tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRedwood Nine: Season 03 Ch. 09

Redwood Nine: Season 03 Ch. 09


Ch. 9 All Good Things

The day started off with a beautiful sunrise and a warmth in the air. As the guys left the clubhouse and sat on their bikes, it was a feeling of normal that almost seemed foreign. The threat was gone, for now, being told the enemy club was taken down giving them a chance to breathe easier. The gate was locked securely behind them and the eagerness to ride began.

It was hard to keep them from speeding to the farm, the chance to be with loved ones outweighing anything else. Finally turning onto 10th line, all of them had expectant smiles on their faces, being moments away from rejoining with the women. When they reached the gate, it was locked and chained, a complete contradiction to the welcoming sign on it. The door opened on the house and bodies came out. The women were ecstatic to see them and ran to the gate. Moon and Star weren't as thrilled to see them and took their time opening the gate.

"The trouble ended, JT?"

"For now, Moon. Just heard that the threat is gone from them and we can relax."

"So they're still after you, I take it?"

"No idea, but there's no one to come after us, not much left of them."

"I fail to see how one can smile, knowing so many lives have been lost to all of this."

The smiles everyone wore faded, knowing they were showing happiness about it.

"Moon, no one died, that didn't need to."

"Death is not an answer to things, JT."

JT thought on it and knew the commune lived by that rule. Killing was not a solution to a problem.

"Can we come in, or should we leave?"

"You can come in, but only to visit. My decision still stands."

That made things a bit easier for them, knowing they wouldn't be denied the chance to be with everyone. Marlene looked at JT and he could see how hurt she was, that she was there now and he wasn't. She left Phoenix's side and went to him, taking him by the arms and looking at him with such sadness in her eyes.

"No matter what happens JT, I want you to know that I will always want you as my friend and never turn my back on you. I owe you my life and despite the violence it took to give me that, I for one, will never hold that against you, or the club. I want you to know I am totally against you and the club leaving here.

The other girls heard that and voiced their own agreements to her words, faces turning to Moon in objection to his decision.

Moon saw the looks and the rebellion to his authority, feeling alone in his thoughts. Spirit saw him falter, unable to take a stand against everyone and walked away with his head down. She took his hand and walked with him, neither saying a word as they went into the field. Tinkerbell watched them go and turned to the group standing together and walked over. She went straight to JT and nuzzled him for attention. Suzy smiled and giggled a little at seeing it.

"See, even Tinkerbell knows you guys should be able to stay. She wants you too, just like we do. No one and I mean none of us girls and even Phoenix believes the trouble that's been caused is your fault. It's not right to blame you for it. You only did what was right and tried to protect people. Peace and love are great, the best, but sometimes we have to deal with problems like this and it's good to know we can count on you guys to keep us safe."

Golden had stood quietly by, listening to everyone and finally spoke up.

"Look, seeing as this place is mine and no one else's, I should be the one who has the final say and it's time I did. I don't agree with Moon. I know he's only looking out for us the best way he knows how, but he's wrong in this case. I can see staying away while this trouble is happening, that makes sense, but to ban you forever, no way. I'm making my decision right now and I say you guys can stay."

Smiles came to faces in a flash, hearing Golden's decision and knew it would be upheld by everyone. JT knew it was going to take many long talks with Moon over it, but he wanted to make things right with him and the others. The bikes were started and ridden into the barn and then the group headed inside. Phoenix went straight for the new hookah they bought and broke out the chunk of hash. The fragrance wafted about the room instantly and a celebration of sorts began in earnest.

The charred lot began filling with fresh bodies and bikes, as the remaining Disciple members arrived. Stink greeted each one strongly, everyone showing a strong support of the club with each other. Stink wasted no time in inciting their need for revenge, calling out names of the fallen and the loss of their status. It only took fifteen minutes for all of them to call out for blood, so Stink allowed them to get fuelled up, then had them listen to him on how they were going to do it.

