Reindeer Games


"Ok stud. Fuck me!" she said huskily before pulling away and bending over. I had no trouble getting into her wet pussy, sliding my raging hardon fully into her. I really wanted to grab her ass or tits, but had to remain with my hands behind my back. The room quickly filled with the sounds of bodies slapping together, moaning and groaning. I heard a number of women crying out in ecstasy as they came from the dicks being thrust into them. My own dick had its limit and I shoved hard into my partner, emptying spurt after spurt of my cum into the condom, her own climax coming with mine. The two of us stood there shaking and twitching as our bodies came down from the peak of pleasure. Now all I had to do was stand there and let my dick go down enough to slip from the condom. It was a waiting game. Pull out too quickly, and you would pull the condom with you, pull out too late and you would lose. I waited, but the sight of all those naked tits hanging and swinging, along with the three women that didn't get chosen bouncing and clapping for their choice to win was keeping me up much more than I wanted. In the end another guy pulled free of his before my dick would go down and when I withdrew I pulled the condom out, still attached.

My partner stood up and turned to me, hugging me, telling me it was a good try and thank you. She pulled the condom off and gave my dick a squeeze before walking off. Jill came up and gave me a big hug, pressing her tits into me. Angie announced a break in the games and put on some music for dancing. Jill led me by the hand back upstairs to get a drink. The music was loud enough we could easily hear it, and she decided she wanted to dance. Fortunately the music was a slow dance, and I enjoyed having her tits brushing against my chest as we danced. I hadn't ever danced with anyone naked before, well, naked except for her red spike heels. It didn't take long for my semi-hard dick to harden up and be brushing her red tuft of hair.

"Hmmm I like that better." She said after pushing my dick down so it stuck between her legs.

"I have to admit that is nice." I replied as her wet pussy lips rode up and down the top of my dick. Unfortunately the song ended too soon for my taste and a bit hotter tune came on.

"OH yeah!" she said pulling away and turning around. "Just like we did earlier, but this time naked!" She began humping and bumping her ass into me while I ran my hands up and down her body. The motions of the dance allowed her to easily pull my dick between her legs and push it up against her pussy. She bent over some at the waist, shaking her shoulders and tits while she worked my dick into her tight hole. Standing back up as I sunk into her. "OH god yes!" she cried as she worked up and down my dick, my hands rubbing around her body and squeezing her nipples and tits. We danced and ground our bodies together, one of my hands finding its way between her legs from the front. I stroked her clit as she slid up and down my rigid shaft, turning her dancing into jerking as she climaxed on my dick. Her pulsing pussy was more than I could handle and I began dumping a huge amount of pent-up cum into her. Feeling my pulsing cock seemed to drive her climax even higher, any pretense of dancing temporarily suspended while we fought to control our bodies in our mutual climax. Slowly we regained our composure and breathing.

"That was sure interesting. I may have to spend a lot more time dancing." I whispered her as we stood there, rocking each other, still spooned together with my dick inside her.

"We really weren't supposed to do that you know." She said quietly.

"I didn't know."

"I did, but I wanted you in me so bad. I've wanted you in me since I saw you undressed in the games earlier."

"Well, you got me." I said quietly.

"I hope you can recover quickly. We have some more games yet and I'd hate to think you would miss out."

"As long as I keep seeing all these gorgeous naked bodies and bouncing tits, I don't see how I could not be hard." I said as the music changed to a slower tune. She moved a little and my dick slid from her pussy, unleashing a small torrent of our juices from within her.

"Come with me." She said as she took my hand and pulled me toward the bathroom. She pulled me inside and closed the door behind us. She used some toilet paper to clean the stream of cum off her legs and then squatted down in front of me. She quickly placed my dick into her hot mouth and licked and sucked every drop of cum off of me, as well as sucking me back to reasonable stiffness. She stood up and kissed me wetly, sharing some of my own taste with me. I turned her and backed her toward the sink and then lifted her naked ass onto the edge. I hadn't ever done this before, but I figured what the hell. I crouched down between her legs and slowly licked up her pussy and across her clit, bringing a moan and a shiver from her.

