tagErotic CouplingsRental with Benefits Ch. 02

Rental with Benefits Ch. 02


(Thanks to the feedback I received, the story continues. Please read the first part for character background. Hope you are entertained. Please vote and send feedback.)

For the next 3 days after our first time together, Marla was friendly but at a distance. We would wave and smile as we went about our daily routine. I was hoping that she wasn't entertaining second thoughts. Last Saturday's events held a very prominent part in my daily thoughts and musings.

Wednesday evening I was aroused from my work by the doorbell. It was a more than pleasant surprise to find Marla at my door. Opening the door I invited her in. She brushed by me with a smile on her generous mouth. When I moved toward her, she put her hand on my chest and asked me to wait.

"I owe you an apology for keeping at a distance since Saturday, but I really had to sort things out."

Marla continued by explaining that the emotions and feelings unleashed during our love making had been bottled up for so long, she wanted to make sure she was thinking clearly before going any further. She moved closer to me and put her arms around me.

"I feel I can trust you and I really would like to explore our options. I want more than just Saturday, if you're interested."

My crushing kiss on her pliant lips was my answer. We stood there, with our arms around each other and our lips busy, for several minutes. Marla finally pushed us apart and asked me if I was going to offer her something to drink.

I got two glasses and a bottle of Shiraz, and told her to follow me. We headed to the porch and sat next to each other on my swing. I had recently purchased one like the one Marla had on her porch. I pulled a blanket across her legs. It was the beginning of Fall and getting a little chillier in the evenings, but still so beautiful and quiet out.

We clinked glasses, smiled and took our first sip.

After several minutes of silently enjoying the evening and the wine, Marla broke the silence by asking if I had another story I thought she might enjoy. I stood and reached for her hand. When she rose, I kissed her and told her to come with me.

I sat at my pc and opened a story I thought she would find interesting. I had Marla sit down and told her to enjoy and then come join me when she finished so we could discuss the story. I sat on the sofa, watched her and waited for her to finish. The flush that soon appeared on her face told me I had picked correctly.

When Marla finished she turned to look at me. The smile on her flushed face was promising. She rose and walked to me seductively. She dropped on top of me and crushed my lips with hers. As our lips and tongues played, Marla reached down and squeezed my cock. My 7 inches was struggling inside my Levis.

Marla slid down my body until she was kneeling between my legs. She slid my zipper down, reached in and liberated my throbbing cock. Her hands stroked my cock while our eyes locked.

"I want you to cum in my mouth."

She then lowered her mouth over my cock-head. Her mouth began a slow suction motion with just my cock-head engulfed. Her tongue played with my hole. Watching this seductive woman doing anything was intoxicating. Watching her sensual lips wrapped around my cock was truly mind blowing.

Marla held on to my cock with one hand and pushed it up to my belly. Her tongue trailed down the underside until reaching my balls. She laved them until they were slick with her saliva. Her tongue then trailed back to my cock-head. Before taking me back into her mouth, she stood and removed her pants and sweater. As I suspected, she was naked underneath her outer clothing.

She stood before me unashamedly on display. Her full C-cup breast stood proudly with her dark, fat nipples at full alert. Her shaven pussy lips should signs of her moisture.

"Get your clothes off."

Who am I to ignore this lovely creature? My clothes were quickly shed. When I reached for her, she pushed me back. I fell back on to the sofa. My cock stood at attention as I sat there. Marla supported herself on my shoulders and straddled me. When my cock nudged her pussy, she lowered herself on me. We sat like that for several minutes just marveling in the sensualness of our connection.

Marla raised herself and began a slow rocking motion that made my cock revel in her snugness. Way too soon she raised herself off of me. My immediate disappointment was dispelled when she again kneeled between my legs. She slowly began to lick her juices off my cock. I was aching hard. With one hand cradling my ball sac and the other holding my shaft, she lowered her mouth over my cock.

