tagNovels and NovellasRekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 02

Rekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 02


I would never have imagined I would run into Jack at that family reunion in a million years. My life had been such a total shambles in the past two years that, I had almost completely given up on anything good ever happening in my life again. Then, there he was, my closest childhood friend, there in the flesh, all grown up and not twenty feet away. He was looking at me with that sly smile that I knew from all those years ago!

Our conversation that day had covered so much lost ground, his marriage and the death of his wife. My marriage to Kurt, and all the abuse and cheating that that life had entailed never came close to what he had experienced. I had told him of the many trips to the hospital, due to Kurt's violent temper, and how two years ago, I had finally gotten the nerve to press charges and have him put away. Jack listened to everything with compassion and concern for me! For once in my life there was someone who really was interested in my well-being, and honestly cared.

When night fell, and the gathering began breaking up, I was almost heart-broken to find Jack again leaving me alone, yet again. We made the usual, "Let's keep in touch" comments, but somehow with Jack, I knew he meant it. I wasn't going to let him slip away and out of my life again. I told him I was going to call him, so we could begin a new chapter in our friendship. He smiled politely, and promised he would stay in touch.

A few days went by and I decided to call him. Now to be honest, I was not the girl I used to be thirty years ago. Having five kids in six years does an awful lot of damage to ones body! I looked into the mirror in the hall as I dialed Jacks number. At five foot six, I am not a petite woman by any standards. Yet over the course of the last ten years, I had dropped a significant amount of weight and managed to tone everything back up to a respectable figure.

I stared at the silver streaks that now lined my waist-length hair, not too much, and wondered if I looked as old as I felt sometimes? The phone clicked in and began to ring at his end. I could not believe, at my age I was as nervous as a school girl. I could feel goosebumps forming as I waited for Jack to answer. I was a nervous girl waiting to hear from her first crush, and not knowing exactly what to say.

Yet somehow, hearing Jacks voice made everything better, almost at once. We talked for hours, about any little thing I wanted. He seemed genuinely interested in anything that we talked about. I even managed to slip in how nice it would be to have him move back home. (A little selfish streak I know) I told him about all the beautiful properties that were available, and he jokingly admitted how good it sounded, and how he'd think it over.

Over the next several weeks, I called Jack at least twice a week, just for someone to talk to. I now live alone, my youngest daughter had just moved out with her boyfriend two months ago. With all the flock now grown and out on their own, I was left in an empty house with no friends. My ex-husband Kurt, had managed to alienate everyone I had ever known, due to his temper. He was also well liked by most of the "bad" people around town, so no one wanted to mess with "Kurt's ole' lady!" It was no different now, even with him in jail for the next eight years. No one spoke to me!

I was really glad to hear Jack finally decide to move back down, at least this way I'd have a friend. I know what your probably thinking, "desperate woman!" and to be honest, I was desperate for some companionship. I had never even considered where this might lead when he finally moved in! I could not have begun to imagine that the feelings we had had for each other thirty-some years ago were still lying dormant within both of us.

Jack called to let me know when he would be arriving, and wanted to know if I would like to help him unpack? I couldn't wait to get out of this prison! My summer vacation from work could not have come at a more opportune time! I agreed to meet him at his new place, and help him with the big task of unpacking. It was a hot day, so I packed a bag, just in case it got late.

When I got to Jacks new house, I almost fell over. He had had it built from the ground up, and I would have never believed he had such good taste! Little Jack had grown into an extraordinary man. He was a writer, author of a very popular romance novel series; you know the ones, you see them at the bookstore all the time and just pass by! I had seen his novels and even read a few not knowing it was his work. He wrote under a Pen-name I did not recognize.

I would have never believed anyone could make a fortune with those things, but Jack had a way with his stories that he had quite a following. He wasn't rich, but lived quite comfortably! I was glad to see he had had so much success. I must admit I was a little embarrassed when he told me the woman he wrote about was loosely based on myself. I really did feel honored that I could provoke such passion in anyone.

Now, as I look back on it, I am so glad I did meet up with him again that day!

* * * * * *

As I felt the cobwebs clearing in my head, and the soft dull throb of a hang-over, I realized that I was asleep next to a warm, softly snoring body! The realization of what had happened between Jack and me last night, and into this morning hit home! I had spent the last six hours blissfully screwing my cousin's brains out! I could smell the scent of our night of total abandon like a pungent reminder of the total slut I must have looked like. Jack had his arm around me and somehow, it didn't feel wrong at all.

I again looked at Jack's strong face. He wasn't the pretty boy that Kurt was; age and life had etched a different kind of maturity to Jacks face. He didn't look forty-five, but neither did I! I watched as his muscular chest rose and fell to the rhythm of his deep sleep. Jack has slightly thinning brown hair, with strong areas of gray around the temples. His moustache is also gray and white, a family trait!

