tagRomanceRescue Me Ch. 02

Rescue Me Ch. 02


Dear Readers,

Thank you for all your comments. I have edited Part 1 to take into consideration some of the errors you pointed out... Sorry for the confusion about the first name... I was getting ahead of myself. Ben is the man in the story and the girl who had remained nameless in the first part of the story is Sam (Samantha) the narrator.

Again, I hope that no one will be offended about the love that develops between a disabled man and an able bodied woman. Please let me know if you think that what I am describing is improbable.

Special thanks to Lindsay44 for editing this story.

Without further ado; Please enjoy. . .


Part 2 – Love, Lust and Intimacy.

I collapsed onto Ben's chest completely satisfied.

Seconds passed; then minutes.

A whirlwind of emotions surged through me as I started weeping like a baby. I was sobbing on Ben's chest uncontrollably with his half erect penis still deep within me.

"Sam . . . Samantha . . . What's wrong?" asked Ben.

"I'm sorry . . ." I sobbed concealing my face in his muscular pectorals.

"Sorry?" He blurted.

"Yes, let me finish . . . please . . . hear me out because my brain is spinning I'm so confused I, I put us in danger last night . . . then this happened! What if it doesn't work out between us," I stammered. "You're my best friend and I am just this silly girl; I'm afraid I've ruined it all." My words came through the tears streaming from my eyes, not knowing if I was making any sense.

I was still crying uncontrollably and my body was convulsing and shaking with every breath. My vagina was flexing as I sobbed and Ben's monster cock started reacting and growing within me. I had mixed emotions, loving the feeling, but feeling guilty at the same time about the feelings that I was enjoying. I slowly tried to lift myself up and off of his hardening member. Ben grabbed me in his arms and pulled me down gently; his manhood sliding to the depths of my cunt once again. My whole body trembled; he was fully erect; I felt so full. I was still wet and slick with the juices from our earlier lovemaking.

He spoke, "You are silly. . . Sam . . . You are silly to think that this ruins anything. Last night was the best night of my life. You don't know how happy I am right now."

I sat up feeling the full length of his shaft splitting me open. With a smile I replied, "You do seem very happy indeed!"

"I've loved you for so long . . . I am the one who is sorry," he continued ignoring my smart remark. "I feel as if I abused your trust when I undressed you and showered you last night when you were passed-out."

His declaration of love sent shivers down my spine. I was starting to sway very slowly and timidly on his erection. I don't think I was even fully aware of my actions at first it just felt so natural to have him inside me.

"You mean you love me?"

"I do"

"Then there is nothing to be sorry about." I moved forward feeling his sex pushing back inside me. "I love that you took care of me." I moved backward enjoying the feeling of restraint that his aroused love muscle provided. He was so big that I could not really move much. I was pinned to Ben's body. "I love that you rescued me and made me feel safe in your arms. I have never been so scared in my life until you came to my rescue." Another shiver ran down my spine as my body started humming with the heat of desire. "I passed out in your arms knowing that I had nothing to worry about."

"Yes, but I took advantage of you while you were out cold."

"You helped me out of my puke. You took care of me. There is nothing wrong with what you did." I could not believe that I was having a conversation while this man's sex was bringing me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. I was starting to loose my concentration and did not know if I would be able to make sense much longer. I closed my eyes as I was drifting away to a very erotic place in my mind. "What you did was kind and sexy. Ahhhh!" My heart was going wild and my breathing was affected by what this man's sex was doing to me. " Uhhhhhh, It is so sexy when I think of you undressing me."

I was having visions of myself being naked in his arms while he washed me. I was also having vision of his monster cock and of the blowjob I had just given him.

"So sexy, ahhhhh!" I whispered while I started accelerating the rhythm of my slow pelvic grind.

"I am the one who raped you in your sleep. ahhhh!" I exhaled. "Not the other way around."

"I was not asleep," he admitted.

"Oh! You sneaky Perv!" I smiled and my eyes focused deeply into the depths of his eyes; revealing his love for me!

By then, my little pussy was soaking wet. His was the biggest male member I had ever had the pleasure of humping and my body had produced an abundance of my love liquids to lubricate our intimate coupling. A mixture of sweat and cum were pooling over the curls that covered his pelvic bone.

