Red Riding Hood


Having laboured feverishly through the night step-mother walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her step-daughter having kicked the stranger out of Elaine's bed and home some hours previously when he had balked at one of step-mothers more outré proclivities.

Step-mother was surprised when she saw Elaine's face which, whilst tired was also exultant. Elaine for her part couldn't contain herself and was bursting with news of her discovery. She asked step-mother if she would consent to a little bit of blindfold play and being somewhat frustrated, horny and still entirely naked, caught something of Elaine's excitement and willingly followed her instructions.

Elaine asked step-mother to hold out her hand, into which Elaine placed her newest invention, the latex covered wooden dildo. Step-mother gave a cry of surprise as her fingers automatically closed around the shaft, knowing immediately what it was that her fingers recognised.

Step-mother raised her free hand towards the blindfold and felt a stinging slap from Elaine strike her wrist.

"No looking."

"I'm sorry mistress." Said step-mother.

Elaine was momentarily puzzled by step-mother's response but soon realised what kind of mood she was in and realised too that the sexual something she had almost witnessed in the early hours had probably left step-mother in a vulnerable frame of mind. Would she be taking advantage of submission or was she being maneuvered into dominance? Whichever it was Elaine decided to acquiesce.

"Tell me what's in your hand."

"It feels like-"

"Did I ask what it felt like?" Elaine cut her off.

"No mistress."

"Again," said Elaine and slapped step-mothers left breast for emphasis making it swing and slap against the right. "What is in your hand?"

Step-mother sucked in a sharp breath when she felt her step-daughter's hand, hot and swift against her. "A cock mistress." She said.

Elaine became aware that she had been watching, mesmerised until step-mother's breast had ceased its pendulous motion for several endless seconds then seemingly without volition her hand again slapped the now still, rose-tipped breast bringing another sharp intake of breath from the silent woman before her.

She placed her hand on step-mother's shoulder. Step-mother gasped not anticipating the gentleness of the next touch. She placed her other hand on step-mother's broad hip eliciting yet another hiss then pulled her shoulder forward making step-mother bend slightly at the hips and bringing both breasts away from where they lay down her ribcage.

Another gasp forced its way through step-mother's teeth at the sudden loss of contact when Elaine released her grip. She smiled as she became aware of the thrill of given sexual power that step-mother had blessed her with, then swung her left hand to contact solidly with the hanging flesh of step-mother's breast to set them swinging and slapping together.

Step-mother groaned.

Elaine laid her fingers along the reddening weal that she had left, fingerprinted, on step-mother's hanging tits and stroked gently. "Do not move." She ordered.

"No mistress."

Elaine rolled step-mother's stiffening nipples between her fingers and pulled downwards while step-mother obediently resisted the motion, making her tits elongate and stretch the lightly wrinkled skin that patterned the cleft between.

Step-mother matched Elaine's gritted teeth with completely opposite sensation, one of delicious pain for one of given hurt. Similarly and for similar reason both mistress and slave savoured and relished the growing slick sensations they felt between their legs.

The older woman huffed a moan when Elaine released her hold and bade her "Stand."

She placed gentle fingers about Step-mother's shoulders and pushed and pulled her to turn and face the kitchen table where she pushed her forward to lean with her elbows on the surface. Step-mother shuddered as she anticipated the next part.

Step-mother was filled with conflicting feelings when Elaine delivered the next part. Instead of a hard stinging slap on her fleshy backside step-mother felt a sharp and unfamiliar zing down the cheek of her left buttock, followed quickly by a similar but sharper zing down the right. The unexpected thrill of the concentrated pain had step-mother's natural lubrication at full tilt.

Elaine's inexperience of delivering pain to a willing participant made the effort sublimely effective as she alternated slaps with caresses and the back of swift flickering fingernails at the end of quick descending hands with deeply grazing scratches drawn from thigh to lower back.

By this time Elaine was in need of satisfaction and having step-mother to do her bidding was an opportunity she wouldn't like to miss so she stepped back from the slaps and scratches that she had been inflicting on that delicious, raw and glowing backside and moved to the table.

