tagNovels and NovellasRekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 03

Rekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 03


As the first weeks after my arrival slowly eased into a normal routine, if anything that has happened since I arrived could be called routine, I began to feel like I was really getting settled in. I was getting reacquainted with all of the family I had lost touch with over the years, other than Roz! Everyone seemed very happy to have me back "Home", as they saw it. It really felt like I had returned to something I had desperately needed, a new lease on life.

Roz was more or less a fixture at my house now; although she made it clear to anyone who asked, she was just coming by to make sure I was getting settled. My family members were very glad to see Roz out and moving again. They even began to accept that we were spending so much time together "catching up"! No one seemed to think anything of her hanging out with her cousin as anything out of place. I was getting less nervous about what was really going on between us, as everyone just accepted us being very close friends! They were glad to see someone who made Roz happy again, even if I was just her cousin!

Whenever anyone was expected for company, Roz would arrive with whomever it was, to keep face. On the nights she stayed over (mostly weekends), she would always muss the bed in the room everyone was now considering as hers for her visits. They all thought it was great that we kept each other company and Roz was showing me around the area again. They even accepted that we always seemed to be going out to dinner together, or a show, or even just to hang out. I guess being older takes away any suspicion of wrong doing, unlike when we were kids!

For our part, we never allowed anyone to see that is was anything more than just what it appeared, a friendship! Roz was very quickly becoming someone I did not want to be away from for any length of time. She was the breath of new life I had needed for so long. Whenever we were together out of the sight of prying eyes, we were closer than any couple could ever be. We had fallen in love!

Just to keep up appearances, we both began to "date", just so everyone believed we were both getting on with our lives. After each failed date, we would come home and laugh as we told each other of the "nice guys or "cute girl", one of our many relatives had introduced us to. Roz and I agreed that this was a necessary ploy to keep anyone from finding out the truth. We also knew that neither one of us would take things any further than that! Trust was an unspoken thing we just have in each other; no words need ever be said about that!

It was after one of these phony dates that I found myself retelling the events of my "failed date" to Roz. Now this was a little tough to do, as Roz was riding my cock in "our" bed, as we now called it. Roz had gone with me to pick out something that would stand up to the wear and tear we were giving each other almost nightly. We just seemed to never be able to get enough of each other. All those long years of pent up frustrations, were finally finding a more than willing outlet in seemingly unending nights of wild lovemaking.

Roz wanted to try endless new positions, places, techniques, and even wanted to give something I had had fantasies about, being with other people, and giving a threesome a try! Not as a replacement for what we now had, but just because I was more than willing to try it too, if it was what we both wanted. I am a voyeur by nature, so when she first brought up the idea, I was thrilled to give it a try with her! She seemed reluctant to admit it had been one of the many fantasies she had had when she had been married to her ex. Never in a million years did she think she would ever have the nerve to actually go through with it, but it made for quite a few exciting sessions, when I would talk to her about another guy "helping me". Roz completely lost her mind in successive orgasms, as I described what another man would feel like, as we both pounded her into oblivion.

I told her how Shelly had agreed to try it with me a few times and how much she had enjoyed it as a change of pace! Roz wanted every detail, every little nuance of what had transpired. As she was riding my pole she would envision another man's cock in her mouth as we ravaged her simultaneously! Then she would always come back to reality, and the rest of the evening would be spent pleasing each other in any way we wanted. I must admit, I'm not sure how long either one of us can keep up the pace before we drop from sheer exhaustion!

"Oh Jack, you feel so good! I can't seem to get enough of you!" she purred, as she was again riding me in slippery bliss. Her tits tasted like morsels of candy in my mouth, as I happily sucked on them while she bounce up and down slowly on my happy cock.

