tagTransgender & CrossdressersReluctant Mistress Pt. 02

Reluctant Mistress Pt. 02


***Author's note: This story is much, much longer than my first. While there's still a lot of sexy times going on here there's also a whole lot more story going on. I hope y'all enjoy it and come back for the finale, Part III.


"Jesus fuck..." As soon as the words tumble out of my mouth my brain crashes and reboots.

We paint quite the picture: Eliza is standing with our front door open, being shielded by it, in her full body latex fetish outfit while I stand with my jaw slack staring at the giant bouquet and the person holding them. If a neighbor walked by they would see me in a totally sexy latex nurse outfit. It has a short, very short, skirt with a low cut sleeveless top and I pair it with an old time-y hat with a red cross on it and elbow length white gloves. I had totally planned to subject my pet to some invasive tests and experimental procedures when there was a knock on the door. Wait, let me back up and start from the beginning.


"Hey babe, look at what I was able to dig out," Eliza calls from our bedroom.

Snaking my way back there from the kitchen, I was chopping us a salad, and walk into our bedroom and stand in the doorway. I'm almost knocked off my feet when I see her standing there in a short, tartan school girl skirt with a white button up shirt, tied off to reveal her perfect, creamy stomach. Her C cup breasts spill out from the top, she grins at me and spins around. Facing me again she sticks a finger in her mouth, grins and bites down on it playfully. A lust bomb explodes in my stomach, she has never looked as sexy as she does right now.

"Like what you see, Ms. Daniels?" Her voice is both coy and confident. I feel my knees go weak for a second before I recover.

As an answer I stride right up to her and put my hand on her cheek. Running my fingers back into her blonde locks I grip the back of her head and pull her towards me. Our lips meet, an explosion of pleasure and sensation, as I can taste her lip gloss and smell her lotion. Her mouth opens slightly and I take advantage as my tongue works it's way in and meets hers. My left hand slowly works its way down Eliza's hips, over the skirt, to her smooth thighs. Without hesitation it slips under the skirt and pushes its way upwards before grabbing hold of her rear end. A soft moan rises up in her throat and sends me into overdrive. I want nothing more than to take her, here and now. She pushes me away, slightly and with considerable effort. I say nothing, just cock an eyebrow.

"Look," she steps back from me so that I can now see the bed.

She's laid out my best outfit, at least business wise. A black pencil skirt, white blouse and a matching black blazer. Next to it are black pumps. My mind starts lighting up. I grin madly and practically skip over to the bed. I see a white board with a marker and eraser. She did it! She did it! I'm nearly screaming in my mind.

"You did not!" I can barely restrain myself.

"I did," her grin is knowing and makes her look like the most beautiful person on the planet. She waits for my total excitement over realizing a long held fantasy of mine to subside enough for me to begin the game.

"Welcome to detention, Ms. Blomquist." I've had this script in my mind for weeks now so it flows easily even though Eliza set this game into motion and not myself. After that sensory deprivation play from a couple weeks ago, a long time fantasy of hers, she's been pumping me for information on a fantasy of mine that she could help fulfill. This is the one we've talked about the most. "After your...outburst in class today I wanted you suspended but Principle Skinner disagreed with me. He settled on detention for a week, under my rules. The first rule is you do what I say or you do get suspended. So you get that board set up while I step out for a moment."

"Yes Ms. Daniels," she says in her best schoolgirl voice.

My heart is thudding as I scoop up the clothes and hustle into the bathroom. While I'm changing I can hear Eliza hanging up the whiteboard. Once in my power suit I can feel the part of disciplinarian gelling in my mind. I am the overbearing teacher and she is the misbehaving student who so badly deserves punishment. Confidently, I stride into the bedroom to see my pet lounging lazily on the bed, distractedly staring at her fingernails. Her legs are not crossed and I can see that she is not wearing anything under that skirt.

"Sit up straight, young lady." I order. She flaunts my position and power by not jumping straight up. Instead she remains as she is. I say nothing, instead grabbing the paddle and hand restraints from the bed. "Stand up, now!"

