"I still can't believe I stayed with her as long as I did," Rob says to Janice.

"You're thinking too much about her instead of you and what you want to do," she replies. She slips the key into the door and unlocks it. "You just need a little confidence to go with everything else that's good about you."

They head inside and Janice suddenly spins around to him and places her hand on his face, rubbing his cheek. Rob's hands unintentionally falls to her hips. "You don't have to rush in, but at the same time don't hold back. Just let your hands wander."

"Like here?" he asks sliding his hands to her ass.

Janice laughs, "Yeah."

She lowers her head toward him and they lock lips. Immediately their tongues begin to explore each other's mouths.

"Let's make it something special," she says grabbing his hand and guiding him over to the bed Rob sits down on the bed. She stands between his legs, forcing his knees apart. Rob looks up into her blue eyes and she stares down at him with a lustful look that makes his body tingle.

"Well, what do we have here?" she says playfully as she reaches down and strokes his cock through his pants.

Janice then leans in and put her mouth by his ear. Rob can feel her warm breath on his skin and he can smell her faint intoxicating scent as she whispers to him. "I really want to suck your cock."

Rob closes his eyes as Janice peels off his shirt and pushes him back onto the bed. She then climbs onto him, straddling his hips and placing her hands on either side of his head. Her hair hangs down into his face as she lowers her lips to his.

She tastes sweet and she moans a little as her tongue darts around in his mouth. She begins to thrust her pelvis into his crotch, rubbing against his already engorged cock. As she pulls away, Janice begins planting kisses all the way down Rob's chest. The feeling of warm, wet lips and the gentle brushing of her hair on his skin is almost enough to make him explode. Slowly and agonizingly she works her way down until she is on her knees on the floor in front of him. She gives him a sexy smile as she reaches up and unbuttons his pants.

With a quick yank, Janice has his pants off. Rob sits completely naked with her hands resting comfortably on his thighs.

"Tell me," she says

"What?" Rob asks a little confused.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want your lips wrapped around my cock."

"Tell me to do it."

"Suck my cock."

Immediately Janice's head drops and she sucks the tip of his cock into her warm mouth. Her hands are still caressing his thighs and she slides her tongue from the head of his cock to his balls and back up to the tip.

"Uh oh," she says teasingly as she dabs her finger against the tip of his cock, bringing away a thin string of precum. "What's this?"

With a wicked grin, Janice sucks it off her finger and then swallows up Rob's cock once again. Gently, she wraps one hand around his shaft and strokes his as her lips glide effortlessly up and down his skin.

"Do you want your balls licked?" she asks after popping his cock from her mouth.


"Tell me"

"Lick my balls."

Her hand continues to stroke him as her nimble little tongue dances around his balls, bathing them in her sweet saliva.

"You...have...such...a...beautiful...cock," she says between licks.

"Suck it then."

Janice smiles and wraps her luscious lips around him once again, this time sucking harder than before. Rob places a hand on the back of her head to encourage her to go faster.

She is moaning around his cock and slurping loudly when he feels his cum begin to boil. Rob's body tenses and he grabs her head with both hands, holding her firmly in place as the first shot blasts the back of her throat. She looks up into his eyes as she greedily sucks his juices down as fast as he can produce them. His body is writhing as she continues to suck down every drop of his cum.

"That was amazing," Rob exclaims as Janice lets his cock fall from her mouth. She licks her lips and produces a smile.

"Your turn," she says as she stands to take off her clothes slowly.

As she slides her panties down her smooth legs, her cute little pussy comes into view. She has no hair covering the area, leaving only smooth, bare skin. She then bends over, placing her hands on her dresser, sticking her ass out for him to admire.

"What are you waiting for? She asks looking over her shoulder. "Get on your knees and lick my pussy."

Rob falls to his knees and soon finds himself face to face with her beautiful ass. He can smell her intoxicating scent as he inches his way forward. He runs his hands up her smooth thighs and over her smooth ass as he leans in and touches his tongue to her swollen lips from behind.

With no further encouragement needed, he dives in, stuffing her pussy full with his tongue. Janice gives a shriek and bucks forward, but Rob holds fast on her hips and he pulls her right back onto his hungry mouth. He tastes her pussy juices on his tongue and stares at her tight little asshole.

"Oh my god!" she exclaims. "Lick it! Lick my fucking pussy!"