Moon was wrestling with his feelings, knowing he was right to protect the ones he loved and was responsible for. Spirit listened to him justifying himself, how what they had started was supposed to be and how it was supposed to be now. Spirit knew in her heart he meant only the best for everyone, but she knew the commune had made a decision and he would have to live by it. She herself could never tell him she didn't want them to go, knowing how abandoned he would become. She knew she was his constant and had to let him know she was there for him.

The speaker kept blaring out the ring tones of the phone, echoing through the compound, as the guys enjoyed a sumptuous meal and dessert with their friends. Benny hung up and looked at Lamont.

"Man, I tried like six times now, bro'. I don't know where they at? I gotta warn them, but the fuckers ain't picking up shit."

"I know, B, but we gotta keep trying. You know what's happening and we gotta do something?"

"I know who I'm calling, Mo. That cop dude the club knows, what's his name? The geeky guy they pushed up?"

"Oh yeah, that guy, uh, Wayne something. Shit man, what is it?"

"Under, Unger, some shit like that."

"Yeah sounds like that."

Benny looked up the number for Charming P.D. and dialled it. The dispatcher picked it up and answered.

"Lemme speak to Wayne Unger....please."

Benny nodded to Lamont acknowledging the politeness.

"Do you mean Unser?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's it."

"You wish to speak to Deputy Chief Unser?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's the dude, I need to speak to him like pronto, real quick, you know what I mean?"

"And what's the nature of your emergency?"

"Got to let him know some very bad dudes are coming his way, to make trouble for some dudes in your town. Is that enough emergency?"

"What's your name please?"

"I'm a concerned citizen, now let me talk to the guy already, or you find out yourself who's coming to visit."

"Hang on, I'll put you through."

Unser was trying to put a decent spin on the tower diver, when his phone buzzed.

"Yeah Sarah."

"Deputy Chief, got a guy on the phone that wants to tell you about some possible trouble that might happen. Not sure what to make of him though."

"Okay, put him through."

The click let him know the call was on and he answered.

"Unser here."

"Yeah, this is a friend of JT and the Sons. We just saw all these Disciples meeting at their clubhouse and they're planning something big. I don't know what, but those dudes are pissed off, you know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I know, go on."

"So like, they got about twenty, maybe thirty guys and the leader, uh, uh, Stink, yeah, he's setting something up. My guy couldn't really like hear that good, you know, but it sounded like they was planning on a raid on the clubhouse, or something. He didn't hear him all that good, but he heard they was doing something big and they're doin it soon, but we don't know when. I tried calling the shop, but no one's answering. I don't know how else to get a hold of them and thought maybe you did."

"If they're not in lock down, they must be out at the farm. No way of contacting them out there. Okay, what's your name again?"

"Just let them know B called, they'll know who I am."

"B, that's it?"

"Yeah, just B. Just let them know, okay?"

"Okay, thanks, B."

"Alright and uh, goodbye,"

Unser heard the phone click and shut off the intercom, then sat there pondering what he should do. The farm was way out of his jurisdiction and couldn't go there officially, but Calaveras had a station even farther than his from them. There was no time to waste, if they wanted to stay on top of this and be prepared. He went across to the chief's office and knocked. Grant told him to come in and he went up and stood in front of him, getting his attention from the desk.

"Chief, I gotta go out to Calaveras and talk to the club. They're out at the farm they live in and they got no phone or nothing. I thought of calling Calaveras, but they're even farther away."

"Why do you need to go out there?"

"I just got a call, some black kid named, B. He said he's a friend of JT and the Sons and they just heard the Disciples are planning something big, like some kind of raid, but they ain't sure where, or when. One of their guys was spying on them, trying to hear what they were saying, but didn't catch everything, just that."

"Okay, yeah, better go out there, no idea where they're thinking of hitting them, best warn them and make sure everyone is safe. I'll get Chief Wade on the phone now and let him know. Maybe they can hassle them and keep them from doing anything. I don't know who these friends are of the club's, but we'd be up shit creek without a paddle, without them."

"No kidding. Wish we had guys like that, most of the crime would be taken care of by them, before it happened."

