tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRestaurant Encounter

Restaurant Encounter


He came in and sat across from her at the restaurant bar. He was in a hurry and just wanted to a grab something to eat. She noticed him right away. At first it was the way he smelled. It was of apples, spices and for some reason motor oil. To her it was a very intoxicating combination. She kept looking at him but did not say anything. She was observing, seeing what she could learn about him. He had beautiful thick black short hair, caramel skin, and dark eyes that were almost black. He was not very tall but he had a nice body she couldn't help but look over and over at.

He ordered his food and finally noticed her. She was looking at him intently, almost primal like. She gave him a sweet wicked grin and introduced herself. He introduced himself back. As they talked and flirted she moved closer to him and put her hand on his thigh and gently squeezed it. He didn't seem to mind. Although from what she could tell he was modest, but she knew that type of men were always the most kinky in bed.

He leaned in to whisper into her ear and gently brushed her hair away as he told her his food was to go and there was enough for two. She smiled and followed him out of the restaurant. They didn't even make it to his car before she grabbed him and kissed him hard. He didn't fight it and pushed her up against the wall of the restaurant. It was a mild autumn night and just a little chilly. She was shorter than him, with fiery red hair, blue eyes that were almost violet, and a sumptuous full figured body. She kissed him so deep she took his breath. He moaned into her mouth as he massaged his tongue onto hers forcefully. He pushed her hands up against the wall pinning her there so she could not move. She moved her mouth away quickly and bit his cheek and breathlessly telling him to fuck her right there. She did not care if anyone saw. She didn't really think he did either.

He looked at her a little surprised but gave her an evil smile. She quickly began unbuttoning his jeans and he lifted her skirt up only to find out she wasn't wearing panties. He whispered into her ear that she was very naughty for not wearing panties but he liked that. She pulled down his jeans and boxers to expose his gorging rock hard dick. He was perfectly sized for her liking and he was already dripping with pre-cum. She wiped it off the tip of his dick with her finger and licked it off. She then shoved her tongue deep into his mouth. He didn't waste any time and turned her around pulling her ass toward him. He put two fingers down into her pussy to make sure she was wet enough. She was so wet it was on her thighs. He moaned out at that.

He put just the tip of his dick into her teasing her and she looked back at him pouting waiting for him to start fucking her hard. She liked hard rough sex. The rougher the better it was for her. He slammed his dick into her so hard she jolted forward and it smashed her boobs into the wall. She moaned out and told him yes just like that. He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back toward him as he slammed into her over and over. She was moaning so loudly it caught people's attention as they were going by. Some stopped to watch, others looked and moved on. She didn't care. She thought it was a huge turn on to have people watching her be pleasured.

He bit down on her shoulder hard and drew blood. She screamed out at the pleasure pain . He licked and kissed away the blood. He then kissed her forcefully biting her tongue. She was right, he was kinky. He was fucking her so hard he was breathless and sweating. She told him to slow down a little. He did and smacked her ass squeezing her ass cheeks. Her ass was full and round. Perfect for spanking. He spanked her so hard he left hand prints on her. He smiled to himself when he saw how beautiful her ass looked with his hand prints on it. She slammed back on his dick making her ass slap onto his pelvis. She tightened her pussy muscles around his dick as she pulled back and slammed back onto his pelvis. He could no longer take it and grabbed her digging his finger nails into her hips and started fucking her fast and hard. He yelled out he was going to cum. He pulled her hard against him as he moaned out loud. She could feel his cum hot inside of her and that was all it took for her. She screamed out as she came right after he did and pushed back even harder into him. They were both breathing very heavy as he pulled her face back to his and kissed her long and hard. They did not care about the people around them. The only two people in the world at the moment was them.

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