tagSci-Fi & FantasyRescuing Princess Nina

Rescuing Princess Nina


Wiping his broad sword on the giant's beard he spat and called his horse. The stallion cantered to its master. He carefully sheathed the blade in a wolf pelt scabbard and slung it on his back, looked at his watch and swung on the beast, spurring it on.

The giant's carcass lay on the desolate moor like a broken massive shell as V Bane rode off, furs flapping and revealing mail chain shirt. He was bareheaded, his long mane flying in the wind. A helmet hung from the saddle.

The parchment was safe in the pouch. It was flourishly signed by king Googa-tonina and it said that The Princess was abducted by 'the base villain" Baron Goro and would V Bane, please, free her forthwith. The usual pay off was promised: Half income from Piss Lakes and one year's 'service' with the Princess. This time old miser will have to pay up in full, he was thinking. This is the third time...

"Third time's the charm!" he cried.

V Bane urged his horse on and galloped towards bleak hills on the edge of moors. He did not pay attention to the mating game of the black dragons in the purple sky.

** ** Cold water trickles down the steel chains.

Chains are taut.

So are the limbs they are holding

** **

King Googa-tonina sat on the throne in his darkened hall. He was alone - his wife had another attack of apprehension. In his hands he griped a badge with Baron Goro's symbol. Two Forked Cock. He had sent his most skillful hunters in the search of his beloved daughter. They rode to all points of compass. Soon their mutilated bodies were returned, one by one.

Then he sent prepared message to V Bane.

He KNEW that crazy fuck will insist on payment. This was the third time! Therefore he sent another parchment - competition was always healthy, at least for the winner.

He checked his unique watch, thinking, this is ridiculous, and he will never do exactly as agreed. Outside of his ornate windows the winged, purple dragons mated in the darkening sky.

** **

Princess Yiseldatonina hung from shiny chains in a dank dungeon. Her bare feet barely touched the cold stone. She was wearing only a silken shift, her golden tresses hanging in wild disarray but still shining in the gloom... The shift was torn, displaying red weals on the bare skin. It was wet, both from her sweat and cold drops falling on her heated body from the moist stone. She swung slightly on the chain, shuddering with touches of icy water.

Her wide, blue eyes were glued to the massive figure of Baron Goro. He was naked save for the leather breaches and hooves-like, very platformed boots. His torso was a mass of steel sinews ... His greenish hand with fingers that could choke a bull was reaching for a silk thread bellow her breast. A snatch on the thread and the shift would fall off, revealing a pink, budding breast.

Princess Yiseldatonina was hypnotized by his yellow eyes set deep in the bald head with pointed ears. Metal bolts protruded esthetically from sides of his neck.

Her abductors had the same type of head. They were not six feet tall, their skin was glistening black and their hands were taloned. And, they were winged. Otherwise they were dead ringers for their master.

They had broken the thin bamboo net on the high window in her father's castle. Slinking across the floor, bat-like wings dragging behind them, bare feet making metallic sounds and ripping expensive rugs they jumped her in her silken bed from Venuche. From the next room came muffled whimpering. It originated from slaves whom sweet Princess had whipped and had dragged through muddy part of pee ponds, just for fun. That was after she organized races - five dogs against five slaves - and cheering mob went 'easy' on the furniture.

Otherwise the castle was quiet. Her father, the king, sat on the lower floor, shaking his head at the sheaf of bills.

She looked almost angelic in her sleep, faint smile on her pouty lips. Dark hands gripped her succulent nubile flesh, a rough palm stifled her screams and talons cruelly cut her delicate skin. They dragged her struggling form to the window and flung themselves into the abyss.

Making a circle above the tower, the group sailed high over pools of lizard piss providing most of her father's income. Thick copses of the infamous pee weed grew on banks, exuding intoxicating clouds of fumes craved my so many. Abductors slowed down, hovering and inhaling peedope, wavering in their resolve. Their minds filed with visions of blissful pain. One of them fluttered awkwardly towards the window and threw in a small metal badge with Goro's foul emblem on it. Then, they were off with their struggling victim, dark shapes on the starry dome of the night in which the yellow flying dragons mated.

** **

"Well now, sweet Princess," Baron Goro was saying to his captivated victim, "seems you are in a fix, in shit, so to speak, in deep shit, if your Highness does not mind my saying so!" His deep rumble turned into dry cackle. He pulled on the thread and smacked his lips as her shift slid down her sweaty body. He admired her glistening nakedness for a while.

