It started on a Saturday afternoon. All of us were in the farmhouse. I hadn't been seeing my family much of late and they felt that this vacation was long overdue. I had missed my elder daughter's graduation and my younger daughter's school pass-out ceremony.

I had to make it up to them and nothing better than a surprise trip to the wilderness with family. And so it was myself, Amol with my lovely wife Suman and my two daughters Anu and Payal in our 5 acre farmhouse at the outskirts of Nainital beside the Corbett national park planning to spend the next week cut-off from civilization in blissful incommunicado.

I was 43, a criminal lawyer at Supreme Court practicing law for the last 25 years. I had started independent practice at the age of 25 and had a very high success rate. I had toiled my way through the system and today was the youngest criminal advocate at the Supreme Court. One day I would hold the highest judicial chair and that was the incentive that kept my motors whirring at work. I always felt that there should be something to scale, to obtain, to attain or else life meanders into meaningless existential innuendo.

On the home front, I had a lovely wife, Suman, 39 years of age who was very beautiful and looked not a day older than 30. In fact she took secret pride whenever someone took her to be her daughter's elder sister.

Women and their vanity...

She had dedicated her life to her children and had never let their father's absence affect the upbringing of her children. She had been at once the doting mother and the strict father and had inculcated good behavior and a sense of right and wrong in them.

Both my daughters had taken after their mother. Anu was 22, fair, slim and extremely beautiful. She was the quiet one. She loved poetry and I am sure kept a secret journal somewhere jotting down beautiful sonnets or maybe stories in them. Payal was 18, tall, dusky with a pair of blue eyes that could submit anyone to her captive beauty in a matter of seconds. She was the talkative one, bubbly and vivacious and was doted upon by both of her parents.

It was the month of November and wintery cold had just about set in. It had been snowing in Srinagar and there was a noticeable drop in temperature in the last few days.

I had just finished reading my newspaper in the garden when I heard the van (an old Volkswagen transporter) coming up the road that led from our gate to our house. The van seemed to be a trifle faster than what the cobblestoned pathway allows the vehicles to be and there was this sense of uncomfortable warmth behind my ears that I generally felt when alarmed. It was too good an instinct as I was to discover soon.

As I was wondering why the watchman hadn't informed us of the approaching van, the van came into view around the bend, hurtling down the path and crashed the picket fence to the left of the wrought iron gates and headed straight towards me standing in the garden. I was too shocked to jump out of the way and took a sideways blow from the screeching van; the sound of the screeching van tearing into the crunching noise of breaking bones in my twisted right arm that I am sure no one else other than myself heard.

I was thrown 3 meters by the impact and raised my head feebly to see four shabbily dressed guys and a girl in leather tumble out of the van with two of them waving handguns in their hands (which I found out later were a SW 9mm and a Raptor). Three of them rushed into the house while the girl and the fourth guy rushed towards me. I tried getting up but my arm thwarted my efforts and I just wailed in pain. The girl saw me wince and saw my arm twisted at an impossible angle. She stepped forward and put her boot on my broken arm. I screamed hard but no sound escaped my already parched throat. There was this look of pure hatred in this girl's eyes; unmitigated hatred towards me. The pain kicked in a little later and I passed out...

It must have been some time after that as when I came to it was already night. I was on the floor of the guest room of our mansion, my left hand cuffed to the bedstead and my right hand in a plaster cast. Surprisingly most of the pain was gone but I felt a little light headed. There was dim light in the room with only the 25 W night light on. I slowly recounted the events in my head and looked around the room. The door was shut and to my surprise bolted from within. I raised my head and looked behind. Two of my attackers were sprawled on the bed. It was dark but I could see both their naked forms on the bed. The girl looked like 20-25 years and the guy was early thirties. She was very fair and her face emanated a glow from the reflected night light. The guy was muscular, and with his unkempt beard looked menacing. I was on the foot end of the bed and I could see dried white cum between the girl's legs, matting her hair. The room had the stench of spent lovemaking and both had slept off into a slumber after making love on my bed. I kept watching her body and especially her cunt riveted at the sight. I felt a rustle in my loins and realized that my dick had decidedly been aroused by the insanely sexy circumstances. The horror of the situation was somewhat mollified by the intoxicating sight of the resting cunt.

I didn't see the other three guys anywhere and assumed they must be somewhere else in my house and...oh my God!

My family-what's happened to them?


What the hell was happening here and why? I took a deep breath and mustered all the energy that I could and bellowed out the loudest that I have ever screamed.

Surprisingly it didn't come out loud enough but was enough to rouse the sleeping lovers. She got up with a start, looked at me at her face reddened with anger or maybe just hatred, the color that I had seen just before I had passed out. She got up and came around the bed, never bothering to cover her nudity. She came up to me, held my collars in her hands, lifted me up and smacked me hard over my face. It was like a sledgehammer hitting onto my head. Blood vessels opened up on the inside of my cheek and maybe split my gums and I splattered blood on the floor. She came over me, held my hair in both of her hands, pinned my face to the ground and squatted inches from my face.

She then took a deep breath and pissed on my face. A steady stream of warm piss struck my eyes, my mouth and my nose and washed down the blood leaking from the corners of my mouth.

I never blinked.

She got up and looked down upon me with contempt and said

"Today I am going to piss on your life."

The guy on the bed was silently watching all this and on hearing her words, laughed hard and guffawed

"Well Mr. Advocate sir, excuse my pun, but I guess she's really very pissed with you."

