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Realms of Eden: Home Fires B2A1-8


ACT 1 -- Nurture your females

Chapter 5 -- Bonnie's family

"Mum where's my hair bands?" called the small black haired girl as she rummaged in her bedroom drawers for the cloth covered rubber bands that held her hair in the ponytails she liked as she ran and played with her friends on the sports fields.

"I packed them sweetie, sorry," said Dianne Gilroy as she stood at the doorway to her daughter's room. "I thought you might like to leave it out for the trip up to see Aunty Kelsey and Uncle David. You know Daddy likes to see your beautiful hair out on his princess." The woman smiled as her little girl ran over to her and gave her a hug.

"Ok Mum," she giggled as the woman let her go to head towards the garage. There her father, Mitch, was packing their cases and other gear for the two month visit to his brother and his wife with their new baby. She sighed as she heard the singsong voice of Bonnie talking to her father. Knowing that the little vixen would be winding the man around her little finger as she bumped her little hips into the man who was terribly in love with his long legged tomboy daughter.

She surveyed the room for the last time checking that there was nothing else the sixteen year old would want before they returned after the summer school vacation. Satisfied she returned to her own bedroom and placed the last of the baby clothes she had retrieved from the tops of the wardrobes into the bags she had set aside for them. A little tearfully she folded some T-shirts into the last of the stack. Bonnie was their only child, her and Mitch had been trying for another one for the past five years without success, though at least now they knew the reason why.

Twelve months ago the news they had feared was delivered by a sad faced doctor. Mitch had been rendered impotent by the exposure to radiation in a mine that had been unsealed as part of his company's exploration of some old excavations in the far north of Australia. The mine had been closed over 1,000 years ago for reasons that had been forgotten. Mitch had been part of the initial exploration team that had found that the underground mine shafts had been used as a repository for uranium waste from the old nuclear power plants that had once dotted the country. The radiation, not lethal, but still able to cause problems, had forced the team back to the surface and the mine was sealed again.

Now that effect had been confirmed the couple had decided that though they had desired more of their own children, they would look at other options to give their first little girl the companions that she had hinted at on more than one occasion. Dianne giggled at the memory of the latest of those hints. A lovingly arranged candle-lit dinner for two. The pair had discovered it when they arrived home after drinks with some work colleagues to celebrate a new contract for some construction work to be undertaken in the central Australian district of Sandrill for the military. A note had been left on the table by Bonnie telling them that dinner was in the oven and fridge.

Mitch had been delighted to find a plate of raw oysters, several bottles of his favourite wine and desserts in the fridge. Dianne had almost cried over the aromas of the sweet curry chicken that sat in the dish keeping warm in the oven. "She wants us to make babies," she sighed into her husband's shoulder as he held his tearful wife.

"Well then my lady," he said playfully rubbing his hips against hers, "let us at least practice! I might have some news for you tomorrow!"

Laughing they had eaten the fare and had not even made it to dessert before Mitch had stripped her clothes off. Laying her on the hastily cleared table he made her eyes close in pleasure as his big cock penetrated deeply into her more than willing pussy. Her throatily demanded needs for more, harder and faster spurred him to pound her sex roughly as he pawed her breasts the way she loved. He pulled out of her throbbing wet orifice suddenly and clutched her head tightly as she slid to her knees to drink from his spurting rod. It was something that he had recently requested her to do. She complied willingly as she realised that his deep down hatred of wasting his dead sperm in her womb was the main reason. Joyfully she swallowed him watching his eyes as she purred her enjoyment of his tasty dessert.

Husband and wife had never truly discussed their feelings about the lack of being able to reproduce. Their only daughter became a strong focus in their lives and for a long time nothing else seemed to matter. It was only in the last few years when they had met with dozens of people from adoption agencies, fertility clinics and family planning advisors that the desire to have a playmate for the little girl that doted on them became more important. The devastating news of Mitch's infertility had not seemed to affect their love or the frequency of their rough and tumble intercourse.

