Ready For It?


All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Ready For It?

Starring Taylor Swift

by MrMaxLord

(MF, Oral, Cons)

There were a lot of things people didn't know about Taylor Swift. There was an even greater number of things people got wrong about her.

A lot of people considered her to be a cold bitch. A manipulator. A total fake by some accounts. Those people didn't know shit. They just thought they were experts. She wasn't any of those things in her summation. Taylor was a business woman and an artist. Manipulation? Being cold? That's business. And in business, she learned being too emotional could get you bitten on the ass, especially as an artist. She was smart and professional.

One of the things that people didn't know was Taylor knew how to have fun. Not the fun they tended to imagine she'd like either. No, not at all. Sure, she enjoyed the normal stuff. Movies with friends, playing with her cats, interacting with fans. Nothing surprising there. The surprises existed with her in far more private situations. Like being in her favorite dive bar. She loved it. You never knew what was going to happen in a dive bar.

Sex was a big pass time for Taylor. A hobby she was very, very passionate about. She wouldn't call herself a slut, not by any means. To her a slut was someone who was indiscriminate about what dick she got. That wasn't Taylor, not by a long shot. She was far more discerning about cock. She liked to scope the room and observe. Some nights there were several good candidates and the selection process got a little crowded. Other nights, it was so dead she just gave up to go home and get reacquainted with her shower massager.

This night though, it was somewhere in the middle. A couple good prospects but not overcrowded. It was kind of bittersweet for Taylor. Picking and choosing was fun. Still, if she found someone who could fuck like no one else the fun in choosing would become a non-issue.

She'd been in the bar for forty five minutes and had visually whittled it down to about three men. Now it was up to the men to eliminate themselves.

Her cool blue eyes were on them, her red lips sipping her scotch and soda through a matching red straw. The first man, the living embodiment of tall dark and handsome instantly disqualified himself when she finally saw him with her girlfriend. She would have fucked him if that didn't happen. She wasn't morally opposed to fucking another woman's man. But taking him right in front of that woman was a bit too disrespectful for her tastes and took the fun right out of a one night stand.

The next one, a walking slab of muscle who looked like he'd be a fun endurance test was counted out for a similar reason as tall, dark and taken, save his attachment was a boyfriend. Pity, because the guy's boyfriend looked very satisfied.

That left the Third Man. He wasn't third choice though, not by any measure. The other two were knocked out far too early in the process to make that kind of judgement. But chance had made him the lucky man of the night. And all things considered, her might have one anyway. He was athletic. Not a solid slab of muscle, more of a swimmer's body with a bit more bulk. He wasn't the epitome of tall dark and handsome either. More of a friendly rebel type. Very young Harrison Ford. Taylor liked that. He was the one.

When the lucky man sat down at the bar, retreating from the game of darts he'd been playing when Taylor spotted, him, Taylor made her way over to him. She smiled as she took her seat, the man not taking too much notice of her.

"You're going to buy me a drink," she said, her voice flirtatious, a harmony to it without even having to sing.

He looked over at her and grinned a sly grin when he got a full look at exactly who had made that demand of him. He recognized her and didn't mind a bit.

"Is that a fact?" he asked, his tone matching hers.

"It is." She smirked at him as she sat down. "How about while we wait for my drink you tell me your name? You know, so it's not from a stranger."

"Dave," he said. "And no need for the favor to be returned Taylor."


"So, what brings you to a place like this?"

"Atmosphere, fun, and a lack of paparazzi bullshit. You?"

"Good neighborhood place. Always easy to find fun...and someone to have good fun with."

They locked and eyes and clinked their glasses before taking sips of their fresh drinks. They were on the same wavelength. There was no need to explain what this was. All that needed explaining was the locale.

"So, let's cut the bullshit," Taylor said, her tone surprisingly friendly, even sexy for the phrase she uttered. "We both know what's going to happen tonight."

