Redwood Nine: Season 03 Ch. 09


He sat and watched the sun go down, the final slivers of light fading into darkness, as he loaded both guns and pocketed ammunition for both. He reflected on his time in the war and the horrors he'd faced, knowing what he'd seen, wasn't something he wanted the gentle people inside to ever have to face. He set himself up comfortably, relaxing and letting his meal digest, but the underlying tension made his stomach growl with unrest.

10th line was deserted, not a vehicle to be seen for miles, as the Plymouth pulled to a quiet stop about a mile down the road from the farm. The trunk was opened and the guns brought out, then Stink closed it quietly, not wanting to disturb the peacefulness and alert anyone to their presence.

The girls had decided on taking baths to relax and take their minds off the trouble. With only three tubs, they decided to go in pairs, the first six taking turns washing their partner and then switching. Marlene had cut up straws so they could draw them and pick partners. Short straws went first, the long ones after. They each picked one and then saw who was going first.

Marlene, Suzy, Poppy, Azure, Gloria and Cindy got to go first, so they began filling the tubs with water, while Marlene cut two more straws at a different length to decide who were partners. Marlene held them up so they looked even and they picked one each. Marlene and Suzy were paired up, while Poppy was with Gloria and Cindy and Azure shared the last tub. The first six went into the bathroom and began undressing, the first ones to bathe, getting in the tubs.

The other girls went up stairs, along with the guys and decided on a hookah of hash to enjoy while they waited. Moon tried to ease up and apologized to everyone about his decision, but they wouldn't let him explain and assured him they still loved and respected him. He took the love presented and tried to let the trouble go out of his head, as the euphoria of the hash did it's best to help him.

Chase was finished with his bone and laid down by Walter's feet, finding it easy to go to sleep there. Walter was leaning back in the chair against an oak tree, his shotgun laid across his lap. He had closed his eyes, not to sleep, but to remember times past and people no longer with them. Despite his need to be alert, he faded into sleep and the world disappeared.

Silent footsteps made their way onto the property, keeping as quiet as they could, to not arouse any suspicions they were there. Walter continued to sit as he was, unaware of the bikers now fifty feet away and looking at him. With his hearing not as good as it used to be, he had no idea of the man standing feet away with a rifle butt ready to smash the side of his head. Chase opened his eyes, finally smelling the strangeness in the air. Walter stirred and moved to get up, but before he did, the rifle butt smashed the side of his head and sent him over sideways. Before Chase could manage a bark, the same butt came smashing onto his head. All that came out was a whimper of pain and the old dog went down hard.

The four moved in closer to the house, listening to the sounds inside to see where they might be and heard the girls in the bathroom enjoying themselves. They took positions to cover the ground floor and readied their weapons.

Marlene was sitting back, languishing in the attention Suzy was paying to her legs. The others were enjoying much the same treatments, as their partners bathed them with fragrant oils and loving hands.

"I definitely love this. Suzy, you are just the best. I could stay in here until I'm wrinkly all over."

"Well, don't get too used to it, I want my turn soon."

"Oh Baby, I am going to treat you to a wonderful bath and maybe we can all enjoy some fun without the guys tonight. I'm in the mood for some wet tongues and hot kisses, how about you girls?"

They all agreed, having spent a good part of the day being with the guys and they had a chance to love one another the way only they knew how. Suzy took Marlene's foot and began sucking on her toes and Marlene sighed loudly, expressing herself openly to the attention given.

"Mmmmm, now that's what I'm talking about. Damn, Suzy, my pussy is already getting wet from that."

Suzy ran her tongue along her entire foot, from heel to toe, then sucked on her big toe like a cock. Marlene tilted her head back and groaned in bliss at what she did.

The first bullets shred the siding of the house like paper. One went through the back of Marlene's head and straight into Suzy's, killing them both instantly. Cindy was bathing Azure's breasts, enjoying the sensuality of her large mounds, when the bullets entered her body and sent her flying sideways. Azure sat up in shock and never felt the bullet enter the back of her head and remove most of her face. Poppy stood up to run and was cut down by the spray of machine gun fire and landed close to where Cindy was. Gloria ducked under the water in the tub, hearing and feeling the bullets hitting the tub. She held her breath as long as she could, terrified to come up for air and be shot dead. The dull sound of the bullets kept coming and she couldn't hold her breath any longer, finally having to breathe. She tried raising her head only enough to get her mouth out of the water and take a breath and went under again. She fought against screaming and crying out for help, knowing the entire place was under siege, bullets bouncing off the steel tub.

Upstairs, the first bullets blasted them straight out of peaceful euphoria and right into the battle. Bullets were shot at every angle, hoping to find a body inside to hit. They quickly pulled mattresses off the beds and held them against the wall for protection, but the high powered projectiles tore straight through them and into the ceiling above. The girls screamed at the top of their lungs, as the barrage of gunfire kept going and going.

The bikers reloaded twice and emptied every bullet they had into the house. The roar of blasts finally ended, the echoing refrain still heard in the distance. The bikers laughed at their accomplishments and lowered their weapons to their sides and turned away. They didn't see Walter standing beside the tree, his shotgun aimed at them. The first blast roared loudly and took Flash with it, sending him backwards several feet with a gaping hole in his stomach. The second took out Pigboy and did much the same to him. Stink raised his rifle, but had no ammunition left to fire. He threw the rifle down and reached behind him for his gun. Walter came out from behind the tree and walked up quickly, keeping the barrel trained on his head.

Stink looked up and saw him five feet away and the trigger clicking. The roar was the last thing he got to know of this world, as his head exploded in a shower of bone and grey matter. Walter pumped the action to load the last shell and pointed it at Frankie. The fear on his face was an exact contradiction to the face he had a moment ago, as he used the machine gun on the house. He dropped it and fell to his knees and pled to be spared. Walter just looked at him with pure hatred in his eyes, clearly seen in the dim light.

"God spares people, I don't."

The blast took his head off as well and then Walter dropped the shotgun and hobbled into the house. He called out to anyone, hoping someone was still alive inside. The sounds of moans was heard from up stairs, so Walter slowly made his way to where the sounds were coming from.

Blood was seen everywhere, where the bullets had tore through flesh and bone. Walter made his way through the mess of beds and furniture, trying to get to them. He found more dead than alive and started doing what he could to keep them alive. He tore clothes and used the strips as tourniquets and bandages, stopping the flow of blood from taking any more of his friends.

He shifted a mattress and found two more girls under it and knew one was Golden. He gently picked her up and saw the gaping wound in the side of her head. He brushed the blood-soaked hair away from her face and held her to him, comforting her in grief. He looked around at the loss of life and the loss to himself and wailed loudly at the sky, screaming at God for an answer why.

Hours passed, before emergency personnel arrived and began taking care of the wounded. The sheriffs in Calaveras were beside themselves with the scene of carnage and mayhem committed. A call to Charming had Unser scrambling to his cruiser and racing to the clubhouse. He stopped at the gate and waited, then drove down with Wally and stopped by the door. The guys all came out, while Lenny, Otto and Keith stood on the roof above and listened.

"JT, there's been some trouble out at the farm. Just got a call from the sheriffs out there. It ain't good."

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