I put my head back down on his chest soaking in the events of what we had done last night. I had cum so many times; I never would have believed it possible! Kurt had never done the things that Jack had accomplished in one night, in twenty years! Not that my needs or desires had ever mattered to that piece of shit. Jack had shown true compassion and interest in my wants and needs. I could see why his wife had fallen so deeply in love with him!

I also knew that no matter what ever happened between Jack and myself, that we would always have to keep this a secret, and our feelings for each other private. I knew I would never be able to fill Shelly's shoes, but it was good to know that Jack felt the same way I did for him. Family or not, I wasn't going to let cousin Jack slip through my fingers again!

I eased my hand down to the blankets covering his body, slipping them down to expose him to my, now sober eyes. Jack is a magnificent specimen of a man. He kept himself in fairly good shape; I could see the outline of a nice six-pack under the soft padding of his stomach. Well defined arms, not too big, and a solid chest. As I went further down I could not help but smile at his, now soft cock. It wasn't as huge as I had thought, but not small by any means either.

I couldn't help myself, the thought of waking Jack up that way had been something I had always wanted to try with Kurt, but he wanted sex when he wanted sex, and never any other time! I decided Jack was going to reap the benefits of my long denied fantasy! Slowly I moved down the bed so that I was right above his sleeping member. I would see from his reaction if indeed I were as talented as he had claimed last night!

I let my tongue travel the length of his cock, tasting the remnants of our wild night of abandon. I must admit the thought of doing this with Kurt would have made me sick. Yet with Jack, I wanted to try anything, and everything I had never allowed myself to do with Kurt. I took Jack's hardening cock into my mouth and slowly worked it's length into my mouth. I could feel the heat of his hardening penis on my tongue, and slid it further back into my mouth.

Jack's soft moans told me I was having the effect I wanted. His breath began to quicken, and I became aware of a hand now guiding me to go even further down on his hardening cock. He filled my mouth with his thickness, I wasn't sure I'd be able to breath for long at this rate! But, I continue to slide him even further back until I felt him hit my gag reflex.

It was then that I heard Jack say, "Well good morning Roz, didn't you get enough last night?" His smile was pure pleasure, at both me, and what I was doing to him.

Without slowing or answering him, I sped up my oral talents on his now fully engorged cock! I began a full out assault on his throbbing candy-cane! I knew I was going about it beautifully, as his sharp intake of breath and the moans that escaped his throat told me I was doing just fine! Jack's response was to grab my legs and pull me into a sixty-nines position. He was going to eat me out while I was busy at my task, again something I would never have done with Kurt!

Jack planted his face squarely into my cum-drenched pussy. God knows how much spunk was still there from our all nighter, yet he seemed not to care and began eating me out voraciously! I was in heaven; I was doing things with Jack I had only dreamed of for so many years of desperation with Kurt. Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating on my chosen task. Jacks tongue was very talented and he quickly brought me to another shuddering climax. I could feel the muscles of my pussy trying desperately to grab his tongue.

Almost simultaneously, Jack erupted his hot spunk into my throat. I was hard pressed to swallow it all, but years of training with my pig of an ex, had given me enough practice to relax and just swallow it all in gulps! I was enjoying it this time, I wanted more. Jack's cock tasted wonderful to me, and I wanted to get as much use from him as we both could take. I would most likely be going to hell for the way I felt about Jack, but at this moment in time it seemed worth it.

After what seemed an eternity, we both calmed down enough to move. Jack slid in beside me, his warmth felt so good against my body. He pulled me into a nice bear-hug, and I felt very secure in his wonderful arms. For once in a very long time, I felt safe and wanted, if for no other reason than just being me! A girl could definitely get used to this kind of attention!

"What are you thinking Roz?" Jack whispered.

"I was wishing that this could just keep going on forever Jack! I know how silly I must sound, but I've never felt this good since you left!" I admitted.

Jack looked deep into my eyes for a second or two. "I know the feeling Roz. Both of my marriages fell far short of what I had hoped. Even Shelly, as wonderful as she was, always lacked something!" he admitted.

We lay quietly next to each other for a long time, just contemplating what we had just admitted to each other. I snuggled in closer to his nicely haired chest, feeling that this was exactly where I had belonged all along.

"You know cuz, we'll never be able to let anyone know about this! No one would ever understand!" I whispered to Jack.

"Yeah, I could see the look on our families faces if they ever found out! We'd be dragged out and shown the road out of town!" Jack laughed.

"So what do we do now Jack? I know I want to be with you, and not just some convenient piece of ass! I couldn't take that again. What are we going to do?" I asked almost in tears now.

Jack kissed my head and sighed, "We'll think of something Roz, and I would never treat you like that! I think I've secretly been in love with you all along. I know I don't want this feeling to end either."

I looked at him, my heart jumping. "Really Jack? Please don't tease me. I don't think I could take it at this point!" I said seriously.