My hands were pulling out on her wonderfully full ass cheeks, as my fingers explored her every crease and curve. Roz' ass is magnificent, soft, yet in another way, firm from the hours she puts in at the gym. Her pelvis makes a short jerking motion every time she reaches the full length of my eager cock. Roz has learned how to enjoy herself even more with me, now that the nervous jitters of our first hectic love making sessions has become more comfortable. There is no rush, no overpowering need to get things done now!

As she moans from yet another mini climax, I slip my thumb into her unsuspecting ass, sending her into a violent orgasm. Like any other time I do this, Roz begins twisting around like a mad woman, screaming in pleasure from the use that both of her holes are receiving. Her breath is coming in quick, uneven jerks as her body is rocked with uncontrollable spasms of pleasure.

"Un f-f-fair! You know how that drives me nuts, I think you enjoy tormenting me!" she moans.

"Your so right cuz! My entire existence is now devoted to driving you slowly out of your mind!" I smirk up at her. She hates it when I call her that anymore!

With a smirk of her own Roz reached back and grabbing my balls, squeezes slightly, "You were saying?" The smile was almost cat-like, I knew she was only joking but her point was well taken.

"All right, all right, I give, you win!" I tell her as she continues her slow self-impalement on my rigid member.

"Good boy! Call me that again, and I'll make you wait a week before I come back over here!" she smiles down at me. "Now get over here and finish this stud, I have to get to work sometime today!"

Roz quickly jumps off me, and then moves so that her sexy ass is lifted high into the air. Wiggling it at me she lowers her head into the pillow and holds on to the head-rail. With another of those "fuck me" looks, Roz spreads her legs open further to allow me full access.

"Don't be gentle about it either Jack! I want it as hard and as deep as you can!" she says in her best slut voice. Who am I to argue?

With the agility of a gymnast, I quickly mount my favorite apparatus. With now familiar ease, I slam the entire length into her waiting pussy. Her moan of pleasure is all I need to push me to maximum speed and depth. I am slamming into Roz with such raw fury, that her head is hitting the head-rail with an audible thunk! She doesn't seem to care as she pushes back hard to meet every stroke.

"Yes, yes, oh god yes! Fuck me, fuck me like a slut! Oh god this feels great! Damn! Damn", she screams at every thrust into her squishing love-hole. "I'm gonna cum again Jack, harder, oh god harder!"

I'm not sure how, or where the extra strength is coming from, but I find just enough to start slamming into her almost to the point of pain. I can feel Roz' ass bones, even through her nicely padded cheeks! I can also feel my own jet ready to explode!

"I'm gonna cum Roz, damn!" I hiss through gritted teeth, as I try to hold out just a little longer.

Roz is now jerking around like a live wire as multiple orgasms rip through her body. "Oh yeeessss! Fuck me!" she screams, as she falls forward into the pillow.

With the last of my quickly leaving strength, I give Roz one final, deep thrust. A howl rips from my throat as I dump, yet another joyful load deep inside her grasping, milking pussy.

"Oh yes! Fuck me!" I yell as I to fall into a heap beside Roz' jerking form. The last of my strength is gone and I lay beside her trying to catch my breath. "You know Roz at this rate we're gonna kill each other inside of a year!" I say between gasps.

"So", she whispers between her own ragged breaths, "I can't think of a better way to spend a year can you?" Roz begins to laugh between gulps of air; I follow in kind, the two of us now hysterical.

"I guess not, at that!" I reply.

Roz looks at me with a little more clarity, and says, "As long as it's with you Jack, it'll be worth every moment." With a last longing look at me, Roz gets slowly to her feet.

"Now, some of us still have to work for a living. So remember, we are expected at Uncle James' tonight! Don't leave me waiting for you for too long! He is such a bore when he wants to talk. I need someone to get him off his favorite subject. I don't know about you, but I hate bowling!" she laughs.

It occurs to me that I haven't seen Uncle James since he tanned my hide all those years ago. I wonder what he would think if he knew that nothing had changed in all those years between Roz and me? The smile I'd be wearing at what he didn't know would be even better, than what we thought we had gotten away with back then!