In order to produce the greatest effect Elaine was as quiet as she could be and very carefully sat on the edge facing away from step-mother. Then, aided by the now glistening surface, copiously lubricated from her own slithering and sticky quim she lifted her feet and swung her hips and, keeping her eyes glued to her step-mother's unsuspecting face for any sign of forewarning brought the calves of her legs about step-mothers head and pulled with her legs to bury those lips into her other lips.

Step-mother struggled and gasped for breath as Elaine pulled hard with fingers wound tight in her hair to grind against the deep probing tongue, nose and chin of her slave.

Within seconds and growing wonder Elaine was chuffing and huffing lungfulls of air making counterpoint to step-mothers gasps and cries as she soared towards release and spasming muscles contracting and flexing giving full reign to her nearly painful orgasm.

Insensible in afterglow Elaine savoured the full weight of step-mother's head still nestled between her thighs. The blindfold reminded her of their novel relationship and she brought her feet to press against step-mother's shoulders and pushed her upright.

"Now, slave."

"Yes mistress."

"What do you have in your hand?"

Step-mother raised her arm. "A cock."

Elaine flung out a leg and caught step-mother's breast a glancing blow with her toes. "A cock- what?"

Step-mother drew in a gasping breath. "A cock... mistress."

"Yes. And what are cocks for?"

"For fucking mistress."

Elaine thrilled at the never before heard words from step-mother's beautiful lips. "Say it again."

"Cocks are for fucking mistress."

"Is that what you want?"

"I beg your pardon mistress?"

"Tell me plainly what you want to do with the cock in your hand."

"I want to fuck it mistress."


"In my cunt mistress."

"Tell me again and this time more description."

"I want to fuck this cock mistress, in my wet, hairy cunt mistress."

"Then please do."

Step-mother crooked her knees and brought the latex covered article towards her spread thighs when Elaine called "Stop."

Step-mother moaned.

"Are you wet?"

"Yes mistress, my cunt is sopping."

"Show me, with your fingers."

Step-mother pushed two fingers in to her glistening cunt then pulled them free and held them before her so that Elaine could see the strands webbed between them.

"Carry on."

Fearing that her step-daughter would halt her again step-mother plunged the dildo between her thighs and fucked herself with vigour and speed only slowing as she approached her own orgasm and with deliberate, lengthy strokes broached the waves of delirium that beckoned her.

"Ok now?" Elaine asked step-mother as she floated down.

"Oh yes. Yes."

Elaine slid from the table and untied step-mother's blindfold and, blinking against the light, step-mother collapsed into a kitchen chair where she examined the new prototype.

"This is wonderful." She said "smooth and... and fleshy. I'm not too sure about the bright red though. Oh!."

"What? What's wrong."

"The skin... it's... erm..." step-mother grimaced, holding up the wooden dildo in one hand and the latex cover in the other. "It came off."

"Oh bugger. I was afraid of that." Elaine said as she reached for them.

"Wait a minute." Step-mother said and she stood and walked to the kitchen sink. "I think I have an idea."

Elaine watched as step-mother took the latex 'skin' and began pouring in water from the basin.

"It's water tight."

"I know. I've been using it for the rainproof hats and capes."

"If it's water tight, it's probably monkey juice tight too." Said step-mother borrowing Elaine's grandma's phrase.

"And...?" Elaine said being unusually slow on the uptake.

"If it doesn't burst or perish then you've just invented the dongcoat."


"Dick rubber. Manhood cape. Cock cover."


"Schwong suppressor. Jizz jacket. Riding hood."




Step-mother looked at Elaine incredulously. "Prophylactic you understand?"

"Yes." Elaine looked hurt. "a device, usually a rubber sheath, used to prevent conception or venereal infection."

"That's right." They beamed. They danced. They whooped and then they fucked again.

Then followed tedious weeks of research and development as Elaine and her step-mother set up a production system in the workshop.

A year and lots of cunt fucking without conception later (which was the entire premise for the story if you recall) Elaine had become known as the inventor of The Red Riding Hood, which for the purposes of comedy was also the name by which she herself became known.