I watched her sensual display while trying to control myself. The sight of her full Mediterranean lips wrapped around my cock was exhilarating. Her brown haired head began to bob faster as she used both her mouth and hands to pump my shaft. I felt the familiar stirrings that signaled my approaching release. When I glanced down her back and saw the flare of her ass, I was lost. I held her head and let her know I was ready. Marla stroked my shaft faster with her hands. I held her head still as the first spurt hit the back of her throat. I let go of her head and threw my head back. She stroked and swallowed until I was finished.

She looked up at me while slowly letting my cock plop out of her mouth. She smiled as she continued to lick the remains of my cum. She gave my cock a final squeeze and was rewarded with a final drop of cum which she teasingly licked up, all the time keeping eye contact with me.

"That was wickedly delicious," Marla said. "I could get real used to that."

"So could I," I laughed.

Marla climbed on my lap and cuddled. We kissed and let our hands explore. I was looking forward to fucking this wonderfully re-liberated woman, but had to wait for my 52-year old cock to revive.

"Let's take this to the bed," I suggested.

Marla got off my lap and held her hand out to me. I took it and rose to her. We went to the bed and I asked her to lie down for me. She lay on her back and raised her arms above her head. She spread her legs and smiled up at me. What a vision she presented. Her full, womanly breasts spread out on her chest with their dark brown, hard nipples pointing upward. My eyes continued their travel down to her wide hips. Her full thighs framed her heavy lipped pussy. This woman was a vision in wantonness.

When I again looked at her smiling face, Marla asked, "Do you like?"

"More than I can ever begin to show you."

"Then get down here and try to show me."

I crawled onto the bed with her. I lay beside her and rolled her on her side. Marla's magnificent ass was pressed against me. My lips found her neck while a hand found her drenched pussy. My fingers found her wetness as soon as they probed between her lips. Marla groaned when I pushed two fingers in to her depths. While my fingers teased her, my thumb pressured her asshole.

Marla turned her head to me and our lips and tongues met in what was becoming a familiar dance. I removed my index finger from her pussy and used it to rub her clit. With my thumb now imbedded in her rectum, a finger in her pussy and a finger rubbing her clit, Marla was groaning and squirming as she built up to a climax. When it came, she pushed herself hard against me and shuddered.

When she finally calmed, I let her lay on her back and climbed between her spread legs. Marla reached for my aching cock and positioned its' head between her pussy lips. With a hand on each of my ass cheeks, she pulled me into her steaming pussy until my ball sac was smashed against her rectum.

"Let me just feel you in me for a moment. I've missed this feeling of fullness so much."

After a minute or so Marla said, "Now fuck me hard and cum in me."

I certainly didn't require any more urging than that. Marla raised her legs and wrapped them around me as I began to pound her depths. The wet slapping of our parts along with the smacking of our bodies colliding, added to the erotic feelings. As I got closer to my own release point after several minutes, I grabbed two handfuls of her soft, pliant tits.

Marla was panting and groaning under my assault. Looking at her sensual face contorted into a wonderful mask of sexual hunger, I did all I could to keep from cumming right then and there. The massage her pussy was giving my cock was incredible. I marveled again at my good luck in finding this wonderful woman.

"Cum for me now. I want you in me."

That's all the incentive I needed to put me over the edge. My balls erupted and I planted my load deep in Marla's welcoming pussy. We lay locked together as our heartbeats and breathing calmed.

Marla held my head in her hands and looked deep into my eyes.

"I think I've fallen in deep lust with you. It feels like a good beginning."

"That is a mutual feeling, my sexy woman."

We slowly untangled and I went to get us both a cup of coffee. When I returned, Marla was sitting on the sofa with a wrap across her lap. Her pendulous breasts were uncovered for my enjoyment.

"My god you are a wonder to look at."

"It has been way to long since I've felt this comfortable with a man. You make me feel so good about myself. I'm rediscovering feelings I thought I'd never have again."

We sat sipping our coffee and enjoying the afterglow of our great morning sex, each realizing we had unleashed more feelings and needs that required our attention and follow up.

Marla finally broke the quiet by telling me she needed to get moving or she would never leave. I told her I had no problem at all with her staying. That brought a chuckle from her.