"I'll be there at seven Roz, don't worry. I am looking forward to this, you just don't know!" I say with an evil grin.

"Just don't forget, or I'll hunt you down and drag you there myself!" she smiles at me. Then as she heads for the shower, she leans down and kisses me hard. "I love you Jack, always remember that. We'll get by Uncle James; he's not as bright as he thinks anymore! You'll do fine!"

As she gets into the shower, I am already thinking of the night ahead and what might be said to mess with Uncles James! No child anymore, I look forward to meeting up with him again, still with Roz by my side!

* * * * * *

Dinner was a very subdued affair, not the battle of wills I had envisioned. Uncle James had mellowed out over the years, and now was a little better able to accept Roz and I being so close. Now during the conversation we had, Uncle James had even suggested that since I lived alone, and Roz did too; that it only made sense that since she was over there so much anyway, she should more in to save us both some money!

Now Uncle James is the reigning Elder of our family. So, when he suggests something, it's as good as done! Roz and I made the usual, "we didn't want to inconvenience each other" speech, but Uncle James literally put his foot down on the matter! " For grown adults, you two young'ens still acts likes fools!" he said in his deep drawn out manner. Yet, his word was law in family matters, and within a week, Roz was moving in for good!

Uncles James came by a few times to be sure everything was going smoothly. He even made a Dream-catcher for the house! He came by with a few of our relatives, twenty to be accurate, for a little family party. Everyone thought it was wonderful that I had "taken Roz in"! I almost lost it right there, until Roz jabbed me in the ribs with a knowing smirk.

Later on after all of our family had finally left for the evening, Roz and I cuddled up on the sofa by the fireplace to let the events of the past week sink in. As I had gotten used to, Roz was in a sleep shirt, one I adored because of it being so transparent, and was lying on my lap. We watched the fire eat away at the small pile of wood and we just allowed the silence to ease us both into sleepiness.

"You know Jack", Roz whispered, "This has worked out so much better than either of us could ever have hoped for."

I was thinking the very same thing. I couldn't help but consider my luck at having such a wonderful and beautiful woman be "told" that living with me was the smartest thing to do, by a man who had been so forceful in his explanation of the facts of life, so long ago!

"Do you think they even have a hint at what they have just given us Roz?" I asked just as quietly.

For an answer she just nuzzled my crotch and said, "Why don't you show me? Show me how much you want me here. I want to see how much you really want me here!"

The smile that crossed my face must have been like a billboard sign, as I quickly slid to the floor and made my way between her strong and shapely legs. She eased back and allowed me to part them, so that I could show her just that! The soft musky smell of her evident arousal was enough to push me to my goal! I was in no mood for being subtle now; as I wanted to taste her without any hint of being coy!

"Oh yes Jack, use that wonderful tongue on me! Make me cum with your mouth!" she moaned.

As my tongue reached her, quickly moistening pussy lips, I found myself inhaling the sweet smell of what I had wanted all night. Without hesitation I slid my tongue into her. The slickness of her slit drove me to push further into her, until I could feel the lower tendon of my tongue stretching to it's limit! I wanted to taste her as far in as I could possibly manage!

"Oh God Jack! Yes, eat me! I can feel you inside me! Make me cum with your mouth!" she moaned louder!

For my part, I grabbed her ass to keep a grip on her, now gyrating hips, so I could do exactly that! Roz pulled my head tighter still to her, now boiling pussy! I wanted it all, as my tongue darted time, and again inside of her. Roz threw her legs around my shoulders and came, in a quick almost urgent orgasm! The taste of her juices made my slurp like a kid with taffy, I loved the taste of Roz, and she was like the sweetest taste of heaven I could have ever hoped for!

"Shit Jack, damn do you drive me nuts." she croaked. "Let's go to bed, there's a lot more steam left that you can take care of lover!"

I knew that this would be another night I wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon! Trust me, I wasn't complaining!

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