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I have been reading and listening here on Literotica for a few years now, and continue to have difficulty deciding between written and aural erotica; so I thought I would try my hand at combining them. The sound file here is NOT a recitation of the text. It is only part of the story, the final part. Please read first, then listen. Hopefully, you will enjoy the meld.


Her name is Claire. She is a classic red-headed beauty and lives in Doolin, a small fishing village near the coast , County Clare, Ireland. 25 years ago, during senior year, Claire was an exchange student at my high school. That was the way I first remembered her when I saw that she had visited my page at Classmates...Claire from County Clare...it was kind of a sing-song way we all referred to her at the time. She was a year older than most of us (I assumed that, in Ireland, schooling began a year later than in the states) and therefore even more fascinating

Although I had a regular girlfriend back then, I remembered Claire as incredibly attractive; long curly red hair, pouty lips, freckles in all the right places, a natural, perfect body, and a lilt in her voice that conjured images of emerald fields and mysterious Irish castles. Claire was someone that I had thought of through the years, and I was delighted to see that she had remembered me as well.

We began an email exchange, innocent at first, catching up on the normal goings on during the past two and a half decades. I won't bore you with too many of those details other than to say that Claire is currently married to her second husband, Aidan, and has no children. She returned to Doolin after high school and has lived there ever since. Among other things, Claire and I exchanged current photos of ourselves. When I opened her picture, I was stunned to see that she had become even more beautiful and sexy. I started to think of her differently as we went merrily along, reminiscing and talking about the weather, work, family, etc.

One topic that Claire started to mention more and more frequently was how lonely it all was way out there on the west coast of Ireland. Sure, she had friends but longed for something new and exciting...anything...to happen. I took this as a clue to say something slightly bolder. At the end of an otherwise mundane email, I wrote:

"Claire, I wanted to tell you that I still have a vivid memory of watching you bend down in the hallway to pick something off the floor and seeing your light blue panties riding up above your jeans. I don't exactly know why that image remains in my mind, but it does. Maybe it's because as I've grown older, I've come to appreciate panties more and more...take care, Zach."

Well, a week went by, then two, and I didn't hear from Claire. I started to get paranoid about my comment referring to my appreciation of panties, thinking that I had completely blown it, but I was finding it hard to comprehend that she would have been that offended. Maybe Claire was twisting "appreciate" into some sort of full blown panty perversion? ( I freely admit that I do indeed have a slight fetish for panties, but that's not the point ).

Then, one day, everything changed. I saw the email from Claire in my inbox with the subject "my panties." This is what it said:

"Dear Zach, The simple mentioning of my blue panties brought on a flood of memories...I have been tingling most of the time during these past two weeks, remembering... I'm going to take a chance here and tell you all about it. When you and I were in school together, I had a boyfriend back in Ireland. We had never had sex, but certainly had done our fair share of touching and exploring. I knew I was going to miss all that when I came to the states, and sure enough, for that entire year I was there, I was perpetually horny, always juicy, and very, very frustrated. When you had a peek at my panties, they were more than likely wet...very wet. As you might assume, masturbation was my best friend back then. I was very good at it and masturbated whenever I could, both in and out of school. The girl's room was the most frequent location for making myself cum, and sometimes it was several times a day...before classes, after classes, whenever I had the need or urge, which was often. I'm going to take another chance and tell you the truth. I enjoy a hot and satisfying sex life with my husband, but I have another sex life, my own secret sex life. That year of constant masturbation turned into a lifelong infatuation with self love. I still fantasize and masturbate almost every day. For the past couple of weeks, you have been the object of my fantasies. I have cum several times thinking of you; imagining you...well, doing things. That's all I will say for now, and I hope that we will always be friends. Love, Claire"

Visualizing Claire as a high school girl, rubbing her pussy and cumming in the girl's room had me hard as a rock and I found myself lightly rubbing myself through my pants. I quickly replied:

"Wow Claire, Thanks for sharing this with me. I have to tell you I am feeling a little charged up right now. I will tell you this: As far as the masturbation goes, you and I are cut from the same piece of cloth. I too enjoy a fantastic sex life with my wife, but share your love and necessity regarding masturbation. Would you tell me more details about the girl's room? I am hard and dripping a little right now. And by the way, we will always be friends."