"You evil man. You're going to make me a wanton slut."

"No. I just think I've freed a sensual and sexy woman from whatever walls were holding her in."

Marla gave me a demure smile, kissed me quickly and began to gather her clothes. As she put her clothes on she told me that she would be pretty tied up until Friday midday. She invited me for a picnic lunch on Friday.

"It will be a short hike in the woods, but the destination will be well worth it. Hopefully I can also make it interesting for you."

With that last comment she again quickly kissed me and disappeared out the door.

For the next couple of days I kept myself busy with work, but my mind kept returning to visions of Marla in various sexual positions. Her body occupied my mind. In actuality, her entire being occupied my every waking moment. After the bitterness following my divorce, I had given no thought to any immediate relationship. In fact, that was the last thing I was looking for. And yet, here I was moping around like a love struck teenager. Marla was more woman than I had ever imagined. Who was I to question fate. I could very easily see myself with her for a long-term relationship. I would have to find out if she felt the same.

Friday came along as it was supposed to, right after Thursday. That morning Marla called to tell me to come up to the house about 11 and she would have everything we needed for our picnic. It was a warm day for Fall, so I wore shorts and a t-shirt. To be safe I took along a jacket.

As I headed up to the house, Marla met me on her porch. She also was taking advantage of the warm weather by wearing a short sports skirt and a t-shirt under which her ample breasts swung free of bra. Her large nipples were at attention. Her hiking boots added a certain ruggedness to her appearance.

We walked into each other's arms and embraced. Our lips met in a hungry kiss. As my hands roamed her body, Marla murmured, "Keep that thought, buster."

She pushed me away and handed me our picnic pack. I added my jacket to the pack and slung it on my back. Marla instructed me to follow her and enjoy the walk; it would be about a 30-minute easy hike.

With that she started off with me following. As soon as we rounded the house, we entered her woods. Immediately we were swallowed up into the world of the woods. Being the onset of Fall, many trees were beginning to change color. The only sound was the scampering of the squirrels and the screeching of the jays.

As I was taking in all this nature, I also couldn't help but look at Marla's full ass undulating before me. My cock was beginning to respond which was making this hike just a bit uncomfortable.

"Isn't this beautiful and peaceful?"

"Yes, the sight before me is gorgeous."

"Keep your eyes on nature, buster. You'll get more of what you want later." She turned around and smiled at me.

Marla kept up a pretty decent pace. This was turning into a pleasant walk as well as workout. She turned a corner and then scampered up a slight incline. As I approached, Marla was standing at the top of a small hill facing me.

"Hey, old man, here's a little incentive for you to make it up this hill."

With that, she raised her short sport skirt and stood there with her legs spread. Her full, pouty pussy lips were on full display for me. Seems she had decided to forego all under clothing. I needed no further incentive and soon had her wrapped in my arms.

Laughing, she pushed me away and told me to look at her special place. We were on a small hillock completely covered with trees. To one side was a large flat stone only about 3 feet high. The tops of the trees were still covered with leaves, which blocked out the sun completely. It was like being in a large sunroom.

She held my hands in hers and told me that this spot had been a favorite of her and her husband before he passed away. They had enjoyed each other here many times over the years.

"Now I would like to make this our place."

I gathered her in my arms and hungrily kissed her. As our tongues dueled, my hands grabbed her ass and squeezed. My cock began to respond as Marla ground her sex against me.

"Come with me."

I followed her to the flat rock. Marla took our jackets out of the pack and spread them on the rock. She then scooted onto the rock, which was only about 3 feet high at this spot. She pulled her legs up and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Her pussy was already displaying signs of moisture.

"Come and get me ready for your cock."

I knelt on the ground and lowered my face to her waiting pussy. Her clit was already showing itself at the top of her thick lips as I flicked it with my tongue. As I teased her clit, I probed her wet cunt with a finger. Her aroma filled by senses when I opened her. I again marveled at the intoxicating aroma she gave off. I was captivated by her smell and taste.

