Redwood Nine Ch. 07


Suzy hoped that got her off the hook to explain herself further, but Marlene knew the bait was being nibbled and she wanted to see if she could make a strike.

"If my clothes make me sexy looking, I guess I must be sexy to you. Am I sexy looking to you?"

Suzy could feel the trap closing around her, with no chance of escaping it. Marlene's question, was as direct as they came. Once again, Marlene suppressed a smile, at seeing the nervous gulp.

"I guess so. I mean, I don't know. You look sexy dressed like that."

Marlene knew she had her where she wanted her and took over.

"You are a dear, thank you."

Marlene shimmied over and gave Suzy a kiss on the cheek.

"Now, let's go to my room and I'll show you what I want you to do for me. You can wait for me in the car, Ann-Marie."

The request had Suzy thinking twice on what she was asking her, as she felt Marlene's arm go around her shoulder and lead her to the back. Marlene gave Ann-Marie a look to go and wait, which she did obediently, while she went into her area with Suzy. She stood with her arm over her shoulder, pointing out what she wanted attended to and then walked her into her bedroom. Suzy hesitated, as they got to the door and Marlene sensed it. With a little pull of persuasion, she had her walk in and stand beside the bed. Suzy was clearly nervous, standing so close to Marlene, knowing what she was secretly wanting to experience with her, looking at the unmade bed in wonder.

"I want the sheets changed and the room vacuumed. I want the bathroom cleaned, as well. If you get all of that done, before I get back, be a dear and do the few dishes in the sink."

Suzy just nodded, still swallowing the lump in her throat and stood still. Marlene turned and looked at her, noticing the nervousness and the way Suzy was reacting towards her. She took Suzy by the shoulders and turned her to face her, putting her fingers under her chin and making her look in her eyes. Suzy was awash with emotion inside and became lost in herself, unsure of what to do.

"Are you okay? You don't look very well?"

"My stomach feels kind of weird."

Marlene put her palm on Suzy's forehead and felt her temperature.

"You do feel a bit warm and you're flushed. Maybe just coming down with something."

Suzy nodded, hoping it would satisfy Marlene's curiosity, but it didn't. Marlene sat her on the bed and sat right beside her, their hips in contact and put her arm around her waist.

"You seemed fine when you came in and it wasn't until we came in here, that you started feeling your stomach get upset, right?"

Marlene's questioning was leaving Suzy with no other recourse, but to agree, so she nodded, looking at her hands in her lap, fidgeting with her fingers.

"So what could get you in such a state like this, by standing in my bedroom?"

Suzy just shrugged her shoulders and continued looking at her hands. Marlene brushed back a stray lock of Suzy's hair, tucking it behind her ear, making her close her eyes and sigh slightly, at the touch. Marlene saw it and smiled in triumph, knowing her hook was set and all she had to do now, was reel her in and land her.

"It's not something else is it?"

"Like what?"

Suzy's answer was just what Marlene wanted to hear.

"Maybe I'm the reason you feel that way. I think I make you feel nervous and that's what's causing your tummy to be upset."

Suzy was out of avenues of escape and she knew it. Marlene had trapped her in her web and she was just waiting for her to make the next move, knowing she would be faced with the truth.

"Maybe you should just lie back and let it rest. Let me just rub it gently and see if I can soothe it for you. It's the least I can do, seeing as I seem to be the cause of it, right?"

Marlene started gently pushing Suzy back, at first resisting her, then giving in and laying back. Marlene moved Suzy's hands to lay at her sides, then laid her hand on her tummy and began slowly moving it in circles.

Suzy's breathing increased and she closed her eyes, as she felt the sensations course through her body, exciting her. Marlene watched her closely, looking for tell-tale signs of arousal and saw what she was waiting for. Suzy's nipples were hardening and poking out through the thin material of her bra and T shirt. She increased the pressure slightly and widened her circles, just coming close to the rise of her breasts and down low enough to slip under her waistband of her jeans. Suzy shivered at the intimacy and Marlene was sure she had a new plaything to explore. When she could see Suzy was reaching a level of arousal she wanted her at, she stopped rubbing and lay beside her.

"There, how's that? Feeling better?"