"Zach, I was usually in a hurry...I would pull down my pants, then my panties, sit down on the toilet seat and get right to it. As I mentioned before, I was usually wet so lubrication was never a problem. My pussy was ( and still is ) rather furry so I would start by rubbing my finger up and down my hairy slit, bringing my wetness up to my clit. Then I would just close my eyes, concentrate on my love-button, and think about sucking my boyfriend's cock or imagine him masturbating and squirting his cum all over me or him licking my wet cunt...usually I would put a finger or two of my other hand inside my pussy or sometimes reach around and finger my asshole ever so slightly. When I was close to orgasm, I would always say dirty things out loud, quietly if necessary, to push me over the edge..."fuck me baby, fuck me...squirt your load all over me...fuck my asshole"...then I would cum cum cum. If I was fingering my pussy hard when I came, I would sometimes spurt some extra wetness which would then land on my spread panties, further complicating things, although I usually carried extra panties in my purse. I was a pretty dirty minded young lass. Are you still hard and dripping? Cum for me Zach...Claire"

Well, I did- enthusiastically- and Claire and I continued to email back and forth, although things had now definitely changed. We started to exchange links to free porn sites showing each other what turned us on. Mostly I sent her clips of women masturbating and/or talking dirty, usually dressed in stockings and panties...many of women masturbating from behind with their panties pulled halfway down their thighs, assholes exposed. Also cum shots onto bodies...tits, pussies, assholes... never the face. Claire's clips leaned toward group masturbation, often with a group of girls jacking a guy off or watching while he stroked himself. Some straight sex, usually with the girl squatting on a nice cock while she masturbated herself. Cum shots same as me...never on the face. She sent one in an email with the subject line: "the girl I sometimes wish I was." It was a video of what's called "dogging" in the UK: a woman seeking out anonymous sexual encounters in cars, in the woods, in parks, etc. The clip she linked me to was masturbation only. The woman would masturbate either in the passenger seat of the car or in a field somewhere while her boyfriend filmed her. She was touching herself and posing erotically as men would gather round and stroke to her. Obviously, the dogging girl was highly turned on by watching these engorged, ready to spurt cocks. She probably had 8 or 10 orgasms during the 15 minutes of the video, usually just as one of the men would come forward to cum on her tits, pussy, or ass. Much to my delight, she was quite vocal as well. "C'mon baby, shoot that big load on my tits, squirt your spunk on my cunt, etc."

Thinking of Claire doing this with me was almost too much. Wow.

Then one day, this:

"Zach...last night, I masturbated just for you. I decided to re-create my experience in the bathroom at school 25 years ago. I sat on the toilet with my panties around my ankles, legs spread, cunt exposed. I was so hot with anticipation knowing that I was going to write to you about doing it, that I came real hard, real fast, in about 5 minutes. I went over the top when I reached back and started fingering my dirty asshole. I was picturing you standing in front of me, stroking your cock, your eyes full of pure lust for my body...my tits, my wet cunt. I closed my eyes and heard you say "I'm cumming Claire, I'm cumming all over your wet hairy pussy," I began to thrust my hips back and forth, fucking my asshole faster and faster, shouted and came harder than I have in a while. Now I want you to masturbate and cum for me Zach. Close your eyes and imagine me right there, sitting on the toilet moving my wet pussy back and forth, waiting for you to shoot that sweet load all over my hairy...wet...cunt...Claire"

My reply, an hour later:

"Claire, The orgasm you just generously gave to me was beyond my abilities to describe, but I will try... I pictured you just as you asked, and heard you saying exactly what you wrote. I was standing, legs spread and slightly bent, my hips thrusting as I masturbated my slippery cock for you, imagining your spread slit positioned just inches from the tip of my cock. Out loud, I said "masturbate that clit and cum with me Claire"...I heard you saying " I'm cumming, I'm cumming, my god, shoot your spunk all over my spread cunt baby." When I shot my cum all over you, I saw it dripping down your red hair and some of it landed in your spread panties. You gathered some of my semen and used it as more lubrication and fingered your clit to a quick, intense orgasm...looking into my eyes as you came. The only thing missing was actually being able to touch you, to feel the warmth of your skin, the back of your neck, the hardness of your nipples...and to breathe in your scent; the smell of your hair, your sweet breath, your lips, and yes, your cunt...God, I would love that. Thank You Claire, Zach"

Again, I heard nothing back from Claire for a week. Then, one day, the UPS man delivered an international second day air package to my door. It was addressed to my business and was from Ireland. My heart was pounding as I opened the box. Inside was a zip lock bag containing a pair of sheer light blue panties. The attached note read:

"Dear Zach, I wore these panties for 3 days, and masturbated in them at least once each day. They are soaked with my desire for you. I want you to use them for your own pleasure. Smell me, breathe in my essence, my scent. Think of my face, my lips, my hair, my tits, my nipples, my ass, my puckered little asshole, my pussy...my cunt...my cunt, Zach. Then please give me the same present I give to you. Cum all over my panties Zach, just shoot it all over the crotch and send these panties back to me so I can use them again...I only ask that you tell me exactly what you were thinking, where you were, how turned on you were when you came. I want you to tell me everything. I want to hear it all...Love, Claire"

I pressed her sweet, still moist panty crotch to my face and inhaled her scent. I felt like this was the most erotic moment of my life. I knew that no email could do justice to this gift from Claire, so I sent her this recording. Listen now and hear what she did to me...

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (8 min/mp3)

* * * * *

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