queried.

Clarke explained, "Sure, we are having sex together but we aren't mated, as the Grounders call it. It's hard to explain. Lexa and I were mated. That was different. With Niylah, we just give each other comfort. We aren't committed to one another. Niylah plans on returning to her home after all this business blows over. We like each other and she and I are the only lesbians that I know of here in Arcadia so naturally we sleep together. She knew all about Lexa and I and there are no jealous feelings. She isn't like that at all. It's just different with her people."

Raven had finished with the brace. Clarke asked, "Can I help you put it back on?" She took the brace and lowered herself to the floor on one knee. Her face was eye level with Raven's crotch. She could see the outline of her labia in those skin tight pants and had to divert her eyes upward before she started drooling.

Raven bit her lip as she stared down at the beautiful fair skinned girl looking up at her with her ocean blue eyes. She thought for a second before saying, "You know what Clarke? I'm exhausted and sore. I think I should lay down for a second first. Can you help me to my bed?"

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