Marlene knew she had done the opposite and caused more turmoil inside her. Suzy took a deep breath and sighed, her eyes still closed and an expression of guilt still present.

"It's still feeling all fluttery, but I'll be okay."

Marlene placed her hand on her abdomen and caressed it softly, then leaned to her and kissed her cheek.

"Just take your time then and don't upset yourself. I'll check in on you, when I get back."

Marlene got up and looked at her on the bed and smiled, as she walked out and saw Ann-Marie still waiting dutifully in the car. Marlene got in and started the car and then put her hand on Ann-Marie's thigh and smiled at her. Ann-Marie smiled back at her, a look in her eyes that said she was willing to do anything, should she be asked to.

The guys got up and dressed, sitting on the side of the beds and looked at each other. JT passed Piney a cigarette and then lit both up.

"Think the girls like their jobs here?

"Suzy seems to be okay with it, Ann-Marie has been acting weird, so Wally says. Maybe she's upset having to do something she really doesn't want to."

"Suzy has been getting a lot more into sex. Every time we're making out, she has me doing things to her."

Piney raised an eyebrow at JT, then smiled innocently.

"And you're complaining? What could she have you doing that was so terrible?"

"Fuck off, Piney. I'm not complaining, asshole. No, it's weird. We been making out lots, since we met. It's just like, since last week, she's been asking me to try things. I thought she was happy with what I was doing. Didn't complain once."

"So. Maybe she wants to try different things. Not saying she's bored with you, but just she wants to do other things."

JT looked at Piney and smiled. His simple wisdom and his outlook always made more sense, than the complicated mess he could turn things in to, over-thinking it.

"Yeah, guess I have some more to learn about pleasing women. Maybe I should give Karen a call and see what she can teach me. Jake said I should learn from an older one and show the young ones a thing or two. If Suzy is that into sex, let's see what I can do to help her along."

"Now, that's a better attitude, JT. See, there's always a bright side to every cloud, you just have to look at the right side of it."

"You're my most, trusted friend, Piney. You keep me on the ground and focused. So, maybe it's time I made a phone call?"

"That's your call, JT."

The play on words had them laughing and they got washed and dressed, ready to take on what the day brought to them. JT and Piney left the room and got on their bikes, starting them up and letting them warm up. Their smiles were broadly worn, as they backed them up and put them in gear. Suzy lay on Marlene's bed, listening to the rumble of the engines leaving, as her hands continued to quell the sexual heat in her loins.

Marlene drove towards Lodi, Ann-Marie sitting beside her, constantly looking over at her. Marlene was becoming unnerved by the incessant peeking and slowed down and eventually, pulled over and stopped.

"Why do you keep staring at me? What is it?"

Ann-Marie was thrown by the attitude Marlene took towards her. Her smiles vanished, to be replaced with fear and worry, as she looked at Marlene. Marlene could see the upset, but she didn't respond to it, instead, preying on it for control.

"What gives, Ann-Marie?"

She was almost in tears, as she turned and looked at her.

"I, I, was going to tell you some good news, but now I don't know if I should."

Marlene could see she had saddened her and finding out it was something good she was going to tell her, had her soothing the younger woman, taking her hand and caressing it softly.

"I'm sorry for snapping, Sweetie. Go ahead, tell me your news."

Ann-Marie began calming down, catching herself to stop from crying.

"You know Suzy?"

"Well, yes, I do know a person who works for me, by that name."

Ann-Marie fought against the ridicule and continued.

"We were talking and I told her about us."

Marlene went white and turned to Ann-Marie in shock and rage.

"You did what?"

"It's okay, it's okay. She's not going to say anything to anyone, because we have a promise we made, that she wouldn't."

"And what makes you think she will keep that promise? Any one finds out about us and neither of us, is going to very happy with the results."

"We can trust each other, but what I wanted to tell you, was that when we were talking, she told me she wants to experience what I got to."

Marlene started to take more interest, hearing what Ann-Marie was saying.

"She wants to experience what, exactly?"

"What you do to me. I was telling her how you make me feel when you do things to me and she wants to know what they feel like too."

"Little Suzy?"


Marlene looked at her, Ann-Marie nodding to convince her she was telling the truth. Marlene thought back on earlier and why Suzy was in such a state and it all made sense now. She smiled at Ann-Marie and took her hand again. Ann-Marie's smile began returning, as she saw Marlene's smile coming around.

