tagInterracial LoveRedhead's Roadtrip

Redhead's Roadtrip


"What exit is the hotel?" asked Jamie.

"Should be the next one coming up." her husband replied.

"Uhh finally! I can't wait to get out of this car and take a shower."

It was August, and this part of their trip had them traveling through Georgia. Jamie was reclined in the passenger seat of the car, her long red hair drawn in a loose pony tail at the base of her neck. She was wearing a white tank top and denim shorts to stay cool. Her flip flops lay on the floor of the car, her feet resting on the dash. Looking over, her husband admired her trim legs, still shapely and tight as she approached her mid-thirties. Her nipples seemed to be permanently erect and today broadcast the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra under her flimsy white top. He also knew that under those tiny jean shorts she wore only the wisp of a thong. He felt his cock begin to stir and had to draw his focus back to driving.

"There it is, up on the right." she said, slipping her toes into her flip flops and throwing on a pair of sunglasses. "I'll run in and check us in."

They had been married for ten years and planned a summer vacation every year. This year they were taking the long way down to Florida, enjoying the ride and relying on their smart phones to find places to stay and interesting things to see. He slowed in front of the entrance to the hotel and watched as Jamie jumped out to check them in. Barely five feet tall, her shorts accentuated the length of her legs and made her look a few inches taller. Her natural red hair fell to the middle of her back and combined with her pale complexion made her look at least ten years younger. As innocent as she looked, Jamie was reaching the peak of her sexual drive and her husband hoped this trip would offer some opportunities to fulfill it. A few minutes later, she was already headed back his way. He watched as she crossed the parking lot, her firm 34c tits bouncing inside the tank top.

"The room's not ready yet." she said as she opened the door and slid back into the seat. "But they gave us some free drink coupons for the bar while we wait."

"So... what do you want to do?" he asked.

"Lets check it out. Anything to get out of this car." she quipped.

They found the hotel bar around to the side of the lobby. It also had its own entrance, and as they entered, they were surprised to see it fairly crowded. Country music blared loudly from a juke box and a few televisions had the Braves game on. It appeared to be a popular hangout for the locals in town. Jamie's entrance caused more than a few heads to turn. Her husband saw guys poking their buddies and giving them a nod in her direction. The crowd was almost exclusively male, seemingly construction guys and warehouse workers from their dress. A few months ago, Jamie would have blushed at all the looks she was getting, but empowered by their new sex life, she sauntered to a bar stool and sat down. For the past few months, they had experimented with an open marriage. They'd met a few couples and Jamie had taken a handful of lovers on her own.

"Looks like you made quite an impression." he said under his breath as he slid onto the stool next to her.

"I can't help it if I'm the only female in this bar full of big sweaty guys." she giggled, pouting her lip in mock indignation.

"Yeah, I bet you hate every minute of it." he smirked.

A few drinks later, he noticed that Jamie kept looking over at a group of guys sharing a table on the other side of the bar. Following her glance, he asked, "Bring back some memories?"

"Hmm.. maybe." she answered, biting her bottom lip seductively.

The guys she kept eying were most likely in construction. They were all solidly built black guys, wearing jeans, t-shirts and ball caps. He thought back six months ago, to the only black guy Jamie had ever fucked. They had found him on Craigslist and met in a hotel in Chicago. He'd had a huge cock and he knew Jamie had enjoyed herself immensely. The opportunity for another interracial encounter hadn't come up, but things looked like they might change.

"I'm going to go see if the room is ready. Why don't you go introduce yourself?" he said, then got up and left.

He walked to the front desk with his cock rock hard in his pants. He found that the room was indeed ready. Pulling the car close to the room, he brought up their luggage before heading back to the bar.

Walking in, he heard the same country music blaring and immediately noticed his wife line dancing, while trying to coax one of the black guys from the table into joining her. She finally had him stand behind her with his hands on her hips as she gyrated and ground her ass into him. The contrast was startling, her a pale five foot nothing redhead, him a dark well muscled six feet. His cock felt as if id would explode. He grabbed a seat and watched the show along with everyone else in the bar. His wife had always been an enthusiastic dancer, and she really let loose now. Her tits bounced in nonstop motion as her ass and hips teased her dance partner. When the song ended, she noticed her husband and led her partner over by the hand.

"Hi honey, this is Al." she said, "He's never lined danced before and I was helping show him some moves."

The men shook hands as Al and Jamie sat down. Al was younger than them, probably mid-twenties. He was clean shaven with a bald head peaking out from under his cap.

"Y'all from out of town?" he asked.

"How could you tell?" Jamie giggled.

Over the next half hour, they shared drinks and small talk, all the while Jamie flirting with Al. Finally, with his cock no longer able to hold out, her husband blurted out, "So Al, would you like to come up to our room and get some private dance lessons from my wife?"

