tagInterracial LoveRenting and a New Lease Ch. 02

Renting and a New Lease Ch. 02


Thank you for the responses; I didn't expect such a positive reception! With that little ego-boost, I decided to continue Seong-Hee's story. As always, I'd be happy to read your feedback.



The first three things that Seong-Hee noticed when she woke up that morning were that the sun was shining in her eyes, a man's hand was resting on her lower back, and an erect penis was resting on her butt. She shut her eyes tightly because of the first and smiled helplessly at the last.

She slowly rotated herself on the bed from her stomach to her back, trying not to disturb her partner. He emitted a low "Hmmmm" but didn't respond any further.

There was a lot about the man in front of her that Seong-Hee found incredibly attractive: his kind-yet-aristocratic features, his hairy and noticeably muscled body... and of course, the fact that he was a white man thirteen years her junior added a deliciously taboo aspect to their current circumstances. She still wondered, just a bit, how she'd managed to seduce him. That thought didn't last long; the night they'd just spent together was doing wonders to keep her confidence and spirits up.

She looked down at his cock, now resting on her hip. She reached down and held it in her hand, enjoying the weight of it.

She looked toward Will's face to see him lazily open his eyes. "Good Morning!" she said cheerily, grinning as she started lightly stroking him.

"It certainly is." he replied, starting to move toward her before she put a hand to his chest.

"I want on top."

He responded by rolling away from her onto his back, her hand still curled around his dick.

Seong-Hee could already feel the moisture between her legs. She swung her leg over him, straddling his hips while guiding his dick into position. Feeling a little mischievous, she placed his head at her opening. "Don't push." she said and started rocking back and forth, making sure that no more than just the head entered her.

He groaned and raised his head to glare at her, now wide awake. "You're such a devil!"

She just grinned impishly at him, biting her lower lip. "How much you want in me?"

"If you keep that up, I'm going to lose my mind and fuck you silly, whether you tell me to push or not." There was an intense lust in his expression, making her shiver involuntarily.

Slowly she leaned forward until she had her mouth to his ear. She took his earlobe in her lips and suckled on it, then licked into his ear.

"Push." she whispered.

He put his hands on her hips and pushed into her firmly, a bit more quickly than she expected, making her gasp softly. There was that wonderful full feeling again, and she gave an appreciative "Mmmmm..."

Will didn't give her time to pause and reflect; feeling how ready and wet she was for him, he began thrusting and quickly accelerated to a feverish pace. Seong-Hee's mind went blank as jolts of sexual sensation coursed through her with each stroke. She didn't even notice when her arms and legs started giving out under her as he pounded away, holding her hips in place while her upper body collapsed and pressed into him. She didn't even know when had started coming, only that she could feel her continuous orgasm pulsing in unison with his cock.

As wonderful as it felt, she was almost relieved he started tightening his abdominals and pushing deeper and slower. He groaned as he spurted into her womb, finally relaxing his hold on her hip and letting her lower body sink down with his cock still nestled inside her. She was beyond words when he wrapped his arms around her back and whispered into her ear "It's going to be a good day."

Neither of them moved for a while; under her, Seong-Hee could feel Will's gentle breathing as his cock slowly softened inside her. She slid off to his side, wondering about what would come of this.

This can't be a real relationship, she thought. He's renting a room from me; and so much younger. He won't want to keep doing this when he meets a girl his age... one who can have children some day. What if I develop feelings for him?

"What's wrong?" he asked, breaking her reverie.

"No, I..." she paused, choosing her words "I like this, but you live here now. You're young, I'm old. I worry..."

"You're worried that there will be drama if I meet someone my age, or maybe you meet someone your age?" She nodded at him. "Let's keep it simple, then. How about... how about if we keep doing this for now, but we stop if the feelings become too strong for either of us? Let's say that we'll date other people for now, but if either of us gets jealous, we'll change things. I'd rather not think too far ahead; I'm enjoying this too much."

"Okay." She smiled at him "Breakfast?"


Chae-Won shrieked with delight, drawing a few surprised and annoyed glances from other patrons. Seong-Hee was wishing that she could vanish from sight.