"So little Suzy wants me to teach her the pleasures of being with another woman, does she?"

"Yeah, she wants to feel the things I did."

"Well, my little, fairy princess, that's some very good news. I'm going to have to find a way to reward you for that, if she is, as you say."

Marlene looked ahead and then into her mirror, then pulled Ann-Marie to her, who gave no resistance. Softly she placed her lips on Ann-Marie's, savouring their delicious fullness. Ann-Marie knew what was coming and prepared, by moving the seat latch and lowering the back of the seat down. She looked in Marlene's eyes, as she began undoing the buttons on her vest and then the button and zipper on her jeans. Marlene smiled lasciviously, as she looked at the white skinned beauty laying in wait of her. As her lips touched Ann-Marie's, her hand disappeared under the waistband of her panties.

The ride to Lodi became more interesting, as Marlene pondered all she knew and all she suspected about Suzy and Ann-Marie. If Suzy was as interested as Ann-Marie said she was, the stalk and hunt part of it was done. All she was faced with, was releasing her catch from the trap and playing with it.

The guys were hard at work building, almost the entire crew getting together for the first time, along with Clay. The four rooms were finished on the inside, but from the outside, they looked like unfinished areas no different than the rest of the framing going on. They were coming up to the end of the two by fours and the two crews divided them between them to finish what they had began and within an hour, work ground to a halt.

Hammers were put down and tool belts untied from waists, as they sat at the desk and took a break. They looked around, seeing the skeletal shape of the rooms and were pleased with the build they had done so far. It would take another two skids of lumber and far more drywall than they had taken the first time. Talk immediately turned to acquiring more materials and where they could get them.

Lenny said Oswald was going ballistic about the thefts, so that left him out. Clay said he could get his grandfather's pick up to use, which only left where to get materials. Wally piped up and began talking about Tom Whitney again. He said he would get a hold of him and see if he knew where they could get their hands on some sheet goods. They became curious as to what he was able to get and Wally could only say that he hasn't missed on something yet. Anything he had an order for, Tom was able to fill it.

One thing was obvious, Tom was a natural thief, but it wasn't the petty, purse stealing, pickpocket type. He was a serious in, to a field most had no idea about. The club needed more than materials to become what they wanted it to be and buying the things they needed, wasn't in the near future. Even with the run money they would be getting from joining Chico, it wasn't enough to make ends meet and have money left over to keep moving forward. The talk turned to one of a shopping list, one that catered to their needs and wants, with little left out.

What they wanted to know from Tom, was how much that list would cost them and when he could get each item. The necessities were agreed on, that they were needed before anything else, then an order of importance was put to each thing, so they knew when to let Tom know to find each item.

Before they came to Lodi, Ann-Marie did up the buttons on her vest, smiling and sighing contentedly, as Marlene fixed her hair in the mirror. She turned to her, smiling in triumph, that her plaything pleased her well.

"I'll pick you up in an hour or so, so don't be too quick in going through the aisles."

"Okay, I'll get the frozen stuff last and that should help."

"Good girl. You can be such a smart thing sometimes."

Marlene pulled into the plaza parking lot and pulled up to the grocery store. She gave Ann-Marie a quick kiss on the cheek and shooed her out, as she drove off to the salon. She pulled Ann-Marie's panties out from between the seats and gave them a sniff, then tucked them in her bag. Another trophy to enjoy later. She enjoyed being fussed over by the staff, as they began doing her hair and nails. She closed her eyes and pictured Suzy, then pictured what she would be like naked and then imagined her lying on the bed waiting for her. The image literally made her squirm in her seat.

Ann-Marie got a cart and began shopping from the list. As she stood at the fruit section, a woman came and stood beside her, then casually leaned towards her and whispered.

"You might want to do your zipper up."

Ann-Marie put her hand down to her pants and felt the soft hairs through the opening and gasped.

"Oh geez."

She zipped up quickly and ended up catching some hairs in the zipper and yelped in pain. Now it became an embarrassing episode to keep herself covered, while unbuttoning her jeans and slide one hand down and undo the zipper with the other. The woman did her best to provide a bit of cover for her, as she struggled to get the hair freed. Once it was, she held her hand over it and did her zipper up again and rubbed the inflicted area, to soothe the sting. She thanked the woman for her help, her shame showing clearly. The woman patted her shoulder and smiled.

