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Release At Last


The house was dark, not a sign of life coming from inside. Slightly disappointed, I frowned to myself before turning off the car. I knew Jeff had to work today; I’d had to work too. But still, since I’d gotten off early, I’d secretly hoped that he would be home to greet me. It was our last Valentine’s Day together before we had children. The newest edition to our family was growing in me every day. My once slender body had taken on new form. Feeling larger and more awkward than ever, I got out of the car and walked up the steps towards my home.

Twisting the doorknob, I groaned when I found it locked. I hated having to search through my purse and find my keys after already putting them away. Of course Jeff would have left the door locked, he always did. Frustrated with him and myself I slipped the key into the hole roughly, twisting the knob almost violently and pushed the door open. Inside the darkness overwhelmed me, and I threw my purse and coat down before looking for the switch.

For six months I’d been creating life, and in those months my husband hadn’t touched me once. He claimed that he was afraid of hurting the baby, and no matter how I insisted he wouldn’t touch me, wouldn’t toy with me, wouldn’t pleasure me. Now I felt he was disgusted with my changing body, my swelling belly, and my breasts that didn’t seem to stop growing. Depressed, I kicked off my shoes and found the switch, flipping on the overhead and drowning myself in light.

I barely had time to blink in the light before I was in darkness again, soft hands covering my eyes, another brushing my dark hair away from my neck.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Jenny,” Jeff’s deep voice whispered into my ear.

Smiling, I began to turn around to kiss him, my depression and achy body almost forgotten.

“Stay right where you are,” he whispered, keeping my back towards him. With his hand still across my eyes he leaned in and put soft, sweet kisses on my collarbone.

“Jeff,” I murmured. “I was afraid you wouldn’t be home.”

He seemed to ignore me and kept kissing my neck, making my whole body tingle. His lips were so soft.

“Will you be my valentine, Jen?” he asked, pausing his kisses only long enough to get those words out.

“Yes,” I smiled, sinking back into his body. My hand came up to brush his away from my eyes, but he shook his head against my neck and I dropped my arm back down.

“Thank you,” he whispered, and with his lips still on my neck he began to lead me through the house.

I let him lead me, melting into him with each step we took. Although we hadn’t lived here long, it wasn’t hard to recognize the direction as being towards the bedroom. My insides bubbled as I imagined what he had planned. Maybe it would be the release that I’d been longing for these last months.

“I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you, Jenny. I don’t want to hurt you, or our baby…I know it’s silly…but…” he trailed off, coming to a stop. I didn’t hear him flip a switch, but light began to flicker through Jeff’s fingers. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Slowly, my husband moved his hand away from my eyes, revealing the room in all its magnificence. Nothing was as I had left it that morning, and I couldn’t help gasping in surprise as I laid my eyes on all of it.

The bed had been moved to the center of the room, it’s four posts standing tall, and a new pink comforter covered the top. As I walked through the doorway I felt surrounded by roses of all colors, red, pink, white, yellow…a rainbow of colors. Jeff had outdone himself and then some. Candles of all shapes and sizes had been placed on the tops of dressers and bookshelves, every one lit and flickering, illuminating the room in a magical way.

“This is too much,” I whispered, turning around in Jeff’s arms to face him. “You’ve outdone yourself, baby.”

His lips came down and captured mine, his body totally engulfing me. For the first time in months he didn’t hesitate around my slightly swollen belly, but took me as he’d done before we were married. I moaned into his mouth, my eyes closing and my reason lost, as his tongue penetrated my lips. Abruptly, he pulled away.

“Lay down on the bed. In the middle. I have a surprise for you.”

I whimpered as his warm body left my side, but sat on the bed and scooted myself to the center. Jeff walked slowly around, his arms folded across his chest, his eyes smoldering with what I knew was desire. The bubbling inside my body rapidly turned to a heat of my own, waves of arousal coursing through my veins as I watched my husband pace. Behind me, around me, and then beside me. His hands left their places and reached for me, his body arching over mine and kissing me soundly again.

My lips parted slightly and once again his tongue ventured inside, caressing the bottoms of my smooth teeth and tentatively touching my tongue. I moaned into his mouth once again, almost instantly lost in the taste of him, and could hardly feel his hands as they swooped down to undo the buttons on the back of my maternity shirt.