* * * Wolf Canidae was a man no more. When he had fled from step-mother's house he had stumbled blindly through the woods, slept the night in a make-shift shelter and spent a whole year living off the fruits of the forest and what chickens he could steal in the night. He'd tried stealing sheep a couple of times from the mountain folk but found other more easily satisfied uses for them. In fact there was one pretty little ewe that he- (EDITED FOR CONTENT)

When Wolf Canidae's 'forest year' was drawing to a close he found himself in a familiar part of the woods. A part that held a strange disquiet in lost memory. Something fearful about something that he enjoyed.

When he spied a ravishing, red haired figure by the stream from which he was slurping cool, clean water a trace, a flicker of a life forgotten fanned a spark of sullen anger and the need to quench a hidden thirst that liquid couldn't slake.

He followed the red haired figure back to a cabin and hid himself behind a surprisingly convenient tree watching as she called out and pushed open the door with her bare bottom apparently careless of any splinters that might be in the wood.

Cautiously he crept towards the house and peered, myopically slit eyed through the window and felt the stirring of his loins at the beautiful, naked, red haired girl. When he saw inside to whom the red haired girl had called out Wolf Canidae's mind and gut churned violently as a flood of memory returned to leave him shaking with anger and simultaneously quaking with fear.

He felt like he wanted to run away and at the same time to have his way with the red haired girl. He didn't know whether he was cumming or going. (yes, I'm sorry that was so obvious it should never have been included but with all that mention of the red haired girl it suddenly felt like a Charlie Brown strip.)

Wolf Canidae listened intently to the two women making their plans for the day because even though his sight wasn't up to all that much he had hearing as sharp well, a wolf. (well any animal I suppose really, I just didn't think the word preternatural was a good idea in a fairy tale)

So Wolf Canidae thought up his dastardly scheme of revenge which unfortunately didn't include taking Elaine's idea of condoms back to the Northern lands and undercutting her to drive her out of business, which would have made a little more sense since he has already been set up as a metaphor for big business and would have wound the tale up nicely as a subversive left wing attack. No. Wolf Canidae's plan was a bit more direct and animalistic. When he heard Elaine say that she was going to visit her Grandmother to take her a new prototype dildo that she had been working on for beta testing, he decided that his revenge would be eating Grandmother.

* * *

As has already been mentioned, Elaine's stepmother was not classically wicked she was in fact, quite enlightened for the period and had given her stepdaughter as much sex education as the girl could handle (and as the stepmother discovered, Elaine could handle quite a lot) so as it turned out Elaine was never actually told any allegorical tales about wondering off the safe footpath when in the depths of the forest although she was instructed about 'what all boys want' and left it to Elaine to decide if she would give them it.

It was a bright afternoon when Little Red Riding Hood (Elaine) set off for grandmother's house with a basketfull of goodies and as she entered the deeper parts of the forest, careful to stay on the path, she noted that the woods were becoming quite tulgey and the few borogroves she came across were very mimsy. Being quite a distance and taking her time 'twas brillig before Red Riding Hood came to a turning point and she noted that the slivy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.

As she made towards the left hand trail a sudden stranger appeared before her and because the woods were at their thickest and the mome raths outgrabe Red Riding Hood nearly jumped out of her skin when Wolf Canidae made his presence felt. (He was thinking of making his presence leather but found that leather chafed a bit round the groinal area)

"Oh." Squeaked Red. "Who are you?"

"Wolf Canidae." Said Wolf Canidae. "At your service."

"Well hello Wolf Canidae." She drawled in what, in later centuries would become a Mae West voice.

'Can't be this easy.' Thought Wolf. 'Naa. Have to eat Grandma first or my plan (and the story) is all for naught'. "Hello yourself." He said out loud. "You're Red Riding Hood, I understand."

"Why yes I am, Wolf Canidae."

By this time Wolf Canidae was becoming quite emotional because this girl, on whose step-mother he had sworn revenge, was actually using his full name all the time.

"Is there something wrong." She asked.