"I'd love it." he said looking from the husband over to Jamie, who was smiling.

"You don't mind if my husband watches, do you?" she purred.

"If that's what y'all are into, it's cool with me." he answered.

"Great, honey, why don't you give me one of the keys and me and Al will head up while you settle the tab." she said.

With that, he watched his petite little wife head out into the hotel lobby. Thoughts of her tight, pink pussy being slammed by Al's cock filled his thoughts as he paid the bill. He briefly forgot their room number, before remembering where he had parked the car, and finding the room. With his cock straining, he slid the key card through the lock and walked into their room.

Entering the room, he saw his wife on her knees with her back to him. Her flip flops were askew on her feet, her hands on Al's hips, her head bobbing back and forth. Walking into the room to sit in a chair, he got a side view of his wife sucking Al. She used no hands on his cock as her lips locked around his thick shaft. He could tell he was big, but not until she let his cock loose from her mouth with a wet smack, did he see how well hung he was. Al's cock hung from his crotch to mid thigh, thickly veined, and capped by a almost impossibly thick tip of purple. Jamie grabbed his cock and looked over, "Look at this cock, honey, I don't think this will fit."

"You'll have fun trying." he observed.

"Do we have rubbers?" she asked, running the tip of her tongue along Al's cock.

"Nope." he answered.

"You better go get some, I want Al to fuck me." she said, between flicks of her tongue.

She returned her attention to Al's cock, letting one hand slide down into her shorts. As he closed the door to go find condoms, her husband could hear her fingers sloppily loosening her pussy as her mouth engulfed as much of Al's coal black cock as it could.

He was able to find a condom machine in the bars bathroom. Pumping quarters into it he bought four condoms just to be safe. Hurrying back to the room, he entered to find his wife naked on the bed. She was laying face down with her upper body on the bed, but her legs resting on Al's shoulders. He held her legs apart while his tongue flicked her asshole. She pushed her ass back into his face, her moans in time with his tongue thrusting. As he threw the rubbers on the bed, he could also see that Al had two fingers inside his wife's tight pussy. He pumped his hand pack and forth, his thick fingers plying her lips open.

"Oh my god. I'm ready Al" she squealed. "Honey, record this for me?"

He pulled out his phone and set it to video, as Jamie opened a condom and struggled to slide it over Al's thick cock. Laying back, she guided his tip to her swollen hole before letting go of his cock.

"Go slow." she asked.

He ran the thick head of his cock up and down her slippery wetness. Her husband zoomed in to watch on the screen as Al's black cock forced his wife's pink lips aside to disappear inside her. She gasped, and he focused on her face as he slowly slid into her.

"Ohhh, Al go slow. Honey, its so big." she panted, her face a mix of pain and pleasure. "Mm-mm... that's it."

Looking over, he saw Al's cock was halfway inside his wife. Her stark white folds wrapped around his thick black cock. As Al began to pump his cock in and out of Jamie, his glistening black shaft started to pump Jamie's wetness into a frothy white foam that collected at the base of his cock. His wife was notorious for her wetness, but never like this.

"Mm-mm, faster now Al, my pussy is stretched, fuck it harder." she said.

He obliged, pounding the length of his cock into her. Her legs wrapped around his back, her feet locking, pulling him into her. She panted and moaned as her black lover rammed his girth into her. Her husband noticed the tell tale signs, toes curling, nipples swelling, and knew she was close to cumming. Deep inside her, Al's massive headed pounded her sweet spot, forcing her closer to orgasm. Finally she lifted her hips off the bed and moaned as her orgasm took over. Her pussy clenched in waves squeezing Al's massive cock even tighter. She bucked her hips, riding her orgasm out as he slowed his pumping.

"Can I finish you in my mouth?" she said looking up at Al. "My poor pussy is a little sensitive."

"I'm close." he panted, pulling his cock out of her.

She flipped over, laying on her stomach, as she pulled the condom loose from Al's straining cock. Her positioning gave her husband a direct view of her swollen, gaping hole. Her delicate pink lips were now gaping open, a visible void where Al's cock had been. Her thighs and mound were a mess of sticky wetness as she wrapped her lips around Al's cock. She pumped his shaft with one hand, sucking him deeply into her mouth as much as she could. Within a minute, she could feel him close to coming. She sat up on the bed, her hand still pumping his cock. She squeezed his cock tight as she felt him spurt, directing it at her swollen pussy. She held him inches from her snatch as he gasped and pumped his cum all over her puffy pussy lips. Much of it landed in the tuft of red hair she kept neatly trimmed on her mound. She squeezed the last of it from his cock, then lay back for the camera, her fingers dipping into her wetness then spreading herself open.

"Did you like that, honey?" she said teasingly into the camera.

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