When I looked into his eyes another delicious jolt of carnal desire and heat flooded over me. My body had become a bundle of nerves. My engorged clit was sticking out more that usual because of his girth. Ben had been chastely resting his hands on my legs. When he noticed my impending explosion of pleasure, he moved them to torture my pussy with the pleasure of his touch. His magic fingers brushed against the labia of my cunt, they gathered the mixture of our love fluids that had been gathering on his pelvis and brought his fingers to his mouth savoring the flavors and lubricating them further with his saliva. When he brought them towards me, his hands were glistening in the moonlight with moisture.

He smiled at me and I smiled back anticipating his touch. Both hands reached their destination simultaneously. He pressed his left index finger at the entrance of my rectum, gently rubbing this very sensitive spot. He gently pinched my swollen clit between the thumb and index fingers of his right hand.

"Oooh!" escaped my lips as my body surrendered to my second phenomenal climax of the evening.

My heart was dancing and jumping in my chest as I fought to get my breath back. Like a runner after a marathon race, I struggled to calm myself. I could feel my pulse in the tender flesh of my stretched labia, still drenched with my fluids.

The euphoria I had experienced from the orgasm was quickly dashed as I realized that Ben hadn't orgasmed. "Had he shared in my pleasure?" I was suddenly worried.

"Are you ok?" I asked. "You didn't come! What's wrong?"

I was still very ignorant of his physical condition as it pertained to sex and I was afraid that he had not enjoyed himself.

"You know that you just gave me a wonderful gift a few minutes ago right? I am just a guy being a guy right now; I can last longer the second time around," came his reassuring words with a smile.

"Are you sure?" I had so many questions about his condition and no answers. Mostly, I wanted to make sure that he would share the pleasure that I was enjoying. Despite my limited experiences in bed, I had always been a considerate lover and I needed to know that my lover experienced at least as much pleasure as I had in order to really enjoy myself.

"How does it feel for you?" I asked. A simple question but one fraught with many nuances.

Ben looked at me with hesitation. It felt as if he was trying to figure out how much he should say or not say. He was still hard within me since he had not climaxed, but at that point, I was trying to establish another form of intimacy with him. I did not know if he would let me in and, if he did, I did not know what to expect.

He inhaled deeply and started talking, "I have erections, I ejaculate, and I orgasm like everybody else." He paused and inhaled again. "The thing is that I don't have as much sensation in my lower body as I do with my upper body so sometimes I come but I don't orgasm, or I orgasm without ejaculating. The orgasms are intense for me too; you know what they say, that 80% of sex is in the head." He smiled.

"What about erections? How is it that you are still so hard right now?"

His smile broadened. "That's not usually the case. Erections are physiological reactions and sometimes I don't even know that I am "sporting wood" and they don't usually last very long if they go un-stimulated. But then, I usually don't have such a hot, sexy naked girl, to help me maintain my boners!" He winked at me.

"So what does that mean? Are you enjoying this right now? Why haven't you come yet?" His hard shaft was still within me, pressing against the interior walls of my cunt! Somehow my state of arousal was almost as high as it had been prior to my last sexual peak and I was getting anxious to get off again. I did not want to be selfish and wanted to make sure that he would enjoy it this time.

"You want me to come?"

"Yes! Damn you!"

"You want to go again?"

"Yes!" I was panting, begging.

"Can you go again?"

I grabbed his right hand and placed it against my smoldering sex.

"Can you feel that? You are driving me nuts with desire! I am dripping! I don't think my pussy has stopped leaking since we first started. Ooooooh! This is crazy!" I was not aware but I had started rocking back and forth on him yet again.

"Ok sweetie here I come".

Ben grabbed my hips the way he had earlier in the night and started lifting me along the length of his shaft. He was very gentle. I had reached my second orgasm by grinding on him and his cock had remained deep within my love canal the entire time we had been talking. It felt like a part of me. I wanted to keep his gorgeous huge love tool in me forever!

When he lifted my hips, I started feeling a sense of loss as his cock departed the sheath of my pussy! It was delicious to feel the softness of his skin, every bump, and every vein pulsing with blood. The friction between him and the wet walls of my vagina produced a delectable heat that lingered. He raised me until the crown of his penis passed my lips. He held me there for a moment that felt like an eternity. I was already longing for him to fill me again. He took his sweet time, and as he had done earlier that night, he lowered and lifted my body on his penis.