"Ohhhh I like that." She said quietly as I continued to lick her sopping wet pussy. I could taste the saltiness of my cum mixed with the sweetness of her pussy juices. I really enjoy oral sex, but this was the first time I was turned on enough to try it after filling someone with cum. The music ended and I soon heard Angie calling for us.

"Come on." Jill said sliding off the counter. "Time to go."

"There you are!" Angie said as we came out of the bathroom. "Been being bad have we?" she winked.

"Very!" Jill whispered.

"Was it good?" Angie queried as we walked toward the downstairs.

"Oh yes."

"Good. I had a small sample earlier, and I thought he would be good."

"He was. Very good." Jill said as if I wasn't there.

"Here they are!" Angie said as we stepped back into the rec room. "I found them upstairs getting a snack."

"I bet." I heard a female voice say. "I wouldn't mind a snack of that."

"At ease." Another female voice said.

"Ok next game!" Angie called from the middle of the room. "This one is called up the chimney. Since the guys had a chance to guess the size of our tits, some more successful than others, its out turn to guess the size of their dicks. The way this works is that each guy will measure himself and write the answer down. Then we will go round robin, with each lady sitting on every dick. They guess the size and write it on the card, and the winner will be the one with the most correct guesses."

There seemed to be considerable talking on this one, with both sexes finding it interesting. "Just to keep the guys honest in their measurements, the guy with the most correct guesses on his size will also win a prize. Now if you gentlemen will kindly walk over to the table and measure up, we'll get started."

It only took a few minutes for us to all measure up using some old school type plastic rulers. The next fifteen minutes were pure agony, not! Each of the twelve ladies took their turns sitting on our laps, sliding their hot pussies down out dicks. I was glad that I had put that extra load of cum into Jill, or I would never have lasted. Several of the ladies were not particularly tight, but others were quite honestly a tight fit. One little gal took nearly a full minute to get settled on my dick, working me into herself an inch at a time and then climaxing around me as soon as she felt the head of my dick pressing against her cervix. That brought a number of cheers and comments from the ladies around her, making her blush. Once all the pussies had sampled all the dicks, the scores were tallied and Tabby won with the most correct guesses, and one of the other guys had the most correct guesses of his members size. For my part I seemed to have the fewest correct guesses, which Jill later attributed to the fact that I grew considerably larger between when she had sucked me hard again and when she sat on my dick. The prize for the winning lady was a nice ten inch dildo, and the wining guy was given a box of chocolate candies shaped like tits.

"Ok next game!" Angie called when the noise settled. "What would a good day be without a pie eating contest, however, the pie in this case will be pussy covered with whip cream. The rules are simple. The guys draw for a partner, and the winner will be the first one to get all the whip cream off and make his partner climax. Oh, yes... Guys, no hands or dicks allowed. Only lips and tongues!"

We all reached into the hat and drew our partners. To my surprise I ended up with Tabby. Each of the ladies sat in the chairs we had used earlier, with the guys kneeling in front of them. The ladies who didn't get picked moved down the line covering each pussy with spray whip cream as the ladies put their feet up on the guys shoulders, spreading their legs wide. Someone shouted go and we all went to work. I stared on Tabby's thighs, licking the cream off and also teasing her body with my tongue. She soon had her head back and was moaning in pleasure as I licked closer and closer to her pussy, finally stroking her soft lips with my tongue. I heard a scream of pleasure as someone went over the top, but kept at it anyway, wanting to make sure I got her off. I sucked her clit into my mouth and nibbled it, sending her already sensitive pussy into spasms of pleasure, her juices gushing out around my mouth. I was horribly turned on an leaking like crazy, ready to stick it into any pussy that was willing. Finally the game was called over after the last women came in a screaming shuddering climax. She may have been last but her climax was far from the least.

"Ok next game!" Angie called. "Guys, I know you are more than ready to cum. So now is your chance. This little game I call Reindeer ropes. Each guy gets to pick a partner. Her job is to get you off and aim your cum at the target. Most cum in the target wins." The target in this case was a circle drawn on plastic sheet on the floor about six feet way. I wasn't sure I would even hit it, let alone get any significant amount into it. I had to choose a partner, and wasn't really sure who to pick. Angie solved that dilemma by coming over to me before I got a chance to pick.