"Do we?" Dave said, playing right back. "And what would that be?"

"Simply put, we're gong back to my place to fuck." She took a sip from her drink, giving Dave a wink as the scotch and soda went down her throat, a sparkling burn warming her. "And it's a foregone conclusion as of about ten minutes ago. Already called my ride."

"Well, I'd hate to disappoint your driver, Ms. Swift."

"First off, it's not even Ms. Swift if you're nasty. It's always Taylor...though, don't be afraid of getting a little nasty. Secondly...better settle that tab, sailor, ride's waiting." She gave him a cute and seductive half-smile.

Dave couldn't remember the last time he paid a tab quicker and more happily. Though when that was done, he and Taylor walked leisurely to the car. The moment the door shut however, everything leisurely was thrown out the window and the two were all over each other.

Even without the partition separating them from the driver, Taylor and Dave would be just as heated. This was 100% pure desire. Taylor just wanted sex, and Dave not only wanted that, but was getting to fulfill a major league fantasy, and that spark just the fuel to Taylor's fire even more intensely.

Taylor shivered a bit as Dave's hand went up her denim skirt, the tips of his fingers tickling the flesh of her thighs before reaching her pussy. Her satin panties were pushed aside and Taylor moaned into his mouth as his fingers plunged into her.

Not that Taylor wasn't getting on the pre-game fun herself. Her own hands had made their way to Dave's crotch, unzipping and reaching for his cock. Taylor was very pleasantly surprised as the heat he was packing. His cock was nice and thick, just the way she liked it. She loved the way a hard, thick dick felt between her red lips...and of course in her pussy.

Time seemed to fly by as the pair got a small little taste of what was to come, but soon they found themselves come to a stop. The car had pulled into he garage of Taylor's building. The two composed themselves and walked out the of the car.

Dave was hardly surprised to find Taylor had a private elevator to her floor.Private as it was however, the two were able to keep themselves under control.

Taylor lead the way into her apartment. "The bar's over there on the right," she said as she locked the door behind them. "Help yourself. There's a mini-fridge over there two if you want a beer."

"What about you?" he asked.

"I'm going to go get ready." Taylor smiled, licking her lips before walking to her room.

Taylor left him alone. Dave was here for one reason and was not going to jeopardize that, that was her line of thinking. And she was right on the money. He stayed in the designated area of the bar, looking through the goods, of which Taylor had a great deal. Th finest of all spirits, there for the taking. Name it and she had it. The same was true of the beer selection. He helped himself to a bottle of some microbrew he didn't recognized and popped the top.

Before he could get a chance to savor this brand new beer, something much more worthy of being savored re-entered the main hall.

"That's a good one," said Taylor, her entrance slightly startling Dave. "Smooth, has a bit of a citrus thing going on." Dave turned around saw Taylor was indeed ready. She'd stripped herself down to nothing, that hot, toned and curved body ready for the action they both so badly desired.

"Wow," Dave said, his brain unable to utter anything polysyllabic at this juncture.

"Thanks. "You on the other hand, are a bit overdressed. Take your shirt off. I'll hand the rest." Taylor flashed him a smile which gave way to a giggle when she saw him frantically take his shirt and jacket off. "Good." She was face to face with him, her face sultry, sweet and confident.

"Stay still," she said, kissing him softly. "I'll handle those pesky pants. She quickly licked his lips then slid to her knees, her red nails raking his chest and abdomen softly.

Taylor was on her knees, her face level with Dave's crotch. She looked up at him with lustful glee, blue eyes sparkling like crystal ice as she undid his belt, slowly unzipped his pants, and tugged the garment down. She moved back only to let him step out of them as well as his shoes. No clothes needed or allowed at this point.

Dave shuddered a bit as Taylor left a trail of red kisses up Dave thigh, her nails tracing a path just behind the on the way to his cock...his nice and thick cock she'd been craving the moment her hands grasped hit. He brushed her face against it, her blonde locks lightly tickling his balls as it happened.