Mitch's comment that he may have had some news for her after Bonnie's eloquently arranged dinner had turned out to be another empty promise from some airhead at a local adoption agency. She had mistakenly passed information onto the wrong couple about the upcoming birth of twins to a woman who had no desire to raise the children after a drunken party that saw her impregnated. The mother-to-be did not even know who the father was and her only desire was to have the children adopted in order to resume her carefree lifestyle. It was something that the couple could not understand but were more than willing to have the children resulting from the liaison. They were devastated when the mistake was realised by a more senior officer in the organisation.

Now they were heading up to see Mitch's brother David. A man that Dianne could not stand to be around.

When Kelsey had breathlessly rung her with the news a couple of years ago that she was pregnant she had fought with Mitch for the first time in their ten years of marriage. "He can get you pregnant!" he had shouted at her.

"If you think I am going to spread my legs again for that arrogant, stuck up bastard you have got another think coming!" she had screamed back at him.

Mitch had no idea how much she had detested his brother until then. It was one of the main reasons as to why they had not gone to visit the newborn nor invited the couple down to see them. Mitch had not realised how much his wife had hated his brother. He had also not been aware that Dianne had been to bed with the man before he met her. David had not mentioned the fact either when Mitch had voiced his intention to marry the school teacher from Orange.

Tearfully she had explained to him how his brother had met her, on one of his trips around the country for the mining company he worked for. It had been at a teacher's party in the town, thrown at the principal's house to celebrate end of semester. David had been charming and sophisticated, or so she believed and allowed herself to be cajoled into joining him in his motel for the weekend. The man had been a less than skilful lover who was more interested in her mouth and the pleasure she could give him than the other way around. She had left in the middle of the Sunday afternoon vowing to never let herself be so gullible again.

Three years later she had met Mitch, not connecting the two surnames until the weeks before the wedding. David had arrived at the house they shared in the country region of Haddin in far south western New South Wales where they both worked. Dianne had cornered David shortly after his arrival and threatened his manhood should he ever breathe a word of the affair that they had had three years before. It was typical of the man that he demanded a blow job for his silence on her wedding night. The knife she held against his throat as her hand tightly held his testicles threatening to make them explode got her message across. David never mentioned the incident to anyone, nor made further demands on his brother's wife.

Mitch was now very angry with his brother. Kelsey had convinced him that he was a different person in the long conversations that the brown haired woman had with him, his wife and their bubbly black haired daughter. Eventually Bonnie had convinced them to take the trip up to see the new baby and had pestered them everyday until they had conceded. Her joyful cries as she spoke to her Aunt caused the couple to smile.

They had stopped at the coastal district of Ballina, just before the old Queensland border for lunch. The trip was not a sprint, it would take them most of the day. They had told Kelsey that they would not be arriving until early the next morning as they planned on staying in a motel on the Tweed river. They wanted to spend an afternoon with Bonnie fishing and exploring some caves that the girl had been fascinated with ever since Aunt Kelsey had told her about them. The hover had exploded just as they left the district controls of Ballina and passed into the control area of Nightcap National Park.

"Dianne had rung me just as they were getting back into the hover to leave Ballina," whispered Kelsey softly as she finished telling Sydney as much of the history she knew of the parents of her niece. The man had lain with the two women in Bonnie's bed as the girl had awoken screaming after the drugs had finally succumbed to the nightmares in Bonnie's mind. The dark rings around Bonnie's eyes were more pronounced now. She had listened to the story her Aunt told the man cuddling her gently with some laughter and sadness as things were revealed to her that she had not known before.

It had seemed such a long time ago since the crash. So much had happened here with her Aunt and Sydney in the past five years. Now she could not help but remember her parents sharply as the nightmares drove her to tears and screams as they crept into her sleep. Bonnie had not slept properly for the past several months and she knew that the couple lying in her bed were extremely worried about her.

Unexpectedly she giggled and turned to her Aunt. "Did Mum really tell you what they did on the kitchen table at home or did you just make that up?"

"Dianne told me a lot of things when we talked on the phone and, you may not know this, your Mum and I met several times at our old home town in Nyngan district. We used to go to school together when I was in junior high and she was a senior.