Wayne and Harvey looked at each other after he said it and pondered their own worth as law enforcement officers. They knew they never prevented any crimes, only responded to them after they were committed. They both shook their heads together, then Unser took off and headed to his cruiser, letting Sarah in dispatch know where he was going. He put all his men on high alert to watch for any signs of either club and let the Sons know what's up.

He put his flashing lights on and made his way through town as fast as he could, before heading into the country and out to Calaveras. Despite the emergency, he couldn't help but smile, thinking about going back to where he had the greatest sex he knew he would ever have.

It didn't take long for Stockton police to begin making drive by checks on the Disciples. They did their best not to harass them, but they made their presence known. Middle fingers were raised at them on every pass, showing their displeasure. A '59 Mercury with faded two tone paint sat down the block from the clubhouse, a lone person sitting behind the wheel. The driver sat nervously, unsure if he should approach the bikers. Stink waved to come to them and after some hesitation, started up and slowly drove down, looking everywhere for anyone noticing him.

"So what did you find out?"

Winslow Westingham was sweating and shaking, clearly in the throes of withdrawal. He looked at the bikers at his window, hoping to get the hit he was promised. He saw one of them holding his hand out and opened it, seeing two hits in it. The reward was all he needed to start talking.

"They go to some place out in Calaveras, some farm on 10th line. The mailbox says MacDonald on it."

"Good, you done good, here you go, enjoy the high."

Flash dropped the small packets on the seat and Winslow snatched them up, holding them in his fist like his life depended on it. He scanned the area again for signs he'd been spotted and drove away, heading to a spot where he could get a hit into him as soon as he could, the need to end the aching misery washing through him.

Stink listened to the news and punched his fist into his palm, working the news into his drug-hazed mind.

"Now we know where they live and let their guard down. They won't have no cops watching their assess out there, so we can hit them like we want this time. Fuckers are going to die."

The others cheered Stink, feeling retribution was theirs to command and mete out. The police barrier tape was pulled down and the club headed inside the burned out building to party, it's intent akin to a war dance preparing for battle.

The war of dominance on the streets and the money from trafficking illicit drugs, was fuelling the crime rate of major cities everywhere and those who saw an opportunity to make easy money, were taking advantage of it. The greed incited dealers to take out competition by any means, so they could monopolize the trade of whatever they dealt in. Like the government, they knew that control was the key to everything and enforcing that control was becoming a social issue that affected the entire populace. More and more, innocent people were getting caught in indiscriminate gunfire between two rival factions and killed. Newspapers screamed the headlines out in bold print and colour photos, while news broadcasters were playing on the public's rapt attention to it and creating specials to highlight it as well.

The image of war veterans enjoying the camaraderie of riding together was erased, obliterated by the new perception of anyone who rode a motorcycle in a group, was a criminal. They were anti-social, anti-authoritarians who created fear and distrust in everyone. Crime was rampant and little could be done. Good people were turned into junkies, addicted to the need for more and those who controlled it, were only too happy to keep up the supply. The government had denied them a chance to resume their lives, as they were before the war. The people had shunned them and showed their disdain when they came back. Now it was coming full circle, to where those who turned to crime and drugs, were getting what they originally wanted, but now getting it with force and violent action. The American people were theirs to control and the government was behind the eight ball to stop them.

Moon and Spirit came back in the house to everyone naked and loving as openly and pleasurably as they felt like doing. They stood looking at the happiness and he knew the atmosphere had changed completely, from what it had become after the decision. He couldn't bring himself to join in and he took Spirit upstairs to their room and closed the door.

Wayne drove along 10th line and pulled into the lane, rounding the small bend and saw the gate was closed and locked. He parked in front and got out, scaling the gate and walking to the house. He was about to knock, then heard the laughter and fun going on inside and decided to look in the window. The room was a mass of nudity and sexual arousal, unable to discern who was who and what was being done to whom.

He stood back and chuckled to himself, thinking back again and pondering the idea of getting a chance to do it again. The news of the threat took over precedence in his head and he knocked on the door. The sound deadened immediately, then the curtains shifted to see who it was. The door opened and JT smiled broadly at him.