"They make panties for a reason, Sweetie. You should wear them. I only go without them if I'm wearing a long dress, but I do like that fresh air feeling myself."

The woman went off and left Ann-Marie to her own devices, as she looked about and saw she had brought little attention to herself and began acting normally again. It wasn't until a few minutes later, she realized she was wearing panties when she left the room that morning. She smiled, thinking Marlene had them, enjoying her scent.

With all the materials finished, the guys were at a loss to do something and riding was the only thing any of them were interested in doing. Hands were washed and one by one, metal came to life with a kick of the heel. Throttles were twisted, announcing their presence even more, as JT led his friends out of the lot, the air, the road, the world becoming theirs. They road through town, leaving it in a lower gear to raise the level of sound from their exhausts. People stopped whatever they were doing and turned, as the riders cruised past them. Windows rattled and dogs barked and snapped wildly at them, yet nothing phased them from their mood, as they commanded the attention and showed a brotherhood united, one riding for their own cause.

Their echoes faded, once again leaving the impression of their sight in the minds of those still looking at them. The road to the hills, brought winding curves and long sweeping arcs that had them riding as one, following the lead of their president. Only Otto bore the future logo of the club on his cut, but the club learned to ride as one cohesive unit and one day soon, every member would be patched with the name and logo, riding with honour of it, as a brotherhood, as a club.

Calaveras was pretty country to ride in. Hills were easy and rolling, views appearing and disappearing, as they made their way along little used back roads. The sound of the bikes echoed back to them in canyons, cut from hard stone faces long ago, by men who had the same desire to travel in that direction. The road brought a freedom of solitude, a oneness of men and machine, both beating internally with the same sense of purpose, to live.

Suzy had finished the bathroom and was vacuuming the bedroom, cleaning under the bed, when the upright vacuum picked up something and jammed. She pulled it out and turned it over, to see what it was and found a pair of blue panties wrapped around the beater bar. She pulled and tugged, unrolling them and held them up. It only took a minute to jog her memory and realized they were Ann-Marie's panties. She tucked them in her back pocket and went back to vacuuming, casually glancing at the bed and imagining Ann-Marie and Marlene engaged in sexual situations, her mind conceived them doing.

Ann-Marie finished shopping and went through the checkout, the bag boy putting everything in her cart, but his eyes never leaving her body. She walked outside and looked for Marlene, but there was no sign of the Riviera. She sat on the bench, with the groceries in the shade, watching for the car coming down the road. She only waited a little more than five minutes, when Marlene cruised into the parking lot and pulled up to her.

"Been waiting long?"

"Nope, just finished."

"Good, nothing should have melted yet. Okay, load those bags in the trunk and come sit beside me."

Marlene used the remote opening button in the glove box and opened the trunk, then patted the seat beside her. Ann-Marie opened the trunk wide and loaded the six paper bags into it. She closed the trunk and pushed the cart to the side, then got in and sat close to Marlene, smiling happily in her accomplishment.

"Did you get everything?"

"Yup and I have your change in my pocket."

"Good girl. Okay, let's get home again."

"Okay. I really like your hair. They did a nice job on it."

"Thank you, Sweetie. That's so nice of you to say."

As much as Marlene showed a mock surprise, she had been expecting some notice by her. Ann-Marie looked at her, admiring her looks and Marlene lapped it up happily.

Suzy finished the vacuuming and began dusting, when Marlene and Ann-Marie came in and carried the bags in with them.

"Suzy, be a dear and help Ann-Marie put the groceries away."

Suzy put the cloth and dusting spray down and helped empty the bags of food, while Marlene went and checked herself in the mirror, then inspected the bathroom and bedroom, before coming back out.

"Nice job on the cleaning, Suzy."


Suzy and Ann-Marie finished putting everything away and then folded the bags and tucked them under the counter. They came and stood in front of her, as she sat on the couch.

"That's a big job done, thank you girls. Ann-Marie you've been a big help and you can have the rest of the day off to enjoy. Suzy, I need to ask you a few things, if you wouldn't mind staying."

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