"It was in my times of running off after my Daddy died. I used to come home every now and then just to see if Mum was ok. Dianne was the only one who ever knew I was there." Kelsey's eyes filled with tears for her old friend. The face of the woman lying beside her was a stark reminder of how cruel and small the world was.

"I remember Mummy used to talk to someone a lot on the phone. Daddy always said it was her sister, but I had asked my Granddad and he told me that she didn't have any sisters. I guess Daddy thought you two were close enough to be sisters," Bonnie sighed as she hugged her aunt's trembling body to her.

"Sometimes I think I should have listened to her when she told me about David," Kelsey sighed. "But by then I needed to escape again. Mum didn't even know who I was, Daddy was dead and I couldn't stand to be alone again."

Suddenly she brightened. "But then again if I hadn't come up here, I wouldn't have Jenny. Wouldn't know what it is like to have such beautiful people in my bed!" She lowered her lips to Bonnie's and kissed her softly, sweetly and Sydney felt his body react to the sensuousness of the kiss that seemed to make the skin of both of the women begin to glow in the soft lighting of the bedroom.

Bonnie growled as her hands found Sydney's stiffening cock and Kelsey's wet pussy. Pushing herself up she sat between the two of them, tossing the light covering off the bed as she did. "Touch me," she demanded softly as she spread her legs over their upper bodies as her hands began to jerk and stroke the two sets of genitals beneath her fingers.

Kelsey bit her lip to quieten her noise as Bonnie's fingers slid rapidly in and out of her wet pussy. "Fuck," she groaned softly, "how do you know how to make us do this for you? No wonder Dianne and Mitch had so much time in bed, you know how to push buttons don't you, little bitch!"

"Mummy liked Daddy's big cock in her," said Bonnie smiling as she pressed the palm of her hand hard against her Aunt's clit, roughly palming the sensitive button. "I think sometimes she was as noisy as you Kel," she added giggling as Kelsey's hips bucked on the bed her mouth sucking fiercely on Bonnie's small foot in an effort to keep her squeals to a minimum.

Sydney grinned as he watched Kelsey's hips and Bonnie's talented hand. The brown eyes glared back at him from the woman squirming on the bed beside him. "Suck him Bonnie, take his cock deep, I don't know how you do it, but fuck I love watching you suck him off!" she cried as she pushed her niece's hand away from her sex.

Bonnie wickedly switched her attention and on hands and knees she attacked the big cock she had been gently stroking. Sydney's eyes rolled back in his head as she swallowed him quickly and totally. Small fingers wrapped around his large nuts as she bobbed her head up and down on him. Kelsey placed her head on his stomach watching the little oral slut gobble the cock she could barely fit half of in her own talented mouth. Bonnie's eyes stared into hers as the big muscle in her mouth jerked and fired its heavy creamy load into her hot mouth. Raising her head she relaxed her lips and allowed the semen to overflow down his shaft as she lifted her head to show the centimetres of flesh she had swallowed.

"Clean him up Aunty Kel," she whispered sweetly as her mouth cleared the top of Sydney's still dribbling dick. "Swallow his cum before I make you swallow mine."

Kelsey grinned as she complied. Bonnie might have nightmares, but she certainly was a demanding little fuck. She no sooner had her tongue rapidly working over Sydney's lower stomach and the base of his cock before the black haired woman bobbed her head downwards again. Kelsey's eyes widened in amazement as Bonnie's tongue licked her own as she licked his cream from the base of his cock. "Your mother once told me that she could deep throat a tennis racket. I never saw her do it but I know that at her hen's night the stripper's cock was at least as big as Sydney is now and I saw her swallow that in one go. Must be something about the way the O'Keefe women's mouths are made," sighed Kelsey as she let her tongue follow Bonnie's lips back up to the tip of Sydney's cock and kiss her niece as their tongues sought out more of the man's cream.