He got up from the bed, but on his underwear and turned towards me

"You know I am not going to need much of my underwear tonight. By the way I patched up your bones. I was a paramedic in another life. Have pumped you with a kilogram of morphine too in case you are wondering why your broken humerus doesn't hurt like hell."

She wrapped on the bathrobe hanging by the bathroom, opened the door and left the room turning back at the door and said to the guy

"Uncuff the bastard and bring him upstairs after 10 minutes."

The guy sat by the bed, next to me and said

"Guy, why did you make her this angry? I am already feeling sorry for what's going to happen to you tonight."

I ignored him. I could not understand much of what was happening around me. Maybe it was loss of blood or maybe the kilogram of morphine that this bastard had pumped into me. But my mind wanted to go blank and pass out into comfort and it took all my effort just to rein it back to consciousness.

He got up after about ten minutes, uncuffed me from the bedstead and put the cuffs on me with my hands behind my back, put a gag on my mouth and pulled me to my feet by my better shoulder

"Time to go up."

I felt a wave of cold as I stepped out of the door and felt another of fear as I stood under the stairs in the unusual and unnatural calm of my house. I feared the worst as the hulk dragged me up the stairs. Three were three rooms upstairs -- a master bedroom for myself and Suman and two smaller bedrooms for Anu and Payal. The guy dragged me to the master bedroom and pushed the door open, pushing me through. As I stepped inside adjusting my eyes to the dim of the room I saw two guys standing by the bed and Suman lying on the bed. She was still in her jeans and kurti (a long flowing Indian tee) and looked as if she was in a deep sleep. I couldn't make out if she was breathing or not. The girl entered the room then and closed the door behind her. She pulled a chair to the door and signaled the guys to seat me there.

She came by me and said

"Don't worry your wife's not dead. She is just I bit 'high'"

I whimpered against my gag violently shaking myself and her fist rained another thunderous blow to my face.

"Just sit back and watch her being ravished"

The guys moved to the bed as if on cue and my tormentor from below lay next to my wife and started running his hands on her body. He traced his fingers from her forehead and over her face and to her lips. He lingered on her lips and then traced his fingers further down to her chest, opened the buttons of her tee and gently slid his hand on to her left breast. She whirred lazily, still with her eyes closed and her body shook as if a cold draught had suddenly swept over her. He ran his fingers on her nipple and she purred something incoherently. She never opened her eyes but seemed to be getting aroused by his machinations.

The girl brought her face towards me and said

"Don't hold this against your wife. She is barely conscious"

The guy put his other hand inside her tee and felt her right breast and then I could see his bare muscles tighten as he ripped apart her tee, exposing her milky white breasts and her brown nipples which were fully erect by now.

The girl came around me and unbuckled my pant and pulled it down around my ankles. She next proceeded to pull my under wear down and left it near my ankles too.

The guy on the bed had undone the jeans on my wife and his hand was inside the jeans probably inside her panties. She buckled up violently at that moment and I realized what had happened...the bastard had shoved his fingers inside my wife's pussy. His hand started finger fucking her still inside her panty and he started licking my wife's right breast. She was moaning hard and her hands held his hair as his head bobbed up and down on her breast.

The girl knelt down beside me and ran her hand on my penis. It was just waiting for her touch and it immediately stiffened probably already aroused by what was happening on the bed. She started yanking on my hardened member and started to jerk me off.

The bastard on the bed pulled down my wife's jeans and panty and spread her thighs apart and then proceeded to remove all his clothes. He then mounted her writhing body and I could see his erect 7 inch cock disappear into my wife's pussy. He started fucking her slowly and leisurely and she started bucking her hips to meet his thrusts. Her hands were clutching the sheets and she kept whimpering and writhing in ecstasy. He raised his tempo and started fucking her pussy violently.

The bitch was giving me a handjob furiously tugging at my penis. I could feel my balls contract and my head arched back involuntarily expecting my orgasm to hit the very next moment and then the bitch left my cock, dropped it like a hot pan and smacked me hard on my face. The blow sent me tumbling out of the chair and I fell on the ground, my ass pointing to the ceiling and my balls aching and hopping mad.

The guy on the bed was grunting and gave a loud moan as I felt him reaching his orgasm and his seed bathing my wife's pussy.

I turned my head and saw him kneeling above my wife's body and spraying cum all over her. I groaned aloud but no sound came out of my gag. I felt something sticky around my belly and realized I had cum...without an orgasm. It was sickeningly empty and my body gnawed at my brain begging for the orgasm but to no avail.

My brain had gone numb.

She indicated to the other guys and they perched me back on the chair.

The other guys took turns to fuck my wife as I watched her go numb from pleasure and ecstasy. She kept writhing and every now and then and orgasm would sweep over her body and would shake her whole body and she would just slither like a snake and whimper like a bitch in heat. It went on for another half an hour and I sat there watching my wife's pussy mercilessly and continuously pounded serially by the three guys. When they were through, my wife's body was almost lifeless, spent in exhaustion. They propped me up and she came close to me

"It's time to meet your daughters."

They pushed me through the door. As I looked back I saw my wife's spent body laying spread eagled on the bed and her breasts ever so slightly heaving and the jism shining on her body in the dim light.


I have always thought that writing stuff is just that...writing stuff and there's no reason why I should suffer stories that aren't worth the 'paper' that they are written on. This is my first effort in this genre and I honestly don't know if I have succeeded in telling a good story. The story will progress to its logical conclusion eventually.

Kindly do comment on how you feel about the story. It would make the day of a novice author.

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