"Little cunt is in for BIG time, me thinks!" Suddenly, a writhing mass appeared on his palm and he threw it on the floor. It was two specimens of Aspidae family.

They crawled towards her naked feet and each wrapped itself around each of Princess's ankles. She screamed at their touch. Snakes pulled her legs apart and their heads bored into stone. Living ropes turned into chromed metal. They continued to contract, stretching her legs painfully.

She screamed again and looked at the ceiling.

It was deep underground and far above it, in the endless vault of the nigh sky pale lavender dragons went on with their fuck game.

** **

Night was ablaze. Oil in the moat burned in huge fiery gouts. Then the remains of the moat crashed in the burning liquid.

V bane had carelessly thrown a torch in it, as he beheaded the last of the outside guards. His attack was as fast as one man Mingol invasion and there was no time to raise the bridge or close the gate of the Goro Castle. He thundered over the wooden bridge, heedless of hails of arrows, smashed through the guards and now rode though the first gate. He was still uncaring about the fuck-dance of the pink fuck-dragons in the fuck sky.

**. **

Stretched, hung and naked body of Princess Yiseldaton... ok, ok ... Nina it is! OK? Nina.

Her body trembled. Baron Goro clapped his hands. Dozen of spiders appeared from dark corners and rushed toward her exposed form. Since furry, yucky beings are no-no in this production they were made of chromed metal, had SIX pointed feet and bodies the size of the largest sea shells off the largest isle in the largest tropical ocean. They also sported evil red eyes and wicked looking cocks, swung like hooks pointing forward, just below their heads. To leave some yuck in -- those glistening cocks ceaselessly drooled thick whitish liquid.

They climbed up her legs and Princess Nina kept flinching, rolling her eyes in an attempt to see them as they ascended her body. Two of those monstrosities, settled on her tummy like solidified quicksilver. Another two mercilessly griped her tits - one sat on her shoulder and another enveloped her neck. Then the biggest one descended from her back to that pert ass. It spread her butt cheeks with two legs and griped her hips with the rest of his digits. Lowering itself further it rammed its metal hook in her almost-virgin asshole. She yelped as the living tail-hook burrowed deeper.

Another spider caught the body of the ass-fucking one. Then another grabbed her hair and used its last two legs to latch himself onto the beast in the middle. Her head was yanked back. As the living metal chain contracted, she though the tail hook would rip her.

Baron Goro snapped his fingers. The tummy spider descended on her mons royalis. Using two chromed mandibles, it spread her labia, exposing the pink. Liquid drooled from his cock on her opened pussy, sliming it.

His assistant ran to him and handed him a wound-up dragon-hide whip. He looked like Marty Feldman, even though under his tutu hung a considerable cock.

"Ooooh, Royal cunt will be whipped, Master? Ooooh!"

"Shut the fuck up, Igor," said the Baron kindly

Baron Goro unwound his whip. It glistened in the torchlight. It was also thin and would hurt horribly.


V Bane bowl-balled into waiting inner guards, scattering them like rag dolls encased in squeaky metal plates. Some were already 'absent' and some were too stoned on the peeweed to fight. He shouted: "This is boring, you rascals!" as he swung his cock ... sword, drawing arches of crimson.

When he cleared the way he looked at his watch, then at the sky, wondering what time it was. Then he ran towards the gaping entrance to underground levels, where the real danger lay.

He did not notice the fluorescent dragons mating in the sky. Their dance was getting very angry now.


Baron Goro was very proficient with the whip. He delivered calculated whip licks onto the backs of the spiders on her breast, swiping them down. Then he would try for as many strikes on her heaving breasts as he could, while the metalloid beasts raced up to cover the crisscrossed mounds of succulent flesh once again.

Then he turned his hand to her pussy, painfully stretched by metal mandibles. The pink flesh was red now and the Princess howled with each burning blow. With each strike, tears welled in her lovely blue eyes, as did the juices from her lovely whipped cunt, falling on the stone floor like a hard rain.

Her screams echoed in the dungeon and then flew to the corridors beyond.

** **

Maroon dragons whirled hysterically in the sky above Goro Castle. Their cum dripped onto the barren ground, stone walls, dead guards and smoked.

** **

Elsewhere V Bane stopped and listened. Yes, faint 'ssss-crack-Ahrghhhh!' sounded familiar. He hurried down the twisting corridor. Suddenly he was at the junction and saw a black maned barbarian cautiously moving forward, huge sword ready.