With that my pet jumps up and I stand up next to her, my breasts brushing up against her bare arms. She has a sheepish grin on her face but I can feel a slight tremble, an excitement, in her body. She wants this just as much as I do. When I grab her hands and pull them behind her I secure the binds, eliciting another moan from my pet. There is no sound in the world I like better than that one. Since she cannot see me I let a loving grin spread across my face before pulling myself back into the scene. With the paddle and marker in tow I nudge her towards the whiteboard, hung up hastily on the wall of our bedroom.

"You are going to write on the board, my naughty student. Write me an apology for flaunting my authority." I command.

"But... Ms. Daniels, my hands are tied."

"Don't you fret, you still have a mouth." I purr into her ear as I walk from behind her around to her front. "Open wide."

There is a look of glee and passion in my pets eyes as she opens her mouth. After taking the cap off of the marker I slowly insert it into her mouth, her lips wrapping around it almost sensuously. With some struggle I peel my eyes from her and point with them to the board. When I sense that she is not following my eyes I casually point at it. Her eyes follow my finger and she awkwardly makes her way over there. The way the board is set up she has to bend over to write with her mouth. Standing behind her I get a clear view of her very wet core, I don't know if I've ever been as turned on as I am right now. Every part of my body just wants to dive in, stick my tongue into her and go until she cannot take it any longer but I must use restraint. We must build this up properly, take our time, before our orgasms come. Well, at least mine, she may have a few with what I have in store for her between now and then.

"Take dictation, Ms. Blomquist, and whatever you do, do NOT drop that marker. Do we have an understanding?" My tone is harsh, curt. My pet slowly shakes her head up and down, indicating that yes, she understands completely. "And any spelling or grammar mistakes will be punished, severely."

As I'm saying this I'm coming around to the side of her, bending down to look her in the face. Her blonde locks are all over the place, covering up her right eye with light, golden hair. Just to test her ability to follow my instruction I pull the paddle back and bring it down flush across her backside. Her eyes shut tight, her mouth gripping the marker with all her might, as another moan escapes her throat. It is a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Good. Now that I have your full and undivided attention let us begin. Start with: Ms. Daniels, I truly apologize for my rude and inconsiderate behavior in today's class."

It is a struggle for my pet to write with her mouth and not her hands. The letters are uneven and look like a five year old wrote them. I distract her even further by running a finger down the back of her shirt, finding the skirt and continuing down. A soft noise of approval comes from my pet as she's trying to write her apology. Once I reach the hem I lightly hook my pointer finger around it and start pulling up. Centimeter by centimeter the skirt hikes up her thighs, revealing first her milky white thighs and then her backside which has a slight reddish tint in the shape of the paddle. Soon the skirt is flipped up, resting on her lower back, and giving me full sight of my pet.

"Do not let me distract you, Ms. Blomquist." I lean in and whisper. "And it looks like you forgot the comma after my name..."

I see her eyes go wide in anticipation so I wait a few extra beats, drawing out the resolution. Giving her my most evil grin I bring the paddle back and hear as it cuts through the air. It lands with a loud slapping sound that is immediately followed by a slight scream/moan from my pet. Without hesitation I bring it back and it lands again with a moan of approval. With the marker still in her mouth she drops her head, staring at the ground, trying to recover her senses.

"You're clearly not done here, Ms. Blomquist." I warn.

Eliza lets out a loud sigh and raises her head. For her insolence I giver her another hit with the paddle. Her backside is turning a deeper shade of crimson. She has maybe one or two more left in her before she safe words out, I'll have to dial this back some. As she moans this time the marker slips from her mouth and I catch sight of it tumbling to the ground. It falls end over end before landing on the hardwood floor. Eliza mutters a curse word and drops her head in defeat.

"What did I say about not dropping that marker?" I ask before giving the last hit of the paddle. This time she lets out a full on scream of pleasure and pain. Before she can safe word out I spin her around to me, our bodies pressed up against each other. Her chest is heaving, eyes drooped in pleasure. "Now I have no choice but to suspend you, young lady. Unless..."

"I'll do anything, I submit!" Her voice is heavy, almost husky.

"Good," I whisper in her ear.

Leading her over to the bed I bend her over it, face down on the comforter. With one hand I keep her down and with the other I slip a finger into her. My pet voices her approval as it slides into her now very wet core. Her folds envelop my finger as I start to slowly pull it in and out. Building up momentum I can hear the breathing of my pet getting more labored as I go. She's already close to her first orgasm. I add a second finger to the first and soon I feel her body start to rock, her hips bearing down on my hand and fingers, her core tightening around me as it tries to help me get her over the edge. Like I need any help, I chuckle to myself and speed up some more. Her moans are nearly non-stop now.