"Oh...oh yeah.." he said with a slight stutter. She started off soft and sweet, a move which surprised him with how far down her tongue had been in her mouth and vice versa. But this was how Taylor always liked to play it. Fires always burned brighter with the right kind of fuel.

A few light licks and kisses with placed on his balls before she got to Dave's cock. She placed a kiss on the top, then looked up with those gorgeous blues of here and extended her tongue. She licked his cock slowly, from tip to bottom and back again. Up and down, back and forth. She only paused to roll her tongue over the head.

Once he'd been teased enough to Taylor's satisfaction, she took him in her mouth. At first, all the suction was on that big mushroom head, a tornado-like sauna of pleasure as her hands deftly pumped the shaft. Slowly but surely, she went deeper and deeper, taking more and more of his hard dick in her mouth.

"Oh...fuck yeah...just like that Taylor..." he moaned, allowing his hands from going white knuckle clenched as they had been to open, holding her luscious golden hair back as she suck him. Her pace was steady, sensual, and keeping him deliciously on edge.

Taylor took him all the way in her throat, grabbing his hands and bringing them to her head, sending the clear signal to hold her there, the fuck her face. Dave had no problem with that, the wet sounds of his thrusting echoing in the large apartment.

Taylor pulled back, taking a deep breath from her drooling mouth, her red lipstick now smudged in the most delightful way.

"You want the favor returned?" Dave asked, practically licking his chops.

"I'd much rather have that cock inside me," Taylor said. Not that she didn't mind the offer, but right now her cock craving was over the top.

"Sit on that chair over there," Taylor said, pointing at a rather comfortable and sturdy leisure chair behind Dave.

Dave did as requested, getting in position, which then of course allowed Taylor to get in position as well.

The both shuddered as she sunk down on him, savoring in the moment because there was no chance of a slow down.

The moment Dave was all the way in, his thick cock stretching Taylor out in all the ways she'd be craving, Taylor's wild ride began. There was no mercy for poor Dave, not that he would have wanted it. Feeling Taylor hot, tight cunt snugly surrounding him was a heaven he never thought he'd get to have, and it wasn't bad for her either.

She went fast, ruthless and raw. She was fucking herself with his cock, her hips moving rapidly, grinding, moving fast back and forth. "Fuck I love this fucking cock!" she exclaimed with lustful glee. Short breaths and moans escaped her smiling face, those gorgeous red lips smudged from her previous blowjob.

Any sounds Dave was making were muffled by his mouth hungrily feasting on Taylor's tits. They weren't huge by any means, but they were a handful, hers had everything he wanted at the moment.

With his face buried in her bosom, Dave's hands were at her delightful butt, holding it tight, actually trying to have her go even harder, even faster on his dick. She REALLY liked him. Had the right ideas to match the right cock.

Taylor loved being in control, just as she was now, just as she was when she was sucking him. Sometimes though, she just wanted to let the other person take over. She stopped the action, leaving Dave a little confused as his mouth had to part ways with her breasts.

She got to her feet with a smile then walked back towards the hallway leading to her bedroom. Dave watched, a little hypnotized by her bottom as she walked.

Taylor stopped at a small table right at the beginning of the hallway. There was a mirror hanging directly above it. There was a lipstick, red of course, resting on the table. Dave watch as Taylor looked in the mirror, reapplying that wonderful shade of red.

She rolled her lips, and pursed them at her reflection. She looked over shoulder, a sweet smile on her face. "What are you waiting for Dave? I didn't say we were done. Come and give that fucking cock again."

Dave got up from his seat and made his way over, prepared to get in a much more fun position.

Taylor stood there waiting, her back arched in just the perfect way, her body and ass glistening in sweat, her blonde locks just as wet.

Dave was behind her, his hands roaming over her tone form from her ass to her tummy to her tits, feeling every inch of her body before roaming down between her legs.