"Any objections if I do this?" she asked quietly.

"Nope." I answered, expecting her to stand behind me and jack me off. To my surprise she knelt down in front of me and quickly began sucking my dick into her mouth. As turned on as I was I was sure this wasn't going to take long. I had my eyes closed and was groaning in anticipation of the impending release when I heard someone else go off, grunting loudly in time with his spurts. Angie just kept working on my dick with her mouth, squeezing the base of my dick to keep me from shooting. It was finally more than I could stand and she pulled off of my dick just as I began exploding, sending streams of cum arching through the air to land on the plastic sheeting. After a few long spurts, the length reduced and she quickly put my dick into her mouth to milk the last of my cum out. She stood up and hugged me close, pressing her hard nipples into my chest. "Make sure you fuck me before you go home." She whispered before letting go of me.

It turned out I didn't win, but I was surprised to see that I had three shots make it to the circle. The winner had a copious seven shots hit the circle, clearly the big shooter.

With most of the women freshly eaten and the guys well emptied, the games changed. Several twister mats were pulled out and Angie set herself up as caller with two guys and two girls at each mat. The exception was my mat, which, since I had been crowned official boob inspector, got the remaining odd woman, leaving me with two, including Sue and another women whose names I didn't remember. The game started out and after a number of moves the three of us were tangled bodies. Things got a bit more interesting on the next spin, with a left foot blue. I was able to get into a position to manage this, leaving my dick hanging inches from Sue's face. She wasted no time in turning her head far enough to suck my dick into her mouth. She was so intent on getting it hard again that she didn't hear the next move, ' right hand red'. This pulled her out of reach of my dick but also caused the lady with us to have to twist around, being almost inverted, her pussy shoved against my face. I only got a few licks of her spread pussy before the next play, causing all three of us to collapse in a heap. We had to sit out the rest of the round until there was only one group left. We mixed up partners and I ended up with Angie and Jill on my mat. We made several moves, pushing naked bodies against each other as we tried to get hands and feet on the correct colors. I was rolled on my back in a crab position with Angie straddling me, facing me. With a wicked grin she lowered her pussy down, finding my hard dick and rubbing her wet lips around the head. The next call came in as left foot blue, allowing her to move her leg only two spaces, sinking her pussy around my dick in the process.

"ohhhhhh yes." She sighed as her pussy clenched and relaxed around me. I still had to move my leg, but I really didn't want to. What I was doing just then felt fine to me. Left foot blue was nearly impossible for me to do, and we ended up in a heap with Angie still impaled on my dick. As soon as my ass hit the plastic she started riding my dick, sliding up and down my shaft. It was clear she had waited a long time for this and was going to make the most of it. Not go be left out Jill moved over and squatted over my face, lowering her pussy to my lips. I could hear clapping and cheering in the background as someone proclaimed that the games appeared to be over and would anyone care to fuck. At that point I didn't really care. I had a pussy over my face and Angie riding my shaft. What more could a man ask for? I liked and sucked on Jill's soft pussy lips, periodically flicking my tongue across her clit. She shuddered and ground her pussy against my face as her orgasm washed over her, dousing my face with her juices. I helped her move off my face and sit near us to catch her breath, all the time Angie continued plunging my dick into her. "

"OH GOD!" Angie cried as a second orgasm overcame her since she started riding me. The whole room seemed to be filled with the sounds of sex as couples moved off to use furniture around the room or move off to other rooms. Finally Angie had all she could take and lay down on my chest, her firm tits pressing into me. "Oh that was worth waiting for." She panted

"You liked?"

"Oh yes... both times. I've been dreaming about fucking you for months."

"If it's any consolation, I have had a few dreams of doing you as well." I replied as she rocked her hips slightly.

"I can't believe you're still hard. I tried so hard to make you cum."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Hell don't be sorry. I wish Jack had that kind of staying power. I can't remember the last time I was able to ride through a double."

"Glad I could be of service."

"OH you were.... Now. Remember that I said the official boob inspector hat would be worth it?"

"Yeah. But I thought the extra girls in this game was the prize for that."

