tagNovels and NovellasRaven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 03

Raven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 03

bySatin and Lace©

Warmth of the fire was a welcomed sight. Immediately she freed Ghost of his bridle, saddle started rubbing him down. There was some grain and corn he ate while Raven allowed her mind to travel. The days travel had gotten to her in many emotions.

Being raised as a runner, was all she knew. Crossing the lines of time. Trying to capture information that the Council so eagerly wanted. Her brother had shared that the council was getting more, adamant. Something was up. Whispered in her ear just before dying to run and not come back this time.

Ghost was rubbed down, full from the grains. His eyes went into sleep mode. As Raven saw to the duties she needed to prepare for the final trek. Her mind realized she had just turned twenty-one all alone. Looking at Ghost made her smile, he had been with her for a long time.

Sitting by the fire she loosened her braids, standing up she bent over. Her long thick hair came cascading onto the ground. Standing back up straight her hair flew in a water fall effect of sheer beauty. Framing her face she was beautiful. Sitting back down she allowed her mind to think of the Indian Village she was going to.

When the mountain closed the thunderous sound was a water fall of immense portions. It always made her and Ghost to bow their heads. The azure blue sky brings tears to her eyes. The clouds are billowy, whiter than a winters snow. The grass is emerald green, flowers shooting high, bright colors. Sprinkling their path, was white rocks as translucent as a fine pair of pearls.

Normally she was met by an honorable Brave. This trip would be different she would make the journey to their land, alone. Coming over the rise she could hear the children laughing, see them running. Most of the women would be cooking or laundry in the pool of blue. Always fire burning, scents of cooking meals always made her hungry. She never knew such wealth of beauty anywhere but there.

Most of them she had met. One woman was toothless but she could smoke a pipe, talk at he same time. That pipe stayed lit, and never fell out. It caused Raven to smile. So many women, so many children. The chief would be just arriving back from a hunting party.

That's when he came to her mind. They called him Hawk. A minute to glance and she never forgot his sheer, rugged handsome face. Dark as molasses, brown eyes like a deer. His hair was braided but reached to his waist. His thighs were like granite.

Raven jumped, she didn't know how long she had slept. Had she heard a sound? She jumped up but didn't go to see. If she had she would have seen the Hawk resting quietly at the opening. Noting her surroundings were quiet.

She took some bathing items and walked into the shadow of the cave. Turning the corner she seen her own private heated pool of water. Bringing the candles she lit them all. As she finished the last flickering light, she turned and pulled her clothing off. The walls shimmered from the mineral deposits. The gold was sparkling as she slipped into the water.

The water was so warm she immediately began to see her skin glisten. She sat on a natural rock laying back she saw her breasts. They were pointing straight up high, proud and high. It made her smile. Taking her hands she massaged the large melons. Instantly her nipples drew hard, she took her nimble fingers to pinch them lightly. Playing with them she felt the stirring of her love button. Dropping one hand she found it quite rigid. Brushing it a few times made her breath catch in her throat. Dropping her other hand she started massaging her lips swelling from desire. She could feel the desire building, holding back was hard like her clit. Not having been with a man she slipped one long graceful finger inside of her velvety pussy. She started moving her hips back and forth. As she played with her clit she was inserting her finger she was to tight for anymore.

Closing her eyes she kept up the pleasure seeking motions. She felt a presence but didn't move. She was to deeply involved with her first of many orgasms. The water licked her breasts when it became displaced by the other person. She first felt his hot breath on her face, she sped up the motion. His body was so hard, his mouth was so wet when he kissed her full lips. She tried to open her eyes but found as usual she couldn't. He dropped his head down and took her breasts in his mouth. Pulling them taunt. Licking them all over her body became rigid. She felt the precipice coming at her. Her hips started humping up towards his body.

Her scream was loud and wickedly inviting. His hot mouth traced the valley between her heaving breasts. She sensed he was happy. Feeling herself being lifted ever so lightly. She allowed her hands to fall to her side. He allowed his tongue to come to her silken triangle of downy soft hair. She felt an unbridled passion mounting. His tongue outlined her pussy, it was so hot as she felt him circle her swollen clit. Feeling his hands lift her hips up out of the water, she unabashedly came. She screamed in free falling passion.

He blew on her clit then went on to taste her sweetened nectar. His tongue delved into her inner lips. Breathing harder she felt the electrical shock of his tongue. She wasn't able to raise her hands, he had her to weakened. As she slipped over the abyss again she felt recharged.

As he softly rubbed her clit with his nose, she brought her minds eye to see him. That's when he drew her clit into his mouth. She felt the instant orgasm shooting out of her body. He was smiling, but never let her delicious clit out of his mouth. Her body was responding lick for screaming mind blowing lick. He sped up she felt the ultimate orgasm starting from the crown of her head. It shot through her entire body down to her beautiful shaped toes.

'Ahhhhhh yes! Yes!' she screamed out as she felt him withdraw. He always left her at this point. Laying there spent she was finally capable of opening her eyes. She saw the single feather, lovingly kissing the surface of the water floating just out of touch.

She smiled he had visited her again.

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