** **

Whip point enters a twitching pussy. It tries to contract helplessly.

** **

Huge Cimmerian looked at him and started to growl in a barbarous accent. As he took a second look, two sets of blue eyes met with a sizzling crack. Then the northern barbarian blanched.

"Crom! Fucking Crom!"

** **

Pussy tissue is red. Whip finds the angrily protruding clit. More fluid drains into the world with every seizure of Princess Nina's cunt.

** **

"Yes! Ficking Crom!" growled V Bane in return and pumped more power in his I-make-dragons-shit-molten-lead-with--my-fart gaze. The Barbarian stood transfixed for a moment. Then he nervously looked at his watch and remembered there are maidens, gilded thrones and gold to be stolen elsewhere at smaller price. He slunk off.

** **

Whip slashes across the Incredible Inflating Lips, bounces, and crashes into fluttering inner pussy lips. Howling ensues. So does orgasming. .

** **

My gods, this Co... Co ... whatever! ... THIS was supposed competition? V Bane thought. What is the world coming to?

He went on. Stripped dragons in the sky also went on with their dance. Their anger spilled on the earth like vitriolic acid, which it was.

** **

After that Goro decided to check if he can wrap the whip around her waist twice. He could.

** **

In the utter darkness, V Bane pushed onward through the bowels of there Goro Castle. Faintly iridescent shapes of Moebius Stranglers floated near the ceiling. They swooped down towards him.

** **

Striped Princess Slut whimpered for a long time after Baron Goro stopped finding new places on her body to whip.

"Let me down ... please let me down!" The Baron roared with laughter at this pointless plea.

But, after all, she was a Princess. Whimpering, whipped, ass cruelly fucked; made to cum from pussy whipping... she was still a princess.

"Oooh Cuntling knows how to beg, Master, oooh," Igor cackled oily.

"Shut the fuck up, Igor, and set her on the horse."

Igor rolled out a metal pole with inverted wooden V legs towards her. He pushed it between her legs. He unhooked the chain from the wall, and slowly lowered her until her overly sensitive pussy touched the pole. As he kicked at the metal snakes holding her ankles he chided "Shoo, shoo, you bad creatures, you." They reverted into their reptilian state and glided off.

"Aren't we nice and kind to the High Bitch, Master? We are letting her down to see if she can get up, Master! Oooh."

"Shut the fuck up, Igor." Baron approached the 'horse' and touched the metal with his knuckle. Long spark flew from it. He fed power into the pole. Similar sparks danced on her pussy. She wailed and jerked upwards. Now she was standing on her toes, legs taut. Dry, humming filled the dungeon and faint sparks glided along the riding pole. Similar sparks flashed from bolts in the Baron Goro's neck.

"THIS is not like the wet games you play with your ladies in waiting, your HIGHNESS! You will stay HIGH or my power will fry your cunt, bitch."

"She will ride the hot pole real soon Master!"

"Shut the fuck up, Igor."

** **

V Bane was jumping up and down on the thin strips of Moebius stranglers he managed to bring down with his co... sword.

He was doing this with a savage relish.

Then, he moved towards the door with Goro's two forked dick emblem on them, looked at his watch, and pushed them open.

** **

In the night sky flocks of yellow dragons cavorted and fucked. They were trying to do it with relish, but the strain of a long sky orgy was showing.

After all, it started when V Bane commenced his trek.

** **

Muscles in her legs started to hurt immediately. The need to keep them straight, supporting herself on just her toes made her sway and her torso would go down. As her open, raw pussy approached the pole, embracing it, blue sparks jumped towards the moist tissue and danced over the whipped pussy. The pain shot through her body and somehow always hit the base of her skull. She was alternately screaming and whimpering, her teeth chattering.

"Piss on the Princess Bitch, Igor."

"But Master ... but, but.... Your power ... it might come to me ...."

"Shut the fuck up Igor, and do it."

Resigned, Igor brought short ladders and positioned them on the side of their horsie-riding guest. She looked appalled as he climbed the stairs, stood on the top, and arched his skinny body back, pushing his pelvis forwards. His pink tutu tilted back. She did not believe he would do it.

Her eyes were desperate. Igor's hand, with an ornate watch, enveloped his fat dick, held fast by an ornate cock ring. His bulging orbs with uncentered irises spun in opposite directions and she realized he will do it. Soon she will be the Royal Pissoire. Igor's cock head bulged like his eyes, his piss hole taking the place of an iris.