Rob's tongue travels every inch of her little, wet pussy as he slips a finger inside her. She is so wet as her juices run down his hand. He pulls his finger out of her convulsing body and sucks it dry. He then goes on to play with her clit, but finds her fingers already fast at work there. With that, Rob pushes his fingers back into her pussy and licks his way up to her delicious looking ass.

"Oooh," she coos as his wet tongue touches her sensitive asshole.

"Do you like that?" he asks, taking short laps at her asshole.

"Fuck yes! Stick your tongue in my asshole!"

Spreading her ass cheeks wide, he does his best to shove his tongue inside her as she continues groaning.

"Do it! Fucking lick that asshole baby! Eat my fucking ass!"

Once her asshole is wet with his own saliva, he moves back to her pussy and sucks at her engorged lips. Janice reaches back and offers him a finger.

Rob takes her finger into his mouth and sucks, tasting her pussy once again. Then he watches in pure lust as Janice pulls her finger from his mouth her finger from his mouth and slips it into her own asshole.

Rob can see her tight muscular asshole hugging her slender finger as she pulls it in and out. He eagerly stuffs two of his own fingers into her sopping wet pussy and begins licking her finger as it slips in and out of her ass. He even pulls her hand away and sucks her finger, getting it nice and wet before prompting Janice to return it to her sweet asshole.

"You're my dirty boy," she says as she stands up. "I like that."

She pulls her finger out again and sucks it herself, before propping one leg up on the bed and pushes her fingers into both holes.

"Do you want to get really nasty?" she asks, staring at him with her sultry blue eyes.

Rob nods, speechless.

"I need your cum inside me..."

Janice crawls onto the bed and spreads her ass cheeks.

"...inside my tiny asshole."

Rob's eyes widen at the thought. She has never taken their passions this far before.

"Would you like that?"

With a smile he joins her on the bed.

"Go gentle at first," she cautions. "I've only been practicing a little for you."

"Okay," Rob agrees. He lubricates his cock with his own saliva as Janice does her own job of lubricating by sliding her finger into her wet pussy and then she rubs her juices around and inside her asshole.

"Okay baby," she moans. "Fuck my tight little asshole."

Rob puts his cock against her asshole and pushes. To his surprise, Janice's ass opens quite freely and the head of his cock pops inside.

"Ohhh, yesss," she hisses. "It feels sooo good."

Janice buries her face in her pillow as she pushes her hips backward, forcing her asshole to swallow the entire length of his cock. She butts her ass back against his thighs, causing his balls to slap her pussy.

Rob grabs Janice's hips and holds them firmly as he fucks her ass. She begins to buck wildly. Her ass frames his cock as it plunges in and out of her asshole. Her thin waist dips low and her head is buried in her bed.

"Harder!" she yells.

Ah he buries his cock deep into her bowels, he reaches out and grabs a handful of her black hair, yanking her head up.

"You like that?" Rob asks. "You like it hard in your ass?"

"Yes. Fuck me. Make me cum."

Rob hammers his cock in and out harder and faster like a piston.

"I'm cumming!" Janice screams. She claws at the sheets as her orgasm racks her body. Rob continues hammering her, relentlessly pounding his cock into her ass.

"I'm going to cum," he mutters.

"Fill me up baby! I want your hot fucking cum to fill me up!"

With a final thrust, Rob spews a massive load of hot, sticky cum into her ass. He can feel the muscles of her ass convulse and contract, squeezing his cock, milking it for all its worth. Once he is drained, he pulls free and slumps down on the bed. Janice just lies there, her ass still propped up in the air, moaning softly.

"Not so fast," she says with a wicked grin. She reaches out and touches his still rock hard cock. Then suddenly she drops to her knees.

She grabs his shaft and swallows him down. Rob looks down to see his cum dripping from her ass onto the floor. With one hand she reaches down and stuff two fingers into her dripping ass. Rob reaches down and grabs her head with both hands and begins fucking her face.

Then Janice pulls her cum drenched fingers from her ass and places it against the opening of his asshole. She looks up into her fiancé's eyes as she pushes it, slick with his own cum, up into his ass. He shakes violently and grabs her head, plunging his cock into her throat as it erupts hot cum. Janice moans and slurps it down as she finger fucks him. He orgasms again, this time spurting out even more hot cum then before. It fills her mouth completely before he pulls away. Janice looks up, opening her mouth, showing off his cum before closing her lips and swallowing it down.

Rob helps her to her feet and once again they lock in a long kiss, settling down, exhausted, next to each. Within minutes they fall fast asleep in each other's arms.

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