tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReady or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 3

Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 3


I was going to enjoy myself being cruel to her. There would be a little bit of pain just to remind her who she belonged to, but it was also her vagina that I wanted to make scream. It was aching and post-orgasmic and so slick and ready for prick....although aching isn't begging and just plain slick isn't a pleading pussy.

I imagine Lily would have done anything for me at that moment. My naked little girl, all slave-like as I led her to the bedroom. Anything. I told her that the bedroom was her cage, the bed a sex-altar, and that she was my sacrifice, just come of age to be slain by cock. Anything my filthy mind could conjure....all of those deplorable and degrading thoughts.....my full bastard treating her like shit.....we could hardly contain ourselves.

I gave her ass a stinging slap as I pushed the door open, and followed with the wine and cock. Lily rubbed her stung cheek and pulled a face. I told her in my most heartless voice that I was sorry....and pulled her naked body to me for a sloppy snog. I trapped her against me and held her jaw so her sweet mouth couldn't get away from the raping my tongue was giving her. I gave her small mouth as much tongue as I could and span her against the wall. My dick felt like an iron bar in my pants, desperate to spring free and fill her young snatch to it's tightest limit.

My hand held her there by the neck, and as her eyes closed and her mouth gaped I finished my tongue-assault. I felt her tense and her hands grab my waist as I gripped her throat.....and harder when she squeezed that iron bar in my pants. That's what the my bitch wanted, to get hold of my cock, to get it out and push it through her slit and guide it straight into her sopping box.

I swear I heard Lily grunt as the clinking sound of steel cut through our yummy moans.

Her lips kept closing and suckling my tongue and I set her free to see her eyes dart to the handcuffs in my hand. I released her neck and she stared me dead in the eyes as I took her wrists around her back. Her mouth was gaping and that new found confidence had surrendered to the delicious fright of her shy girl....I could see the nerves trembling through her, the weakness of the knees folding slightly as she heard the raking teeth of the cuffs. Tight and cold against her skin.

She was helpless and I could smell her excitement.....smouldering and ebbing from between her legs.....I could smell her cunt......like a dog to a bitch in heat. I told her. I told her that I could smell that cunt of hers.....that once fresh snatch now filthy and sticky and stinking deliciously.....I told her she was a little whore and she gulped and admitted it.

"A dirty slut.....just for you...." said her shy girl, nervously.

Submission made her twat ache for dick all the more, and helplessness made her lovely labia all slippery, her nipples harden....and the surrender of all argument took her little pussy to whore heaven....a place where she could bloom and be a cumslut.....laid down and used as a fucktoy....like she dreamed about late at night in bed alone....two fingers in her tender pussy instead of my determined violation.....finger-fucks instead of my dreamy, violent penetration. She wanted me to bang her and bone her ruthlessly.....merciless strokes raping the depth of her almost-virgin puss.

I gave her a peck on her lips and said, "You're such a good bitch, Lily."

She shuddered and her shoulders bumped back against the wall. She pushed her hairless mound at me like a filthy tart and I stroked it with my fingertips. So smooth, so soft, such a delicious pussy.....such a young pussy.....pubescent-like and forbidden. Her eyes drew narrower and naughtier and her mouth opened wide, then closed, her front teeth grating over her bottom lip. Fuelled by wine. If she were an actor they'd call it "hamming it up", but it was exactly what I wanted from my bitch....to play that shy little girl to the hilt. To revert to her girl knowing that if I spread her pussy open I'd find a dirty slut. Exactly right, sweetheart. This was a good girl....this coy young thing was the kind of good girl that got what she wanted......and she'd only been rewarded once, a long time ago, by some boy she'd trusted her cherry to......almost a virgin, yet she knows how it feels to have cock inside.

We were getting delirious, drowning in the smut of the occasion.

I started unbuttoning my shirt and she licked her lips and I told her that she'd been a very good girl......that she hardly spilled any cum in the car. I pulled my shirt off and gave her a kiss and asked how was it to have a mouthful of cum.

"Lovely," she whined.