Expertly he released the shirt, pulling it off of my arms and tossing it to the side of the bed. My well-developed breasts seemed to pour over the top of the outdated bra, an article of clothing I found to be quite uncomfortable. My eyes didn’t open as Jeff touched those ripe fleshy mounds, his fingers softly rubbing the skin and then the fabric hiding my large nipples.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, his lips only parting from mine for a moment. I longed to grab him, to pull him to me, but fear that he would change his mind haunted my insides. I longed for his body, I longed for his cock, I longed for his lips and his hands and his attentions. “I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you.”

His hands left my breasts to stroke my back, and with another moan I felt my breasts released from their bonds, the bra easily slipping off of my shoulders and joining my shirt on the side of the bed.

“Lay down, Jen,” Jeff said softly, his hands pushing gently on my shoulders.

I moaned as I lay back, my hot eyes watching him beside me. He took my wrist gently in one of his hands and pulled a scarf out from beneath the pillow my head was resting on. I watched in surprise as he tied the silk fabric around my wrist, and then bound the other end to the post at the head of the bed. With no urge to struggle, I watched my husband walk around to the other side of our bed and pull out another scarf, giving my second wrist the same treatment.

“Do you still want to be my valentine, love?”

“God, yes,” I moaned. I couldn’t help the throaty sound my voice made, my desire was building inside me. The scarves didn’t hold me tight, but offered me a chance to feel helpless and out of control. As my mind swam with emotion, my body swam with lust. I could feel the place between my legs getting hotter, and the familiar feel of wetness on my thighs.

Jeff stroked my stocking clad leg under my skirt, feeling the length of the limb up to my panty line. Slowly, almost reluctantly, his hand stroked the bulge of my belly, fingers sliding under the waist of my skirt and over the swollen skin.

“It’s so tight,” he said, wonderingly. I closed my eyes, reveling in his touch, and for the first time in months didn’t despise his reluctance to touch me. The whole of his palm held close to my stomach, feeling me. Slowly he slid back under the skirt and found the waist of the pantyhose, pulling them down my thighs and off my legs.

Tugging softly on the scarves binding my arms, I writhed underneath my husband as he peeled the hose off my body. His hands returned to the bare skin of my legs, stroking up my calf and lingering at the backs of my knees, a place that he knew was especially sensitive. My body twitched, my flesh crying out for more. He moved his hands further up my legs, tickling the insides of my thighs, and then coming together at the crotch of my cotton panties. The dampness there had to be obvious, and I watched my husband’s face as he watched my body tingle underneath him.

As his hands left my body I cried out, my voice pitiful and lustful. I wanted more than anything for him to keep touching me, to keep stroking me and feeling every inch of my flesh. I needed it, I yearned for it. But his hands had different intentions.

“Lift up,” he coaxed, and after the briefest moment of confusion I lifted my hips so that he could tug the skirt off of me, adding it to the pile on the floor. The only piece of clothing keeping my body from his hands was my panties.

“Please, Jeff,” I whimpered, shutting my eyes tight and thrusting my hips up to him.

“Not yet, baby,” he said, his hot hand coming down to rest on my belly again. Without the skirt in the way he had full view of my stomach, and began to trace around my protruding navel with his fingers. So lightly it tickled he stroked my stomach, feeling the ripe curves my body had developed over the last trimester. As many times as we had been naked together, I had assumed he wasn’t concentrating on my body. Now he made up for lost time, taking his time in his exploration, touching me and teasing me, learning all the changes I had gone through.

Slowly he pulled away the last piece of covering my body had, peeling the panties off of my hips and down my legs, over my feet and adding them to the pile. I moaned, my hips taking on a life of their own, my knees spreading apart helplessly as I begged silently for his touch.

Pulling two more scarves out, Jeff gave me a questioning look. I only panted, giving him my consent by ceasing in my protest. Gently and lovingly he wrapped those last two around my ankles, pulling my legs to the corners of the bed and tying each to its own pole. Now there was no way to close my legs, but still quite enough room to writhe as he teased me, which I did in abundance now.

