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Real Estate Agent Too


Kammie was a busy woman. Her position as real estate acquisitions for a large electric generation and transmission company kept her on her toes. Always planning ahead, it was her job to secure real estate for the business as quietly as possible to keep the costs down.

Mapping and maintaining all the geographic information was a daunting task. She was very good at it but it was mentally exhausting. If work itself wasn't enough, there was a plethora of male suitors trying to get between her legs too.

She admittedly enjoyed the attention, but after a brief affair with a co-worker, she quickly realized office romance was not for her. Now she had to spurn constant requests for dates which was too bad as some of the guys were pretty darn cute.

Kammie kept herself busy with a morning routine of some cardio work, a short session with some light weights, and then a shower before she would dress for work. Her evenings were less foreboding and more about mentally relaxing, a glass of red wine, a phone call to her adult daughter and maybe a game or two on her phone.

She sometimes invited a girlfriend over for wine and gossip or would go to their house. This night she had her friend Lisa over for drinks. The wine's high alcohol content was kicking in and Kammi was feeling especially talkative. She reminisced about a chance meeting with a man she began a chat with the year before.

"So this one time, I was sitting here just drinking wine and relaxing," Kammie told her friend.

She continued to retell the story in detail, changing nothing, keeping her friend riveted with each juicy word.

"Bzzzzzzzzz.... The familiar sound of my phone signaling it was my turn for play on the Words with Friends app, a neat little app that I downloaded a couple of years ago to help me pass the times when I wasn't so busy at work."

"However, it quickly became a nice and safe way to meet new friends by using the app's chat feature. You know I'm a very competitive person by nature, no matter what type game I play, I play to win. So most often, I ignored the chat feature altogether."

"I swiped my phone to answer the notification for my turn at play and I noticed a message."

'You have a community player game request.'

"Now, I usually have at least five games going at one time, so I was prepared to click the notification and swipe left to decline the request."

"Oh! My! The picture of the player who requested this game was quite a nice looking specimen. Now I must admit, there have been many times that I've declined games based only on how the person's profile picture looked. I know, I know. It's superficial and shallow but I'm being honest here."

"The picture displayed was of a nice looking man. A white guy. Very attractive. He had a sexy smile and although it was only a picture from his shoulders up, he looked to be very physically fit. Jason was his profile name."

"'Well hellooooo Jason,' I said to myself, 'I'll play with you anytime.' "

"So I accepted the game request . Yes, based solely on how fine that man looked in that picture."

"Oh my God Kammie, let me see!" Lisa said, interrupting Kammie's story.

"Ha. You wish. I'm not sharing my White Chocolate. Now let me finish my story," Kammie replied before continuing with great detail. Her friend sat almost trancelike as Kammie started to tell the next segment of her story.

"Anyway! My message notification immediately lit up."

"Mr. Jason wanted to say hello. So I clicked on the chat icon."

"'Good afternoon,' he typed."

"'Good afternoon,' I responded."

"'Thank you for the game. I'd wish you luck but I'm a poor loser. LOL,' he texted."

"I laughed out loud. How coincidental. He's a man after my own heart. I hate losing too. We went back and forth in the chat room while simultaneously playing the word game."

"I was winning so far, even though his witty chatting had me somewhat slightly distracted. The more we chatted the more I was drawn to his words and eventually the game became more of a distraction than the chatting."

"What was he saying?" Lisa asked.

"Be patient. I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. SO, to continue.."

"He typed, 'You're making me work hard to keep up.' "

"What do you do for a living?"

"I told him I'm in real estate. He said he was too. Then I told him I was in corporate real estate. He laughed and called me a land grabber. But looking at him, it wasn't his land I wanted to grab."

"'I'm very competitive,' I typed. 'But I have a little secret though... My kryptonite is....' "

"I waited for him to try and guess what could possibly keep me from winning at this game. Almost immediately after I hit send he texted back ...."

"What?!? What did he text?" Lisa was like a little girl who couldn't stand not knowing what she might get for Christmas. But it wasn't Christmas.

Kammie continued.

"Good gracious girl. You've got all the patience of a dog begging for a treat. Just sit back, drink some more wine and listen."

"Okay. Please continue," Lisa apologized and took another drink of wine.

Kammie was enjoying the tease, keeping her girlfriend in suspense. She never realized just how much fun it could be. However, after a drink of wine and a long pause, she continued her story.

"So I told him I have a kryptonite and he answered immediately. Like he was inside my mind. He texted back.."

"'Sexy white guys that write erotic stories?' "

"My mouth literally dropped open as I read his text. My fingers moved quickly as I typed, 'Wow!!!! Are you psychic too?? How'd you know? We have a lot in common. You write erotic stories and I read them.' "

"'My kind of woman,' he said. 'BTW, I'm Jason.' "

"I'm Kammie."

"I never would've thought such an innocent and lively conversation could turn into this..."

"Jason and I continued our online flirtations but he had me intrigued about his stories. I wanted to know more about them. I asked if he was published."