"Fuck!" She cries out.

As she does her whole body shudders and the first orgasm overcomes her. As soon as I can tell that it has passed I drop down onto my knees and replace my fingers with my tongue. This time I focus solely on her clit, already throbbing and pulsing. With light flicks of my tongue I play with it, a new moan or cry accompanies each one. Sometimes I move fully into her, feeling her folds on my tongue before returning to the clit. My own erection is now pressing, painfully, into my gaff. Soon we'll have to move to her taking care of me.

"Oh...shit...don't...fucking...stop!" She pants.

I don't, instead I give her clit a light nibble with my teeth before flicking it again with my tongue. This sends her over again and it is far more powerful than the first. While her whole body shudders she lets out a loud scream of approval. When it passes she falls limp into the bed. I kiss the outside of her thighs, then her cheek and then over her clothes as I work my way up to my pet's face. The look she gives me is full of love and gratitude. My body is curled up next to hers on the bed and I plant a huge kiss on her lips.

"We're not done here yet. You're not done here, to be exact." I say with an impish grin when we break. It's a grin she returns in spades. "Don't move."

"You don't have to worry about that," she sighs wearily.

Getting up I kick off my heels and lose the blazer. The skirt and blouse soon follow with the last things to come off being my gaff and underwear. Crawling up onto the bed I drape both of my legs over my pet's shoulders, thighs pressing on either side of her head. My erection is in full bloom and my pet takes it into her mouth. Not the full thing but really just the front part just below the tip. Mimicking my motions on her she alternates between licking and flicking that area with her tongue. I can feel as my breath gets labored and soon it is me, and not her, that is moaning. This really doesn't take long and soon my own hips start rocking, pushing up and into her face. She frustratingly slows down, slightly.

"What...the...fuck?" I pant.

She grins up at me and builds the pace back up. I feel as my back arches and then my clit goes tight, somehow becoming even more erect than it was before, a loud moan rises up in my throat and I release it right as I crash right over the falls. My body goes into convulsions briefly, thighs barring down on Eliza's head. My pet starts to lap up the clear liquid that pumps out of my clit as my body goes slack. When done she looks up at me and grins.

"Wanna let me out now?" She asks with a slight giggle.

***** TWO WEEKS LATER *****

It's a Saturday morning and Eliza and I are on the couch. She's sitting up and I've got my head in her lap while we half watch TV. There's a loud knock on the door which causes me to jump and look up at Eliza. She chuckles and lifts my head up so she can get up. Sitting up I watch her open the door and talk with someone briefly, a few electronic sounds come from the other side of the door and then I hear her tell the person goodbye. She returns with a package in her hand and a wide, toothy smile on her face.

"What's that?" I ask.

"You remember when we were tooling around on the internet, looking at those fetish outfits?" She asks with a coy smile.

"Yes... what did you buy?"

"Come see for yourself, Nurse Daniels."

She sets the box on the table and opens it up. There was a super sexy nurse outfit that I liked but I also liked about ten of them and couldn't decide on any particular outfit. Looks like she made that decision for me. Eliza holds her outfit up on her body to show me. It has long sleeves on the arms and the legs, with a zipper in the crotch area and removable sections for her breasts. It is red with black strips patterned over it and she is going to look flat out gorgeous in it. She starts walking with it back to the bedroom.

"Don't just stand there, try yours on too!" She laughs.

I hustle mine into the bathroom and start the lengthy process of putting it on. I have everything on but the gloves and can tell that I'm gonna need some white boots or heels to go with this but holy shit do I look great. The hat is hella cute and right as I am getting the first of my gloves on I hear another knock on the door. I freeze, it's a bad habit but I never expect someone to show up at my house and get a funky feeling when a random knock on my door happens. That's why Eliza usually gets the door when it's not someone we expect.

"I'll get it," she calls out.

"Thanks," I answer through the door. I get the second glove on and step out of the bathroom.

"I think it's for you, babe..." Her voice is confused.