"Wayne, great to see you, Buddy, what's up?"

"Sorry to interrupt the things, JT, looks like a fun time happening. I had to come and talk to you about something I heard from a friend of yours, a guy named B."

JT's smile faded when he heard the initial used and knew it was serious in nature, if Wayne felt the need to come out of his jurisdiction to talk to him about it.

"Okay, I know B, what's up?"

"Can we talk a bit more private?"

"Sure, we'll go over to your car and talk. Let me get my shoes on first and I'll meet you there."

Wayne went back to his cruiser and waited, while JT quickly explained to a couple of members that the party was on hold and he'd let them know what was up when he got back. He pulled on his boots and put his shirt on, kissing Suzy and heading outside. Wayne was pacing and that worried JT.

"Stop pacing Wayne, you'll wear a rut into the lane."

The humour didn't lighten Unser's mood, but he stood and faced JT.

"This guy B, called me and told me all the remaining Disciples showed up at the clubhouse and one of his guys was close enough to hear some shit. He said they're planning a raid on you guys and he thinks he heard clubhouse, but he ain't sure. I got the chiefs informed and both sides are keeping things locked down, making sure any movement from them is kept in check."

JT thought about it and wondered how they could pull it off, knowing they were so well protected at the compound and they had no idea where they were right then.

"These guys have got to be totally fucked up, Wayne. How do they think they can get to us at the clubhouse, when they know how fortified it is and we have guns. It doesn't make sense."

"Maybe not, but the chief thinks these guys are just plain suicidal and don't give a shit. We have all routes into Charming controlled, so there's no chance of getting to the clubhouse in the first place. We even have guys stationed close to the shop, so I don't see how they plan to do it either, but your friend says it's happening and that's all we got right now."

"Shit, Wayne. What the hell is with these guys? They get a little set back to dealing drugs and now it's all our fault. They tried to fucking kill us once already, before all this other shit started."

"What are you talking about? The time before all this started."

"I know, I should have told you, but we didn't do anything, other than save our asses again."

"What happened?"

"You know that bus in the yard, the one we're fixing up?"


"We were bringing an old one back from San Fran, that friends of ours were trading in for that one in the yard. We were just out of Livermore and then about twenty Disciples rolled up on us and drew guns."

"Shit, what happened?"

"I saw them and swung the bus into their lane and slammed on the brakes. I felt a bunch of them slam into me and the others piling into them. We got out of there fast and didn't say anything about it. We weren't looking for any trouble Wayne, believe me. I think that was the first try at us to pay us back. I'm thinking that and the bust, have them extremely pissed at us and that's why it's so blown out of proportion."

"Yeah, that would do it. So where's the bus you had?"

"Gone. Turned into parts and scrap metal."

"That your friend Gus out in Stockton?"

"Yeah. He had the bus we got now and we traded him the old bus and cash for it."

"No chance of that coming back into play now. From what you said, you guys didn't break any laws, as long as that's what really happened."

"Hey, call out every guy and ask him privately and you'll get the same answer, Wayne."

"Okay, I believe you, just saying. There's always two sides to every story, but in this case, the other side ain't writing a good story to follow."

"No shit. So what should we do then?"

"JT, I ain't got a clue. I figured letting you guys know was the best thing and then you could call your people and put things in play with them."

"Yeah, guess that's about all we can do right now. Without knowing what it is they're planning, we're setting up for a maybe and that's it. Maybe they want us on guard and then get tired of waiting and then hit us. At least we know they're planning something and that's a start."

"Yeah, better than finding out after it starts."

"That always makes it harder to deal with."

"Sure does. So, I guess you got time to finish what you guys were doing when I came, so I'll let you get back to that. I know you guys haven't seen each other in a while and need to reconnect."

"Yeah, it's been tough, but we're making up for it. So, do you need to get back right away?"

"Not really, why?"

"Want another taste of before? The girls are in the mood and they wouldn't object to it."

Unser smiled and perked up, the offer to his fantasies coming openly.

"I guess I can spare a few minutes, everything's under control back there."

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