This time around, he was moving me very slowly and driving me insane with desire in the process. I abandoned all control to him. He was really getting into it and I wanted him to come. As far as I was concerned, my body was at his disposal. I did not think that he could do anything wrong by me; I felt like a marionette; only it was not his hand controlling me... I loved it!

He released my hips for a second and I opened my eyes wandering what was going on. I felt filled to the hilt. Before I could understand what was happening, Ben lifted me again, this time lifting me by grabbing me under the thighs. He once again raised me to the tip of his penis. But this time, he pivoted me on the way down making me face his feet in reverse cowgirl style. The shift was sublime and, as he lowered me in this new position, I began feeling the approach of yet another orgasm. He was filling me again but it felt new and different. This new position made the curvature of his shaft touch new spots within me.

This time the orgasmic wave built slowly as he kept on lifting me up and down on his shaft at a very slow and leisurely pace. He was driving me insane and I wanted more.

"Hhhh! . . . I am about to come again . . ." I pleaded. "Please come with me," I begged.

Ben increased the tempo of my stride. He was gently pushing on the small of my back making me rise up on my knees and then pulling me back down to sheath his cock completely. He started stimulating my very sensitive asshole with one of his thumbs. The extra stimulation made me take controls of the reins for a moment while I increased the speed of my pace up and down.

Ben did not want to relinquish control. He gently pushed his thumb past my sphincter. This was not new territory to me. One of my past boyfriends had driven me crazy one night when he discovered by "accident" how responsive I had been to his touch. His hand had slipped lower than usual during our lovemaking. To my regret, he had been too shy to try that again.

I loved the added sensation and I froze while accommodating the additional penetration. I felt a lump form in my throat as my breathing was starting to be labored. The fever was again rising in me and the need to come was becoming more pressing. Ben seized the opportunity to retake control of my body using the invading digit to slow down my stride.

"Shhh!" he whispered as he slowed me down further. "Breathe."

He waited for me to take control of my breathing and my level of excitement fell down just a notch. Just as my heartbeat was starting to slow down he once again increased the tempo. The sweet vaginal friction of him imbedded in my cunt drove me to the edge again.

"Ben . . . Please!" I pleaded.

This time he would not stop and I started shouting my pleasure.

As my orgasm erupted, he lifted me off of his pole. My pussy was shaking and quivering and the spasms made me squirm. I was too enthralled with mind numbing pleasure to realize what was happening to me.

He lowered me to his mouth and his tongue went directly to my pulsating clit.

Another orgasmic wave washed over me with this new sensation.

My body responded so naturally to his ministrations, I lowered myself onto his torso and took his tool in my mouth. I began humming my pleasure on his sweet meat. I was sucking him as if his shaft was giving me the air I needed to live. I savored the taste of our juices as his mouth dug wave after wave of bliss out of me. Every time I would start to come off my cloud, his oral prowess would lash out at my sensitive flesh to prolong the ecstasy.

I could not tell you if I had multiple orgasms or one long never ending one; I was a mindless bundle of nerves just enjoying the delectable state of bewilderment. I was in a sexual trance and time stood still.

Could there be more?

Ben pushed an index finger into my ass. My orgasm soared to a crescendo. The vibration and spasms that originated in my loins spread to my whole body. My entirety was now shivering, shaking and squirming.

Ben brought one of his hands down and caressed the length of my rib cage with the tips of his fingers. My body had become one giant clit and this touch made me convulse with pleasure.

When Ben sensed my ultimate peak, he finally exploded into my mouth. His body responded to mine and began echoing and resonating to my vibrations.

Ben's pleasure made me quiver yet again as we shared the exquisiteness of the orgasm. It lingered and spread from him to me and back to him circling between our bodies as we kept on quivering to its pulse. Like aftershocks after an earthquake, the waves propagated between us and we absorbed them as they weakened over time.

We ended up falling asleep from exhaustion at some point after that.

I was the first to wake the following morning (or maybe it was already the afternoon?). Ben was erect again and I decided to wake him with a treat.

When he finally emerged from his slumber with a smile, I rose to stare into his eyes and told him, "I love you too."

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