"'No,' he replied, but they were on a web site that I can read them on. After some more small talk, I decided to take a chance."

"What's the web site?"

"He first warned me that it was an adult site. I'm thinking, how nice, he thinks I'm innocent. Little did he know just how sexual I really am."

"He gave me the web info and I wrote it down for later use. I didn't want to get worked up and not have a private place to enjoy what I was reading."

Kammie's friend interrupted again. "You were at work?"

"You know how busy I can get. I just needed some mental stimulation. But I didn't expect this. So, after a long busy day, I went home and poured a glass of red wine. A nice Bertoli Primitvo, 2014. An Italian red from Italy's southeastern region. Very good."

"Anyway, I opened my lap top and searched for his stories. They weren't hard to find once he told me the shortcut."

"He wrote under two different aliases. I first read one of his original stories. A soft romantic story giving excellent detail, but I was in the mood for something a little more erotic."

"I found a new story about a woman in real estate. Same business as me. It was much more graphic and very exciting. I found myself aroused and put my hands down my pants. I was so wet."

"Girl, you're getting me hot and I haven't read anything yet," Lisa confided.

Kammie wasn't a bashful woman and sharing an intimate detail such as masturbation was no big deal. She enjoyed self pleasuring as much as the next woman and she knew her friend did too. The alcohol's effects didn't deter her from sharing those details either.

Kammie continued telling Lisa of the chats between her and Jason. She told her friend how she and Jason joked about meeting sometime. She also told Lisa that Jason pointed out that they're so far apart. 895 was what he would text.

"895?" her friend asked.

"895 miles. The distance between he and I," Kammie replied and continued again with her story.

"So I told him about how I like to go out with friends from time to time and he joked about making a trip south sometime. I mean, he was serious, but in a joking kinda way."

"One day the opportunity presented itself, but he didn't tell me. Instead he continued to chat me up via the app. He asked here where I was going that evening."

"So I told him where our favorite bar was and the name. By this time our chats had become extremely sexual and the intensity between the two of us is almost unbearable."

"When Jason found out where I was going he decided to get dressed in a nice pair of pants, shiny black shoes and a loose collar shirt. I was dressed to the nines. Ya know that sexy little black dress with the white on the side? Well, for some reason I went to the bar alone that night."

"He had me all worked up and I was in the mood for some hot sex. I was sitting in a corner booth, accepting a drink here and there, occasionally dancing with a cute guy, but I wasn't satisfied, they weren't him."

"So I checked my messages when my phone buzzed. It was him on the app and he texted 'I'm thinking of you. Your sexy body and luscious lips. Your beautiful breasts and spectacular ass.' "

"Well you do have a good set of titties, Kammie, and every guy wants a piece of that black ass of yours," her friend complimented her.

"Thank you love. You're the best. Now let me finish my story. You're gonna love this. SO, I got his text. It made me blush even though he told me that before. Besides, I had already sent him "special" photos so I knew he liked what he saw.

"Oh yeah? How special? And what were you thinking??" Kammie's friend chastised her.

"Never you mind. They weren't THAT special. Ya know, just me in my workout outfit," Kammie responded.

"So, I was at the club and he sent another text. It said, 'A dark club. A sexy brown skinned girl. A little dirty dancing' "

"Sounds good. Too bad. 895."

"I was feeling a little melancholy at that point and I was about to leave when he sent another text...'What's your favorite drink?' "

"So I told him, 'Gin and Tonic.' "

"'I'll have to have one and pretend you're here with me,' he texted back. So now I'm really ready to go, but he keeps me rivited, so I sat there and texted him back."

"'What would we be doing if we were together?' "

"'Something more than drinking, I think.' "

"I'm like, that's my thought too. I was about ready to order another drink when the waitress brought me a Saphire and tonic. The waitress handed me a note with a slightly confused look on her face and said to me" 'I was asked to bring this to you and give you this note.' "

"She didn't stick around for a reply. So I took the drink and put it on the table and then I read the note. I about fell out of the booth."

"What'd it say? Was it from him? C'mon girl, you're killing me here," Lisa admitted.

"As I was saying. I took the drink and placed it on the table. Then I opened the note. It read: '895 is now 30 feet.' "

"I didn't understand at first, then it hit me like a ton of bricks . I stood up and looked around the club, slowly surveying the crowd. He wasn't on the floor, so he must be at the bar."

"I saw a man who looked a lot like the photos I'd seen of Jason. I grabbed the drink and slowly walked towards him."

"He turned around just in time to see me walking towards him. Our eyes locked. Neither blinked fearing we'd break the mental connection. I sidled up next to him, not saying a word. I sipped the drink he sent me then placed it on the bar. I took his hand and lead him to the dance floor."

"It was a slow, erotic song, one where he could take his arms and wrap around my waist and I would slowly grind my body into his crotch. I could feel his cock harden through his pants. I smiled and then turned around to grind my ass against his stiffing cock."

