Reindeer Games


She reached behind her and found my hardening dick and massaged it until it was hard enough to push into her pussy. Still not bone hard by any stretch, but hard enough for her to work inside herself. She sat down and I could feel her pussy massaging my dick as I grew harder, pulling her chest to my mouth and sucking a nipple. "Ohhhh yes. Just keep growing." She mumbled as she began to rock her hips. I had to admit that I was getting quite a bit harder quite a bit faster than I should have, but I wasn't complaining. Before long she was bouncing up and down my shaft with abandon, only to have to quit when the next lady came in.

"So what would you like?" she asked. She was not as thin as some others but not a bad build either with nice round full tits that had some sag just because of their size. She sat on the edge of the chair and gently stroked my glistening dick.

"What would you like to give me?" I asked back.

She rolled onto the chair, and gently licked up the length of my dick, sucking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head. She popped it out of her mouth with a loud slurp and then began kissing her way up my body. "I... tits" she said between kisses.

"I do." I responded.

"Good." She said as her tits reached my dick. She lifted her body so that her tits hung between us and gently began rubbing my dick around her nipples, teasing them harder. "You like that?" she cooed.

"Oh yes." I groaned quietly. "that is very nice."

"Would you like to fuck them?" she asked simply.

"OH yes." I said, getting more and more turned on by the second.

She slid off the chair and reached out for me, pulling me up out of the chair and over to the bed. She slid onto the bed and then crawled up, sticking her ass in the air to give me a good look at her glistening pussy. After holding this position while I crawled onto the bed and sliding my dick into her waiting hole, she pulled off my now lubricated dick and rolled over. She slid down between my legs until I was straddling her chest and then pressed her tits around my dick. I began to slowly stroke in and out of the crevice she created. Each time my dick came clear of her tits she would let it slide into her mouth and wet it with her saliva. If I hadn't come so many times already I would be squirting cum all over her by now. I continued to stroke her for several minutes before I felt a pair of hands slide around me. The lady below me didn't seem at all disturbed and continued to suck my cock head each time it came in range. The hands behind me reached around and began to gently tease my nipples while she kissed my shoulders and neck. I felt her blow into my ear, sending shivers down my spine before she licked my earlobe and sucked it into her mouth. With one hand she teased my nipples, and the other stroked up and down my stomach, ticking the top of my dick as I stroked between the tits below me. I felt her hand move around to my butt and stroke my bare skin there, slowly working her hand down between my legs until she was stroking my balls in time with my strokes between the tits I was straddling. I felt my balls tighten as she stroked down the bottom side and across the small sensitive spot between there and my anus. The combination of sensations were quickly reaching critical mass. I really wasn't sure I was going to last much longer with this dual sensations. I felt her finger stroke across my balls once again as I pushed between the tits, and stroke back as I pulled back. She did this several times before she took her hand away. I felt her fingers return, warm and wet and slick. She did this several times, lubricating me with her own pussy juices, allowing her finger to slide across my anus as I stroked backwards. It hit me like lightning as her finger slipped inside me on the backstroke instead of sliding across. It was not only unexpected, but something that I had never felt before. She held it inside me only an inch or so as I pushed forward suddenly, spouting my cum all over the face of the lady below me. Shot after shot lanced out, splashing on her face as she tried to catch it in her mouth, finally wrangling the streaming serpent with her lips and sucking my juices. The fingertip was slowly withdrawn as my body stopped shaking, finally gaining its own control back after the sudden spike in sensations.

"Holly shit." I breathed as the lady behind me moved around and leaned down to help lick my cum off the face of the lady below me. I watched the two share my cum between them, kissing and licking each other as my dick softened between her tits. After a few short minutes the two ladies went to work cleaning my dick off, licking all the cum from not only my dick but my balls. I reached back and found the bare ass of the lady that was behind me and stroked her pussy appreciatively. I slid one finger into her as she moaned around my dick and pulled some of her juices out. The two ladies kissed each other around my dick, finally abandoning it all together as they began to sensuously kiss each other for their own benefit as much as mine. The lady below snaked her arms between them and began massaging the lady on top's tits, making her moan louder as they kissed. I worked my finger from inside her and found her clit, stroking it in long slow strokes. She pushed back at my hand and wiggled her butt, clearly wanting harder contact. I placed the flat of my hand against her pussy lips and pressed my finger on her clit as I rubbed my palm against her pussy. The lady below had one hand on a tit and the other wrapped around my softened dick, trying to stroke it back to life. As much as I hated to admit it, I had a feeling that I was through for the night. That didn't stop her from continuing to work on me as the two kissed in front of me.

"Spank her." Jill's voice said as she leaned against me from behind. "That's what she's waiting for."

"Spank her?"

"Uh huh." Jill whispered.

I pulled my hand from her pussy and swatted her bottom, leaving a red mark. She squealed into her friends mouth as they continued to kiss.

"Again." Jill whispered.

I pulled my hand back again and swatted her other cheek. She squealed again, breaking the kiss long enough to pant out "harder!" I leaned back a bit and slid one hand between her legs from in front of her, putting my palm on her clit and slipping a finger inside her pussy. With my other hand I swatted her ass harder, making her buck against my palm. Again I swatted her ass, leaving a red hand print.

"Again." Jill whispered as she stroked my back. "It's what she wants."

I swatted again and saw tears drip down onto the face below her. I was afraid I was hurting her but she pulled away long enough to cry out "again...harder...please!"

I swatted her ass twice more, one on each cheek, hard enough to hurt my hand. On the second swat her whole body shook and bucked against my palm a she climaxed, reaching between her legs and pushing my palm harder against her clit and my finger deeper into her wet hole. She shook for nearly a minute before she rolled off to one side, freeing the lady below me.

"Thank you." She panted.

"You're welcome." I said

"That's Tina." Jill said motioning with her head toward the lady I just spanked, "and that's Becky that you just tit fucked. She really likes that kind of thing."

"She did seem to enjoy it, although I don't think she ever got off." I said looking down at Becky.

"No, but I'm confident that I'll have a chance with you again later." She said with a smile. Pulling my hands to her tits, which I gave an appreciative squeeze to.

"I know you're not through all the women, but do you have a choice yet?" Jill asked.

"It seems to me that there are three women that don't have dates, If I take one, what happens to the other two?"

"We go home I guess." She said with a pout.

"What happens if I pick someone's wife?"

"Well, either the guy could go home, or he can stay and sleep with whoever is free. That assumes that you came with someone, which you didn't."

"In that case I have three choices, Becky, Tabby and you my dear. That should still leave two ladies for Becky's husband and Tabby's husband."

"Wow... that's never been done before." Becky said from beneath me.

"Well, there aren't any rules against it. As long as there's a partner for everyone, that's all that matters. Most of the wives don't mind swapping husbands, but they tend to not want to share. I think you're the only one we've had that isn't married to someone here."


"I'll go ask Angie. See what she has to say." Jill said sliding off the bed. I rolled off of Becky and lay down on the bed next to Becky.

"She says whatever you want." Jill announced as she came back in the room. "She also says to have fun in the hot tub."

"She has a hot tub?" I asked

"Sure does. I'll show you were and then go get Tabby." Becky said sitting up. It should be fun in the hot tub with the snow coming down.

"This has been the wildest party I think I have ever heard of, let alone gone to." I said as she led me through the house to the patio door. Sure enough, right there in the middle of the snow falling was a hot tub steaming away. This was going to be an interesting night, as if it hadn't already been.

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Fantastic story

Poor Mike must really be worn out. That is one X-mas party not to miss. Great story!

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