"Oh hell no! Wearer of the hat gets to recline in comfort and have each of the ladies come by to visit you. They do their best to be declared queen of breasts. They have until midnight, about another hour and a half, before you make your pronouncement, and oh yes, whoever you choose as queen gets to spend the night with you."

"I could just declare you queen!" I said.

"Sorry, no dice. As hostess I am not allowed. That doesn't mean I can't have fun, but I can't be picked."

"Shucks. I wouldn't have minded spending the night with you."

"Don't worry." She said kissing me on the lips. "That may yet happen." She looked at me a long time before climbing off my still hard dick and led me upstairs to a small bedroom. There was a recliner and a queen size bed, as well as a bathroom. "Enjoy." She said kissing me gently on the lips. "I told you I would make sure you had fun."

"Was the game rigged?" I asked her.

She thoughtfully looked at the ceiling. "Only a little. The ladies decided to make sure you won by picking to your strengths. We really only had to cheat on one, and that wasn't by much."

I sat down in the recliner shaking my head as Angie walked out and Tabby walked in, her big tits swinging as she walked on spike heels. She climbed up in the chair facing me and impaled herself on my dick, slowly riding me while feeding me one of her large tits. This was defiantly going to be fun.

Tabby was still working up and down my dick when I felt another set of hands stroking my legs. Tabby reluctantly pulled off of my dick and slipped from the chair as another of the ladies moved into it. She had much smaller tits, and kissed me aggressively. She had a nice tight pussy, but her style really didn't do much for me. I wasn't disappointed when she left to be replaced by Maria.

"Hey stud." She said as she climbed into the chair, holding herself up so her huge DD tits swung inches from my face. "I hear you like big tits."

"I do."

"Then why don't you come show me how you can fuck them." She said as she pushed the foot rest of the chair down and pulled me out of it. She knelt in front of me and wrapped her tits around my, lubricating me with her saliva. Each time I stroked up she wrapped her lips and tongue around the head of my dick, swirling it around before I pulled out again. I made the trip time after time, each trip drawing me closer to climax. I was almost ready to cum when the next lady walked in. She was slim and tall with only moderate sized tits. She looked good, but I could tell she wasn't happy about having to follow Maria, who reluctantly let my dick free of her tits.

"Sorry stud." She said. "I thought I was going to make it there."

I pulled her back over to me and kissed her wet mouth. "You're not out of it yet." I whispered. "I just want to feel your pussy before you go."

"my pleasure." She said turning around and bending over. I pushed my dick into her and stroked only a few times before I blew my load into her, shooting stream after stream of cum into her. "OHHHHHH" she cried out, shuddering. "God!" she said as she pulled off my dripping dick. She looked over at the other lady. "Sorry Lisa, I think I took part of your time!"

"Don't worry. I needed to get home to the kids tonight anyway." She responded with a long face, obviously disappointed.

I reached out and took her hand and pulled her back toward the chair as Maria walked out, leaving a little trail of juices. I sat down and pulled Lisa up into the chair and coaxed her higher until I could pull her pussy to my face.

"Oh yes. I love getting eaten." She cooed as I licked and tickled her clit. I looked up and saw her playing with her own tits, pulling the nipples and twisting them as I pushed her closer. "Oh god... so close." She practically cried as I worked her clit feverishly, tasting more of her sweet nectar as she grew closer to climax. I slipped a finger into her pussy and began rubbing the top of her tunnel causing her body to practically explode in screaming spasms. Her cries of "oh fuck" and "Fuck yes" echoed and probably could be heard all through the house as she shook and trembled on top of me. She slowly slid down, dragging her wet pussy down my chest until she could lean against me with her head against mine, her chest heaving for breath. "Can I ask a question?"


"Why did you do that? You didn't have to. I mean, we're supposed to pleasure you."

"Who says licking a sweet pussy like yours off isn't pleasure?" I asked

"Your strange.... But man, are you one hell of a lover."

"I guess I'll take that as a compliment."

"I hope so... I meant it as one. I'm just disappointed that I didn't get to have that nice dick inside me.

"Well, you have until someone comes." I said quietly, feeling my dick already start to recover somewhat.

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