Stepping forward I look through the open door. It is filled with a giant bouquet of red and white roses with a mass of green paper wrapped around the base. I can barely make out the body holding it. The flowers drop slightly and I can first see a mess of jet black hair that is soon followed by a strangely familiar looking forehead. The tanned skin and the hairline strike me as something I've seen before but I cannot place it. The roses go lower and and reveal his face. HIS face, Cameron's face. He has a big, goofy grin on his face that goes wider when he see's how I'm dressed.

"Jesus fuck..." As soon as the words tumble out of my mouth my brain crashes and reboots.

"Hey babe, you look fucking fantastic!" His voice, to most people a silky, southern drawl, instead grates on my ears and assaults my senses. I never wanted to see him or hear his voice again. The fact that he called me babe speeds up the reboot process in my brain.

"I'm not your fucking babe. You can't just fucking show up here, Cameron. This is our home." Eliza's eyes go wide in fear and then anger when I say his name.

"Oh, don't be like that. I came here to apologize." He again acts like he doesn't hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. I feel like I'm sitting atop a volcano of rage right now and could explode any minuet now.

"It's been three god damned years, Cameron. You cannot just show up out of the blue and expect me to be available. I don't even care where you've been for the last three years. I'm with someone that I love."

"All I'm asking for is a chance, baby."

"I. Am. Not. Your. Baby!" I shout. "Leave this place. Leave now and never, ever come back. Do you hear me?!?"

"I'll see you around, Morgan. You and I need to talk. I know if you give me a chance we can make this work again."

Eliza hustles from the door to my side. She slips her hand around my waist and I wrap my arm around her shoulders. My body is shaking with rage, it's taking every ounce of self control to not run over and beat him senseless. Not like I could actually do that but I so want to right now. Cameron shoots Eliza a dirty, disparaging look before turning heel and walking away but not before lightly setting down the roses at my doorstep. I run to the door, not unlike our last encounter, kick the roses out and slam it shut. I throw the lock and lean my back against the door. He's back, he thinks he can show up three years later and still be my boyfriend. Like nothing ever happened. What is his damage? The pent up anger releases itself in hot tears and a loud sob as I slide down the door and crumple onto the floor.

"Morgan!" Eliza calls out to me and then runs over.

She gets down on the floor and I curl up into her. I let out more sobs as the tears flow out of me. I hate her seeing me like this, so weak and vulnerable, but I cannot help it. I never, ever, wanted to see him again and when he walked out the first time I thought I never would. It was always a possibility that he would show up, or at least call or reach out via a social media but the longer it went the safer I felt. Maybe he left the area, got a new job or something and moved somewhere else. Maybe even went home to Texas. Instead he just shows up here out of the blue three years later thinking I owe him my time, owe him a chance for him to apologize. Eliza is stroking my hair and letting me cry it out. Soon the feeling starts to pass and the sobs dissipate.

"Guess we're not gonna be able to try these outfits out." I sniffle. "Maybe sometime soon..."

"Don't you worry about that, though you may want to get off of the floor in that white outfit."

She helps me up and into the bathroom where we pull of these latex outfits. Mine is easier to get off than hers which is normally something we'd have a laugh about but not today. In the kitchen the produce goes forgotten (I would end up having to clean it up the next day). Eliza walks out of the bedroom to find me balled up on the couch, staring at but not actually watching the TV. She walks up to it and I sit up so she can sit down. Immediately my head is back in her lap.

"We'll get through this, we'll figure it out. Together." She soothes as she strokes my head. This cuts through my momentary depression and reminds me that I'm not alone in this, I have the love of my life with me.

"Together." My voice comes out as a squeak.

"I love you more than anything, you know that, right?"

"I do. I love you too."

I spend the next three days walking around in a haze. I jump at every sound and barely speak, barely eat. Eliza is giving me space to deal with this new reality. Cameron, a man who punched me with no hesitation the last time he got angry with me, has showed back up and is talking like we're still together. Deep down I know that he's going to make my life, our lives, a living hell. The worst part of this is that Eliza did nothing to deserve it. She has no connection to him, never has. He has no right to mess with her like this. Every time this thought comes up it makes me both angry and depressed. After slogging my way through work I come home and throw myself on the couch. Nothing is on, no TV and no music, and I stare blankly at the back of the couch. When the door opens I don't stir.

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