"You slept with him! My best friend is a wild woman!" she laughed uproariously.

"Please, Chae-Won, not so loud!"

"Oh, who cares! None of these people speak Korean, I bet. You HAVE to tell me the details! Was he any good?"

Seong-Hee blushed.

"HE WAS! Was he bigger than Jun? Sorry, I shouldn't mention your ex-husband, but... was he?"

She turned a little redder, doing her best not to smile while she tried to glare at her friend. Chae-Won's eyes got wide.

"How big?"

"Not too big, just... bigger."

"Oh! He sounds just right. How many times?"


"I'm sorry, I'm just so curious!" Chae-Won was grinning from ear to ear "You know I have to live vicariously through you." She sighed melodramatically "My lazy husband is so boring these days. Do you know, we haven't made love in three weeks? I might go mad! That's why you must tell me everything... or maybe share more than stories?"

Seong-Hee gasped and stared at her friend incredulously "CHAE-WON!! Surely you wouldn't cheat on your husband?"

"Why not? He cheats on me." Seong-Hee said nothing, her indignation melting away. Chae-Won was quieter now, seeming older than just a few minutes ago. She looked down at her hands in her lap. "That's why we rarely make love any more, I think. Do you know, one weekend when he left for a 'business trip', I followed him? He drove not far away. A woman met him at the door." She looked she might cry, but no tears came. "I cried hard the night, but what can I do, really? I could divorce him; but our three children, what would happen to them? I don't want to raise them without a father." She looked back up at Seong-Hee. "I don't want a divorce yet, but I think he would in a second if he found me cheating on him... but I'm so tired of being frustrated. I want to be touched and feel beautiful again. You have a man to make you feel that way, Seong-Hee. If you can bring yourself to share him with me..." she trailed off, then said "my husband won't be suspicious of me visiting my good friend Seong-Hee's house."

Seong-Hee looked at her friend, feeling more than a little sympathy. "You've been thinking about this since I first told you about Will."

Chae-Won nodded "If the two of you never slept together, I would have tried to seduce him, but now I must ask you first."

"I'll think about it."


It was late afternoon when Seong-Hee finished her day's errands and came home. Taped to the front door she found a note:

"Seong-Hee, I'm going out dancing this evening and probably won't be back until fairly late. I'd enjoy it if you'd like to come out and join me, but no pressure. The place is called 'Sangre de Toro' at [address redacted] and the dancing starts at 8pm. The dance itself is Argentine Tango, if you're interested. I hope I'll see you there!


Dancing? Her former husband had never gone out dancing before... or if he had, he'd never invited her. Excitedly, she rushed over to her closet. Admittedly, Seong-Hee didn't know much about Argentine Tango. However, she did have a number of dresses she'd accumulated over the years, and was sure she'd be able to find something to dance in.

She eventually decided on a sleeveless black dress than came down to her ankles. It was a little tighter on her breasts, tummy, and butt than when she'd last worn it (years ago), but had enough room in the legs that she wouldn't trip over herself. It showed just a hint of cleavage, but all in all was fairly conservative.

She checked the time; it was nearly 6. Plenty of time to get ready, she thought, and maybe I'll give him a little surprise too! She smiled wickedly as she pulled off the dress.


"Let's dance?" she asked, trying to mask her nervousness with playfulness.

"Seong-Hee, you made it! That dress looks lovely on you, by the way." Seong-Hee blushed a little behind her smile as Will stood up. He offered his hand to her, which she took. When they'd reached the dance floor, he stopped at the edge.

"Have you ever tangoed before?" She shook her head. "This song will go on for maybe a minute or two, so I'll give you a really quick lesson. In Tango, there's a lead and a follow. You'll be following, so don't stress out too much. Take your left arm and wrap it over my shoulder, behind my back... good." He took her right hand in his left. "Now push away from me a little as I pull you in. You should feel where to go from how I move my torso. Now when moving, there are just two rules. Don't change the foot your weight is on unless you're stepping, and instead of stepping, slide your feet over the floor instead of tapping them down." In the background, Seong-Hee could hear the song ending and unconsciously stiffened in anticipation. Will leaned in to whisper in her ear "No, don't get nervous. No one is watching. In this dance, it's just you and me."