"He leaned in, smelled my hair, pressed his lips close to my ear and whispered, 'I couldn't resist. I want you. Now!' "

"The lights were low, so I reached down and felt his hardening cock in my hand. I stroked him through his pants and his hands reached up to my breasts. Neither of us much cared that others might be watching, we were just lost in the moment."

"The music faded into the background, and there was just the two of us. I raised my skirt, showing Jason my thong panties and ass. He moved his hands from my breasts to my hips and pulled me closer."

"I was still holding his cock, but now I needed to feel him. I needed to feel the heat, the hardness of his cock in my hands, I wanted to touch skin. So I deftly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free and immediately slid it between my legs."

"I could feel Jason's moan more than I heard it as he slid his hardness over the silky strip of material between my legs. My little thong did nothing to hide how wet I was. His touch alone made me feel like I could melt into a big puddle in the middle of the dance floor."

"The song continued with its hypnotic beat in the background and Jason bent down slightly to whisper in my ear again."

"'I'm here to make all your fantasies come true. Are you ready?' He softly brushed his lips on my neck. His warm breath sent a shiver down my spine."

"My body was so tuned into his every movement that I could barely speak. A breathy "yes" escaped my lips."

"Jason kept his hands in a tight grip on my hips as he slowly grinded against me. If anyone were paying attention they would think we were doing an erotic dance. We were in a way."

"My eyelids became heavy with arousal and I felt it spreading all over my body. I tilted my head over to allow his lips better access to my neck. I was so lost in the pleasure of him kissing his way down my neck and shoulders when his fingers stroked across my pussy."

"Get OUT! He had his hands inside your panties? On the dance floor?" Lisa asked incredulously.

"He pushed his fingers into the wet fabric of my thong causing a wonderful sensation. He continued pushing the thin material inside of my pussy with his large fingers."

"'I'm so ready for you Jason' I told him."

"'I can feel that babe,' Jason smiled and kissed my neck."

"He pulled my thong to the side and I took his cock and slid it in me. He took my hands in his and wrapped his arms tightly around me as he entered me with one hard thrust. I gasped, it felt so good."

"He didn't move right away. He let my body adjust to his thickness."

"'Ohhhh, you're so tight babe. Your pussy feels so good,' he groaned."

"I was on fire with carnal lust. I ground my ass into him and and turn my head and put my lips on his. Then I said to him, 'Fuck me Jason! Make me yours!' "

"I was inspired by his boldness. 'Fuck me Jason' was all he needed to hear. He grabbed my hips, thrusting ever faster. His cock so hard, so think, he stretched my pussy and it felt so good. Any thoughts of privacy were gone and neither of us cared. We were so into the moment. Like we were the only two there."

"I bent over slightly, placing my right hand on my pussy, rubbing my clit and Jason continued to fuck me. While he was fucking me, I put my left hand on my boob and pinched and squeezed my nipple."

"I wanted out of my dress and in a bed, but I couldn't stop. I didn't want him to stop. I don't know if it was the heat of the moment or what, but I knew I could cum at any moment."

"My breathing was coming in short breaths as Jason pounded harder and faster. My fingers were moving at light speed across on my very sensitive clit. I couldn't help but moan loudly."

"Then I took Jason's left hand and placed it over my mouth to help muffle the moans. I was getting pretty loud."

Kammie paused for a moment, feeling herself getting wet just thinking about that experience. She wasn't the only one. Lisa was wet too as she sat riveted, hanging on every word that Kammie said.

Lisa took another sip of wine, stared Kammie in the eye and said, "Don't stop damnit!"

Kammie closed her eyes and continued telling her story. Her hands reached up to her neck and down her chest and stomach. Down to her thighs and between them. Reliving the moment, she practically forgot about Lisa.

"God, I'm getting horny! Kammie, finish your story!" Lisa prodded her friend.

"Okay. So anyway. I closed my eyes, focusing on his cock sliding in and out of me. I didn't care if anyone was watching or not. Honestly, I think I liked the thought they were watching."

"Just the thought of people around me, watching, wishing they were getting what I was getting. It was just too much. I came over and over again, my body convulsed with each orgasm. I did noticed a young woman watching, but I didn't care. Too bad for her I thought."

"I reached back, putting my hand behind Jason's head and pulled his lips to mine again. The kiss was powerful, erotic, sensual. As if we had been together for years, we knew exactly what the other wanted."

"He whispered in my ear again, 'I'm cumming, Kammie. I'm cumming so hard.' "

"I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. Filling me up with his cum and some of it running down my leg."

"I turned around, got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked and stroked him until he exploded another load. I never knew a guy could cum so much."

"What did you do then?" Lisa asked.

"He walked me to my car, kissed me, told me I looked beautiful and walked back to his car," Kammie told her.

"That's it? You didn't bring him home?" Lisa asked unbelieving.

Kammie smiled and replied, "No. I didn't bring him home."

She didn't tell Lisa that she followed Jason to his hotel where they spent the majority of the next day in each others arms, naked, fucking and enjoying each other's bodies. That would have to be told another time.

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