It was okay if she was lying, because there's absolutely everything horny about cumming in a girl's mouth who doesn't care for the taste of cum. Either way.....although it was clear she lusted after the act of it, because she has to.....because she's terrified of the ass-fucking I'll give her.....the ass-fucking she secretly craves, yet fears in equal measure.

Lily watched my hands unbuckle my belt and draw down my zipper. She peeled her ass from the wall and bumped my knuckles with her thrusting mound. Eager expectation crossed her expression and she licked her dry lips......and let out an unrestrained moan as I presented my cock to her. I could see the lust flood her sweet Asian face and her teeth grind as she looked at me.....but she couldn't keep her hungry eyes off my dick.....couldn't stop licking her lips.....couldn't keep her mouth shut......couldn't quell the electric tides running through her starving vagina. That's it....a beautiful sexy eighteen year old.....panting.....anxiety rising......young body at the mercy of my touch......almost begging......almost.

She held her breath as I pulled back the foreskin of my cock, and groaned and licked her dry-again lips at the sight of my cum-covered purple head. As I pointed my glistening end toward her Y, Lily pushed her silken baby-girl mound to meet it. I greased her shaven mound with my sticky pre-cum and ran my cockhead up to her pierced belly-button and back down, leaving a shiny cum-trail on her baby-soft skin. She was almost breatheless....stern nips and blushing breasts......a delicious desperation she couldn't and didn't want to hold back.

"Oh, yeah," she enthused as I gave my cock a few strokes with my fist.

I drew a couple of beads of pre-cum to her peeking clit and she quivered.....we could both see it shining at the top of her slit, right there where the soft hood of her clit poked through......a tiny hint of her sweet jewel. I bumped her cherry with the tip of my leaking cockhead and her bum pressed against the wall.....she looked at me, mouth gaping, lips dry, and I felt her sticky thighs peel apart......inviting me in.

Now she licked her lips wet-again, now she was looking down at my cock in my clenched fist.....guiding the head down onto her burning clit. Her lips opened and she stopped breathing as we watched my cockhead slide between her barely-parted thighs. I heard a sorry whimper and she swallowed dryly and licked her lips once again. As my shaft started to vanish, I could feel the top of my head parting her juicy puffy labia. It was so slick.....and resistant right down at the center of her pussy lips kiss....further and wetter.....I felt the resistance give way.......and sensed I was right there, her sopping cunthole directly above my pulsating cockhead.....I could feel where her little hole was, absolutely dripping.....and amid all the slipperiness, my cock throbbed and we felt my head poke her cunthole.....just slightly....just her snatch giving my burning head a hot wet kiss.

"OhmyGodI'mgonnacumagain!" she cried, "put it in-put it in.....put it in...."

Lily groaned and her chin rose sharply to show me her slut face. She was so beautiful, her shy girl shattered, her radiance shining past the point of any inhibition. My glowing slut stared me right in the eye, feeling the tremors of a quake that was about to start just about where my flaming cockhead was blistering her melting vagina.

"Please," she said, laughing, panting, her face drawing as she saw the lust in my eyes. "Please," she insisted, kissing me, "I wanna cum all over your cock."

She looked down at my angry prick and back into my eyes.

"I want it.....I have to have it." She sounded so sincere.

I came down on her with a hard kiss that softened and became juicier and wetter until we were licking each others tongues. I told her amid our kiss-along that I was going to bend her over the dresser and fuck her like a dog fucks his bitch.

She shuddered at my bastard words and almost came.

Lily glanced to it across the room......it had a large mirror......she could just about see my ass in it from here.

She looked at me and I said, "So you can look at yourself while I put this into you."

She looked at my cock, in my eyes and to my lips and kissed me.

I looked down at her and her eyes flashed up at me and she said, "Bend me over and fuck me like your bitch....."

I gazed down at her precious face and for a second I wondered how wicked it might be of me to deny her......maybe one more time......could I be that cruel?

She gave me another lick and kiss and I sensed a little bit of shy girl come out to play....to intice me.....to make me lose my cool and be a savage about it.....she knows I can't resist.

Lily looked at my cock.......her flat tongue licking to the corner of mouth, where its point savored the fading flavor of my cum.

"Please," she said.

I looked down at my Lily.....I kissed her sweetly and grabbed her by the cuffs.

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