The opening notes of Piazzolla's 'Oblivion' started playing, and off they went. Seong-Hee was immediately struck by how smooth it all felt. It wasn't jerky or awkward like many dances, rather, it felt like she was being led to glide across the floor. Will was a very good dancer, that much was clear as he was always able to respond quickly to her missteps and never tried anything too fancy for her.

As they navigated among the other couples, Seong-Hee also grew more and more aware of how their close embrace had her breast pushed up against his chest. As smooth and natural as his lead was, she could feel each change in direction as a small jolt radiating from their point of contact.

When the song ended, she was almost relieved... until Will said "Don't go anywhere, yet. Traditionally, one dances several songs with the same partner; unless of course you don't like to dance with me." he looked at her brazenly, with one eyebrow raised. She sighed and tried to calm herself as the opening notes of 'Jealousy' played.

This song was a touch faster, with sad, seemingly languorous sections alternating with quicker, more urgent parts. Will was following the music quite closely too. More and more as the dance went on, Seong-Hee could feel herself growing aroused. Held firmly in his muscular arms, his chest pressing into her breast, his breath hot against her neck and shoulder. At that moment, he was in complete control of her. She could feel herself growing wetter, so much so that she almost worried it might start dripping down her legs.

When this song ended, Seong-Hee broke the embrace and stared at Will lustily, saying nothing but breathing heavily, hoping he would catch her meaning. Smirking from one side of his mouth, he took her hand and led her off the dance floor and outside. They finally stopped beside his car, where he wrapped his arms around her. Looking into her eyes, he whispered "Want to try something new?" and brought his lips to hers.

As he pushed his tongue into her mouth, he started pulling up her dress. Part of Seong-Hee wanted to stop him then, to avoid him exposing her in public like this... but she was also so, so turned on. When her ass was fully exposed, he ran his hand all over her, before finally resting it just above her glistening lips. He broke the kiss, his eyes widening. "You shaved for me!" He licked his lips and grinned. "You know I have to taste you now, right?"

Before she had a chance to protest, he was squatting below her, holding the hem of her dress up to keep her pussy in view. Almost instinctively, she spread her legs to give him access and it wasn't long before she felt his lips on her lips. Seong-Hee glanced around, worried someone might be watching, but while there were a few people out, none seemed to be paying particular attention to her standing between two cars. She was jolted back into the moment when she felt Will's tongue licking up her slit. She gasped as he continued; Jun had never tried to pleasure her with his mouth before. The sensations were strong; she especially felt it when he toyed with her clitoris at the top of each lick.

She wrapped her fingers in his hair and lightly pulled his head away from her. As good as it felt, at that moment Seong-Hee wanted to be taken. "Fuck me!" she exclaimed as she looked into his eyes.

Will needed no more encouragement than that. After he stood up and hurriedly pulled his cock out, he surprised her by spinning her around to face the car. She didn't have time to think before he plunged his entire length into her. She cried out as he starting fucking her with urgency. His hands grasped her breasts firmly as he leaned into her, momentarily pausing the onslaught. "See those people by the door?" He whispered in her ear. She looked, and she could see two couples staring at them. She froze. "Those men wish they were fucking you right now... and the women? They wish they were you, being fucked for all the world to see."

He started pounding into her again and that was enough. In between the animalistic sex, the people watching, and Will's complete control over her body, Seong-Hee half screamed/half moaned through her orgasm and after the initial shock, somehow it kept going. With each thrust, there was an audible slap as his pelvis hit her ass. Will took his hands off her tits and put them on her hips to hold her up as her legs gave out from under her. When her orgasm finally subsided and the sensation was becoming too much, she groaned out loud "Come in me!"

She could feel his ab muscles tightening against her back and his cock's head swelling inside her before letting loose jets of hot semen. As worn out as she felt right then, she was still loving that feeling of fullness he was giving her. She giggled as she felt a little come leak out and start running down her leg.

She turned her head and whispered back to him. "Promise you take me dancing again?"

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