The lips met once more just as he re-entered her tight wetness. They moaned into each other's mouths, tongue's intertwined as Dave followed Taylor's lead from before; there was no reason to keep things slow.

"Oooh fuck...yeah just like that," she hissed, her lips in a sexy snarl that was reflected back to Dave. "Give that big fucking cock hard and fast...oh yess...mmmmmm..."

Her blue eyes were shut tight and she licked her lips. Taylor put one arm forward, bracing herself against the wall while her other joined Dave's at her clit.

A chorus of heavy breathing and moans filled the apartment, both coming from a pair of smiling mouths. Taylor leaned her head back on Dave's shoulders, grunting sounds of approval with every amazing thrust into her body. She was right on that verge, right on that thin line of not wanting it to end but wanting that final release of complete and utter bliss.

"Yeah..little bit more Dave...oh fuck a little...bit...more...oh fuck I'm gonna cum...cum all over that fucking cock...oh yes...yes...YES!!"

Her pulled her closer, one arm wrapped around her stomach as he gave her everything he had. He felt her breathing get faster, more intense in her stomach, the smile on her face giving way to the total bliss building up inside her until...

"OH YES FUCK YES!" Taylor cried out, her pussy clamping down on Dave's still thrusting cock. She became almost completely limp in his arms, still keeping that grin on her face as her head hung forward, loving the feeling of still being taken as she was cumming.

She had to be mindful though...she didn't want him cumming inside her, or at least not in her pussy. She had something else in mind.

Dave was right on that verge too, and Taylor somehow knew it. "Pull out," she said. He did, and she spun around and dropped to her knees, sucking his cock into her mouth once again, savoring her own flavor on him before getting to work. It was his turn and Taylor wanted a taste of what he had saved up, all for her.

It was fast, intense, made much more so by Taylor's constant, lustful stare into Dave's eyes, her blue eyes matching the hottest part of the flame in intensity. She was pushing him and pushing him hard towards and explosive orgasm. She needed to see him, know the pleasure she was putting him through. It was an extra jolt for her.

And there Dave was, only a minute after being taken into her mouth...and of course the intense fucking they'd both been through. And right when he was on the edge, Taylor switched tactics, focusing only on the swollen head of his throbbing member, almost giving it an intense French kiss.

Her tongue swilled around his cock head as she sucked, her eyes going from intense she-devil to innocent saint, with just a hint of sin behind those eyes. It was too much. With moan of pleasure that was damn near close to a howl Dave exploded into Taylor mouth, the blonde sex goddess moaning in pleasure and approval as the fluid touched her tongue.

It was easily the best orgasm of his life. Intense pleasure radiating through out his whole body and exploding through his dick. When the tap was finally dry, he slowly pulled out of Taylor's mouth. She was smiling with a full mouth, her sweat-soaked blonde hair matted to her face which was flushed red.

She opened her mouth for him, playing with the large load with her tongue, the pink muscle playing a pool of white before she swallowed it down with a grin.

"Best drink of the night," she said with a wink. Taylor got to her feet and kissed David passionately, licking his lips before breaking it. "I need a shower."

She let go of him and began to walk to her bedroom, Dave walking behind her. "What are you doing?" she asked him.

"Joining you for a shower."

"That's nice of you, but I said that I was taking as shower, not that we were. But if you need one, use the guest bathroom, right on your left. And before you go, right your name down and put it on the kitchen counter."


"Oh,Dave, don't sound so disappointed." Taylor walked over to him, smiling a reassuring smile. "You're a great fuck...but that's all this was. Not a first date. Just a good old fashioned fuck session, just what I needed. Now, be a doll and write your number down so next time I'm feeling antsy, well, you're just a phone call away. But until then...see ya."

She winked at him and entered her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Dave just shook his head and chuckled to himself. He quickly redressed and did as Taylor requested, jotting down his number before heading out. This was why he loved dive bars. Anything could happen.

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