Requiem Ch. 02


"You're going to have to get in the back of the line just like everyone else." A gruff voice barked at them. The clipboard nestled between his arms looked as though it would pierce his balloon-like muscles and pop them.

"But I'm not everyone else. I'm Chloe Greene."

"I don't care who the hell you are, lady. I'm just doing my job." The gruff voiced said, waving the clipboard as if it were confirmation.

"Who the hell are you anyway? Where's Jacques?" Chloe said. Her tone was agitated. The bouncer raised a bushy eyebrow, curious as to how she knew the name.

"Day off." The bouncer was becoming more and more increasingly difficult. The slightly smaller man out of the two of them walked away from the door and towards the two women and men outside the club. This bouncer though, Veronica observed, didn't have a permanent scowl over his features. He actually looked quite content to be where he was.

"What seems to be the problem here?" A pleasant voice filled with peace and understanding said to Chloe.

"Is Jacques here?" The blonde was tapping her foot impatiently. "You know, I've never been treated like this at Energy. Last time I was here, Meg Little personally welcomed me from the front Goddamn door!" She stomped her foot on the ground for emphasis.

The happy bouncer looked Chloe over once or twice. A firm smile formed on his lips.

"Chloe, right?" The bouncer questioned.

"None other."

The bouncer that more resembled an angry mass amount of hair rigidly stood there as he witnessed what was about to unfold.

"If you let them walk in, everyone else is going to want the same special privilege." He huffed out, practically crushing the clipboard between his pectoral and bicep. The kinder man eyed the taller one, somehow sensing wisdom from his words.

"He's not lying, that's why we have to enforce this. Maybe if I called the manag-"

"That wont be necessary, Flint!" A familiar voice called out from above. Everyone's gaze within earshot of the conversation looked up at the woman whose face emerged from the window.

It was none other than Sherron Fischer.

Veronica felt as though she was going hyperventilate. Her mouth fell open as Sher's eyes locked onto her own. They stared at each other, but only Chloe was the one to notice the exchange. The vast majority of people along the strip watching the woman who was calling out from the window seemed equally more interested.

Sher leaned out further, eying all of them until she held Flint's gaze. She nodded and said three words. "Let them in." And, then she was gone. Veronica felt as though she just swallowed her heart and felt it drop to the pit of her stomach. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. How the fuck did this happen? She felt overwhelmed. Dylan wasn't two feet from her left. Did he notice? She didn't want to appear absolutely terrified for no reason so she immediately corrected her posture.

"So, you want to tell me what you've been hiding this whole night?" Chloe said after a moment's silence. The bouncers were apologizing to Dylan and Allen as they motioned them towards the doors and music began to pulse around them.

"I wont be able to share too much with this." Veronica pointed towards the open door. The floor inside was lit with a pure white light to guide their way to the center of the club. The music from within echoing down the hall was deafening, a beautiful woman's voice permeated the chaotic bustle of the city. The heavenly sound was beckoning them in with every beautiful note.

"It's okay. We'll just shout in each other's ears within close range."

"Why are you so curious?" Veronica retorted. Chloe truly was a catch in the friend's zone but she seemed awfully intrigued with Veronica's personal life with the night's earlier conversation. Chloe smiled sweetly, holding her hand as their feet met the white light casting shadows along the walls.

"Because, that woman that shouted? She owns the tattoo shop next door. Her best friend, Meg Little, opened up this club once her shop was established." Chloe helped Veronica cross the border of lights towards the double doors that two more bouncers were holding open for them. A woman's voice lifted along electronic sounds, her Opera voice coiled with heated emphasis and energy with her words. Chloe welcomed Veronica to Energy, adding, "I've been friends with the both of them since college."

For the umpteenth time that night, Veronica's jaw fell once more.

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