Princess Toilet screamed as stream of fuming piss hit her face with some force.

She did not close her mouth as Igor's power nozzle showered her face, and then went on to give her body a pee bath. She learned some manners in her father's castle.

Princess wasn't a worthy receptacle for the Baron's piss. She had to make do with his idiot servant.

** **

The corridor was wide and empty. Almost. There were four encircling bands of bluish metal imbedded in the stones, one after another. Each band created a faint shimmering screen of power, four screens at distance of six feet each.

Shit! grated V Bane. He knew what it was. Each screen was Magic Transformation Device. If he walked through it -- no telling in what form he would emerge on the other side. And there were four of them.

He reached back into his backpack to search for the Ring won in the box of soap he got when he bought that cute Ghai slave at some village auction.

He shrugged and just sheathed his sword, what the hell, I have to trust my luck and evil mind writing this... tale.

He stepped into the first screen. Blue surge of energy enveloped him and he was gone.

** **

Giggling inanely Igor was pissing on his high born ward. His stream played on her striped body and its metallic applications. Yellowish drops splashed everywhere.

As she was swaying and turning her head in a vain attempt to avoid the golden baptism, she knew not to close her mouth, but to receive her due with grace befitting her position. Her cunt came in a close proximity with the metal bar.

Sparks flew. A net of tiny lighting bolts embraced her wet core. They raced up her body, snaking towards the urine stream. Merrily they raced through the liquid rope and WHAMMED into Igor's metal encased dick, seeking his spine.

He yelled shrilly and flew like an arc that could be called graceful, if it weren't for the fact he looked like a doll after some brat took care of it.

The Baron estimated the distance. "Hmm, not bad, Igor. Almost six feet this time!"

He had a strange sense of humor.

Turning to sobbing Princess he growled, "And now, your Pissy Highness ..."

** **

A bull frog jumped out of the magic screen. It had a tiny jeweled crown and a miniature belt around it's warted body. A narrow stripe of a brush-like wolf pelt ran down its length.

Baron Goro had a really strange sense of humor.

When it landed and tried to speak, only a croak came out. It looked very pissed. Resolutely, it hopped towards the second screen and jumped in.

Only an after-image of a crowned frog caught in mid leap remained.

** **

" ... Shut up!"

Metal spiders which gripped her tits and probed her ass glowed blue with each jolt and fed more shocks in her tortured, wet body.

"Oooh, the Royal Meat does not know how to keep quiet!" Whined Igor. He was on his shaky legs again, his burnt hair standing on end, his browned cock still shedding small discharges. His pink tutu smoked as well.

"You too, Igor! Shut the fuck up!" He snapped his fingers.

One of metalloid arachnids climbed towards her neck, clambering over his compatriots attached on her body. It ascended to her head, paying no attention to her attempts to shake it off. The metal double-link joining her hair and the tail-hook strummed with her efforts.

The spider rose on it's stiff legs, clutching the back of her head and pushed its gleaming cock in her screaming mouth. The sound of her scream being cut off was most satisfying. It settled on her face, gripping her head in a vise-like hold. It gagged her effectively and stared to fuck her mouth slowly.

The fact that it held uncanny resemblance to an alien creature from another time/place did not interest Princess Nina at all.

** **

Nothing appeared between the second and third magic screen.

However ...

If you had a very powerful magic lens, otherwise known as the microscope, you could see a family of amoebas. Why would you be interested in startled amoebas? Because they were staring... hmm, OK registering ... a spermatozoid energetically swimming by them.

It had a brush-like strip of wolf pelt along its length. It looked VERY pissed off. Baron Goro had very strange sense of humor, indeed.

It swam on towards the next to last screen. Its tail mimed, "I will get you for this!"

** **

The huge spiral of mauve dragons descended toward the cruel spires of the Goro Castle. They were still desperately fucking. Now, they seemed to be on a quest.

The green moon smiled at them.

** **

The blue-white electricity playing over the Princess' cunt resembled swarms of jerky spermatozoa. The constant thick drool slowly oozing from her pussy on to the pole was an excellent conductor. Her nether lips fluttered and flapped as if in seizure. Electro-sperms swarmed up her wetted body and were reinforced by the metal attached to it. Her lips squeezed helplessly on the metal spidercock fucking her upper mouth. It drooled just like her lower mouth. Her eyes rolled above the metal spidermask attached on her face.

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