Jack looked at me for a moment and I knew, right then, that there was no deceit in his words. I knew we shared something very special, deep and long-lasting, as the years had proven. I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply. I could also feel his cock making a miraculous recovery.

"Make love to me Jack! Not some furious fucking. "Make Love to me!" I whispered.

Jack slowly moved down the side of my face, soft kiss whispering along the tender side on my neck. Electric shocks sprang to life along my spine, sending signals to my woman-hood. I felt ever touch of his lips, every brush of his hands, as they caressed my body. Jack found every place that could possibly make me moan, and brought me to heights I never knew existed.

His hands cupped my excited breasts, gently squeezing my very sensitive nipples. Five children had left them extremely sensitive! I felt an explosion building in my body like nothing I had ever felt before! My legs began thrusting uncontrollably as his mouth again found my mound. I grabbed his head pushing him to even further depths, I wanted everything Jack had to offer and I wanted it in massive quantities.

This time, however, I wanted to take some control. I rolled over on top of him, so I was now positioned to ride his gorgeous cock! With a little effort, I positioned myself so he could gain maximum penetration. I felt the head of his thick cock begin spreading the folds of my pussy as I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock. I could feel every inch of his rigid hardness. My pussy felt as if it were being stuffed beyond anything I knew. The sensation was excruciatingly wonderful.

Jack grabbed hold of my hips and continued to pull down as I was squarely skewered. As I finally reached his full length my body uncontrollably climaxed, yet again. My breath came in short gasps as I slowly raised myself up his length. Jacks hands meanwhile were caressing my hips, and his mouth had found my breast, suckling my engorged nipple. He bit down slightly, sending waves of passionate pain through my already heightened senses. I had never had any man make my body respond in this way, I wanted more!

I abandoned the idea of a slow love making session. I began to ride Jack's magnificent cock with reckless abandon! Every nerve ending within my over-excited pussy, sent waves of mind blowing gratification to my brain. I was in heaven as I plunged myself time and again down onto his wonderful tool.

We kept up this amazing pace for well over an hour! I guess after the all night session we had had last night, he was able to better control his staying power. Whatever the reason, I was enjoying a thorough, and well earned fucking. I came time and time again; my juices were making us soggy almost to the point of slipping off. My box was now producing sounds I never had heard before with Kurt and his tiny tool! I was in Nirvana!

Finally Jack rolled me over, pulling my hips up so that he could enter me from behind. I pressed my face down into the pillow, raising my hips up to allow him total access to me. Jack grabbed my hips and began to plow into me furiously now. I felt him hitting places I had never knew could be reached before. I was going wild with pleasure. At this point I was screaming for Jack to do anything he wanted, just so long as he never stopped.

"Yes Jack, yes baby! Harder babe harder! I want to feel you down to my toes!" I was screaming.

Jack took my cue and began slamming into me like a jackhammer! I could feel my pussy being torn apart by this invasion, and I didn't ever want it to end! How he was able to keep this pace was beyond all reasoning. I was pushing back into him with everything I could, and my body was rocked by an almost continuous orgasm at this point. I was losing my mind in ecstasy!

Jack was now sweating profusely and we were covered in sheen of our own perspiration. Jack was growling like an animal, and I was screaming like a wanton whore. I could feel the tell-tale signs of his coming explosion, and grabbed the headboard to ready myself for the final assault. Jack really began slamming into my, now very sore, but well satisfied slit. I felt him harden to an even larger size, and heard the guttural growl as he finally exploded deep inside of my overworked body. He slammed himself as far as he possibly could, I thought I could taste him at that moment!

We both collapsed in total exhaustion. I lay quivering beneath him, my ten minute long orgasm, taking forever to finally calm down. Jacks cock slowly shrank and slipped from my burning opening. All at once I felt empty, while at the same time totally satisfied. I half looked at the clock on his night stand and noted it was now pushing ten a.m. We had somehow managed to again screw each other silly for well over three hours! Jack seemed to be a machine!

"God Jack, is it always like this with you?", I asked between gasps of breath.

"To be honest Roz, I was wondering the same thing!", Jack laughed.

We spent the next twenty minutes just catching our breath. Then slowly, with Jack's help, I made it into the shower. I wasn't surprised at all when he joined me there. I know neither of us was even capable of another round, but it was so nice to have a man, this man, lather my sore and tired body back to some sense of normalcy. We spent a long time in the steamy water, as it washed away the hours of soreness, and the years of want away like so much gathered filth.

I don't know what awaits us, and I really don't care what anyone thinks about our incestuous relationship. All I can say is that Jack makes me feel more wanted and desired than anyone has ever made me feel in my entire life! I, for one, am going to do whatever it takes to keep him in my life. Any woman would be happy to find a caring man, but I have found a soul-mate as well, even if he is my cousin!

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