Bonnie lay back on the bed demanding the services of Kelsey's tongue as promised. Sydney wickedly rubbed his cock over the upturned arse of the hard held woman as Bonnie called him to fuck her Aunt's arse, "Queen her Syddy, the slut sucks harder with your big cock in her arse!". Kelsey could do nothing but muffle her squeals into the virgin twat pressing hard against her mouth.

Chapter 6 -- Reasons

Inside a quiet house in the newly named Serendipity Street, three women sat talking quietly as they enjoyed a meal of linguine and seafood. A meal cooked by the youngest member of the household, Melody Randall. Watching the other two eat she felt a great deal of satisfaction as they complimented her on the lovely meal and toasted her with small glasses of fruit juice. Alcohol was not allowed in the house at this time until her addiction to the drug that had turned her into a plaything for the country's military was completely free of her system.

It was not just her that suffered from the withdrawal of the drug. The dark haired woman, Abigail, that sat smiling at her to her right as she toasted her housemate and lover, was also a victim of the withdrawal caused by the enforced use of the drug. They and over a hundred other drug addicted women had been among the first of the new settlers to the underground city beneath the streets of the small town above them, Townsville.

On their initial tour, several days ago, they had been frightened of the big metropolis that they had been told stretched for kilometres. As far as the old city had been nearly a thousand years ago. But as Christine, their mentor and guide, had showed them around, pointing out the lighting that could light up hectares of the city as if they stood out in the daylight above. They had begun to love the quaint little cottages, houses and other buildings that lined the streets all around them.

It was Melody that had shyly asked about the name of the street where the house was that the woman told her would be hers, Abigail's and Carmen's home if they wanted it. Hearing that no names had been assigned in the city she had asked if it was ok to call it Serendipity. A place where she hoped that she would have the chance to make or break herself again in the new life after the horror of the breeding factories. Christine had smiled, nodded and noted it on her work pad.

Carmen had giggled as she hugged the young woman to her chest as a hastily made street sign was put on the post at the end of the block of homes. Melody had squirmed in pleasure at the woman's kiss and hug. Abigail had also shyly cuddled into the older, taller woman and Carmen had joyfully kissed her as well.

The two younger women sat quietly watching Carmen as she cleared away the dishes, telling them to stay where they were as they had cooked and prepared while she had done very little except laze around and watch. They giggled at her words. Carmen had been a tower of strength. Unloading their bags that had been delivered by family from their previous homes, making the bed and re-arranging the rooms to allow them to be extremely comfortable. She had allowed them to help her only a little as she checked the old fashioned wiring in the house, replaced light bulbs that didn't work and repaired taps for the water.

The ex-policewoman had laughed kindly as the two followed her around like lost puppies until she directed them to take up cleaning equipment and showed them how to use the old fashioned vacuum cleaner, mop and buckets. Now they waited for the seemingly tireless woman to spend some more time with them.

Melody felt a little guilty that she wanted Carmen to hold her but she couldn't articulate her guilt. Simply she wept a little as the woman she loved dearly spent a little more time cleaning the dishes than she wanted her too.

Carmen softly ruffled her hair as she stopped her rinsing and walked over to the two women still waiting at the table. "Would you like to come and have a bath with me?" she asked softly as she quietened Melody's tears.

Enthusiastically their heads nodded as Carmen held out her hands to the two trembling women. She walked them to the bathroom containing the large pool type bath that Martha had insisted be installed in all of the dwelling units that had been selected for the first lot of residents.

She had explained to the partners of the women that the closer they could be to them the less the women will fret and worry as the symptoms of the withdrawal from the drugs reduced. "All of the houses have large beds," she continued, "for the same reason, closeness is necessary. Remember you have been picked to be the first because you have bonded to these women already, you are all beyond being friends and helpers. You love them and they love you. It is for this reason you are doing this. Not to change their addiction from one drug to another, it is you for them and them for you, reasons to live and feel loved.

"Now you are taking them to a strange new place. For a little while it will feel like starting over again. They will be frightened and anxious. You will find that you cannot be out of their sight for any length of time for a while. Be happy for them, let them smother you if they want. The time for other things will come soon."

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