I continued my ministrations to her pussy and rectum for several minutes and then was told, "It's time for you to fuck me."

Marla scooted off the rock and then turned and bent over it. Her magnificent ass was presented to me as she raised her skirt to her waist. Her puckered asshole and wet cunt were blatantly inviting me. I quickly dropped my shorts and released my straining cock. As I stepped closer to Marla, my cock was lined up perfectly with her charms. I rubbed it up and down her slit a few times and them buried myself in her depths. The heat of her pussy was a nice contrast to the coolness of this wonderful spot Marla was sharing with me.

I leaned over her and whispered in her ear, "Thank you for sharing this spot with me."

I began to stroke my cock in and out of her snugness. When I straightened up, I could watch my cock glide in and out of her. I liked the way her pussy lips extended on my out-stroke as if her pussy was trying to keep my cock inside.

Soon I grabbed two handfuls of her magnificent ass and began to fuck in earnest. Her groans and grunts filled the quiet around us. I loved the smacking sounds our bodies were making. Marla suddenly froze and groaned thru a climax. As she shuddered thru her cum, I increased my pace, wanting to join her. Soon my cum erupted in her depths. I could feel our combined juices around my cock. We stayed joined with me leaning on her back.

When our heart beats and breath finally calmed, I pulled out of Marla. She turned and sat on the rock with her legs spread. Her pussy gaped while our juices dripped from her. She was such a wanton, slutty sight.

Marla pulled me close and began to clean my cock with her tongue. She took me deep in her mouth and gave me a very sexy look as she began to stroke me. When she had me cleaned, she released my cock and gave it a quick squeeze.

"I love your cock and what it does to me. I'm getting used to having you around."

We agreed to spread our picnic out and enjoy our lunch. Marla had brought cold cuts, a chunk of pepper jack cheese, grapes and a bottle of merlot. We both realized quickly that we were famished. We passed the bottle back and forth, drinking directly from it.

As the food filled us and the wine mellowed us, we relaxed and lay on the blanket next to each other. I had an arm around Marla while her head rested on my chest. She was absently playing with my cock, which was slowly twitching back to life.

"Ian, I hope you are aware of how much you have come to mean to me in this short time we've known each other. You have let me experience feelings that have been hidden away for far too long."

Marla continued to tell me that she wanted to experience and explore so much more with me. She wasn't sure where our relationship was headed, but had a pretty good idea and hoped I felt the same.

"Marla, you to have released feelings in me that, thru bitterness, I had stored away. I'm also amazed at how we've clicked on so many levels in such a short time."

I let her know that my feelings ran deep for her and I was open to exploring our options. Marla suggested that we begin by having dinner together each day and then taking it from there. That sounded good to me. Besides not being a big fan of my own cooking, it would be wonderful having this woman's company during dinner. And I was certain we would be able to figure out what to do about desert!

Marla's stroking and our conversation had brought my 7" cock back to life. She raised herself, raised her skirt and straddled me. Leaning forward, she kissed me deeply as she lowered herself onto my waiting cock. Her pussy was still wet with my cum and her own wantonness. When she straightened up and began to ride me, I raised her t-shirt and freed her pendulous breasts. Her brown nipples were already hard. She gasped as I took them both between thumb and finger and began to pinch and tug them.

I loved watching her breasts swing while she rode me hard. Marla was on a mission. She wanted another climax and didn't care how she got it. With one hand I continued to play with her tits. The other reached behind her and started to play with her puckered back entry. When I began to push a finger past her puckered tightness, Marla began to moan and increase her pace. I had difficulty keeping pressure on her asshole. Soon she was shuddering thru another climax. She dropped down on me gasping for air. I held her close until she calmed her breathing.

"Oh my god, that was good."

Soon it was time to head back. We gathered up our things and straightened ourselves up as well. I looked at Marla and saw a well-fucked woman smiling at me. We walked back hand-in-hand with our thoughts roaming about what was still in store for us.

Please vote and let me know what you thought of my effort to entertain by commenting. Thanks.

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