"No, no." Said Wolf Canidae, wiping an errant tear from his eye. "Just a speck of dirt or something."

Red waited while Wolf Canidae pulled himself together and then let him continue.

"I understand that you're something of a rubber merchant." He said.

"Oh yes?" She replied warily.

"It's just that when I saw you taking the left hand fork I thought I should let you know about what I found about fifty or so metres down that one." He said, indicating the right fork. When Red didn't reply he hurried on "It's quite a large patch of Saffron Milkcaps."


"Red Pine mushrooms?"


"Orange Latex Milky?"


"Lactarius deliciosus."

"Oh." Red perked up at the latin name.

'Unbe-fucking-leivable' thought Wolf Canidae.

"Then I shall take that path to Grandma's house." And off she skipped.

Wolf Canidae rubbed his hands with glee and if he had sported any moustaches he would have twirled them evilly, but he didn't, so he settled for laughing "Muhuhahahahaaaaaaa" then ran off down the left hand path towards Grandma's house.

* * *

Grandma's house was situated in a large clearing in the forest at the end of the path and Wold Canidae strode confidently to the door.

"Whose there?" called Grandma when she heard the knock on the door.

"I'm doing a survey" said Wolf Candae.

"A survey about what?" said Grandma

Wolf Canidae thought furiously and wished he'd put more detail into the dastardly plan. "Broadband?" he said.

"Got it." Said Grandma

"Gas supplier?"

"I'm happy with my present service."

"Electoral Register." He said confidently.

"There's no government." Said Grandma "We're a loose coalition of anarcho-syndicalist communes round these parts."

'Damn' thought Wolf Canidae 'I knew I should have read the first few paragraphs instead of skimming to find the juicy parts'

"Oh Grandma." Wolf Canidae called through the door falsetto voce, thinking fast "It's me. Little Red Riding Hood."

"Well why didn't you say so girl. Come in, come in."

Wolf Canidae kiked down the dor and camed in Grandma's fase.

She liked it. She liked it off her fase and off her hans. Then opened her mouth for more.

* * *

Red Riding Hood meanwhile, had picked all the mushrooms she could carry and continued down the path until she came to another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. She noticed that the sun was slowly setting when time grabbed her by the wrist and directed her where to go. She decided that this particular path was a godsend although a lengthy detour to Grandma's which would probably make her late so she made the best of this test and didn't ask why. It wasn't a question she wanted to ask herself but would definitely be a lesson learned in time.

When she got to Grandma's house she saw that the dor had been kiked down and warily looked inside the dark cabin. Now this was something unpredictable and she called out querulously "Grandma?"

"Yes dear." Came a rather rough sounding voice.

"It's me, Red Riding Hood." She said.

"Come in, come in." Said the voice.

Red stepped inside.

"Come closer dear, the light is failing and my eyesight's not all it should be."

"Why Grandma," said Red when she saw the figure in the bed and inspected it closely "What big ears you've got."

"You cheeky little bi- All the better to hear you with my dear."

"And Grandma, what big eyes you've got."

"All the better to see you with my dear."

"And Grandma what big teeth you've got."

And with a roar Wolf Canidae leapt out of the bed, pinned Red, ripped off her knickers and rammed his cock up her then fucked her til he came.

"At last." Cried Wolf Canidae "I have my revenge.

"How is that revenge?" asked Red lying in a pool of sweat and twat fat.

"Because," explained Wolf Canidae "I've put both you and your Grandma up the duff."

"?" said Red.

"In the family way."


"Put a bun in your oven."


"Up the stick."


"Made you gravid."

"Ah. Gravid. Pregnant." Said Red. "Well I hope you had the time of your life."

"I don't think so." Said a voice from the kitchen. "Just take a look at your cock."

Wolf Canidae looked down. "What the fuck?"

"It's a prophylactic." Said Grandma a she walked into the room bearing a tea tray replete with buttered scones and parkin.

"?" said Wolf Canidae.





"French Letter."


"A rubber Johnny."

"Ah." Said Wolf Canidae "You mean: 'A Red Riding Hood."


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