Jeff turned away from me for a moment, and I closed my eyes and attempted to slow my breathing. My arousal was peaked, my juices flowing freely, the fluids tickling my thighs. I could not touch myself to ease my frustration, but in truth I only wanted him. It had been too long and now the wait was going to end. I opened my eyes just in time to see Jeff slipping off the last of his clothing and turn back to me, the candlelight flickering on his erect cock, his flesh golden in the pale light.

“Happy Valentine’s,” he said, holding out a long stemmed red rose. It was beautiful and perfect, the tiny bud tight, almost the same shape as the hard buds on my chest. Jeff lowered the flower and they met, my oversensitive breasts almost exploding at the contact of the soft petals.

Teasing my hard flesh, Jeff stroked my breast with the petals in circular motions, tracing their way around my dark aureole, spiraling away from the hard nipple and down the ripened mound, the flower tickling its way between my breasts and back up the opposite one, giving the nipple at the peak a similar treatment.

My chest heaved as I watched the stem of the flower in my husband’s hand, the dark green almost a long finger, such control he kept over it.

The soft petals traced their way across my breasts for an eternity, until my breaths could no longer be controlled and I was panting, my eyes squeezed tightly shut and my legs splayed widely open. I could feel the flesh between my thighs opening like the petals that stroked me, peeling apart slickly, the longing for Jeff’s touch stronger than ever. But instead of giving me his flesh, Jeff only continued to tease me mercilessly.

The rose tickled down between my breasts and over my belly, stroking my swollen stomach gently, and then caressed it’s way across my hips and over my thighs. A trail of my own sweat followed the flower’s trail down my leg to my feet, where it teased the sole of my sensitive foot and even stroked the tiny toes helplessly clenching at the foot of the bed.

Back up my leg it went, up the inner calf, around the sensitive knee, and up the softness of my thigh. My pussy gasped as my mouth moaned, my head thrown back and my eyes squeezed shut when the rose touched my nether lips, stroking my hot sex with the soft relentless petals.

Jeff teased my pussy with that rose, stroking my warm slit with the thick bud. He pulled it up and down the slickness between my legs, working its way around my lips and up to the peak to rub it on my hard little clit. I thought I would explode right then, right when it touched me in that most sensitive place. But Jeff saw my body’s reaction and pulled the rose away just in time, leaving me gasping for more.

“Oh god, Jeff! Please! I need you now!”

The rose thrown aside, Jeff bent down and took my nipple in his mouth. His hot mouth captured my flesh, nipping softly and sucking hard. My mouth opened in a silent scream of desire, and my hips writhed more than before. His touch, his lips, his tongue…I needed all of him!

But instead he pulled off of me, leaving my nipples cold in the warm air, chilly even though I was hotter than ever before.

“I love you, Jen,” he whispered, bending down and kissing me deeply. It was I who led this kiss, parting his lips eagerly with mine and thrusting my tongue into his mouth, tasting every bit of his sweet breath. I stroked the roof of his hot mouth, tasting him, teasing him, touching him. I couldn’t hold back more moans, more lusty voicing of my desire.

My body felt emptied as he pulled away, his face just out of reach of mine. He stood over me, smiling down, lust written on his gorgeous face. Pain and desire spread through my body, pain for wanting him so much and being unable to grab him and pull him to me. Desires for the moment that he would let me have him.

“I have some gifts for you,” he said, smiling.

I whimpered and gyrated my hips, telling him that I only wanted one gift. Jeff reached down, but instead of touching me, his hand fell further and disappeared under the bed. Up it came again, a box in hand.

“Chocolate?” I whispered. I had craved chocolate every day of my pregnancy, but had only given in to it once or twice. Baby or no, I had to watch my diet.

“Mm hmm...”

With crinkling sounds he undid the plastic wrap, taking one half of the heart shaped box and tossing it aside. Tilting the bottom, he showed the beautiful chocolates to me.

“I thought we’d share them,” he smiled. “You first.”

He plucked a candy out of the box and lowered it to my face, resting it gently on my lips. Eagerly I opened my mouth and bit down into the sweet candy, closing my eyes and sucking on it as though it were him inside me. In fact, as he put the last of the morsel in my mouth, his finger got caught in the excitement, and I sucked on his finger eagerly as the candy went down.

