tagMind ControlRepeat After Me Ch. 05

Repeat After Me Ch. 05


So usually when I exercise my "power" on a woman, I follow a general pattern - After I work my charm, I lead the mindless slut to my apartment, use her till I'm bored, and then kick her out while my cum is still oozing down her thighs. Fuck it and chuck it.

But this one... well, I wasn't ready to chuck this one.

In the morning, I spent a few minutes admiring my successful conquest. She had collapsed naked on top of the bedspread. I ran a hand over her perfect body, and when she didn't wake up, I began to fondle her ass and breasts at leisure. She was clearly exhausted from the fucking she got last night, but she managed to let out a satisfied guttural noise in response to her master's touch. I couldn't resist, I woke her up with hard slap on her soft, shapely ass. She turned over to face me, groggy and confused.

"Good morning, slut," I said, my hand still enjoying the flesh of her ass. "Get up and fetch me my book bag."

I rested comfortably in bed, watching her naked body stumble across the room, probably quite sore from last night's vigorous pounding. She brought me my bag like an obedient dog, and curled up to go back to sleep. But I wasn't done with her.

"Sit up," I commanded, thrusting my smart phone into her hands. She sat up and leaned against the headboard, still looking groggy. "Put your number in my phone," I said, "And your address." When she started typing, I slipped a finger inside her. She spread her legs like an invitation, still sleepy, closing her eyes and pushing her aching cunt against her master's hand.

"Keep typing, slut." She resumed her task, and I rewarded her with a slow little stroke of my finger. "Good girl. I also want your email address." I fingered her lazily. "Do you have a phone number for work?" She moaned an "Mmmhmm" as she continued to type obidiently.

"Oh, and for the contact name..." I said, sliding my finger in and out of her sore, used, yet still hungry cunt. "For your name, put 'C-train Spit Bitch' so I remember who you are."

When she finished typing, I reward her by teasing her with two fingers instead of one. She moaned and closed her eyes.

"I'm not done with you yet." I handed her some papers from my bag. "Sign these."

I know a few porn sites that pay me for my pics and footage. Some of them don't require a release form from the female party. But it's so fun to make her sign away her rights anyway...

I started fingering her harder as she looked at the form, trying to read it, but much too distracted.

"It's a release form," I said to help her out.

"...release..." she repeated mindlessly. I grinned.

"It gives me permission to sell pictures and videos of you to internet porn sites," I explained, adding a third finger to the proceedings.

"...but..." she stammered, trying to form a thought.

"I'm going to make at least two thousand off last night," I said, pumping her harder.


"But what? But I'm fucking you too hard for you to hold a pen? Okay, I'll stop." I laughed and paused with three fingers up her cunt.

"...ohhh... please..."

"You're my slave, and I can use you however I want."

"...use me... however you want..." Her pussy was contracting around my fingers in desperation.

"Exactly. Sign it."

"... but..."

"But what, bitch?" I snapped.

"... but... what name... do I sign?"

I laughed with pleasure and resumed finger fucking my slave, slowly. "Spit Bitch," I said, and she shakily signed.

"C-Train Spit Bitch. That's what you can google today... when you get all wet and desperate from thinking about my cock."

She moaned at the mention of my cock, which made me smile. I rewarded her by sucking a nipple after I moved the signed form out of the way.

"I'm going to make so much money off you," I whispered as she writhed beneath me uncontrollably. I rammed my fingers harder up her snatch and kissed her open mouth, pushing my tongue in with no resistance. She pulled it deep into her mouth, like she was hungry for something bigger, sucking it in rhythm with my fist pounding as I brought her to the edge.

"You know better than to cum without your master's permission. Good girl. I like a slut who knows her place."

The slut sort of whimpered.

"Speaking of your place," I continued, "Why don't you get on your knees and suck my dick."

I swung myself around and sat on the edge of the bed while this hot, horny angel got on her hands and knees before me. Legs spread, pussy dripping, boobs pushed together by her arms, back arched, ass in the air, mouth panting and lips parted. I leaned back to enjoy the view as she serviced my dick. Her boobs bounced in rhythm with her head, bobbing up and down mindlessly. Leaning back on one hand, I put the other hand on the back of her head to push in farther and hold her where I liked it.

I was too tired to give her the rough face-fucking she craved, so I just rocked against the mattress in a lazy rhythm to pump my dick up an down her throat. When I got closer to cumming, the hand on her head entwined itself with her matted blonde hair as she managed to suck me even tighter and deeper. I was ruining this girl and I felt incredible. She was sexier than me, she was in better shape then me, she was way younger than me, and yet she was completely mine.

I emptied my load in her warm little mouth, just like last night. "Don't swallow yet," I said. "And stay on your knees."

I went around the room, packing up my cameras and getting dressed as I went, taking my time. My slave stayed on her knees with her hands behind her back. I stood over her.

"Open your mouth, spit-bitch." She obeyed, tilting her head back to show me her mouthful of jizz. I chuckled at the sight of my cum in her used little mouth. "Good girl. You're starting to love my taste, aren't you?" She nodded, spilling a little cum down her face. "But something's missing..." I said, leaning over and taking her pretty face in my hands. I grinned and spit straight into her mouth.

"Now you stay there and enjoy that," I said, picking up my bookbag. "Stay on your knees like a good little slave, and don't swallow until I text you. ...I know, I know, your throat feels so empty without my cock in it... your cunt does too. When I text you, you may finger yourself till you cum, since you've been so good today. Bye spit-bitch."

I don't remember how long I waited to text her. I kept replaying the image of this classy young beauty naked on her knees for me, with my spit and cum dripping down her delicate little chin. When I got to my apartment, I considered going back to fuck her again. But I decided against it. I'd fuck her again anyway... and in the meantime she'd be finger-fucking herself while thinking about my dick...

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