“Will you lick mine to make it sweeter?” he asked, holding another chocolate in front of me. Smiling, I caressed the smooth outside with my tongue, pulling along it like a cat, tasting the sugary flavor on my tongue. He lifted the candy to his mouth and gave it the same treatment, his eyes never leaving mine as he lapped at the chocolate, his tongue making my hips shift again. I wanted that tongue on me, between my legs, servicing me as he serviced that candy.

Instead of eating the chocolate, he lowered it to me again. He held it against my lips, and I took it between my teeth, biting off half and revealing a vanilla cream inside. I sucked the white cream out of the chocolate case, savoring every ounce. Jeff lifted the sweet chocolate away from my lips, but didn’t take it totally away from my body. I held my breath as my husband rubbed the warm cream against my hard nipple, covering the dark bud with a light sugary coat.

He traced my body as he had with the rose, the chocolate harder but just as smooth as the flower. Down my breasts, between their valley, over my swollen belly and around my navel he left the warm creamy trail. He lifted the chocolate before he reached my legs, and popped it into my mouth. I sucked on it, my eyes wide, as Jeff lowered his mouth to my body.

A gasp escaped my lips when Jeff’s mouth took my breast, even though I’d been certain where he was headed. He sucked on my hard nipple, teasing the bud between his teeth, lapping the chocolate off of the mound and then releasing me from his mouth. With his tongue he traced the chocolate trail, licking up every last bit of the sweetness. When he reached my legs, he didn’t stop where the chocolate had stopped, but instead kept going with that tongue of liquid fire. Over my short curly hairs and between my splayed legs his tongue delved, and with a cry of delight I felt his hot tongue touch my most private nub.

As he had lapped the chocolate he lapped my juices, sucking them up through his lips and bringing his mouth down on my nether regions to suck me inside him. I felt his thick tongue prodding into my gaping mouth, tasting my insides. Out again and caressing my sensitive lips, up my wet slit to my clit and round and round that tiny sensitive bud.

Unable to restrain a cry of desperation, I pushed my hips further towards my husband, grinding my pussy into his mouth. Startled, he pulled away, and smiled down at me. His lips glistened with my juices.

“You ready for me, Jen?” he asked, his voice husky with desire.

I moaned, whimpered, ground my hips and thrust my breasts forward, showing him in every way that I could short of using words I was unsure that I could voice that I needed him now.

My whole body tensed as the bed groaned under the added weight, and my husband’s long body was on top of mine. His stomach brushed against my protruding one, but he bent around it to kiss my lips. I could taste the sweetness of my body on his mouth, on his tongue, and I groaned deeply into him. Pushing his hips forward, he slid easily into me, and the beginning of the end of my denial had begun.

Slowly, steadily, smoothly he thrust into me, burying his entire length in my warm body. I clenched myself around him, wanting him to stay, enjoying every feel of his hard cock inside of my body. It was as though he penetrated right through me, through my entire body, and the pleasure that stemmed from that special place spread through all my limbs. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to be filled with the pleasure, and soon I felt the beginnings of my climax.

It came from my toes, spreading through my loin and up to my fingertips. I shuddered as release was upon me, collapsing against the bed that I was bound to. It was like a breath of fresh air after months of smelling only stale recycled oxygen. Relief was there, but the pleasure remained, and my husband hadn’t finished with me.

His thrusts became more frantic, more for his own pleasure. Now that I had finally been satisfied he could take the time to enjoy it himself, and with a few more quick thrusts he was shuddering on top of me, emptying his seed into my body, but still thrusting. Three more thrusts, his hard cock filling me entirely, my tight body wrapping around it as he relaxed.

Apparently his fear of hurting the baby had diminished, and he lay softly on top of me, stomach and all. His arms wrapped around me, and his lips touched my breasts, kissing me softly.

“I love you,” he said again.

“I love you, too,” I answered. “Now, untie me and I’ll make you dinner.”

“Hmm…I could untie you…or I could start again.”

And as I laughed he stood up and looked at me with heat in his eyes and smile. My eyes widened in surprise, and I took a deep breath. This was going to be a long, wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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